**IF YOU CHOOSE TO SELF PROMOTE IN THE POTD THREAD:** You must have accurate tracking of your full POTD record with detailed stats including **ROI+average odds+units won**. No resetting records. **|** For picks that do not fit the POTD rules use the Daily Discussion threads.


Potd 1W 1D 0L Football - Serbian Superleague FK Vozdovac - FK Vojvodina 16:00 central european time FK Vojvodina to win in first half @ 2.10 (After the first half is finished Vojvodina must be leading and we win, the second half has no meaning) 3 units on this bet Current (2.7 units profit) You for sure don't know this but Vojvodina had a huge problem with wages, as they didnt get them for little over 3 months. Things were even worse as it seems the board is controlled by mafia members. After a strike, some great news 3 days ago they got paid all the late wages. They got backed up as the gossip say from the heads of the state. This to me seems like a great info as the unmotivated team last week will for sure be motivated for this match. Sorry for my bad english.


Don’t apologize for your English! You know multiple languages when a lot of people only know 1! Thanks for the picks! Tailing!


tailing you for the second time bc you're the Serbian Soccer expert in these parts.


Tailing because I hate myself


Yes. We all do today.


I love how in 2 days, I now think Serbian soccer is the best, most corrupt thing in the world.


Someone’s going to get whacked


the storyline alone behind this match has me wanting to tail this bet. lol 5u's it is


Yea, fuck it, why not. 2 units!


Serbian soccer gibb yesterday, serbian soccer taketh today


Dude I tailed yesterday for a lot cause you seemed so knowledgeable and I have played a lot of football manager. Thank you. If you're in, I'm in. Edit: so maybe I'm misunderstanding something but the odds you got are .. pretty good? EDIT: IM AN IDIOT AND MISREAD HIS BET/total profit (IN UNITS) AS THE ODDS HE WAS GETTING. IM A DUMBASS. I'm still in cause.... gotta stick with what works. Just gimme a convincing reason and I'll tail whatever.


I know better than to bet against the mafia


Shit call of the century 😂


Damn. 0-0 halftime. Now what lol


First and last time Serbian soccer is a thing. Crosses it off bucket list. I lost $5.00 lol


yeah I just zero'd out my total serbian soccer investment history.


That was a rush.


I personally doubled down 2H! Let’s go!


Good bet. Wish I would’ve




Love me a morning sweat sheeeesh




I'm in! You beautiful bastard you!


Welp and just like that I'm done with Serbian soccer. This pick stunk.


You mean not every bet is a winner? crazy


Tailed because why not


Still a good pick, I just went with the full game spread bc I don’t like taking half time bets for soccer. Thanks!


Is anyone seeing this on bovada?


Pratim 😃


POTD Record: 57-29 Last five: Akron -4 @ 1.95 ✅ Loyola Chicago -3 @ 1.92 ✅ Indiana State -2.5 @ 1.92 ✅ Jazz -6.5 @ 1.97 ✅ Missouri -3.5 @ 1.93 L ROI: 17.47% / Avg Odds: 1.82/ Profit: +30.50u [Spreadsheet](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17-pZEz3mpEb_zhztunsnjpPk2uS9sJe_7KY9msLbIAA/edit?usp=sharing) **POTD: Drake -5.5** vs. Northern Iowa @ 1.9 - (2u) \[NCAAB\] - 02:00 CET Reasoning: Drake is the better team on both sides of the court. They score \~ 10 points more per game and allow \~ 10 points less than Northern Iowa. They are much better rebounds team and have much better effectve FG%, the rest stats are similiar or favors Drake. They just came back from really tight game against Loyola-Chi, which surely boosted their confidence. The lack of Shanquan Hemphill definitely has an impact on their game, but Darnel Brodie is again newcomer of the week. If you are still not confident in the pick just take a look at ATS. Drake had some troubles in last games and struggled against Valp and first game against Loyola, but it looks like their trouble on the court is over. ***Twitter:*** [*https://twitter.com/fooxiedtips*](https://twitter.com/fooxiedtips) ***Discord:*** [*https://discord.gg/v5qNweJg3x*](https://discord.gg/v5qNweJg3x)


I'm a simple man, I see Drake, I bet them to cover.


Im a simple man, I bet on Miami Heat and lose my whole bankroll


Somehow, me too brother.


Same but with the Hawks


I'm a simple OP, I see someone tailing, I upvote.


I'm a simple man, I see a simple man comment thread, I comment that I'm a simple man


Simple simple


Man... I’m simple.


One does not simply. Simple man that not betting on Drake.


Simple Jack










Deep in the peep over here bois






Whales play most likely. It went to -6.5 and then to -4.5 in a matter of hour.


Looking sketchy at halftime, Drake running into foul trouble big time


I doubled down when Drake where down 5. You read that shit right, thanks brotha!


Tailed 1k solely based on a bird shit on me today. Can’t make that up


Let’s goooo!! 💰💰💰😘


***Record 11-5 (Streak 2W) \*profit 30.31u\**** I'm back!!! After a few months hiatus due to personal reasons. Had a war in the household and in my head. Depression is a real thing. I'm all g now though hopefully. Thank you for your messages and support :) *Would appreciate your thoughts, opinions and criticisms. I'm here to learn (and hopefully make money)!* **Previous Picks:** 1. **Fenerbahce -3** vs CSKA Moscow **(1.90 @ 1u)** ❌ ***LOSS 1u*** 2. Barcelona vs **Panathinaikos + 9.5 (1.95 @ 5u)** ✅ ***WIN 4.75u*** 3. Fenerbahce vs **Bayern Munich + 7.5 (1.90 @ 3u)** ✅ ***WIN 2.7u*** 4. BC Andorra vs **Burgos -1.5 (1.90 @ 2u)** ❌ ***LOSS 2u*** 5. **KCC Egis +4.0** vs SK Knights **(1.90 @ 5u)** ✅ ***WIN 4.5u*** 6. **Busan Sonicboom +4.5** vs Anyang KGC **(1.86 @ 5u)** ✅ ***WIN 4.3u*** 7. **Wonju DB Promy +4.5** vs Orions **(1.9 @ 3u)** ✅ ***WIN 2.7u*** 8. **Toronto Raptors -2.5** vs Memphis Grizzlies **(1.9 @ 5u)** ✅ ***WIN 4.5u*** 9. **Golden State Warriors -5.5** vs San Antonio Spurs **(3.05 @ 5u) ALT LINE** ✅ ***WIN 10.25u*** 10. **Charlotte Hornets ML** vs Memphis Grizzlies **(2.57 @ 3u)** ❌ ***LOSS 3u*** 11. **Valencia +4.5** vs Real Madrid **(1.9 @ 3u)** ❌ ***LOSS 3u*** 12. **Charlotte Hornets -4** vs Minnesota Timberwolves **(1.9 @ 2u)** ✅ ***WIN 1.8u*** 13. Philadelphia 76ers vs Phoenix Suns **game total OVER 226.0 (1.9 @ 2u)** ✅ ***WIN 1.8u*** 14. **Charlotte Hornets +1.5** vs San Antonio Spurs **(1.9 @ 3u)** ❌ ***LOSS 3u*** 15. **NY Knicks ML** vs ATL Hawks **(2.0 @ 3u)** ✅ ***WIN 3u*** 16. NO Pelicans vs Memphis Grizzlies **ALT game total OVER 235.0 ([email protected])** ✅ ***WIN 3.81u*** ​ **Last Pick:** NBA -\*\* NO Pelicans vs Memphis Grizzlies **ALT LINE game total OVER 235.0 ([email protected])** **Last Pick Analysis:** Going slightly crazy here. Actual over line is 230.0, selling a couple points for better odds. (I like it until 240.0, but my book only offers until 235.0) Both NOP and MEM play at such a high pace, with a ton of 3s on both sides. I feel that this will be an insanely high scoring game, with NOP edging over MEM with 125-119. >**Last Pick Afterthoughts:** My "slightly crazy" turned out to be TOO CONSERVATIVE. lol even predicted over 40% from both teams behind the arc! Insane game pace between the two, forgot about the Ja and Zion rivalry, that certainly had to have been a small subconscious factor. Never seen Zion more hungry than today. Wow. Insanely high scoring game indeed. Game ended 144-113 in favor of NOP. LFG!!!! #crazymoney ON TO THE NEXT, Degens! **POTD**\*\*: click-> >!NBA -\*\* NO Pelicans vs POR Trailblazers ALT LINE game total OVER 240.0 ([email protected])!< >!Analysis: HEAT CHECK - RISK BET. Actual over line here is 230.5, selling MORE points for better odds. (I like it until 245, but I feel I may be pushing it) Same concept as today's match, barring any unforeseen injuries, pace should be pretty much similar. Looking for NOP to continue shooting lights out to win 128-122.!< Let me know what you guys think!! <3


too risky. tailing.


balls to the walls!!!! <3


Normally I'd agree but both teams played yesterday so I can see them being tired and shooting worse. For the Blazers especially this will be their 5th game in 7 days. At the very least I'd stick with the original line.


I like your style and analysis. You know when you're getting 'slightly crazy' but as long as you know it, let's roll. HEAT CHECK TAIL


Thanks for the support brother!!!! <3 Much much appreciated!


My only wish is that my book offered alt lines, because these just keep hitting! Sitting here I see 245 points on the board with :28 left, and that means another W. Good shit!


All G brother, a win is good no matter the odds!! <3


line up 7 points jeez


Can’t find odds better than 2.33


My man !!!! He's done it again




Sounds risky


I always say when it is! <3 don't go crazy like meeee


you crazy mf, you are on fire, congrats


SMOKINNNNN! Thanks brother!!!


I literally found this sub 3 days ago, and I'm 3-0 following you. I know its not gonna be every night, but I appreciate you for getting me off to a great start. lets goooooo




I did it again! I am officially 0-5 when voted the top POTD (Do what you want with that info). My name is 🅱️rian and my record is 57-43-2.(Kent state loss) It is 7pm on a Wednesday night and a man by the name of Bo Shingles is going to be a very happy and rich man. Bo Shingles has two choices throw $60 into stocks or throw $60 on a ML. Bo Shingles is a lifelong Knicks fan and he is going to be very happy because it’s 7PM and he just turned on the Knicks game to where the Knicks will beat the Orlando magic. Lines haven’t popped out yet but TAKE KNICKS -4. -NBA




Imagine having such SDE you think people care when you fade


Have fun losing money 🥱


he didnt lose money, you did lol


keep fading this guys picks


**Overall Record:** 74-39-3 **Bank:** 100u **Profit:** \+68.00 **Average Value:** 1.89 **Win Rate:** 66.3% **Streak:** 1L **WWWWWWLWWWWWCWLWWWWWWWWLWLWWWLWLWWLLWWCWWWWWLWWLLLWLWWWLWLLLWWLWLWLLWWLWWWLLWWWLWWWLWWWWWLLWWWLLWLLWWWWLWLLWWWLLLWL** **Previous Pick:** [Atlanta FaZe -1.5 (-140)](https://twitter.com/PokeyEsports/status/1357777015676559362?s=20) vs LAG **Todays Pick:** [Cloud9 ML (+142)](https://twitter.com/PokeyEsports/status/1361856966671261700?s=20) vs OG My main reason I am taking Cloud9 to pull off the win here is the fact that they recently have decided to start banning Mirage. It has been a staple home map for OG over the past 6 months. They go to it time and time again when they need a for sure map. While they did manage to win against Cloud9 last time, Mirage came into play in that series. What I have been happy to see is that Cloud9 has decided to finally add Train to their pool. Which gives them a serious advantage when it comes to the veto. I would not be surprised if we see a surprise Train pick against OG. OG has shown time and time again that their train can either be amazing, or completely dog shit. They managed only 3 rounds against Dignitas in CS Summit on train. I think Cloud9 still has some growing room, and if they are due for a win to cement this lineup this is the match for it. **1.44u** to win **2.08u** **LOSS** These posts are for my own personal tracking purposes. Often times by the time I post here the line has moved. This is because I get onto a line 36-48 hours in advance at times when the line first comes out. I link proof of my tweet at time wager was placed at the top. These posts are meant to be used ONLY in addition to your own personal research. I do not make any money from you following me, it's your money. Make your own decisions. The odds posted are at time my wager is placed, meaning they are subject to immediate change. Get them early or you might have to eat juice. Esports lines move very quickly and I don't suggest betting the line after its moved greatly. Tip Jar : Be polite, no one likes a sore loser If you want to be notified the second I place a wager? Follow [email protected] [https://twitter.com/PokeyEsports](https://twitter.com/PokeyEsports)


I don't bet esports but I love your analysis. Keep it up!


I wish they'd add esports to FD/DK


DK has this match. It’s under E-Sports>CS:GO Intel. Currently +135 (CO)


I don't have e sports as an option, so maybe it's not legal in my state (VA)


That’s possible. I’m in Colorado


Lets go!!!! Follow his twitter for long term profit guys!!!!


**League:** Russia Liga Pro Table Tennis **GAME:** Savinsky versus Pisar - Tuesday 11:45 PST **PICK:** Pisar ML (-163) **5 UNIT MAX** **REASON:** Savinsky 2-8 in L10 overall and on a 7 game losing streak. Pisar 6-4 L10 and is the more skilled player overall. ​ Edit: ✅✅


LFG put the last of my bankroll on this lol🙏


Tailed this with a tennis match for plus odds, woke up $300 richer, good job man!


I'd stay away. Pisar is the better player but hasn't played in four month so his form is unknown. GL




__POTD Record: 6-3__ __L5: WWWLW__ __Sport:__ NBA Basketball __Time:__ 7:30 PM ET __Pick:__ Celtics ML (4U @ -150) __Spice Level:__ 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶 (5 being max confidence) Just as I said, Butler covered his RA early in the 3Q. Tonight we are rolling with the Celtics. Celtics on the second night of a back to back playing at home vs a disorganized Hawks squad. Celtics are going to string together a winning streak this next week mark my words. These are all games Celtics need to get them back on track vs fairly inferior teams. This Hawks team is back to looking like the team of past years totally out of sync. Celtics should roll them here tonight so it’s a max play and a spicy one at that. BOL show some support if you’re tailing I know we can get more than 10 upvotes. A few other solid plays tonight I like you can DM for those if anyone wants. To the bank we go 🥵🥵


Hi all, Wohoo made it going to sleep early, but unfortunately some picks are not done, top POTD summary, here is the list: ​ ||Record|ROI|Units| |:-|:-|:-|:-| |Total POTD Thread|543-447-30|\+2.33%|\+23.77| |Top Voted|38-30-0|\+1.9%|\+1.29| Yesterday picks went 6 wins and 9 losses! NCAAB really kicked our ass and so did Barcelona. Edit: updated last pick Token of gratitude is much appreciated Paypal - [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), or Venmo @ Narik101 Thanks all and let me know. BOL!


Question, does top voted mean the record of the POTD that has the most upvotes by the time you tally?


Yes, around 12 EST, which is in 3 hours from this comment. I count the 15 top voted. The comment which has most upvotes and pops as Top is the top.


**POTD Record:** 9-4-1 **Last 10:** L-W-W-W-L-L-W-W-W-W **Last Pick:** Nebraska/Maryland UNDER 136 Game went exactly how we everyone on my pick thread thought it would. Sloppy offense and above average defense by the Terps. Great win and now 4 in a row! **NCAA Basketball** **Today’s Event:** Kansas Jayhawks @ Kansas State Wildcats 8:00PM EST **Pick:** Kansas -12 **Explanation:** The line has absolutely been lowered to what it would typically be for this game because it is a "rivalry" game (if that's what you want to call it). This game is extremely important for Kansas to have. They are hot after they dropped out of the top 25 and have since gotten back to #23. They need to have this one because they will have 3 ranked teams to play (Texas Tech, Texas, and Baylor) after Kansas St. It certainly doesn't hurt that Kansas St is an awful team (1-12 in Big 12) and last time these teams met, the Jayhawks won by 23. **Tips:** CashApp: $jtk2424


K-State fan here and this is easy money. We are beyond awful this year and KU is finally starting to get some momentum.


Respect the honesty lmao glad to agree 🤝


Kansas State just played against OK state(best defense in big 12) and lost by only 7points, and game before lost to texas by only 3 points. KSU team really isnt that bad right now, game is home, I would of jumped on -12 Kansas a few months ago but today i would reconsider this pick at +12 leaning towards state.


Good luck with whatever you choose 🤝


OSU is not the best defense in the Big 12


Yes, yes they hold opponents to lowest field goal against percentage, which means opponents score least amount of points against them. It's all located in team statistics under defense team rankings


Kstate fan here. Watched as much of every game as I could stand to look at. Kstate is historically bad. KU demoralizes Kstate in Bramlage when the team is bad, and I like money. 🔨🔨🔨




This train is picking up steam...love the pick I’m tailing BOL




**Record:** 6-1 **ROI:** 36.78% **Net units:** 25.18U Basketball | NBA | 7:00 | **Pick:** Pelicans ML with odds of 1.68 and unit of 4.4U **Write Up:** An +EV Model that uses real game probabilities with a kelly allocation of the bankroll on any given day. [See this reddit discussion](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/kyt1zn/been_building_an_algorithm_to_find_mispriced_bets/)and if you enjoy the work / suggestions help keep the website running here: [![ko-fi](https://ko-fi.com/img/githubbutton_sm.svg)](https://ko-fi.com/L3L73LWSI).


Been tailing this one since week 2. Keep it goin!




Same to you good sir


**Record:** 1-0. West Ham United win vs Sheffield United @1.77 3-0 ✔️ **Net units:** +0.77u. | Basketball | NBA | Time ~20.5 hours from now. |   **Pick:** *Utah Jazz win* vs LA Clippers @1.76 2u.   **Explanation:** 19-1 last 20 games??? Clippers are missing at least three players, Paul George, Nicolas Batum, Jay Scrubb, and Kawhi Leonard is questionable. The Jazz starting five + bench is so much stronger, great value at 1.76 on the Jazz.


Tailing. BOL!


Easy money. 👍


**Record: 30-25-1 (Streak LL) Up 2.91u over 55 NBA picks** (40-42-3 Down 3.01u over 85 KBO picks) **Last:** *Denver ML +118 at Boston* (Denver lost 112-99.) **Pick:** Atlanta at Boston **UNDER 224.5**, NBA Basketball, 7:30pm ET Nikola Jokic deserved a better fate Tuesday night. He was dominant, as I expected, putting up 43 points with 6 rebounds and 5 assists. Jamal Murray chipped in 25 more. But the rest of the team scored just 31 points on 12 of 45 shooting. Michael Porter Jr was scoreless, shooting 0-8. It should have been closer. And now I'm on a losing streak. On to Wednesday... Atlanta heads to Boston and I see a low-scoring affair. The Hawks go under the 4th most in the league. After a loss, they go under 66% of the time, the 3rd most in the league. Boston goes under a little more than half the time, but after a win, they've gone under 75% of the time, the most in the league. Both teams sit in the middle of the pack for offensive efficiency, defensive efficiency and pace. And with Boston playing on back-to-back nights, I wouldn't be surprised to see one of their top players sitting out. Bet size is always 1 unit. Tail or fade, I wish you the best of luck.


I'm still a novice but I have a hard time convincing myself to pick an under when a team has scorers like Trae, Collins, Brown, Kemba, and Tatum. I feel one or two of them could randomly go off


Record: 11-4 https://gyazo.com/468a817d218bdcfd19c75c8db716a631 Last bet: ⚽️ Barcelona vs PSG: PSG +1 handicap @1.83✅ Barcelona got abosolutely destroyed like every important Champions League game they have played over the last 4 years. Today: ⚽️ Porto vs Juventus: Juventus win @2.05 Ronaldo is back in his competition and visiting his country, he's smelling blood and ready to end Juventus' bad streak with the CL. Juve do have a few notable injuries: Cuadrado, Bonucci and Artur, but, they are in quite good form (bar the Napoli away loss) and Porto is in very shaky form (4 draws in a row and 10 points away from the lead in the league). If Juventus are smart they should look to close the round in this leg so they can chill a bit more for the next leg and keep the Serie A fight. BOL! Edit: i should poke my eyes out with what i just saw


Juve have been playing really poorly without Arthur in the lineup. That loss against Napoli they created some really good chances in the 2nd half, but, the first was abysmal.


POTD Record: 1-0-0 Returns: +2.7u Average odds: 1.9 Previous Pick: [3u **Under 136** NCAAB|Maryland vs. Nebraska](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/lktbnz/pick_of_the_day_21621_tuesday/gnow3gx/) ____________________________________ Easy W first time out, as both teams struggled to break 120. Yesterday had lots of good options on a large slate of NCAAB, and today will be the same. ~~I'll post some value CBB picks in the relevant thread before the games (5 PM EST).~~ [NCAA picks are here](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/lll2aj/ncaabb_daily_discussion_21721_wednesday/gnsmy2l/) But for the PotD, we have soccer. #PotD: **Palmeiras/Coritiba BTTS +105** Soccer|Brasil Serie A|Coritiba vs. Palmeiras|5:30PM EST **Amount:** 1.5u **Thoughts:** First, some background. One of Brazil's larger teams, Palmeiras, just underwent a massive disgrace at the FIFA Club World Cup. It was eliminated in the semifinals against what is supposed to be an inferior Mexican side. They then lost in the 3rd place game on penalties. Now Palmeiras begins a *gauntlet* of domestic make-up games. They played on the 14th and play again on the 17th, 19th, 22nd, 25, culminating in the Brazilian Cup Final against Gremio on the 28th. Well they came back angry to Brazil and in their first game back walloped Fortaleza 3-0 (a team that just beat Coritiba 3-1). In Game 2 against Coritiba, they'll be rotating players, with the Sao Paulo derby coming up on Friday. But they're a talented team and have many dynamic bench players like Rony who will likely get at least one past Coritiba's horrible D. From the other side, Palmeiras will be playing young and reserve players away from home, a ripe opportunity for Coritiba attack to get a goal.. Its going to be a clear day in the mid-20s C (70s in freedom units), with a nice breeze, with no goal impediments on that front. BOL **Stat Pack** * Palmeiras have conceded in 4 of their past 5 Brazilian league matches. * Palmeiras have scored in 4 of their past 5 Brazilian league matches. * Coritiba have conceded in 5 of their past 5 Brazilian league matches. * Coritiba have scored in 4 of their past 5 Brazilian league matches.


Mexican team wasn't inferior lol


POTD record 6-3 (Profit: +20.3u) 🏀 Grizzlies first half spread (-110) ✅ 🏀 Celtics vs Jazz OVER 219.5 (-110) ✅ 🏀 Pelicans vs Bulls NBA 9pm est 1st half total UNDER 117 (-110) ❌ 🏀 Pistons vs Pacers -3 (-110) ✅ 🏀 Lonzo Ball OVER 4.5 rebounds (-134) ✅ 🥊 Kamaru Usman to win in round 4 5 or by decision (-115) ❌ 🏀 Celtics -5.5 (-110) ❌ 🏀 Domantas Sabonis UNDER 12.5 rebounds (-134)✅ 🏀 Lonzo Ball OVER 12.5 points (-120) ✅ Today’s event: NC Greensboro vs VMI NCAAB 7pm est Pick: NC greebsboro -3.5 (115) Reasoning: My first college pick comes from UNC being red hot this season and being on a 4 game win streak ATS. They beat VMI by 17 in their last meeting and have won 9 of their last 10 games. I know VMI has looked decent aswell and they are a great home team. However I expect the Spartans defense to hold up again and secure another solid victory here. Best of luck! (all bets are 5 units) Tip jar: Venmo Chris-Bordy-1 💰


POTD Record: 1-2 Soccer | UEFA Champions League | Time: 1:00 pm MT Pick: Sevilla FC (2.28) vs Borussia Dortmund Reasoning: Sevilla is on a 9 game winning streak. In Dortmund's last nine games, they have lost 3 and went to a draw twice against teams that are worse than Sevilla. Dortmund has won none of their last 10 away games against Spanish opposition and I expect nothing to change tomorrow.


I love Dortmund, but I'm here to add that they have a lot of injuries in their squad too. Haaland, Reus and Sancho can make a difference when playing well, but they need more help from the rest of the team be more consistent. And that's why they loss those games against Bayer 04, the other Borussian, and Freiburg. However, the weather is going to be very different than the German weather, and this affected their game as well. I'm staying away from betting on this game because it's Champions league and I dont wanna bet against the teams I like, and I can see this game going either way. I'm more confident betting on the Juve W. But your analysis makes a lot of sense. Lopetegui is a great coach and Sevilla won UEFA Cup last year too. Best of luck


Yes, Sevilla is on a 9 game winning streak but check the competition. Mostly mid-low level la liga teams (except for Barca). The line has also moved from Sevilla +130 to +150, so some respected money is coming in on Dortmund. I cashed out of my Sevilla bet I placed over the weekend because I don’t like it anymore. Especially with Ocampos out.


POTD Record: 7-2-0 (W-L-D) +14.5U Last POTD: 2/16 Islanders ML -130 2U💰 Today’s POTD: Drake -5 (-120) 2U Free money gang. Hella people gonna take this cuz it’s -5 and it’s Drake but this foreal a nice pick. Drake is crazy good ATS and they’re tryna get into March madness plus they just got a huge win against Loyola IL. They beat northern Iowa by like 20+ last time and are gonna continuing winning and covering spreads. Back drake for some free money or fade idc cuz imma be laughing to the bank. Scared money don’t make no money. Tail or fade BOL


Tailing. Lines already moved to 6.5


Why did the line drop?




Tailing. Lets get this money slime. FBG


My last ten picks: LWWWLWWLWW ROI is 34.3% My POTD for Wednesday, February 17 is a USA college basketball game. I am betting 1.08 units to win 1 unit that North Carolina (-16) will cover the spread against Northeastern. This bet is available now, in Americas Card Room sports book. Game time is 7 PM Eastern Standard Time. I normally do not like to wager on the favorite when the spread is this large. I worry that the coach might decide to bench all the starters for the last three minutes just to let the bench players get some court time in (I don't think I've ever seen it happen, but I worry about it). Times are not normal, and I think N.C. will want to get a strong victory in to get a high seeding in the March tourny, and to get plenty of playing time for his starters...many of their games have been postponed. I was very tempted to bet the over 136 instead. That might be the more secure bet. But, I'm going with North Carolina and giving up the 16 points. This will probably be the most points I've ever given up in a college basketball game bet. My betting system is progressive, starting with 150 units, with a goal of doubling that amount to 300...or losing the entire roll. Presently, my roll is now 154 units. After any losing bet, the next day's bet will be increased to recover that loss. After ten picks on POTD under this method, I'll post a more detailed record result, including positive or negative ROI. BOL to all.


Since when is Northeastern in the ACC? Why the hell are these two teams playing this late in the season?


UNC literally put out a tweet looking for an opponent this week. Northeastern responded. I am not making this up.




POTD: 2-1, longtime lurker, occasional poster when I see something good. Russian MHL (Junior U21 hockey league) Game: Irbis vs Kuznetskie Medvedi, Over 5.5 goals (-105) 3u (same amount won from last matchup) Time: 10 hours from post This is a fun league to watch if you are into sports and specifically hockey (games can be found on YouTube). These kids are fast, talented, and love to score. They also are still young and love to fight. The thing about this league is it is high scoring, as most junior hockey is. This match up features Irbis, the number 1 team in the league, vs Kuznetskie, the worst team in the league. Irbis is coming off a dominating 6 goal win vs Kuznetskie today. Irbis is good for 4-6 goals a game against these lower ranked opponents. However, they also give up goals and rely on their speed and offense to overcome their crummy defense. Though Kuznetskie didnt score today, I am confident they can get a goal against Irbis. My prediction for this game is 7-1 Irbis. Today's game saw 3 goals put up by primarily the 2nd and 3rd lines given the game was a blowout, so even if the game is a blowout tomorrow, they will still put up goals. BOL, hope everyone wakes up to some EASY MONEY! Tip Jar- still proving my worth


POTD 15-7 (Streak 2L) NCAA Mens basketball Last Pick: Akron -16 Today's Event: Utah State Aggies @ Boise State Broncos (9PM EST) Pick: Utah State Moneyline Utah State is defiantly the best team in this conference. Boise State has been over hyped for a while by destroying the bad teams early in the season. They got exposed by CSU, then swept by Nevada, Utah State is coming and Queta shuts down everyone in the paint.


PICK OF THE DAY RECORD 3-0. Last pick: Anthony Edwards over 2.5 assist @ 2.25 - BET365 - WIN POTD: Delon Wright over 5.5 assists @ 1.74 - BET365 TIME: 8:00 pm EST GAME: Detroit Pistons @ Chicago Bulls The rookie came through with 5 assist, great fucking game. Towns and Rubio gotta be proud of this young legend. Okaaaay today we are looking at a game nooooobody wanna watch without having money on the line, so lets fucking go! Delon Wright is the name of a man who has been treated like trash for most of his career, BUT now he is starting to response (and he is killing it for me in fantasy). Over the last 5 games after the D. Rose trade he is avg 7.0 assist with 14.0 potential assist in 37 minutes (7th in MPG). Over that span he is also avg. 70 passes a game - thats 3rd most in the league behind only Sabonis and Jokic. He is running the Pick N Roll and he is going up against Chicago who rank 20th in defensive efficiency. This should be easy money - but I have one worry that I need to get out just for you to decide if you wanna tail. Our boy Delon is a pretty hot name in trade talks - I dont know if he is close to getting shipped, but if he is we could se a decrease in minutes.


I like the point play for Delon over 12.5 too btw.


GET ON THIS RIGHT NOW. **The 5 win streak got broken. I am really sorry of yesterday's pick, I went with lower-tier CS and expected top tier performance from 34 years old guy lol. But today is different. I have just woken up, saw this match and I am quickly writing this thing to share free money with you guys. I am a degen and literally going huge on this one, probably the worst thing you can do when you're betting in general. If this goes wrong, you can spam everywhere how shit I am. That ain't happening, so enjoy your day and BOL.** (You should also check the daily eSports discussion thread where I post my 2nd pick. It's as good as this POTD one, sometimes we just get screwed and end up having 1-1 with losing this one.) ​ ***(February 2021)*** **POTD RECORD:** 7W-5L **LAST PICK:** HONORIS +1.5 @ 1.70 3u (MEDIUM) **OVERALL (UN)SUCCESS: ✔️✔️❌❌❌❌✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️❌** **TOTAL PROFIT:** \+2,30 units **TOTAL STAKE:** 38,00 units **AVERAGE ODDS:** 1.93 **ROI:** \+6,20% ​ ​ **GAME:** CS:GO **EVENT:** IEM Katowice 2021 Play-In **TIME:** 15:30 (GMT +1) ​ >**Virtus.pro vs Renegades** At first when I look at this objectively, VP played solid, they won against Wisla Krakow in the BO1, but choked against NiP in the following match. They should've won that match, they choked, but it was more the Swedes playing insanely well than VP struggling. On the other hand, Renegades came here with no big hopes. They lost dexter just few days before this tournament and they didn't have much time to practice with aliStair. They actually played 14-16 map against mousesports with their ex-teammate. Against TeamOne, they had to win but it was not as convincing. They got demolished on their own map pick and in the end, it was a close match. Seeing them struggling against such opponents just shows the insanely big gap between these two teams. VP are currently playing on a completely different level and I don't see them dropping a map against these guys. There isn't a map where Renegades can punish them, especially not with a new player. The odds are kinda crazy knowing the real chances of Renegades winning a map. Get on this QUICK, I am literally betting my whole house. Let's hammer **Virtus.pro -1.5 @ 1.56 5u (VERY HIGH)** ​ *If you are interested, you can also check my* ***Reddit BIO*** *where is a link to my* ***Discord*** *group where you can discuss with other people about CS bets or other stuff.*


PotD Record: 2-0-0 (W-L-P) PotD Net Units: +2.4u Average Odds: -166 Sport: NBA Basketball Time: 8PM Eastern Pick: Denver Nuggets ML @ -154 Stake: 1u Reasoning: NBA Picks: My picks are based on a model that weighs efficiency disparity and favorite/dog. Tips are appreciated: Venmo: @JoshBets


POTD Record: 6-3 (2L streak, +2.08 units based off 1 unit per bet) Last Pick: Caps/Pens Over 1.5 Goals 1st Period ❌ (a big ol 0 in the first period, super happy my Caps ended up winning but hated that I let y’all down with the pick) Today’s Pick: WNCAAB 4PM EST, Kansas St vs Oklahoma St Over 125.5 (-115) Reason: Back to back loses is always tough, but I’m not going to quit now. Headed back to women’s basketball today to end the losing streak! When these two teams faced earlier in the year the total was 124. Since then both teams have been averaging more points per game; so I see some more scoring in this rematch (should be a little bit closer than OK State’s 24 point blowout last time.) Let’s get some money on this one in the middle of the week. BOL to anyone that decides to tail this one with me, but understand if you don’t after back to back Ls!


2-2 Last: Reading @2.15 ✅ Todays: Juventus o54.5% possession @ 2 This one is massively misspriced imo, Juve have a very great squad depth even without some key players their squad is too strong against Porto. I expect them to park the bus while Juve will controll the game.


**POTD Record 29-16** Sevilla v Dortmund - Sevilla ML - UCL - 20:00GMT **2.5** Been waiting for this matchup for a while. Definitely worth shopping around for odds for this one, I would usually take DNB with these odds at about 1.73-1.8 but we are getting terrific value on Sevilla to win. Sevilla, the kings of UEL are experienced in knock out European football, and I expect them to go on a deep run in the UCL this year. They have been in terrific form as of late winning their last 9 games and only conceding 1 goal along the way, and a brilliant home form to boot. One of the key factors here is that the majority of this was without their new signing Papu Gomez from Atalanta. He was brought in to replace the enigmatic Banega from the last few seasons, and the Argentine has already produced the goods in the handful of games he’s been involved in, slotting in perfectly, just in perfect time to replace the injured Ocampos, who is also a possibility for this game now. They also have the best in form defender in the world right now in Kounde, who will be up to the task going against Haaland. Dortmund have been shaky of late, with a 2W 2D 3L in their last 7 games. While we know of their attacking threat with the likes of Haaland, Sancho and Reus they have scored 12 goals in these games, but it is their shaky defence and midfield that leaves gaps while their attackers bomb forward, conceding 13 goals in these same games, and against top opposition that’s not good enough. They are missing their first choice keeper, and an important central midfielder in Witsel, leaving them to play 17 year old Bellingham. While I am a huge Bellingham fan, and he is definitely one for the future, I don’t fancy his chances against the likes of Rakitic and Jordan. Dortmund do have a fantastic record of getting the most out of their youngsters, but it’s a different feat letting your young wild cards free in the attacking third, than hoping for them to protect the defensive block and control the tempo of the game, something you need a bit more experience in. I expect Sevilla to control this game in their possession based style that Lopetegui has them playing so well, and Dortmund to try and hit them on the counter, while they may have some luck there, I think they will leave far too many gaps for Sevilla to take advantage of, and fully anticipate them to go into the 2nd leg with a victory.


Great analysis. I love watching Dortmund play and enjoy their style, but they have too many injuries in their squad now. Lopetegui has been a great coach, pretty incredible and Sevilla doesn't disappoint. I can see this game going their way, but I have a feeling that this game might ended with a draw. Dortmund's Sancho, Reus and Haaland must play well together if they want to win, but that's a big question mark as they haven't performing as well lately. I'm going to stay away from betting on this game, but your analysis hit all the spots. BOL


**POTD Record: 4-2 (+1.5U)** **Today's Sport: CBB** **Today's Game:** Drake @ Northern Iowa (8:00 Tipoff) **Today's Pick:** Drake -4.5 (3U) **Explanation:** I'll try to keep this one shorter than the previous few, but I really like Drake here. I picked Drake to cover against UNI as my first POTD when they were favored by 9.5 points. They won by 21. Drake is coming off a huge overtime win vs. Loyola Chicago after previously getting blown out by them, so their confidence is pretty high going into this one. Drake is so much better of a team than UNI, even without points and rebounds leader Shanquan Hemphill, and the home court is not enough to change any of that. I expect another double-digit win. Let me know if you're tailing!


**NBA POTD/NBA Record 7-3-1 9.8 Units** LFG FTP **Today’s POTD:** NBA - 7:00PM ET / 6:00PM CST NY Knicks -4.0 (-110) @ ORL Magic **NY Knicks -4 (-110) 3.0 UNITS** Reason: Knicks under Thibs have started to buy in. Recent involvement of veteran Thib warriors, D.Rose and T.Gibson, bring even more consistency on the offensive and defensive side. As long as the Knicks don’t go 5-25 from 3 point range, the Knickerbockers can beat anytime team in the NBA. They have scoring, defense, depth, strength, and length at every position (even with the loss of Michael Robinson). Look for the Knicks bench to continue to expand lead, or even the score. Orlando is completely dependent on Fournier (Q) and Vuceic on scoring, and the Knicks have the individual and team defense to shut these two second tier stars. Let’s take the Knicks better team, hotter team, and continue to fly under the radar. Trust the system. Previous Day: 2/14/2021 CLE +10 @ LA Clippers (Loss, -2.2 Units) 2/14/2021 DEN +150 vs LA Lakers (Win, 3.0 Units) 2/16/2021 NYK +120 vs ATL Hawks (Win, 6.0 Units) LFG! LET'S F*CKING GOOOOO!!! FTP! Fade The Public!


Tough loss! Lot of folks had this same pick..


Won / Covered first half... Rose and Quickley who have been fantastic went 2-22 combined off bench I like the pick and Knicks, as long as they don’t go 5-25 from deep... 7-27 Last Night


Record 1-1 The only problem with trying to make money over night is that I miss out on last minute changes... There were lineup changes before my last pick started and I was asleep so unfortunately took an L. Previous Picks: Besiktas -1 ✅ Almere City FC -1 ❌ POTD: Soccer, Serbia, Superliga - 4:00am PST FK Partizan -1.5 (+108 odds) Analysis: Easy bet here. Partizan has never lost to FK Javor in all of there history dating back to 2011. 18 games have been played between them, Partizan has won 17 of them and drawn one. These guys played a few months back and Partizan won 4-0.. No brainer here, Partizan currently in 2nd place and Javor is in 13 with the 5th worst defense in the league. Tail at your own risk! BOL! Tips are welcome! Venmo @reneRC9


POTD Record: 1-0-0 +1.79u Last night pick: Brooklyn Phoenix O231.5 +1.79u Took the total before the Kyrie news dropped and the total dropped to 226.5, but there was never really a doubt in this one as the total ended up at 252 even without Kyrie or KD. Points, points, points! Today's pick: Utah -3.5 (1.1u -110) Another classic moneymaker the past few weeks, Utah spread no matter what. No respect for this team that will probably end up being the 1 seed in the west if AD is out for a significant amount of time. Watch the Jazz 8 game win streak turn into 9. BOL


**POTD Record:** 0-0 **Bookie:** Betfair exchange (2% commission) <> **League:** Premier League ⚽️ **Match:** Everton v Manchester City **Pick:** [Both teams to score - no](https://twitter.com/curtisjonesdad/status/1362045321023549441) **3u** to win **2.52u** <> City have the best defence in the league and have been dominant since their change of system. In the 14 games they’ve had since the system change they’ve kept 11 clean sheets and only conceded 3 goals, 2 of which have been away to Liverpool and Chelsea. This hasn’t flattered them either as they’ve only given up an xGA of around 5.5 which is truly elite. Then on the flip side Everton have looked toothless in any games without DCL playing this season. They were awful last time out against Fulham and created nothing against a struggling Fulham side. They’d need to rely on counters tonight do any sort of threat but with no pace in the side it’s hard to see where a goal comes from. They’ve got an average xG of 0.3 when DCL hasn’t been in the side which says everything you need to know about how insipid Everton’s attack is. So why BTTS - no and not a City clean sheet? City’s main goal threat in the last weeks has been Gundogans runs from deep and with him out injured tonight that’s a huge portion of where their chances come from. I of course expect City to score but if early season and some recent form is to go off, they still can struggle to score goals, especially against a well disciplined, well coached Everton side. Pickfords meant to be back for Everton as well and if you think that’s a good thing is up for interpretation but I believe he’s a much better shot stopper than Olsen as well. BOL anyone tailing and I’ll be happy to answer questions as it’s a lengthy right up.


All aboard the Serbian football train. Let’s ride!


**POTD Record Total: 11-8-2 (L5: WWWWL)** **ROI: +1.12u** **Previous Pick:** **Denver Nuggets (+3.5)❌** Yeah I knew it was too good to be true, I had no business being that confident in a pick and Vegas made me pay, a tough 2 unit loss. On to the next. **Today’s Lock 🔒: Portland Trailblazers (+3.5)** **League: NBA| Time: 8:10 CST | Bet Size: 1u | Sportsbook: FanDuel** Portland is on a 5 game win streak with impressive wins against the Sixers, Thunder (cover kings), and Mavericks. Whereas the Pelicans have struggled over the last few (2-3 in last 5). The better play here might be the over with both teams in Top-7 for Offensive Rating and Defensive Rating closer to middle of the road. However, we'll just stick with the spread. ***Give me the Blazers and the points!*** If you enjoy the write-ups feel free to reach out via message for the daily newsletter with a few more picks.


POTD Record: 17-10 NHL 7:08PM EST Ottawa Senators @ Toronto Maple Leafs Maple Leafs -.5 1st Pd (-110) Reasoning: Maple Leafs better get up early in this game after that embarrassing game. They have way more scoring talent than the Sens -110 is great value.


Record: 1-0 POD the Day #2 Ott Senators @ Toronto History will not repeat itself. Enough said. I'm taking Toronto to win in regular time @ -200 (1 unit)


POTD Record: 6-3 (W2) Last pick: **Nikola Jokic o43.5pts+reb+ast** ✅ My man had this nearly eclipsed in the third quarter. Totally a slam dunk. Two wins in a row has us back to streaking in a positive direction. POTD: **Miami Heat ML** vs GS Warriors (+100/NBA/10:10pm EST) I am taking Miami tonight for a few reasons. They lost a game to a Clippers team missing Kawhi and PG a couple nights ago (a game they were favored to win), and are looking to bounce back with a win tonight. They matchup well in the front court against a Warriors team missing a true center. Miami seems to have the deeper bench, even with Dragic hurt. Furthermore, this is a Warriors team that has yet to win or lose more than two games in a row yet this season. A win tonight would make it two in a row for them, sure, but I just don't see them taking this game from a Heat team who got off to a less than stellar start and have been fighting to get back to .500 since. BOL!


**IF YOU CHOOSE TO SELF PROMOTE IN THE POTD THREAD:** You must have accurate tracking of your full POTD record with detailed stats including **ROI+average odds+units won**. No resetting records. **|** For picks that do not fit the POTD rules use the Daily Discussion threads.




My guy you took the words right out my mouth lets get it. Why not browns -2.5?


record 31 - 25 last pick - Minnesota T Wolves +7.5 @ 1.90❌ Today’s POTD Wednesday february 17 2021 6:30 pm eastern pick- Louisville -4 @ 1.90 Reason -> Really like louisville at home in this spot vs syracuse , i’ve been on both teams in past POTD trends so i’m familiar with how they play and louisville has the edge IMO , a lot better and coached better , also very good at home 8-1 & 7-3 in last 10 , syracuse is 2-5 on the road & 6-4 in last 10 BOL!!


Louisville hasn’t played a game since Feb 1st. Just an FYI


**POTD 4 - 1** **POTD** **Win rate: 80 %** ​ **Last Picks:** **12.02. Crvena zvezda W - Sremska M. W - CZ win** ✅ **13.02. Hameenlinna - JYP - Over 4.5+ goals REG** ✅ **14.02. Langnau Tigers** **- Zug -** **Both teams to score and over 4.5+ goals REG** ✅ **15.02. (16.02.)** **Djokovic N.** **- Zverev A. - Total Sets 4-5** ✅ **16.02. Presov - Sporting - Sporting win with 4.5+ goal difference (H2 -4.5)** ❌ ​ **POTD:** **ICE HOCKEY - CZECH REPUBLIC:** **Extraliga - Round 45** **Trinec - Plzen** **Pick: 4.5+ goals in REG @ 1.50** **17:00 (GMT+1)** ​ Proposal based on statistics. Trinec has played 4.5+ in their last 10 games. Plzen on their last 4. The last two matches H2H this year also ended with 5 goals in the nets. In this game I really don’t see why we couldn’t see attractive hockey again with a minimum of 5 goals . ​ GL


wow that was close dude


**POTD - 26-25** (Last pick: ✅ Mizzou/Georgia u154.5 -110) **W L L L W W W L L L W L L L W W W W L W W W L W L L W W W L L W W L L W L L W W L L W W L L W L W L W** *CBB 🏀 Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt, 7:00PM EST via SECN* **Vandy +3.5 (-108)** Give me Vandy to cover here, who are 4-1 ATS in their last 5 games and 13-5 ATS this season. Kentucky is 0-5 ATS in their last 5, 0-4 ATS in their last 4 road games, and 5-13 ATS all-time vs. Vandy. Vanderbilt is coming off one of their best season performances beating Miss St on the road by double digits, and I like them in this spot against a completely lost Kentucky team. BOL! Edit: ❌ misses by .5




UTAH JAZZ MONEY LINE POTD record: 3-0 ​ The Clippers are without Paul George, Batum, and potentially Leonard. If Leonard does not play, this bet is in the bag. The current line is Jazz -3.5, but with a battle like this, I do not feel comfortable with any spread. However, 22 of the Jazz's 23 wins have been by 3.5 or more. They very well could cover this spread. Also, my apologies. Being new to Reddit, I need to read the context of the rules better. 2 of my 3 pick of the days were higher than -200. I'll include supplementary bets to my pick of the days. After all, we're all here to win money, even if it's in small chunks. I'll reset my POTD record after today. My supplementary pick is Jets +1.5. They haven't lost to Edmonton by 2 or more since 2016. I think Edmonton wins this game, but the safer bet is Jets +1.5




POTD RECORD: 1-1 (-0.33 units) Last Pick: 2/16 Michigan State ML (+190) 2 units🚫 Recap: Like I predicted this game was close and the 3 ball shooting from both teams was absolutely awful but Michigan State just couldn’t stop turning it over like they have been all year and score late in the game. Today’s pick: FLA panthers/CAR Hurricanes O 6.5 (-105) 2 units ANALYSIS: Hurricanes offense has been smokin hot lately. Over 6.5 has hit in 7 of Carolinas last 8 games. Both offenses sit top 10 in PP% and scoring this season, while there PK% and scoring against sit in the middle of the league. Both are average defensive teams. I like the over. BOL!


I haven't posted in awhile. I think my last two picks on here were 1-1. ASU Vs. USC ESPN 2 at USC 5 PM Pacific Time POTD USC -10 I'm a Sun Devil alum (Go Devils!!) and we beat Oregon St last game simply because they did not come out ready to play. We are banged up with both Josh Christopher and Marcus Bagley questionable for this game. We are also extremely thin on the front line and Evan Mobley should have his way just like he did in the first game they played when he recorded 19 points, 13 boards and 6 blocks. Otherwise, I've been doing pretty well lately for anyone who's interested, especially on my in game/live picks which I post on [**Twitter.**](https://twitter.com/CoolhandClint7) Have a good day all. 🚀


POTD Record: 1-0-0 Last Pick:🏀NBA Portland Blazers -5.5 Today’s Pick: 🏀NBA Knicks -3.5 Twitter @ SmacktalkSB Reasoning: Knicks have gone 9-7 ATS on the road this season covering the spread by avg of +5.5 points while Orlando is 5-8 ATS at home not covering the spread by an average of -5.2. Knicks are 3-2 ATS as favorite this season while Orlando is 7-12 as Underdogs. Orlando will also be shorthanded tonight losing starting PG Cole Anthony until the All star break. Ride Knicks -3.5 as they continue their strong play.


Last Pick| Pelicans @ **Grizzlies ML +105 5u** Record 8-10 -7.7u POTD: NBA: 20:00 EST| Hawks ML 5u +115 @ Celtics Celtics won't be able to handle the big men, and Tatum is cold at the moment. Line is overrated


POTD Record: 22-12 Profit: +8.43 POTD: UEFA Champions League - Sevilha - Dortmund - Both Teams To Score: Yes & over 2.5 goals @ 2.15 (+115) Dortmund is a really good offensive team, but their defense has been bad the last few games. Sevilha is a really good offensive team, with a pretty good defense, but they cant stop Dortmund from scoring. This game will never end with a 1-1 draw and both teams will score. Bet the BTTS:Yes & over 2.5 goals in the match. [paypal.me/diasgabriel33](https://paypal.me/diasgabriel33) For extra picks besides POTD: [https://twitter.com/diasgabriel33](https://twitter.com/diasgabriel33) BOL if you tailin/not goin against me


POTD record: 7-6 Yesterday’s pick: Barcelona 5 or more corners. A tough one to take yesterday as we was 1 away from the win but it happens I guess. Today’s pick: Fulham over 4.5 corners -141 DK Confidence: 7/10 Reasoning: Fulham have been a strange team this season. They keep the ball well in possession and are defensively not as bad as others, but they seem to fall short in the final third. However, that being said, this is a decent bet for corners as we’re not looking for goals. They average around 4 a game this season and after a great performance against this seasons champions league contenders Everton, I think this is a good bet considering they’ll come into this game with some confidence. Fulham usually rely on their wing backs getting on the ball for crosses and Burnley tend to play narrow which should allow Fulham space down the flanks which could result in them getting 5 or plus corners on top of their possession based style of football. BOL Edit: WIN 🥂


Record 0-0 Radford -4 6PM Eastern -110 Coming off two straight losses to the number 1 seed in their conference, #2 seed Radford will bounce back against Gardner Webb, a bottom-tier team in this conference.


POTD Record 0-1 Yesterday didn’t go as expected as every time Bucks tied or came within a score they let the Raps go on a run. Today I’m switching gears to soccer. I expect this to be a huge defensive matchup where there may not even be a goal but I expect Atletico to win 1-0 or even 2-0. It will be a sweat but should pay off. Let’s get it. BOL Instagram for full card: @DBZBetting


^(Full 2020 POTD Stats: W-P-L 130-12-97, +41.69U, ROI 9.13%) 2021 Football POTD Record W/P/L: 9/3/17| total -16u | Avg Odds 1.96 Form: L**PPPLL** *(*[*https://imgur.com/a/tHj9Uu0*](https://imgur.com/a/tHj9Uu0)*)* *^(Transparency instead of lined up characters only. From personal experience, understanding the bettors idea and not only the POTD itself is huge when deciding whether or not to tail. If you disagree with most of my choices or anything else about it, regardless of results, that's absolutely fine but then at best don't tail no matter what I'm about to type today.)* Previous POTD: Barcelona vs **PSG asian goals u3.0 @ 1.960 (1U)** *Recap: Barca forgot how to play mid-game.* ​ Today: Champions League, 9.00pm CET *(in \~ 2 hours)* Sevilla vs **Dortmund to score in 2nd half @ 1.72 (1U)** 🚫 set piece conceding in late stages it was. **​** Reasoning: I believe Dortmund will fail in CL competition just like always, despite having a great squad year after year. That being said, Dortmund got things started slowly in almost any game this season, scoring their significant majority of goals in second half. It's very unlikely that Dortmund "seals the deal" in first 45minutes (= 2-0 lead or higher), which would be the only reason not to try and score in second half. Even with an unlikely 1-0 lead for Dortmund, they can maybe convert one of their usually dozen counter attack attempts when in lead. Most likely though, they will score the equalizer before conceding another one by set piece in late stages .


Barça did the exact same thing that they were doing on their previous matches. Terrible midfield and awful defense


27-22-3 PotD record. NCAA Basketball: Evansville vs Indiana St (5pm tipoff) Both teams can score and the total was over 140 last outing. I don't see that changing tonight. Even if they each hit their season average pt total its 132. Over 126.5 is the play


Potd Record: 12-4. Streak 2w Roi: 0.476 Units: +25.04U Today's potd: 2/17/21 Waiting for Jokic'$ props to come out, but since it's after one o'clock, I'm going to go with lillard as top point scorer at -139 vs the pelicans. Draftkings 3U @-139 lillard top scorer Also love the over set at 237. Reasoning: I think it's good value, considering lillard has the potential to drop 35... Zion and ingram both usually score around 25.... Only way I can see dame not being top scorer is that if zion has a good game and ingram doesn't or vice versa or if one would sit due to the back to back. I'm more worried about ingram because of zions fatigue issues to give lillard a run for top scorer. Both of these defenses are terrible, and the offenses love to run, so I expect a lot of scoring in this one. Also adams got hurt yesterday and if out the pelicans defense will become even softer. He's a tough former rugby player so he may play but I expect him to sit on a back to back with a lower back injury. I may post other leans I have later in the NBA prop thread! History: (last pick) 2/13/21 Went to old faithful Jokic... Over 24.5 @-110 (5U) Also had him as top point scorer @+240 (2U) Paypal: @evanpoole1 Bol everyone!


POTD Record 5-1 Porto +1/2 Juve has a few key injuries, hoping Porto can play them close and force a draw. BOL if tailing


POTD Record: 11-11 (-1.1 U) ROI: 4.5÷ Last 10: ✅✅❌✅❌❌✅✅✅❌ Last pick: NBA MIN +6.5 VS LAL Min just shat the bed in the 4th to lose by 10 after leading most of the night. **Today pick: NBA OKC +7 VS MEM 7PM MST** Odds/Risk: (-110)/1.1U Overall: OKC 15-11-1 ATS and MEM 12-11 ATS , MEM home ATS: 5-7, OKC away ATS: 11-3 OKC leagues best ATS away. They are 7-7 straight up as the visiting squad. Memphis struggling at home this year 4-8 overall. MEM only covering in 4 of last 10 and OKC 5/10. I like this young OKC squad to hang in with MEM. They are playing better together each game and hanging with tough opponents. MEM wins this but 7 point is too generous for a team that is on back to back after getting confidence shattered by 31 point loss to NO yesterday. BOL My Twitter NBA model picks for more picks: @matteomodels Twitter record: 42-33-1 (+5.7U)


POTD: 5-4 (1W streak) Last Pick: Harden vs. Booker to score more points. Harden win (in the beard we trust) Today’s Pick: Zion Williamson PRA over 35.5 (-11) on DK as of 3:58pm Reason: Middle tier defense going at it. Both teams would rather play offense, so I see the pace being quick. Watch for early shot clock shots. Zion is a good matchup against everyone Portland throws at him. Best of luck to all. In mini tank we trust.


124-125 -11.58U CBB 5:00 pm PST **Drake -4.5 vs. UNI** lost season for UNI after AJ Green went down early, they've fallen from 76th to 176th in KenPom over the course of the year. No Hemphill limits Drake's ceiling but they split with Loyola without him and still have a lot of efficient players in the lineup.


Record: 0-1 GAME: North Eastern vs North Carolina(NCAAB)(7 pm et) POTD: North Eastern +17 (-108)(1.5u) REASONING: -UNC largest margin of victory this season is only 19 points which was a team that North Eastern has beaten twice(Charleston) -This game was only scheduled 2 days ago which I believe favors the underdog especially against an UNC team that’s look undisciplined and inconsistent this season -North eastern have covered in 8 of their last 10 this season -The line has since moved to -17 after opening at -15


**🧃 THE ONE & DONES PODCAST POTD 2/17/21 🧃** Be sure to tune into the latest episode of The One & Dones wherever you get your podcasts! *POTD Record: 10-8* *Yesterday’s pick: Missouri -3 ❌* **BOISE ST -1.5** vs. Utah State This may just have to become a Darth Fader, Fade Play pick the boys are icy. Lets head to Boise where the Broncos are 9-0 at home and are winning by an average of 19.4 points. Utah State also coming off a COVID pause for the last two weeks. Lets right the ship tonight. For **ALL** our picks, follow us on Twitter & Instagram ***@TheOneandDones***


PODT 0-0 L Clippers - Utah utah to win @1.55 5 units bet -makarena




This match has already started... so for US bettors, it's a Tuesday pick.


Stats: 182W 5D 156L (success rate 52 %), odds 1.50 - 1.90 Al-Raed - Al Wehda / Saudi Professional League / Kick-off 12:55 GMT 0 / Prediction - Both Teams to Score - YES & Over 2.5 Goals @ 1.83 I expect plenty of goals today. 9 of the last 10 games of both teams ended in BTS-YES & Over 2.5 Goals. Both teams played one game this season and it ended 2-3 for Al-Raed. Good luck!


**Sevilla - Borussia Dortmund** *Soccer, UEFA Champions League, at 21.00 (CET)* Pick: Over 2.5 Goals @ 1.884 The most logical choice here is the over-line. Sevilla has kept a clean sheet several matches in a row, but those who saw the most recent match against Huesca know that Sevilla allowed some huge chances. If they allow the same to an efficient Dortmund front, goals can come very easily. It also looks like the sharps are betting Dortmund heavily, while hobby punters are backing Sevilla. Still, this is a match that could go either way. Sevilla will likely rotate at LB and RB, depending on the availability of Acuña and Navas. Dortmund will miss keeper Bürki, and defensive midfielder Thomas Delaney will not travel to Seville for personal reasons. Dortmund will likely push to get a valuable away goal (or several) before the re-match in Germany, while a win is also highly important for Sevilla. Dortmund striker Erling Haaland is awesome in Champions League matches, and with 32 goals in 31 total matches this season, he is always a huge threat. A side bet on Haaland to score anytime looks appealing at 2.20+. Yet, the pick of the day is over 2.5 goals since the limits are much higher on this market. Previous picks of the day in 2021: 2/1 Betis - Sevilla, Sevilla, 1.98 L 3/1 Sociedad - Osasuna, Sociedad, 1.57 L 4/1 Valencia - Cadiz, Cadiz +0.5, 1.916 W 6/1 Athletic Bilbao - Barcelona, Under 2.75, 2.00 L 7/1 Nacional - Sporting, Under 2.75, 1.951 W 8/1 Famalicão - Porto, Porto -1.5, 2.12 W 9/1 Granada - Barcelona, Over 3, 1.84 W 10/1 Valladolid - Valencia, Valencia +0, 2.17 W 11/1 Elche - Getafe, Elche +0.5, 1.79 L 14/1 Real Madrid - Athletic Bilbao, Athletic +0.5, 2.38 W 15/1 Benfica - Porto, Over 2.5, 1.85 L 16/1 Torino - Spezia Over 2.5, 2.02 L 4/2 Braga - Portimonense, Por +1.25, 1.94 HW 6/2 Estoril - Academica, Academica +0.5, 1.98 W 7/2 Braga - Porto, Porto -0.25, 1.98 L 8/2 Atletico Madrid - Celta Vigo, Celta +1, 1.80 W 10/2 Fluminense - Atletico MG, Fluminense +0, 2.70 P 12/2 Famalicão - Belenenses, Belenenses +0.25, 1.825 HW 13/2 Porto - Boavista, Boavista +1.75, 1.87 W 15/2 Cádiz - Athletic Bilbao, Over 1.75, 1.85 W 16/2 Leipzig - Liverpool, Leipzig +0.25, 1.87 L 21 bets - 10 won, 2 half won, 1 push, 8 lost ROI: +13.1% Average odds: 1.97 (Before 2021: 8 POTD posted, 6W-2L, +51.8% ROI)




Where do you find this info


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**POTD Record: 0-1, -1.02U** Last pick: Portsmouth -0.25 1H 1U (L) Portsmouth struck first, as they tend to do against lesser teams, but then they completely fell asleep and gave up not one but two goals before halftime. **Today's pick:** College basketball, VCU at Richmond, 7 p.m. ET **Richmond +3.5 -105 1U** These are two very evenly matched teams. They play at a similar pace. Richmond has the edge on offense, and VCU has about the same edge on defense. I'd like Richmond +3.5 on a neutral court and I really like it here with Richmond at home. Best of luck if you tail!


Isn’t Richmond on the road?


Turns out they are. ESPN has this incorrectly listed as a Richmond home game and I didn't catch the error. Thanks for pointing that out.


Richmond and VCU are a few miles apart, so home or away is kinda moot.