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BARTARD POTD 9-2 PPCIK:1/9/21 **Goyang Orions -2.5 (-120)**Anyang KGC @ Goyang Orions(Game) Point SpreadBasketball - Asia - South Korea - KBL Jan 09, 2021 12:00 AM CST Erl Clurjmk grut brods in spaim left wurs korea n anyang 4 sum acb ting. No best plet 4 strugle tem wil be harrrrrrrrd. 5U baingo Goygn no treitor.


"If you cant read what i say, you must tail" \-AlexeyShved 2021


Tailing....dont die


Tlrance strunk men. clm dwnm


You beautiful bastard, you did it again


Strong words from a strong man!


Your a fucking beast bro


Hes like the benzo miss cleo


Unbelievable game. Thought they were gonna blow it but they held on ..




Love this xan head, appreciate you broski


>Goyang Orions all in


Xanny god absolutely unstoppable


The 🐐 strikes again. Ty. 🙏🏻


Where's the translator from yesterday?


Basically earl clark top scorer on anyang left and signed with a team from Spain


Ah, ty


Getting that bread and that ramen after tonight's win! Thank you brother keep drinking!


5u? Damn brooooooo


Orion r throwxing da gam, Snde Hepl


Nu 43 bee splashn frunnm sneagwsde


Is b lttile sewaty doe gon li not






i don't think i've ever clenched as hard as i did in the last 2 minutes of that game


Jusz taamke sun zansm n you win tree worre at all Lao gun slwp me slumpt




Fuck yee! Appreciate u


My butt clenched


Nbr ni doutb


You are byungshin. Therefore, tailing.


Took first half live bet Orion’s -1 at +100; feel dirty lol


Well played


Any players missing or injuries for both sides other than Clark?


Def tailing!!




anybody else on bovada? im not seeing this game anywhere


3-0 thanks for the win


Nice hit


is this belter?


can anyone tell me what to bet??


# Q’s POTD ### 3-0-0 **Recent Picks:** Seahawks/49ers 1H U23 (NFL) ✅ Andre Drummond O13 Rebounds (NBA) ✅ Luguentz Dort U12.5 points (NBA) ✅ **Today’s Pick:** Russell Wilson U23.5 Completions Seahawks vs Rams (NFL) **Rationale:** Everything has changed for the Seahawks since their 34-44 loss to the Buffalo Bills. It’s the last game Wilson exceeded 270 passing yards. Since that game, Wilson has only exceeded 23 completions and 40 attempts once (a loss to the Giants where Seattle trailed throughout the 2H). Part of it is a change in game plan, and part of it has been some oddly uncharacteristic inaccuracy from Wilson. There’s also the history of Pete Carroll offenses in the playoffs. This is a team that wants to establish the run, for better or worse. Since 2016, Wilson has played in 5 playoff games. He has not exceeded 23 completions in any of those games. He will now see a Rams team which he has historically struggled against. It’s also a Rams team that will either be playing with an injured Goff or a healthy Walford. Either way, it should be a heavy run-script time-killing game that limits passing attempts on both sides. Russell also had 20 and 22 completions in his two matchups with the Rams this year. **EDIT** I feel comfortable posting this now. Another sweat-free W ✅ Wilson has 8 completions with 3 minutes left in the game.


Great pick, tailing! BOL


I think it’s a good pick honestly. Logic is sound. I just have a rule of not betting against Wilson. Staying out of this but BOL Edit: I lied and put it on a small parlay with Bills ML and Bucs ML, we shall see


Another sweat-free lock. Appreciate those who had the trust to tail against a good QB.


Too easy man! Thanks for the tip :)




Tailing, thanks. BOL.


me likey


Despite only 5 completions at half, I don’t love the way the game script is unfolding with the Hawks down by 10. Don’t expect this to be a sweat-free prop if you tailed.


Ty. Great.


Record (4W-1L-0) Last pick: NFL: Rams +3 (-110) ✅ Event: NFL: Indianapolis @ Buffalo Pick: Josh Allen O2.5 Pass Tds (+110) There is a lot to like for this wild card Saturday it was hard to choose one pick. I love the odds on this one and Josh Allen has looked like hes been playing against high schoolers since Kyler Murrays Hail Murray to beat them in week 11. WHY THIS WILL HIT: Colts on defense are 20th against the pass and 2nd against the run. This game is going to fall on the shoulders of Josh Allen. The Bills barely run the ball anyways and Allen has been lighting the league on fire. Colts are going to be missing slot CB Rock Ya-Sin and are already in the bottom half of the league against the pass, Josh Allen will have a day. 33 degrees and 7 mph winds are not gonna bother Allens rocket of an arm but the Colts who play indoors and Phil Rivers who has spent his entire career in California might be a little chilly. I do believe the Colts, with Jonathan Taylor, have the ability to keep this a close game or turn it into a shootout with the weaknesses of the Bills defense, but that would better anyways to keep Josh hucking bombs all day. Josh has hit this mark 6 times this year, mostly in big, meaningful games. They have also come against their toughest rush defense opponents. San Fran is ranked 7th, LA Rams are 3rd, Seattle is 5th and Miami, who he did it twice to, is ranked 16th against the run. The NE game is the anomaly, where Josh threw for 4 pass TDs against a Patriots defense ranked 26th against the run and 8th against the pass. But, it was a primetime, divisional game and Josh showed up big time. When the pressure is on and the game is in Joshs massive hands, im taking him to throw 3 tds easily. Lets fucking bol.


Damn 2nd TD was a rushing TD..


Wish he wouldve hit John Brown over the top he was open just threw it to the wrong spot. Still could get 2 in the second half if Colts can respond


I can read you talking about Allen all day! That was a fun ride. (I’m not even a Bills fan). BOL.


Tailing Bol


Nice! Tailing! Good thing FanDuel has live player props.


# YESTERDAYS POTD THREAD STATS (2021/01/08) **Total Record:** 6-9 **Total ROI:** \-21.33% **Total Units (assuming 1u per bet):** \-3.20u **Average Odds:** 1.95 ​ # POTD THREAD STATS (SINCE 2020/12/10) **Top voted POTD record:** 20-10 **Total POTD record:** 242-195-13 **Total ROI:** \+2.36% **Total Units:** \+10.60u ​ *Valid Pick Criteria:* * *Identical picks with slightly different lines are only taken as one pick (i.e. Bills +2 and Bills +3 would be considered as one pick)* * *Opposing picks will not be counted* * *Only the first 15 valid POTD picks (by upvotes) will be used for analysis* * *POTD order taken at 12:00PM EST*


Thanks for doing these. I made some of those bets yesterday and had a rough day


Yeah definitely not a great day




**POTD Record: 5W-0L-0P (+3.79)** (every bet is 1u) **Previous Picks:** (05-12-2020) Portuguese Primeira Liga - Vitória de Guimarães vs Portimonense, **Vitória de Guimarães ML @ 1.93(-108)**✅✅✅ (22-12-2020) Portuguese Primeira Liga - Sporting de Braga vs Rio Ave, **Sporting de Braga ML @ 1.62(-161)**✅✅✅ (23-12-2020) Portuguese Cup - União de Leiria vs Gil Vicente, **Gil Vicente ML @ 1.72(-139)**✅✅✅ (28-12-2020) Portuguese Primeira Liga - Boavista vs Sporting de Braga, **Sporting de Braga ML @ 1.8(-125)**✅✅✅ (29-12-2020) Portuguese Primeira Liga - Vitória de Guimarães vs FC Porto, **FC Porto ML @ 1.72(-139)**✅✅✅ **Pick: Portuguese Primeira Liga - Moreirense vs Vitória de Guimarães, Vitória ML @ 2.25(+125)**✖️✖️✖️ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ First of all, I got these odds at the beggining of the week and since then they have drop. Pinnacle currently has this bet @2.18. I'm feeling more adventurous so today I'm risking the streak and I'm making the first bet at plus odds. If you want to play it safe take the DNB. Vitória almost ruined our last pick. Thank god for Díaz. They are the 5th best team in Portugal and they are finally reaching their potencial even though they didn't play last week due to Covid. But this is not the main reason I'm making this bet. Moreirense just got a new coach in Vasco Seabra. Their former coach quit right before the match against Porto. And they looked really bad. How Porto only scored 3 is beyond me. There was not enough time to fix them. That's what I'm betting on. Let's make it six. BOL EDIT: ✖️✖️✖️second match in a row that Vitória scored after being 1-1 and immediately after concedes.


do you not know the saying "a coach who debuts never loses"


I am a firm believer in this theory


If I lose it's because you two jinx it.


1-0 now 1-1. Both teams play good. Glad i took draw no bet.






good luck betting on the seahawks bro.


good luck betting on the rams bro.


Good luck bro








good luck getting some good luck


Good luck if a luck said good


Rams have the #1 ranked D. Seattle hasn't given up more than 21 pts since mid Nov (vs the Rams). Feels like the under should hit.


I agree, I love the under here.


Russel burned me in fantasy I'll give it one more go around


> Seahawks D has been on a roll lately Last week they let CJ Bethard go 25-for-37 (better than Wilson's 20-for-36) for 273 yards and a TD.


On a roll against guys like Darnold, McCoy, Beathard, Haskins, Wentz...


If you wait to place this until right after kickoff, you can use the 50% profit boost on DK.


POTD Record: 21-12 Profit: +7.38 POTD: Bundesliga - Dortmund at Leipzig - Both teams to score: yes & over 2.5 goals in the match @ 2.05 (+105) Leipzig and Dortmund are two really good offensive teams and two of the best in the Bundesliga, this should be a match with a lot of goals so expect this pick to hit [paypal.me/diasgabriel33](https://paypal.me/diasgabriel33) For extra picks besides POTD: [https://twitter.com/diasgabriel33](https://twitter.com/diasgabriel33) BOL if you tailin/not goin against me


Leipzig has by far the Best defense in Bundesliga, conceding only 3 goals in 7 home games. This goes 2-1 either way with some luck and needs a good Day by haaland. only 1 of 3 last h2h covered (which still have comparable squads). Bol


They have not played very good teams at home yet, the best team they played at home was Freiburg (9th seed) Hetha scored vs them at home, Mainz scored vs them at home, Bielefeld scored vs them at home. Bielefed and Mainz are 2 of the worst teams in the Bundesliga




this was green




Suns are also on a back-to-back


**POTD Record**: 4-1 **Last Pick** Green Bay Packers -4 @ -110 vs Chicago Bears ✅ **Today's** **Pick**: Rams @ **Seattle Seahawks -3 @ -115** **Reason**: The teams split their regular season matchups, both winning at home. The Week 16 game between the two is the game in which Jarred Goff broke his thumb when following through on a pass and hitting a Seahawks defenders helmet. It’s hard to believe that just a couple of weeks later, and after having surgery to repair the thumb, Goff would be 100%. Whether it’s Jared Goff or John Wolford starting against the Seahawks, I like Seattle to cover. The Seattle offense has averaged 5.5 more points per game than the Rams during the regular season… 28.6 PPG for the Seahawks and 23.1 PPG for the Rams. Over the last half of the season both teams have had top 5 defenses, with Seattle actually allowing 15 PPG since their loss to the Bills. [More](https://bankrollbets.com/playoffs-nfl-wild-card-bets/)


Italian volleyball 🏐 18:30 Piacenza - Vibo Valentia - Piacenza to win @1.73 In my opinion Piacenza is a better team, very good receiver- Clevenot and Russell, Seyed and Candellaro on middle blocker and Bernardi on coach bench. Finger is also very solid attacker. Vibo is also good team with Rossard, Chineyeze or DeFalco but in my opinion this is not enough for Piacenza. Good luck! 🍀 Edit: 1-1 after 2 sets, good information is that Grozer is healthy and play today! This set was key, i think that Piacenza win this match!! 2-1 very good performance Piacenza, it looks very good, cmon!! 3-1 easy money WIN ✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅✅ 💰🤑💰🤑💰🤑😂


Record: 11-9-1 (+5.51 U) Last pick: Packers -4.5 -110 2 U W POTD: Over 10 points in the first quarter of IND Colts @ BUF Bills -115 2 U They both have great offensive play calling that script the first 15 plays really well, they are both in the top 10 in net yards per play and they can both exploit the other team's defensive weakness ( Indy with their good running game against a bad bills run D and the Bill's explosive passing game on a somewhat overrated Indianapolis pass defense).


I may tail but gotta check the weather. I just feel like this game is gonna go under 52 total points.


Weather is a non-factor in this one.


I wouldn’t do that, it is billls they got strong attack


🔨 this is a steal


POTD Record: 8-0-4 (W-T-L) Best Win Streak: 7W Last POTD: 🏀Anthony Davis O 10 Rebounds❌(NBA Finals) Yes, i know it’s been a while POTD: Baylor -12.5 2PM CST Don’t let TCU’s 9-3 record fool you, they are not as good as advertised. Winning there games by an average of 3 points and getting blown out in there last one against Kansas at home. I expect this one to be uglier. Baylor is just on a whole different level than everyone else in CBB right now(with the exception to Gonzaga). Winning their games by and average of 29, and their closest game all year came against ISU on the road(winning by 11) Hilton is known as a tough place to play. Baylor is just way to efficient on offense and athletic for TCU. Even if the offense isn’t clicking their smothering defense will take care of business as well. BOL if tailing!


**Record** 28W-19L-3P **Form** 1W **ST PAULI VS HOLSTEIN KIEL** Date: 09th January 2021 at 13:00 \- At this time of year, the Boys in Brown would normally be at training camp somewhere on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. With the first half of the season behind them, the players would be spending a few days together working hard in training and helping the new acquisitions to settle in. Over the last ten months, however, much of what is considered normal has become a distant memory. For the players, the upshot is a congested fixture list with little time to rest. \- January may well determine the course of the rest of the season. Just two games have been played so far, but another 15 points are up for grabs in the next 23 days, and the Boys in Brown are targeting as many as possible. Experience tells us that the outcome of a game is often determined by the form on the day rather than the respective positions in the league table. The current situation is merely a snapshot, leaving the Boys in Brown determined to turn their negative run into a positive. \- It may also be an advantage that Kiel are a known quantity. Timo Schultz’s team lost 2-1 to the Storks in a pre-season warm-up game before gaining their revenge with a 1-0 friendly win during the October international break. Those games may have been evenly balanced affairs, but the two teams have had vastly differing fortunes in the league. The Boys in Brown need the points to escape the drop zone, while a win for Ole Werner's side would do their chances of promotion no harm whatsoever. \- The 32-year-old coach has a squad at his disposal that is blessed with quality and depth. A run of five wins in a row towards the end of last year was tarnished slightly by a 2-1 home defeat against Osnabrück. But Kiel remain unbeaten away from home and boast the best defence in the league, and will make the short journey down the A7 looking to make amends. \- "We'll have to throw everything at it if we want to leave the pitch victorious," said Timo Schultz at the pre-match news conference. The game comes around too soon for new signing Eric Smith, while a decision on the goalkeeper position will be made on Friday. Suspensions for Marvin Knoll and Sebastian Ohlsson leave the coaching team needing to improvise when choosing the starting lineup, and the loss of all four right-backs only compounds their selection woes. Ultimately, however, the result is all that counts against Kiel, regardless of the circumstances. And a second win of the season would do nicely. ​ My prediction : **HOLSTEIN KIEL ML** !!


Agreed bol


PyGuySports POTD: BUF Bills -6.5 over IND Colts Odds: -108 Record: 2-0 (Last: CHA +6.5 at NOP) (Check out the blog which has been hot on picks) Analysis: I run a regression analysis that weights teams on a weekly basis. I ran the regression across every game last year and to find the stats most correlated with points for and points against. I then weight those against current season statistics to put together team rankings each week. Reasoning: Buffalo is my 4th ranked team by the model. The Colts are 14th. By the model standards this isn't thatttt far off. However I'm leaning into this a little with the eye test. Buffalo's win over Miami was a statement. Their offense cannot be stopped right now and I think the Colts lack the firepower to keep this game within a touchdown. I'm riding the hot team and one of the model favorites. Buffalo -6.5. Check out all of the picks below, if you've been following you've been doing well. [https://pyguysports.com/?p=131](https://pyguysports.com/?p=131)


Tailing this with AC Milan :D


POTD record: 34-14-0 WLP (+31.23u) *all plays 1-3 units* [last play:](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/kpytqk/pick_of_the_day_1421_monday/gi2smeq/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3) ✖️HOU Rockets (-1.1u) NFL 8:15pm EST TB Buccaneers @ WSH Football Team pick: WAS Football Team +9 (-110) size: 1.55u to win 1.5u this line is way off, i’m taking the points. washington’s defense is legit and i think they are going to give tom brady fits all night. he always struggles when the defense pressures him in the backfield. i like the pick regardless of alex smith’s injury status. if he is active that’s just a bonus for washington’s offense. tampa bay really has not impressed me at all this year. the football team has looked like a different football team the last third of the season.


Hard fade. You must not have seen the Bucs offense the last few games. Bucs are head and shoulders the better team and should win by two scores. Three if the backup plays.


✅ WAS Football Team (+1.5u) updated POTD record: 35-14-0 WLP (+32.73u)


* **POTD record**: 3 - 0 - 1 (only picks over 2.00) * **Last Pick**: Karlsruhe vs Furth - ML Furth 2.34 - L * **Pick**: Nurnberg vs Hamburger SV - **ML Hamburger SV 2.11** // 2. Bundesliga, 12:00 GMT * We took our first L yesterday and what a sh\*t game it was. Everything has gone wrong yesterday. Conceded in the first minute of the match, last minute before halftime (what a howler by GK btw) and at the end of the match and of course missed penalty by Furth. Furth was a better team but their mistakes let them down. It's time to move for another match and get our units back and we are going to stay in Germany because this odd is just wrong. 2.11 for Hamburg win? Don't know what bookie drank last night but gonna take this as soon as stakes are so high. Hamburg is leader of 2. Bundesliga and they are on their way back to Bundesliga where they belong. They have scored 30 goals this season so far (which ranks them 1st in score table) and Simon Terodde scored 15g. This german striker is too good for 2. Bundesliga and he's gonna score another goal or two today for sure. Nurnberg is not having the best of seasons as they are 11th in the league and they are not doing well against teams from top of the table. Can't see anything but Hamburg win today by 2 goals at least, but not gonna risk hcp and gonna take moneyline with 2.11 with no doubt. * H2H: Hamburg last 5 games 4W 1L, Nurnberg last 5 games 3W 2L (they played against last Wurzburger and Paderborn) * Last 5 meetings between Nurnberg and Hamburg ended up with Hamburg winning all 5 of them (last season 4-0 and 4-1 for Hamburg) * If you are tailing, best of luck :) * [**paypal.me/glabyy95**](https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/my/profile) any tip appreciated :)


**POTD Record 1-0** **Last pick:** Mazatlan asian handicap 0.0,-0.5 @2.025 ✅ **todays pick:** Soccer/mexico/Liga Mx Atlas vs Monterrey 15:00 GMT-8 **Monterrey and over 2.5 @ 3.4**❌ two none at halftime and aguirre sent the team into lockdown...bummer **Reasoning:** 2 very ofensive teams, but monterrey have the top or second place most expensive lineup and they yust bring back Javier Aguirre as their coach so i spect an all out start of the tournament for them. and atlas.... well they are going to continue being atlas another tournament. now, tournament is starting and in mexico anyting can happen and i suck at betting, for this i dont recomend tailing, or fade me if you want to make money Bol


POTD Record: 2-2, -0.13 units *Previous picks* *04/11/21 - Club Brugge vs Borussia Dortmund, Champions League: Borussia Dortmund -1AH @ 1.97 - ✅* *05/01/21 - Troyes vs Chateauroux, France Ligue 2: Troyes Win & u3.5goals @ 1.90 - ✅* *06/01/21 - Nantes vs Rennes, France Ligue 1: Rennes Win @ 2.05 - ❌* *08/01/21 - Cambuur Leeuwarden vs FC Volendam, Netherland Eerste Divisie, BTTS & o2.5 goals @ 1.61 - ❌* Was looking quite forward to the game but was very frustrating, both teams created big chances and each hit the woodwork, along with the Volendam GK playing particularly well. Oh well, onto the next one. \----------- POTD: AC Milan vs Torino, Italian Serie A, **AC Milan o1.5 team goals @ 1.61 🔨🔨🔨** Time: **19:45 GMT** **Stake always 1U** Todays POTD takes us south to Italy, where current leaders Milan play 16th place Torino. Now I must paraphrase my writeup by saying there a couple of other bets on this game I wanted to write up as my POTD (which I'll include below) - but with Ibrahimovic expected to feature tonight, I really like Milan scoring at least a couple quite some bit. Without a long writeup, Milan are looking to maintain top position with a win and have scored at least 2 goals in ALL but one of their 16 games this season (94% of the time), only failing to score 2 against Juve a few days ago. Torino have the tied second worst defensive record in the league this season which should spell goals for Milan. To be fair to Torino they have also been quite good with scoring against opposition too, with BTTS occuring in 81% of their games & Milan at 69% of their games. My other choice for POTD was going to be **BTTS & o2.5 @ 2.20** which I still think is a good bet and I will stick a little on this. I'm also sticking a little on **AC Milan Win & BTTS @ 3.25** which looks really good value (Milan have had BTTS and won in 38% of their games & Torino have scored and lost in 44% of their games). GL if tailing 💰💰


hit before halftime, thanks!


Getting downvoted for some weird reason but it hit within 40mins! 💰💰 Well done to all those who tailed and if you tailed my side picks these are also looking good value atm!


**PotD Record**: 23-14 **Deep Learning Model Record**: 1-0 **Previous**: 2020-11-27: NCAAM Abilene Christian ✅ 2020-11-28: NCAAM Nebraska -9 ✅ 2020-11-29: NFL Raiders -3 ❌ (not even close) 2020-11-30: NCAAM Mercer +2.5 ✅ 2020-12-01: NCAAM Nebraska -12 ❌ (Couldn't hold their big lead) 2020-12-02: NCAAM Gonzaga -8 ❌ (Sadly, my closest loss) 2020-12-03: NCAAM Drake -9.5 ✅ 2020-12-04: NCAAM Bradley -1❌ (I am still underestimating SDSU) 2020-12-05: NCAAM Houston -9.5 ✅ 2020-12-06: NCAAM Missouri -4.5 ✅ 2020-12-08: NCAAM Iowa -4 ✅ 2020-12-09: NCAAM Nebraska -2 ❌ (This was heart breaking. I was so confident and then Nebraska just didn't show up) 2020-12-11: NCAAM Iowa -14 ✅ (Easiest and largest pick ever. I was right that Iowa would almost win by 30) 2020-12-12: NCAAM Ok St -3.5 ❌(Cunningham took 2 shots in the second half. This should have been a 10 point win. Very odd second half) 2020-12-13: NFL Packers -4 1h ❌(Tough loss. The Lions had some long drives that chewed some clock and the last drive of the first half went nowhere. Packers didn't cover so I would have lost that one too.) 2020-12-14: NCAAM Morehead State +6 ✅ 2020-12-15: NCAAM Clemson +2 ❌ (They had a 7 minute streak of doing nothing and they had a 3 at the buzzer for the backdoor cover. Didn't happen) 2020-12-16: NCAAM Mercer +5 ❌(Second missed backdoor cover at the buzzer. Wished Mercer was a little more consistent in the second half too) 2020-12-17: NCAAM Southern Illinois -7.5 ✅ 2020-12-18: NCAAM Drake -6 ✅ 2020-12-19: NCAAM Baylor -17 ✅ 2020-12-20: NCAAM UConn +4 ✅ *2020-12-21: stupid me forgot to post my winner* 2020-12-22: NCAAM Iowa -6.5 ✅ 2020-12-23: NCAAM Xavier +6.5 ✅ 2020-12-25: NCAAM Iowa -6.5 ❌ 2020-12-26: NCAAM Northwestern +3 ✅ 2020-12-27: NCAAM Drake -4 ✅ 2020-12-28: NCAAM Stony Brook ✅ 2020-12-29: NCAAM: Rutgers -3 ✅ 2020-12-31: NCAAM: Arizona -8 ✅ 2021-01-01: NCAAM: Cleveland State -3.5 ❌ 2021-01-02: NCAAM: Baylor -15 ❌ 2021-01-03: NCAAM: Northwestern +8.5 ❌ 2021-01-05: NCAAM: Texas -13 ❌ 2021-01-06: NCAAM: Michigan -6.5 ✅ 2021-01-07: NCAAM: Iowa -5.5 ✅ \~\~\~\~\~Deep Learning Model\~\~\~\~\~ 2021-01-08: NCAAM: Cleveland State -2 ✅ I am going to start using my deep learning model to make picks. The gist is that I use offense and defensive numbers fed into a neural network trained over the last 10 years or so. We will see how it goes. Note: I don't trust the actual number that is output. I just use that as a general reference. **Pick**: NCAAM: Texas +2 12pm CT. I like the make up of the Texas team and I think the general consensus that ISU is terrible helps them get points here. Using the main inputs to my model they have almost identical stats. My model predicts Texas to win by 10. Texas Road Offense: 74pg/gm Texas Road Defense: 61.5pg/gm WVU Home Offense: 74.8pg/gm WVU Home Defense: 62.3pg/gm


Just the eye test says Texas will handle WVU. Nice pick. Im tailing.


POTD Record: 5W-0P-2L POTD: Arsenal handicap -1 @ 2.15 vs Newcastle League: Fa cup (Football) Time: 12:30 EST Normally was anticipating the ML but I’m backing the team to put more than enough to cover the -1 spread. With Chelsea and west brom I took the safe route and stuck with the ML and they always covered the spread (3-1),(4-0). Newcastle’s last three away games against Arsenal in the FA cup have all ended in 0-3 defeats. Up to you to take the -2 but I take things a bit safe. Normally when it comes to cup games it’s a different mentality than league games, but I’ve learned that with Arteta things are a bit different. With him finally finding a system where artetatball can be at its finest it’s easy to back the team, but now that we finally have some squad depth even when Auba, laca aren’t playing the system continues to run smoothly even when substitutions need to be made. With Gabriel and Partey both making returns to full training that squad depth has reached its peak, still may not play but good opportunity to give them playing time. Funny enough the youngsters are the ones that need a rest so I expect a stable teams whether first team players are playing or not. Newcastle haven’t won in their last 6 games, and a lack of goals is at fault. Even if they put in one I see arsenal pushing through. Arsenal have kept clean sheets their last 2 matches so defensively I am not worried. Also the confidence is finally back, and players are determined to fight for first team spots. BOL if tailing!


Sadly it's -1.25 @ -105 on Bovada. bol


Will Newcastle start mostly first team players?


I’m curious, was this a loss or a win? I can’t remember if the bet only counts for regulation time and doesn’t count the extra periods.


Did this bet pay out for you? Or was it regular time only? I bet under 2.5 instead


Record: W-L-P 1-1-0 POTD: NCAAMBB Alabama Crimson Tide (-4.5) vs Auburn Tigers Reasoning: Well, I take back some of what I said earlier in the season (for now). Bama has found a stride and is coming off two big SEC wins vs #7 Tennessee as well as a shutting down a solid a Florida team without one of their best players, Jahvon Quinnerly. This Auburn team is one of the weakest in recent years and they don’t have much to play for this season as they are ineligible for the post season. Bama is hot and looking to continue its win streak against our biggest rivals, those idiots on the other side of the stats. Roll Tide. The line is moving i got it at 4.5 but would take it up to like 6 or 7.


1-2 POD Record On another great personal run so figured I try another post here. POTD: Santa Clara v Saint Marys NCAAM Basketball 4:00pm (Santa Clara +9) 2units Reasoning: Not a ton of technical or statistical info here, just know that this spread is gaining alot of sharp action and has like 99% of the money with only 43% of the bets according to Action Network. Also a good ATS team v a bad one. Should be a solid play. Bol


You were my fade because the POTD i tail generally lose. But props are due, good pick


Edit: Norwich win 2-0 ✅🙏 Next pick: Leicester ML v Stoke Edit: Leicester win 4-0 ✅🙏 Next pick: Huddersfield ML v Plymouth POTD record 2:2 POTD: Norwich ML -139 DK Reasoning: Norwich top the championship and come up against a Coventry who sit in 16th position. Although this is cup competition, Coventry’s away form this season has been poor being the 18th worst in league standards whilst Norwich boast a 3rd best home record. Although this is knock out football, I do believe Norwich will have too much for Coventry today and will be looking to go onto the next round.


**Granada - Barcelona** *Soccer, Spain La Liga, 18.30 local time (CET)* Pick: Over 3 Goals (Asian line) @ 1.84 The line is dropping on this one, only a few bookies still have it higher than 1.80. Value down to 1.70, I believe. Neither team had a long time to prepare for this one. Lenglet is out for Barcelona, the defense could be shaky. At the same time, Barcelona has to chase the win to close the gap in the title race. Granada isn't completely incompetent in front. I see this as a high scoring match, and I love this line.


Record: - **Today's pick:** Sevilla VS Real Sociedad. *Under 2.5 goals @ $1.57* **When?** Game starts in 2 1/2 hours from post **Reason:** Pick is 100% based of 2 statistics, one for each team. For sevilla there has been u2.5 in 12/13 last home games. For R.S they have had the last 8/10 games u2.5. Based of this, my pick is u2.5 **Bet size** 2units GL if tailing.






Stats: 168W 5D 142L (success rate 52 %), odds 1.50 - 1.90 Hibernians - Senglea Athletics / Malta Premier League / Kick-off 13:00 GMT 0 / Prediction - win for Hibernians win for Hibernians Half-time / Full-time @ 1.50 1. Hibernians is placed 3rd with 26 points / 13 Rounds / 29-16 GD / 8W 2D 3L; 2. Senglea Athletics is placed 16th with only 2 points / 13 Rounds / 6-34 GD / 0W 2D 11L; 3. Senglea Athletics recorded two humiliating losses in the last two games 4-0 vs Gzira and 4-1 vs Santa Lucia; Good luck!


20-14-1 PotD record. Niagara didn't show up to play. Shitty end result. Bounce back today with NCAA Basketball: NC State vs Miami (noon tipoff) Miami in a downward spirial losing 4 out their last 5. NC State is trending upwards and on a small win streak. Miami keeps it close but NC State pulls away in the 2nd half. Pick is NC State -6.5


POTD Record: 6-0-2, +9.74u / 14u staked / 69.57% ROI Rugby Union: PRO14, Cardiff Blues vs Scarlets 19:35 GMT Scarlets -2 @ 2.00, 1u on Bet365 Not got a lot of time today to do a proper write up but I fancy Scarlets to win, in my opinion a noticeably better team. Similar to Wasps yesterday the extra value for the sake of a penalty victory worth it. I think the evens line should probably be the other side of 3 points.


Record: 0-0 POTD: Seahawks -3 vs Rams. (-115) Explanation: Long time viewer, first time poster. BOL to everyone! I think this is a close game, but with Goff not 100%, and or a rotation of him and Wolford, I think Russ and that defense that has been playing better lately get it done. Seahawks are 6-1 ats in their last 7 wildcard games, 10-0 at home their last 10 playoff games, and rams are 4-10 their last 14 ats in Seattle. Lay the points.


Honest question.. is the Seahawks defense actually playing better, or is it just a result of the lower level of offensive competition? Eagles, WFT, Giants Jets, 49ers. Those teams can make a lot of defenses look good


very fair question. you might be right honestly. I think I put more faith in playoff russ rather than the defense, but thinking the defense is playing better makes me feel better about my pick haha. bol and enjoy the super wildcard weekend


Record: 1-0 Prev. Picks: 1/7/21 - UCLA -1.5 vs ASU (-110) ✅ It was closer than expected but ugly wins still cash. For today: NCAAB: Texas +1 vs WVU (-110) - 1/9/21 WVU barely pulled out a W on Ok St two nights ago when they were down 19 in the 2nd half. It was a turning point when Cade Cunningham got into foul trouble. Texas has more depth and better threats to shove down WVU’s defense. And even before WVU’s ugly win, they’ve been struggling and have players leaving the team. The line is in favor of WVU and Huggins at home but Texas will stay in the fight and prevail victorious. Wouldn’t be surprised if the line moves to a pick’m by game time. Quote of the day: We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone. BOL. UPDATE: W! Closer than imagined but a great battle and win outright.


^(Full 2020 POTD Stats: W-P-L 128-12-96, +37.6U, 4U max play record 9-3-1) 2021 Football POTD Record W/P/L: 1/0/2 | total -1.8u | Avg Odds 1.85 Form: LL *(detailed history* [*https://imgur.com/a/agWl6nS*](https://imgur.com/a/agWl6nS)*)* Previous POTD: Mönchengladbach vs **Bayern asian handicap -1.0 @ 1.930 (2U)** 🚫 2-3 loss after 2-0 lead *Recap:* 2-3 *LOSS after being up 2-0 in 26th Minute. 65% possession, dozens blocked shots, but several crucial mistakes in buildup that Mönchengladbach converted perfectly. Can't recall when Bayern lost or even drew a bundesliga game after being up with 2 goals. Second unusual Bayern letdown (aka HOW they fell apart), second loss.* ​ Today: Bundesliga, 3.30pm CET *(in \~ 7 hours)* **Leverkusen asian handicap -1.0 vs Bremen @ 1.725 (1.5u)** 🚫 1-1 despite again overwhelming stats for Leverkusen. GODDAMN FUCKING VAR denies an absolute handball penalty. CB Toprak scores his first goal in 4 years, after a set piece in 60th min which was Bremens first shot on target. ​ Reasoning: Leverkusen is the better squad by a lot and also they have a real coach, contrary to coach Kohlfeldt on Bremen side who had 1 good year in Bremen and overthought every game afterwards in absolute cluelessness. Bremen has only 1 good striker, Füllkrug that is. After seemingly neverending injuries, he had his comeback minutes just recently vs Union Berlin and might start today. Seriously the only threat to this bet is a marvellous Füllkrug comeback but i doubt that he is at full strength already. Bremen defense is slow and with presumably another bad match plan it should be close to a sparring match for Leverkusen fast playstyle, whose forwards Patrik Schick and Wirtz are ready to hit shots on target. What I like about this even more is that several rotation players of Leverkusen are injured which makes it harder for coach Bosz to come up with "semi-B" *(exaggerated a bit)* players on various positions - they should bring their A team to stick to Top3 placements with Leipzig and ***Bayern*** ***(who lost yesterday night so that's another boost in motivation for Leverkusen)***. ​ ​ EDIT: as usual, more bundesliga takes [in soccer thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/ktcw2h/soccer_daily_discussion_1921_saturday/gin2prg?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3).


Hey don't hate on the American Ginger Sensation, Sargent


**Leverkusen disappointed a bit in their last game which was vs Frankfurt (1-2 loss).** think id have to add this but as yesterday showed I can not edit the main post anymore without some random troll pissing all over my comments in toxicity and made up accusations that I had changed the pick AND FULL WRITEUP mid game from a bet which also totally goes against my writeup in potd AND soccer thread. sad times.


POTD Record: 5W-3L **Today's Pick: WFT +8** **Why WFT will cover:** Cold weather puts Tampa out of comfort zone. Brady 1-6 in night games. old man definitely has a bedtime at 7:30. Brady struggles against good defense and will get hit hard by the Predator. Flip side WFT offense is garbo and I do think Bucs can pull off a dub, but it will be close.


Record this January: 1-1 League: **Brazil Serie A** Game: **Coritiba vs Athletico PR** Kick off: 10pm GMT Bet: **Asian Handicap Athletico PR 0.0** Odds: **1.65** Stake: 2u Result: Push * 82% expected (to not lose). ⬇ * DERBY DAY!! Hosts Coritiba are winless in 9 games. * They head into this match with 3 (maybe 4) key midfield players missing and with their 4th coach of the season. * I don't expect them to get immediate results since they are rock bottom and their form is the worst in the division - potentially a draw but the favourites are the away team. * Visitors and rivals Athletico are the 2nd form team in the league at the moment and have scored in 8 of the last 10 matches (as well as the last 3 H2H's). ​ I post leagues from the Brazilian Serie A, French Ligue 2 and Italian Serie C Groups A and B as well as inplays all on my ***Telegram @ coolcoconut123***


POTD RECORD: 1-1 LAST PICK: Knicks -2.5 TODAYS PICK: Bills -6 (buy .5 pt) REASONING: Well I guess they really are just the same ole Knicks. This pick today is a “don’t overthink it” play. The Bills are much better, more rested, and hungrier for a playoff win than the colts. Philip River has looked every bit of his age and won’t be able to keep up with the offensive level of the Bills. Plus, the bills are at home in the cold which is an environment that they usually thrive in. Who’s tailing? BOL!


POTD Record: 2-1 Last pick: Paul George over 33.5 points, rebounds, and assists. WIN. He ended the night with 36 total. I’m up now 2.91U. Today’s pick: De’Andre Hunter OVER 20.5 points, rebounds, and assists (-110). Rationale: this line seems surprisingly low to me. Hunter has hit it all but two games this year — the first of the season and the third of the season (when he hit 20 total). He’s hit in his last five straight games, demonstrating in those that he’s more than capable of getting assists and rebounds to supplement a quiet scoring night. Betting two units here to win 1.91. BOL! Let me know if you’re tailing.


For picks that do not fit the Pick of the Day rules use the Daily Discussion threads. #**[Subreddit Rules](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/about/rules) + [Sportsbook Suggestion Threads](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/wiki/sportsbooks) +[FAQ](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/wiki/faq)**


6-2-4 +3,93u (1u/bet) Basketball: Fukuoka Rizing vs Sendai 89ERS (Japan: B2 League) 06:00 UTC Reasoning: 10,86% of edge with these odds at the moment i'm posting. Both teams have basically the same W/L rn, but Fukuoka, while playing against harder teams, has been putting up about 84 points/game, while the 89ers average 78. Since the start of december the 89ers slowed a bit, while Fukuoka started to pick up. Fukuoka Rizing to win - Whole Match @ 2.1


Lick bet cuz odd, boy b2 random af cet Cran Thunor (alway dubsky) n Eathfrens n watts alwey on de l


Too deep of a dive for me, Unibet not showing it.


Record: 24 - 23 | Average Odds: 2.02 Last Pick: OHHAMMA ML @ 2.05 vs Talon | ❌ Esports | League of Legends | LPL Pick: Top Esports -8.5 @ 1.87 vs Suning Gaming MAP 1 Explanation: We officially have LoL back with the LPL starting a new split and the LCK soon following. The two matchups we have today have clear winners and the odds reflect that. On to the teams, Suning looked terrible in their first match post Swordart (Captain) and post worlds. They got 3-0'ed by Vici who look nice but aren't quite on the level of TES. TES beat them 3-1. Now to give leeway, they were without their starting ADC as he was was dealing with a conflict. However, Huanfeng isn't gonna magically make this team better and it looks like Swordart was the glue that put the pieces together for that miraculous worlds run. Now that he's gone, they look lost and they lost their coach on top of that. Basically, major turn over for this Suning team. On the other hand, TES have looked dominant so far from what we seen and they might be trying to make up for that worlds performance. TES is dealing with the same turn over as Suning with a new coach and support, however, there other players are so talented, it simply doesn't matter in this matchup. This should be a stomp for the side of TES and I will gladly back them to cover -8.5 kills. Tail or fade, BOL Edit: Well, that was a weird fucking game. TES did the opposite of what their comp was good at.




* **POTD Record**: 0-0-*0* * **Units +-**: 0.00 * **Streak**: / Pick #1 Süper Lig/Turkey Sivasspor v Gaziantep FK | 11:30 CET **Prediction**: DC X2 @ **1.66** **Reasoning**: I will go for a lower risk bet as my first pick, as I think Gaziantep's chances to at least get a point of this matchup are very good. For starters, Sivasspor are 14th and Gaziantep are 3rd place in the Turkish Süper Lig. Form doesn't tell a different tale either. Gaziantep have not lost a match since Week 1 against Galatasary. That's 15 consecutive weeks unbeaten, including winning 6 of their last 7 fixtures. Sivasspor meanwhile have won 2 of their past five but that extends to just 2 wins out of their last 12 SL matches. There's obviously trap game potential but the odds are pretty solid compared to the likelihood that Gaziantep will walk away with something here. Stake: 3u


Any idea why the odds are so in favor of Sivasspor? Just curious


One of Gaziantep's starting CBs will not be available due to a yellow card ban but other than that, I don't really see why Sivasspor is favored. Gaziantep gets one of their top goalscorers in Kevin Mirallas back for this match as well, after he missed the last game. Another thing is that Gaziantep got promoted to the Süper Lig for the first time last year and they're obviously over performing, while Sivasspor has been a mainstay in the top Turkish Division for a long time. Even against last placed Erzurum away from home, Gaziantep only had odds at 2.37 to win, so the oddsmakers seem to have little confidence in Gaziantep in general. For example, against Kasimpasa they won 4:0 away and the odds were at 3.20.


**POTD Record: 0-1** Well I got off to a brutal start in my POTD career yesterday. Took Michigan State -4 against Rutgers. MSU blew a 15 point halftime lead and lost by one. I wouldn't blame you for ignoring someone with an 0-1 record, but here we go anyway. **Today's pick: Rutgers ML (-172) vs Ohio State on FanDuel. Game is at 12 pm EST (NCAABB)** Reasoning: Rutgers is coming off back to back losses to Michigan State and Iowa, so they need a win. Ohio State already beat Rutgers in Columbus last month. This time it's at Rutgers, and they will be out for blood. Rutgers is favored 3.5 points right now, but I'd play it safe and take the moneyline.




record 11-6 2 Game ❌❌ streak last pick - Milwaukee bucks -6 @ 1.90 ❌ Today’s POTD saturday Jan 9th 2021 , 4:40pm Eastern time pick - Josh reynolds over 2.5 Receptions @ 1.83 ( LA Rams ) Reason -> josh reynolds has been the 3rd option for goff and the rams all season long , i think this is pretty solid value if it hits cause both games reynolds played vs seattle this year he put up numbers Game 1 - 8 rec 94 yards game 2 - 6 receptions -64 yards also feeling as his main WR will be getting most the attention as goff loves kupp & woods both getting over 90 catches this year & reynolds 52 , let’s hope seattle’s pass D is just as bad as it’s been all season long where rams will hit the open man ! Best of luck & let’s Snap this L streak !!


POTD: **5 - 2 - 0** NBA Record here: **(So far 27-12-0 here)** Northern Ireland | Soccer | 16.00 CET Warrenpoint - Dungannon BTTS2,5+ 1U @ 1,95 Also, try for like half a euro, one euro 1/2 and 2/1. They have not done anything like that for 4 matches, so could be good to try 30odd ​ In last 6 games, 5 of them had like millions of goals. ​ [My stats](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f9qxE_iig0pw07wb-dTfntsP3fSyY4pTKunHWIf-seI/edit#gid=1148162658) since 15/12/2020. If unit not stated, then it is 1U ​ My other pick will be posted at *Anything goes daily* thread and at my discord.(Link is in my google spreadsheet \*My stats)\*. ​ Will post more picks


I think this game got postponed.


Romeo Potd record: 5-3 WWWWLLLW Last pick: NOP vs CHA o218 (1.9) Today's picks: ATL-4.5 vs CHA (1.9) NBA basketball 19:05 est Finally back on track. Wasn't looking good until the second half runs. Today I'm betting on another Charlotte game but this time I'm taking ATLs spread. They have a really good team and look for young to bounce back after his atrocious last game. I think this will be a blow out with cha having a back to back and would take an alt spread up to -10 to -12 if you really want to risk it for some extra bank. BOL


**Record: 9-8-0 (Streak L) Up 0.73u over 17 NBA picks**  (was 40-42-3 Down 3.01u over 85 KBO picks) **Last:** *Charlotte at New Orleans Under 217 -110* (This one finished at 228 as Charlotte scored a remarkable 71 points in the second half against the 5th best D in the league.) **Pick:** Atlanta at Charlotte **UNDER 227 -110 (Fanduel)**, NBA Basketball, 7:00pm ET No winning streaks for me it seems. Alternating wins and losses is not only annoying, but also hurts the profit margin. Can we avoid a losing streak? These two teams played against each other just 3 days ago and scored a total of just 196 points. The Hawks had a really bad 1st quarter that game (11 points), but even if you add another 20 points there, the game still comes in well under 227. The O/U that day was 232.5, so the number has come down, but not enough for my liking. Second meetings in close proximity tend to generate lower totals. In this case, I think 196 is likely the floor, but I expect the total to end up between 205-220. Charlotte is also coming off a hard-fought Friday night game where 3 starters played at least 35 minutes and their rotation is mostly just 7 deep (two other players comined for just 20 minites). Warning: I am 0-2 betting the Hawks under, so I wouldn't begrudge you for fading me this time. Tail or fade, I wish you the best of luck!


Last: Sociedad @ 2.45 ✅ Roda @ 2.35 ✅Top Oss @ 2.10 ✅Genk @ 1.92 ✅NEC @ 1.95 ✅ Todays: Ipswich Town @ 1.95 Ipswich have had weeks of rest before heading into this match. This has given them time to get their injured squad back to healthy. Swindon Town has been dogshit lately, started the season good but they cant handle league one. Their promotion to this league and being in the relegation zone has proven that they still arent good enough.


Wow. Ipswich starting off very rusty and already conceeding a goal. Fuck me.


Record: 0-1-0 POTD: Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills, Over 51.5 (-107) This game is going to go one of two ways, tight game that can go either way or a Bills blowout. The total is low for these two teams. Bills average over 30 ppg for the season and 47 over their last three games and Indy averaged 28 ppg over the season. Neither defense will be capable of stopping the other team’s offense. Hammer this over and enjoy the points falling from the sky.


W-L: 4-2 POTD: NFL Buccaneers at WFT @ 8:15pm. Pick: **Halftim/Full-time Buccaneers (-170)** Reason: WFT may have a good front 4, but if Alex Smith plays he’s going to be hobbled. Otherwise your expecting a backup QB to beat Brady. I don’t see WFT matching score for score with this high powered offense in any quarter of the game.


**reddit POTD Record: 0-1** Last POTD: ❌Washington Wizards @ Boston Celtics Over 234.5 Recap: Rough. Start. This total only hit 223. Had bad 2nd and 4th quarters for total points. Wizards in general didn't show up as expected with a loss of 9. Adjusting the model and moving on. Todays POTD: * League: NFL * Game: LA Rams @ Seattle Seahawks * Time: 3:40 PM CST * Pick: Under 42.5 (-110) on Fan Duel NFL on a Saturday! Love this under today for several reasons: 1. Rams are 12-4 on unders totals this year (Seahawks are 8-7-1) 2. 2nd half of the year seahawks have been scoring significantly less points (1st 8 games = 274, Last 8 games = 185) 3. 3 of the last 4 rams games didn't eclipse 30 points (JETS WTF) 4. Rams just played at Seahawks 2 weeks ago with a score of 20-9 for a total of 29 5. Rams QB might not be Goff Really like the value of 42.5. BOL!


108-106 -5.73U ​ **NFL 10 am PST, Bills vs. Colts over 50.5 (-105)** we think of Indianapolis as a defense-first team but they still finished the regular season ninth in scoring, pretty explosive running game and they might have to push it downfield in the second half if Buffalo gets off to a good start. Buffalo defense improved a lot over the course of the season but you can still hit some big plays against them, and the Buffalo offense is just a buzzsaw right now.


**POTD Record:** 9-4, +4.6u.....9 out of last 11. **Pick:** Mavs -6.5 (-110)|NBA|7:30 PM EST| **Yesterday:** Thunder +3.5 ✅ ✅ **Reasoning**: I run a player-based model-based that accounts for team rotations, minutes played, rest, and injuries. Last year, it went 159-126, +19.7u. The biggest edge for tonight's slate is the Mavs, who I would have as a 12.8-point favorite against the Magic. That offers 6.2 points of value. Best of luck on all of your bets tonight!


8:00PM EST NBA: Spurs -4 v Timberwolves -110 3u Record 1-1 -0.2u Spurs have a deeper squad full of veterans GL!


**POTD NBA Record 7-7** (+0.25u) *Last 10:* ❌ORL at **WAS +2** (-110) to win 2 units ✅ HOU at **DEN -7.5** (-110) to win 2 units ✅ **MIL -5.5** at MIA (-110) to win 2 units ✅ **CHA +8.5** at DAL (-110) to win 2 units ✅**PHI -3** at ORL (-110) to win 2 units ✅ LAL at **SAS +7** (-110) to win 2 units ❌ **CHA +9.5** at PHI (-110) to win 2 units ❌UTA at **SAS +4** (-110) to win 2 units ❌NYK at **ATL -6.5** (-110) to win 2 units [Last POTD:](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/ksstd7/pick_of_the_day_1821_friday/gikrwz3/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)(+2u) ✅LAC at **GSW +7** (-110) to win 2 units **Today’s POTD:** CLE at **MIL -8.5** (-110) to win 2 units **Angle**: It is +EV (Positive Expected Value in the long term) to fade teams on the last game of a long road-stand off a win. Especially when they are a bottom feeder team. Backing teams on their last game of a 4 or more game home-stand and off a loss is a BIG + EV play especially when we are talking about the best team in the east. Simply taking Bucks off a loss has been money. Last but not least, once again the public is overreacting to a star player being ruled out. Line moving from -15.5 to -8.5 when Giannis ruled out, as a result giving extremely great value on this bucks line. All signs point to the Bucks. My most confident play this season. **BOL** Follow me on [Twitter](https://twitter.com/JaySolePicks)


NBA record 0-1. Wizards vs Celtics over 234 points @$1.91 💩 Unfortunate today with the pace slowing in the last quarter, missing out on the total going over by 11 - looks like I jinxed myself. Tomorrow I’m taking the over 227 total on the Hawks vs Hornets game at $1.90


**POTD - 5-7** (Last pick: PGA Tour, Ancer vs. Smith ❌) **W L L L W W W L L L W L** *PGA Tour⛳️ Day 3 of Sentry Tour of Champions 4:35PM EST tee time* **Carlos Ortiz (+175) via FD** vs. Patrick Cantlay Ancer had a 2 stroke lead after the front 9, and then watched Smith crawl back. Looking for a bounce back here.. it’s Saturday with a full slate of action, so I’m going for plus odds on Carlos Ortiz (69, 67) over Patrick Cantlay (68, 68) in round 3. Their stats after 2 rounds in Hawaii are nearly identical, with Ortiz having the edge in Putts per GIR and scoring only 2 bogeys to Cantlay’s 5. One of these guys will put on a scoring clinic for this modified moving day, and I’m banking on Ortiz to attack the back 9 like he did on Friday. Edit: ❌ not even close.


So far so ouch


POTD record: 1-2 Previous: Milwaukee/IUPUI under 144.5 **LOSS** Milwaukee hit over 50% on threes, twice as good as any other game they've played this year. Good for them 🙄 Pick: **Akron -5.5** sport: college basketball time: 2pm est The dropoff in the Mid-American Conference (MAC) from the top tier to the middle and bottom teams is precipitous. Akron is one of the conference's handful of legit teams while Eastern Michigan is well below average. Akron is led by senior guard Loren Cristian Jackson who has been going off this year and should get 25+ points today. Akron is way better than EMU in all facets. Both team have been off for over a week, so I'll take the more talented group to get back into form quickly 🦘




**POTD**: **K. Olynyk O1.5 3-Pointers Made** (**-148 DraftKings**; -165 BetMGM) **Reasoning/Data**: * K. Olynyk 3PT Stats: * Covered O1.5 3PM in 4 of 6 games (66.7%) this season * 3s Made/3s Attempted * Season Avg (6 gms): 2.5 / 5.8 * Jan Avg (3 gms): 3.3 / 6.7 * Dec Avg (3 gms): 1.7 / 5 * WSH 3PT Defensive Ranks: * Allowed 2nd highest opposing 3PT% (47.3%) * Allows 15th most 3s made (12.7/game) * Allows 4th fewest 3s attempted (31.7/game) * Allows 3rd highest opposing 3PT% (40%) **Addt’l Pros for Picking K. Olynyk**: Olynyk averages about 8 FG/game. Six of those are 3s. Even though he only averages about 25 min/game, his main purpose is to score 3s as the stretch big (a la Brook Lopez). Not to mention, Olynyk (6’11”) will draw Rui (6’8”) on defense who’s not exactly known for his defense and gives up 3” in height. **Last POTD** (1.8.21): Gordon Hayward O1.5 3-Pointers Made (-150 BetMGM) **POTD Record**: 1-0 [SBR](https://www.sportsbookreview.com/forum/nba-basketball-betting/3641203-thekoreanmangs-nba-picks-2020-2021-a.html)


POTD Record: 2-0 => 3-0; Bankroll = 106.28u => 108.28u Last Pick: D. Adams Attds (-180); Risked 5u to win 2.78u POTD: S. Diggs o94.5 receiving yards (-125) Event: NFL; IND @ BUF Start Time: 10:05am PST Risking 2.5u to win 2u Write-up: I am a Diggs believer, have been betting his props all season and won't stop now. Numbers are sadly sharper this week and I was pretty late to betting. Edit: W


Link to last play: [right here](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/ksstd7/pick_of_the_day_1821_friday/gikef3g/) Zion grabbed his 8th rebound with 6 minutes left in the 3rd quarter and then never got another, sucks. **Official Record:** 15-11 all time ( + $637) NBA Props: 0-1 ( - $175) **My pick:** NBA 1/9 7:00 EST Hawks @ Hornets Gordon Hayward Assists UNDER 4.5 (-140) Recently the hornets have been winning games and gordon hayward seems to be meshing into this hornets team. However, the hornets have so many ball handelers and facilitators and hayward isn't a pass first guy in this offense. The last last few games hayward's assist total has been, 3, 1, 6, 2, 2, and 3. I think hayward continues his mini little scoring streak tonight and doesn't pass the 4 assists mark. betting $140 to win $100


This is why you always take draw no bet


POTD Record (10-3) Last pick Gordon Hayward over 1.5 3’s -160 W Today’s pick: Bradley Beal over 2.5 3’s -180 I don’t think Russ is playing tonight and even if he is this should hit easily. Beal dumped 41 and 4-9 last night. Don’t need much more explanation. I’ll take the juice


**POTD record**: 8-2 (+5.96u) **Today's pick**: Tyler Herro over 1.5 turnovers (-167/1.60) **Game**: Miami Heat vs Washington Wizards (19:05 EST) **Wager**: 1u


**POTD Record: 46 - 3 - 30** **Twitter:** [**https://twitter.com/Jercatbearcat**](https://twitter.com/Jercatbearcat) Last Pick: **Jarrett Allen OVER 10.5 Rebounds (-115) - W** Allen grabbed 8 rebounds in the first quarter, hit this in the third quarter, and then only ended with 11. Weird game all around, but another win in the books. **POTD: Tom Brady UNDER 282.5 passing yards (-120)** Time: 8:15 PM EST Bet Size: 2.25u This number has already fallen quite a bit. I really should have gotten on this earlier, but I still love it here. WFT has only allowed 283 yards passing twice this year, and while Brady has been playing great, his stats have been padded by playing the Falcons twice and the Lions in his last three games. In fact, Brady is only averaging just under 262 pass yards against top half pass defenses in the league. Where does WFT rank in yards allowed through the air? #1. Taylor Heinicke is the starting quarterback for WFT, which should mean the Bucs are not in danger of being too far down at any point of the game. I expect a defensive struggle between these two, with the Bucs looking to control the pace of play with their run game. BOL!