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Darts 🎯- PDC World Championship Darts Record: 28-11 Previous World Championship picks: Jeff Smith (-122) v Keane Berry ✅ Chris Dobey (-152) v Jeff Smith ✅ Daryl Gurney (-152) v William OConnor ✅ Adam Hunt (+120) v Jamie Hughes ✅ Mervyn King (-175) v Max Hopp ✅ Jeffrey de Zwaan (+100) v Ryan Searle ❌ Ian White (-175) v Kim Huybrechts ❌ Joe Cullen (-139) v Jonny Clayton ✅ Gary Anderson (-152) v Mensur Suljovic ✅ Daryl Gurney (-125) v Chris Dobey ✅ Gary Anderson (-125) v Devon Petersen ✅ POTD: Daryl Gurney (+200) v Gerwyn Price Of the four matches today, the one catching my eye is World #11 Daryl Gurney vs World #3 Gerwyn Price. I like Superchin Gurney to pull the upset for several reasons. Each have won three matches this world championship. The stats are as follows (scoring avg / checkout %) Gurney - 99.2/42% ; 101.4/44% ; 93.7/33% Price - 91.9/34.5% ; 99.8/50% ; 97.7/51% Gurney’s scoring has always been solid. I expect him to have a higher scoring avg than Price. It’s likely to boil down to check out % and punishing opponents mistakes. Price has been relying wayy to much on his checkouts to secure victories. If Gurney can perform close to the numbers he put up in his first two matches, I really believe he can get the job done here. These two also have a bit of bad blood between them. In a 7-7 Premier league draw back in May 2019, security had to separate these two after some pushing and shoving occurred on stage. Gurney apologized on Twitter, but stated later he could “write a book on what went on that game,” and that he, “couldn’t hold my tongue and told [Price] how I felt.” If Iceman Price wins the world championship, he will claim the World #1 spot. The guy doesn’t shut up about it, saying in his most recent post match interview he thinks about it every day. Also worth noting, is that despite Price holding a 9-3 lifetime head to head record against Gurney, their last five matches include two draws, two Gurney victories, and one Price victory. While Gurney is a 2-1 dog in this one, I believe the odds are closer to a coin flip. I also sense that Price may be overlooking Gurney, looking ahead to the semi finals and potentially the finals. In the bracket, the winner of this match would likely be a favorite in the semis, taking on the winner of Ratajski/Bunting. People have been sleeping on the Superchin a lot this year, and I’m looking to see an inspired Daryl Gurney today. Taking Gurney (+200) to win the match straight up and advance to the semis. ———— Edit- LOSS ❌————————- Damn, Gurney had several fucking chances to win this match. Particularly sets 5 & 6, as well as the first leg of the final set. Match goes the distance, Gurney couldn’t cash the 108. Goes down 4-5.


Tailing as per usual. I’ve been able to pay for my uncles circumcision because of you. All hail the 🌶


All in for you helping an old dude scrape on his penis.


Here’s to your uncles forgotten Smegma


Just use your teeth, bruh.


And make sure to swallow


Ok this made me legit lol. Cheers my man


Cheers boss, and BOL!


I’ve tailed him the last five bets. All the winnings I’ve seemed to lose on NBA. Last straw was Booker tonight, he hoists more than 5 threes the last how many games, tonight he decides to shoot two and make one when I bet on him to make two. So anyways it only seems right to roll the remainder of my bankroll on the 🌶 pick! No more fitting way to end 2020! (11 PM CST here) Let’s start 2021 RIGHT!!


Hahaha oh man!






What happened w celtics -10? cant see any replies to your comment for some reason


Okay dudes ,my book has been leaving the match that Ned picks off the board others have commented that they have noticed this on their book as well. Tonight they have Ned's match available for the first time all week. As much as I want to tail Ned Pepper 🌶 I think it would be prudent to sit back and see what happens. Just a heads up. And to my boy with the boxing yesterday I want to publicly apologize for being a dick.


you responsible motherfucker. respect.


You should thank your book


You missed what I was saying. He had this match up so I could loose my money but all the times Ned was right my book didn't have those matches up. So I don't have anything to thank my book for. Thats some crooked ass shit. Its all set up for us to fail.


> These two also have a bit of bad blood between them. In a 7-7 Premier league draw back in May 2019, security had to separate these two after some pushing and shoving occurred on stage. Who tf knew darts was filled with such anger-fueled no-goodniks


Once this event is over what is your plan? When is the next darts event?


He'll do what he always does, rest and refuel until the bat signal goes up for the next darts event lol.


I was looking at the matches earlier and the second I saw Gurney’s name, I thought to myself, “That looks like it could be Ned’s pick, but I don’t know if he’s gonna go as high as +200.” I stand corrected. That’s a nice set of nuts you got there.


Guys if you're worried, You can still get him at +1.5 set hcp for 2.1 odds so thats still good


This I'll take.


Nice we won


took this one


Like this a lot


Thank you for this comment, convinced me to take the points instead of ML


No worries


Took this and got it. Phew! What a game! Never watched darts before in my life.


Biggest underdog yet. Definitely scares me a bit, but I will take for 1u. Tough to go against Ned 🌶 right now!


Tomorrow we find out if Ned is a habanero or merely a jalapeno. What does this mean? I don't know. But anyway. Obviously tailing.


hopefu8lly hes a carolina fkin reaper with this pick


Yep I’m a little worried but gonna throw a few units just in case. Odds are juicy


That was a game full of mistakes. Price should've never let this get this close and Gurney shouldve won this.


No one else took Gary Anderson today too? I mean we are 2-0 with Big Gary, we gotta keep riding with him. Today he dominated winning 5-1. I like this Gary guy and I am gonna ride with him and also you 🌶


I sure did! I watched his last match where he dominated 4-0, so I bet him again and won. Can’t believe that I’ve never watched a darts competition before in my life, and now I know all of these guys. 😂


Oh and it's SO MUCH better with crowd being there. It's actually amazing, one of my favourite tournaments in the world, and I watch all kinds of sports. Hopefully next year you get to experience that too! Proper English lads getting drunk, singing loud through the game, celebrating 180s, it's such a great fiesta, I'd love to be there once.


God damn price is so annoying, he makes the same face after every leg he wins and I can't put my finger on what exactly he looks like.


The twitch chat is hilarious. They are so confused with the peppers




Legit, the only guy I tail at all times 🌶


Thanks for the guidance here Ned! I took Gurney +1.5 at +114 to be safe.


I did the same!


Right about that match being a coin toss... jesus


All hail 👑🌶 Tailing once again


Tailing! FD has it +205


Draftkings +210


Can’t find this on DK where is it at?


Should be under the darts section of draftkings.


Must not be allowed in my state don’t have that tab 👎🏽


You gotta click on “All Sports” in the 2nd tab on the bottom from the right rather than the white tabs on the top


Damn almost :(


Tailing +2.5 @1.60. BOL


holy shit down to the last frame or w/e its called. thriling peppers! close


Damn he gave it his best but he just couldn’t capitalize on that slow start by price in the last leg


So much pain


So close! Still a good pick. I was loving it. We had to defend the peppers honor on twitch.


I hate the slander towards the 🌶. Love to see the support 🙏🏼


Some crazed loons in here


Parlayed this with Gary Anderson. Let’s get paid 🌶🤑


I can’t believe you’ve done this


I understand it’s early, but based off Gurneys body language this match was over before it started


Rip, it was a good run I hope this comment ages like milk


Gerwyn really loves those double 20s huh? Keep the fire Gurney!!!


Tide seems to have turned. Hope he keeps pace!


Incredible bout. Sorry to see Gurney go out after a valiant effort.


insane ending and it was a good value bet, but didnt have the luck today.


That was a thriller


Does anyone know the times for these matches, not showing on draftkings?




What time is this in the States? 12:15 pm?




\-10 Hawaiian


12:15 (a little after noon) central time


# 🌶️ Tailing the 🌶️


Draftkings has the spread at +1.5 @ +115 and ML @ +210 Obviously I'm gonna tail the goat. But maybe take plus the points.


Does anyone know how to watch this event in the US? Never watched darts before but I’m interested after seeing these picks


Twitch search pepper i mean darts .... lol




Price is in his head here


Tied up at 2. LFG


Battling back! This is intense!




Happy New Year 🌶🌶🌶


Tailing this at +196! The goat!




Tailed now bet online locks, glad I got it!


Ned Pepper giving us one last W for 2020!


The pep is the goat. I trust the pep with my life, #letsBOLmotherfuckers!!!!!!! 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶


Tailing for 1u as my book only has it at +185, you got balls mr pepper let’s ride


In 🌶 we trust


POTD: 3-1 +9.1 units | Last Pick: Magic -5 (win) NBA: Grizzlies @ Hornets 7:00 PM est Pick of the day: Charlotte hornets -3.5 1.90 5 units Reasoning: the Hornets are gunning for third straight win after their impressive wins against the Nets and the Mavericks. Lamelo Ball finally had his breakout game dropping 22/8/5 on Luka and the Mavs. I like this Charlotte team bc they move the ball around, in their last three games, they have six players scoring in double digits. Gordon hayward and Terry Rozier are also playing decent basketball. Memphis without Ja morant, probably is one of the worst team in the league. they're down by 26 at the half last game vs Boston. it's bad. Winslow is still out, Jaren Jackson Jr. is questionable. thing's not looking good for the Grizzlies.


Gotta tail




Rip indeed....... im done betting nba...... but see yall tommorow anyways


what happened out there, fucking HORNETS can't shooot


I bumped the line to -6.5. Grizzlies in a bad spot right now with injuries and just got embarrassed by the Celtics.




Sure, OP took the hornets to win by 4 or more with his bet of -3.5 where a $1 bet profits $0.90. I think they'll win by more, so I took them to win by at least 7 where a $1 bet profits $1.35 at the odds I got them at.


Tailing BOL


Yessirrr I’m with that.


tailing 👏


tailing, terry looks amazing so far




**Record: 7-2-0 (Streak W) Up 4.97u over 9 NBA picks**  (was 40-42-3 Down 3.01u over 85 KBO picks) **Last:** *Phoenix ML +150 at Utah* (13 point lead at half, cut to 5 in final 2 minutes, but Devin Booker slammed the door shut.) **Pick:** **Los Angeles Clippers -2.5 -110 (BetMGM)** at Utah, NBA Basketball, 9:00pm ET A great plus money winner to close out 2020... now it's on to a new year!! Utah playing back-to-back at home at that elevation can't be easy. And their opponent has the benefit of a day's rest, plus their last game was a blowout which gave the Clippers stars a bit of a break. The Clippers are 4-1, winning by an average of 16 points per game. They're really handling their opponents fairly easily, apart from that blowout loss to Dallas. But I consider that a good thing for this game because it's much less likely the Clippers fold with that embarrassment fresh in their mind. I think under 225.5 is a strong bet in this one, too. These teams take pride in their defense and if the Clippers pull away early, things will really slow down. Tail or fade, I wish you the best of luck!


Phx ML looks like a great pick, a few ppl yesterday were on it but thanks for that


Took suns and under parlay in last one you're a good man


Somewhat worried about clippers players and their partying habits, could be a similar game to Dallas but kawhi may be able to carry the load


I get that. But would they really do that twice in 4 games? If so, someone should be fired.


POTD Record: 53-24 PDC Darts World Championship (00:40 AEDT) **Gary Anderson ML @ 1.80** v Dirk van Duijvenbode This opened at 1.90 and has since dropped to 1.80 which is always an okay sign. Gary has spent most of his time quietly playing good darts and being very vocal complaining about everything known to man. In the Devon Peterson game, Gary was very clinical taking pretty much every opportunity that Devon couldn't and ran away as a 4-0 winner. When he's not being wound up by his opponent his darts have been excellent and I don't this Duijvenbode will do much to wind him up today, so I'm hoping he can keep up his great darts. Dirk has been a great young Dutch player that has had a really good season. Throughout the tournament he has shown great resilience to fight through tough situations. He came 2 sets down against Bradley Brooks to win, won against the throw against Rob Cross in the final leg, held off Adam Hunt who threw everything he had against him and survived a final leg decider and match darts against Durrant. Stats wise these two have been pretty similar but I'm going to back Anderson to take the crucial opportunities to defeat DVD that others in this tournament haven't been able to capitalise on. [Spreadsheet](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1j-q8Eyd3nU6HicXIs7xyZMHleNXcmsCMz-irbmfkt88/edit?usp=sharing)


Impressive spreadsheet and respect the return! Thanks


ted nepper,, jk tailing


Record (2W-0-0) Last pick: NCAAF: Miss State 1H +0.5 (-125) ✅ Event: NCAAF: Georgia vs Cincinnati Pick: Total Points O51.5 (-110) WHY THIS WILL HIT: The line on this game is far too low for the talent these two offenses possess. Georgia has seen an immediate impact with QB JT Daniels taking over, scoring 41.6 ppg and JT throwing for 9 touchdowns to 1 int. WR George Pickens has been an absolute problem for defenses and is probably the happiest player on Georgia now that JT is throwing to him. Cincinnatis defense is no joke and has had an incredible year, but they havent played an offense nearly as good as Georgia. Georgia will be without RB James Cook, but backup Zamir White is more than capable of filling his shoes, averaging almost 7 ypc. On offense, Cincinnati has exploded this year. QB Desmond Ridder has stepped his game up significantly leading the Bearcats to a perfect 9-0 record. His dual-threat ability has torched defenses all year and is hungry to cap off his breakout year with another great performance. A Georgia defense that been destroying offenses is all that stands in his way. But, as you can expect from an SEC team, Georgia has 2 top defensive players opting out. Cincinnati wants this game badly and wants to show everyone they were worthy of a playoff spot. HC Luke Fickell is someone youd want to play for and will have the Bearcats ready for the competition. Cincinnati should give Georgia a good game and both teams will put up plenty of points. Lets fucking bol.


Ugh looks like we'll be lucky if this goes over 40


Not even close




love the over in this tailing


# YESTERDAYS POTD THREAD STATS (2020/12/31) **Total Record:** 9-6 **Total ROI:** \+17.13% **Total Units (assuming 1u per bet):** \+2.57u **Average Odds:** 1.98 ​ # POTD THREAD STATS (SINCE 2020/12/10) **Top voted POTD record:** 17-5 **Total POTD record:** 185-133-12 **Total ROI:** \+6.32% **Total Units:** \+20.84u ​ *Valid Pick Criteria:* * *Identical picks with slightly different lines are only taken as one pick (i.e. Bills +2 and Bills +3 would be considered as one pick)* * *Opposing picks will not be counted* * *Only the first 15 valid POTD picks (by upvotes) will be used for analysis* * *POTD order taken at 12:00PM EST*


Thank you for doing these very cool


I'm curious, at which point do you determine which ones are the top picks? Potentially, winning picks get upvoted post-match and vice versa for losing picks.


I appreciate the daily breakdown. I have set aside a certain amount from my bankroll and have dedicated them solely to Reddit POTD plays. Any longtime bettor would appreciate the record that this thread has. Let's make some $$$.


POTD record: 18^(W) \- 0^(P) \- 6^(L) [paypal.me/ramonjgt](https://paypal.me/ramonjgt) if you wanna and can tip me, every tip is appreciated ;) Previous POTD: Ath Bilbao vs Real Sociedad: U11 corners and U4 goals @ 1.71 ✅ Today's POTD: **Everton vs West Ham: O1 goals and U11 corners @2.14 with the bet builder of BET365** ❌ *Reasoning:* |*Everton*||*West Ham*| |:-|:-|:-| |*11/15*|*O1.5 goals matches*|*13/16*| |3/15|*O10.5 corners matches*|4/16|


I miss BTTS Ramon 😢 this 1 posts strange bets I can never get. Oh well BOL & Happy New Year!


I miss them too, but in the last days I don't find anyone with a delicious odd and high probability. Maybe tommorow ;)


POTD Record: 19-9 Profit: +7.30 POTD: NBA - Grizzlies at Hornets - Hornets - 3.5 @ 1.91 (-110) The Grizzlies are playing without Ja Morant, and besides him, they are all banged up missing a lot of players, including Jaren Jackson jr and many more. The Hornets have been playing good basketball, so they should blowout this banged up Grizzlies team easily [paypal.me/diasgabriel33](https://paypal.me/diasgabriel33) For extra picks besides POTD: [https://twitter.com/diasgabriel33](https://twitter.com/diasgabriel33) BOL if you tailin/not goin against me


Sad grizzlies fan here. I don’t see how they cover any spread outside +10 for the next 3-5 weeks. Obviously they will, but I just don’t see how it’s gonna happen.


What a turn of events


**POTD 3-0** **Last pick Browns/Jets u44** Today's pick: **Alabama 1H spread -10.5 (-110)** Game kicks off at 4PM EST **Why this will hit**: Simply put Alabama is the better team and has been putting teams away in the first half of games all year. With the exception of Georgia and Ole Miss, the Tide have lead by at least 10 points at half in all their games. This may be the best offense Nick Saban has ever had at his disposal in Tuscaloosa. The Fighting Irish just don't have what it takes to keep up with Alabama in this game. Expect a similar result of what happened in the ACC championship against Clemson, only with the potential to be worse. The Tide should easily keep rolling towards another national championship game appearance.


POTD record: 5-2 Last Pick UTSA +14 (w) Northwestern -4 in the Citrus Bowl vs Auburn. In wins NU often wins by 7-10 points (3 games) or more (2 games) with the outlier being a 1pt win against Iowa. They have been having a bit of a skid finishing 6-2 after a 5-0 start. I'm betting they want to finish on a high note in the Citrus Bowl. They are a heavily defensive team and really like to be up one score and lean on their defense heavily. On offense they're agressive. They don't kick FGs. Instead electing to go for it on 4th down to get up that pivotal one score. On the other side there's an Auburn team with a bit less to play for as this would be considered an off year and they'd still have a winning record with a loss. Their games come down to the wire often and have been bailed out at least once this year and possibly twice. These two teams met a decade ago in the Outback Bowl with Auburn winning in OT. With NU having a good year and Auburn having an average year, The Wildcats have the edge.


**Happy new year** degens. I'm really grateful to ppl who take their time to post here and also other degens who upvote them, coz of them I gained a lot of tips, money, and lessons last year. I hope 2021 is ours, remember we all are playing a game against bookies. Let's stay disciplined, responsibly gamble, and fucking win them. ***POTD Record:*** 9 ***W*** : 10 ***L*** *: 0* ***V*** * **Starting** **Bankroll**: 50 u- 24 /07/2020 * **Current Bankroll**: 35.3u * Form - **1 W** * **Melbourne Renegades** vs **Sydney Thunder** ( 6 hours from now , sport -Cricket) * **today's bet** * **Sydney Thunder** to win **@ 1.73 --> 5 u (888sports)** * Both the Syndey teams are quite strong in this BBL10 * **Sydney Thunder** have a good batting depth, opening players like hales, Khawaja can cause damage at the opening over of the innings, and players like Oliver Davies, ben cutting, daniel sams can cause further damages at later stages * **Melbourne Renegades** are a decent team but they are completely out of form ( winning 1 out 5 matches), they were unlucky to lose the last game. Despite that, I don't think they have the charm to win this game * I'm expecting a quite one-sided game today * **Previous bet** * Hobart Hurricanes to win **@ 1.60 --> 5** **Win. Well, we were lucky to the last game, so many things went in our favor**


That was way too close. Saved by a wash out.


POTD record: 0-0 Pick: Alabama -19.5 vs Notre Dame. This is my first ever post because I just can’t pass this up. Notre Dame lost by 24 to Clemson. Do we really think they are gonna hold Alabama under 34 points like they did to Clemson? Fuck no.


POTD Record: 3-0 Units: +6.4u Yesterdays Pick: Paul George Under 25.5 Points $1.94 **2.5u ✅(23 Points)** ​ Todays Pick: Atlanta Hawks v Brooklyn Nets **-** Under 245.5 Total Match Points **@ 1.92 (-109) 2.5u** Reasoning: The total for this match was 240.5 two days ago but we laid off it. Two days later it has gone up 5 points but the circumstances are different. For one thing, surely both coaches won’t be happy with the way both teams played defence. The Hawks shot 54% from the field while Brooklyn shot 59% INSANE NUMBERS. The Hawks are without Gallinari , Hunter & Rondo + about 4 others who are out. This total got destroyed the other night but it’s still so many points to lay and I don’t expect the Hawks to put up those numbers again with all these players out. I expect both teams to actually put an effort in defence and if we get one slow quarter that should get us over the line? ​ [POTD Spreadsheet](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vVZsWh-a6UrJyTJle95KP4O8n_RyU_l9HnZZ_U4ByGE/edit?usp=sharing)


Record 1-6 (holy fuck) Last: Canada v Finland O6 (❌) World Juniors Hockey Holy shit another loss. Honestly im glad for you if you faded me the last 5 days. Canada totally shut down the Fins in every fashion, defeating them 4-1. Almost got the push with seconds to go but Finland was "all swedish no finish" and they fucking dipped. More pain. Next: **Cincinnati Bearcats +7.5** vs Georgia Bulldogs in the Peach Bowl. Noon EST No world juniors today but I can still provide some football for everyone to fade the living hell out of. Cincinnati has had a fantastic year in the AAC putting up a 9-0 record. They have a powerful offence that puts up points all over the place. The only draw back is they now face a tough SEC defense in Georgia. Taking UC because UGA will have more opt outs and UC is hyped to go into Georgia and take home a win for the Group of 5 conferences. And teams from Georgia always choke in Mercedes Benz Stadium. Take the points with the Bearcats. Or don't again, because you'll probably actually make money. GLTA and Happy New Year Edit: An actual W ✅. Would have liked to had seen UC win but they blew their clock mgmt.






0-0 Record 2021 New Year, Who dis? Starting the year off with a safe bet. Alabama. Specifically, Alabama covering 1Q spread (which they have done at a rate that is unparalleled in college football). **Alabama -6.5 1Q (-135)** BOL & Happy New Year


Record [2020]: 5/1/0 (WIN|LOSS|PUSH) • + 4.86 Units​ • Stunning performance by Anderson last round against Petersen (4:0) • DVD struggled against Durrant Pick: G. Anderson ML @ D. Van Duijvenbode |🎯| PDC 21:00 CEST @ 1.70 | 3 UNIT


POTD Record: 17-11-1 Previous: MMA | UFC | Deron Winn v. Antonio Arroyo | Arroyo (-165) (L) POTD: NCAAF | 8pm ET | Clemson v. Ohio State | Clemson 1H (-4) (-110) ... I stood on the porch, and blew vapor into the morning fog. The air reeked of disappointment. A single-shot 12 gauge sat loaded, propped against the porch railing. Dew blanketed the ground. I contemplated the nature of the mess that I found myself in. My head raced, playing over each step of the path that had led me here, like a movie in fast forward. All of the decisions... The judgements... The missteps... The lessons learned... The failure... The heartache... pressed on my chest like an anvil. Memories of love, compassion, and success seemed harder to grasp. A bird called out, and pulled me from the daydream... 7:55. Better get to it. Knowing I probably would not be able to make a play later, I went to my book and locked in a 20% play on Clemson 1H, because Dabo Swinney is gonna have his ball team ready to play soon as they step off the bus. I closed the phone, grabbed the shotgun, and stepped off the porch. Without looking back, I made my way toward the truck that sat still in the driveway. Cheers.


You good?


Too many write ups, not enough DD. Don’t be fooled by the bloated hyperbole.


[🤷‍♂️] (https://imgur.com/a/UdT1tIl)


**POTD NBA Record 5-4** (+2.85u) *Last 10:* ❌**GSW +7.5** at BKN (-110) to win 1 unit ❌**MIL -3.5** at BOS (-110) to win 1.5 units ✅NOP at **MIA -4.5** (-110) to win 2 units ❌ORL at **WAS -2** (-110) to win 2 units ❌ORL at **WAS +2** (-110) to win 2 units ✅ HOU at **DEN -7.5** (-110) to win 2 units ✅ **MIL -5.5** at MIA (-110) to win 2 units ✅ **CHA +8.5** at DAL (-110) to win 2 units [Last POTD:](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/knglus/pick_of_the_day_123120_thursday/ghlfy6r/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)(+2u) ✅ **PHI -3** at ORL (-110) to win 2 units **Today’s POTD:** LAL at **SAS +7** (-110) to win 2 units **Angle**: Revenge spot off of two losses. There will always be value on spurs as dogs this season. I expect them to stay within the number and possibly win outright. **BOL** Follow me on [Twitter](https://twitter.com/JaySolePicks)


PotD record: 33-13-0 WLP (+29.33u) *all plays 1-3 units* [last play:](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/knglus/pick_of_the_day_123120_thursday/ghm1v9s/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3) ✅ Suns +4 (+1.0u) NCAAF 8:00pm EST (US) Ohio State vs Clemson pick: **Ohio State +7.5 (-110)** size: **MAX BET** 3.3u ^to ^win 3.0u Ohio State gets a chance at revenge after losing to Clemson a year ago in the Fiesta Bowl, after leading at halftime. OSU had multiple turnovers in the second half of that game, including one on the 20 yard line in Clemson territory; with 30 seconds left in the game. Trevor Lawrence has been great this year for Clemson. He is a lock for the first pick in the draft. Lawrence is always dangerous; especially now with his rushing as a threat. Clemson has not looked like the same team as last year. They aren’t getting the big, explosive plays that they were reeling off consistently in 2019. Clemson is going to be without their offensive coordinator this game. I think that is a fact being undervalued. Clemson’s defense, on the other hand, has been excellent all year. (but they did mostly beat up on GaTech, UVA, Cuse, they almost lost to BC and lost to ND) Ohio State is in the college football playoffs, after a very weird BIG10 season. There is a good reason Dabo didn’t want OSU in the playoffs. He knows this team can beat him. OSU’s offense has been excellent this year, ranking in the top 5 of many offensive categories. Their qb, fields, is being underrated now, even after an awesome season last year. OSU should have had plenty of time now to get on the same page and stay really comfortable playing with one another. Ohio State should have all it’s offensive stars ready to go, including Sermon. I think OSU will be able to run the ball very well. especially on early downs, really opening up the playbook. OSU is #1 in the country in standard down success rate, a very weak spot for Clemson’s defense. Ohio State has the offense to not only keep up with, but surpass Clemson’s. If Clemson’s defense can’t stop Ohio State’s big plays, they won’t be able to keep up with them on the scoreboard. I really like Ohio State to win the game outright and will take the +7.5 points gladly, making this a max bet. I also put a 1.0u wager on Ohio State ML +255. bol everybody and happy new year


I do not like this bet. I have watched every Clemson game start to finish in this era. This is the best team they have ever had. Period. Don't let this funky year cloud your judgement. Weird Covid stretch aside (when they struggled with BC and lost to ND) they have handled their business this year. The games they were suppose to show up for they did. Since Lawrence has come back it's them and Alabama. That's the list. ​ They are going to maul Ohio State. Clemson with prep time is a different animal. Alabama is the only team that can beat them.


yeah any underdog usually isn’t very popular w most in this sub. i honestly wouldn’t be surprised if ohio state blows them out. you sound like you like dabo (he is the absolute worst, if you don’t understand keep scrolling) but only time will tell, bol


Oh boy sounds like a reddit lock of century is on the horizon. That means hard fade. Ohio state covers


Currently it's 28 - 14 OSU and no matter what the outcome from here I just wanted to come in here and give you props. You were right, I was wrong. Great fucking call. Looks like I need to go back to the drawing board reading the tea leaves. lol


✅ Ohio State (+3.0u) wins outright updated potd record: 34-13-0 WLP (+32.33u) *all plays 1-3 units*


**POTD record 1-0** Picks: Orlando Magic - Philadelphia 76ers (-2.5) **@ 1.90** ✅ **Daily -** Gerwyn Price - Daryl Gurney **(Over 7.5 sets) @ 2.00** ✅ Price and Gurney played 2x times in 2020 and both ended up with a draw (7-7,6-6). Gurney seems really solid in this World Cup and as an "underdog", he only needs to get 3 sets against the Iceman. Price checkouts are around 50% which will make Gurney this match a little bit harder, but for me, this gonna be a close game because as we saw Price only won against Lewis and Dolan with 1 set earlier in the WC.


**Record:** 0-0-0 **Profit:** 0 **POTD: Manchester United ml (-130) 3u to win 2.31u** **Reasoning:** Like Man U today against a pretty in form Villa team. I don't think the suspension of Cavani will affect them very much and I expect Ole's men to be fired up for the title challenge against a hungover Grealish. ​ BOL, bet responsibly, and happy new year! I am linking my twitter where I will be posting all my plays(might have a few more today) and have a link to my spreadsheet. [Follow my Twitter](https://twitter.com/PencilPicks) Edit: WINNER BABY LETS GO PENANDES BAILS US


Record ( 1W - 0 ) Previous Pick : Westbrook over 8.5 Rebounds vs Chicago ✅ Friday’s Pick : Thomas Bryant over 16.5 points vs Timberwolves Reason: they are 0-5 ... they are dying for a win and I think they found something tonight with Bryant 3 away from his career high. This guy is an animal, and with Russ sitting out against the timberwolves this will allow for more opportunities on the scoring end.Not to mention KAT is still out and the backup Reid is nowhere near a paint defender EZ Cover


Pick of the Day Record : 18W 5L +9.46 Units NBA @ 10:00 AEST Charlotte Hornets -4 @ $1.80 The Grizzlies are missing half their squad and their star player Ja. The Hornets have had two huge wins back to back and should make easy work of this game at home. Twitter : [WolandJunior](https://twitter.com/WolandJunior)


**PotD Record**: 20-10 **Previous**: 2020-11-27: NCAAM Abilene Christian ✅ 2020-11-28: NCAAM Nebraska -9 ✅ 2020-11-29: NFL Raiders -3 ❌ (not even close) 2020-11-30: NCAAM Mercer +2.5 ✅ 2020-12-01: NCAAM Nebraska -12 ❌ (Couldn't hold their big lead) 2020-12-02: NCAAM Gonzaga -8 ❌ (Sadly, my closest loss) 2020-12-03: NCAAM Drake -9.5 ✅ 2020-12-04: NCAAM Bradley -1❌ (I am still underestimating SDSU) 2020-12-05: NCAAM Houston -9.5 ✅ 2020-12-06: NCAAM Missouri -4.5 ✅ 2020-12-08: NCAAM Iowa -4 ✅ 2020-12-09: NCAAM Nebraska -2 ❌ (This was heart breaking. I was so confident and then Nebraska just didn't show up) 2020-12-11: NCAAM Iowa -14 ✅ (Easiest and largest pick ever. I was right that Iowa would almost win by 30) 2020-12-12: NCAAM Ok St -3.5 ❌(Cunningham took 2 shots in the second half. This should have been a 10 point win. Very odd second half) 2020-12-13: NFL Packers -4 1h ❌(Tough loss. The Lions had some long drives that chewed some clock and the last drive of the first half went nowhere. Packers didn't cover so I would have lost that one too.) 2020-12-14: NCAAM Morehead State +6 ✅ 2020-12-15: NCAAM Clemson +2 ❌ (They had a 7 minute streak of doing nothing and they had a 3 at the buzzer for the backdoor cover. Didn't happen) 2020-12-16: NCAAM Mercer +5 ❌(Second missed backdoor cover at the buzzer. Wished Mercer was a little more consistent in the second half too) 2020-12-17: NCAAM Southern Illinois -7.5 ✅ 2020-12-18: NCAAM Drake -6 ✅ 2020-12-19: NCAAM Baylor -17 ✅ 2020-12-20: NCAAM UConn +4 ✅ *2020-12-21: stupid me forgot to post my winner* 2020-12-22: NCAAM Iowa -6.5 ✅ 2020-12-23: NCAAM Xavier +6.5 ✅ 2020-12-25: NCAAM Iowa -6.5 ❌ 2020-12-26: NCAAM Northwestern +3 ✅ 2020-12-27: NCAAM Drake -4 ✅ 2020-12-28: NCAAM Stony Brook ✅ 2020-12-29: NCAAM: Rutgers -3 ✅ 2020-12-31: NCAAM: Arizona -8 ✅ **Pick**: NCAAM: Cleveland State -3.5 6pm CT. I think Cleveland state is a very good Horizon team. They went on the road and pick up back to back wins against PFW so I think they should handle this road trip as well. IUPUI is an unknown. They only have a single game against Tennessee State on the 12th. TNST is a solid team, even though they are 1-5, so you can't get much from IUPUI's 3 point win at home against them.








POTD record: 0-3 -3.5u Last pick- Manchester United over 1.5 goals vs Wolves-L: Wolves defended well, United didnt create much and didn't finish the few good chances they had. Didn't feel bad about the pick after. Todays pick: Aston Villa +.5 vs Manchester United +105 -10:00 AM Hawaii Standard Time United have not had a game where they were both good in attack and solid on defense since the 23rd. Villa are a really good side this season. Some stats. * Villa have only dropped points in **one** game against "top 7” *(incl. Ars & Lei)* sides so far out of 4, that was their draw against Chelsea away. * They are 12-3 in terms of **goals** in those games (of course enhanced by the 7-2 match vs the scousers). * They've only dropped points in 2 **away** games. Their draw against Chelsea, and a 2-1 loss to West Ham where they missed a penalty and had a weird late goal disallowed by VAR. I'm a United fan, but a combination of United lacking sharpness on the offensive side and being a bit sloppy on the defensive side plus people not taking Villa seriously enough makes me think there is value in the Villa pick here. My POTD record has been horrible but I promise I'm net up in 2 years of sports gambling. United aren't good at home, Villa are great on the road. Villa should draw or win often enough in this spot for this to be a good bet


POTD RECORD: (6-2) Last pick: Lamar Jackson UNDER 197.5 passing yards (-110) W Today’s pick: Clemson -7 (-110) Reasoning: I personally think Trevor Lawrence can be a mobile Peyton Manning (bold I know) but he does everything right. I see this as a battle of the top 2 QB prospects and Trevor has lost like 1 game in his Clemson starting career. Lawrence is better than Fields and I believe Clemson has the edge on defense. Clemsons been playing fueled with piss and vinegar since their game against Florida State(?) got cancelled to covid. And lastly, I think the big 10 is very overrated this year. This game has blowout potential in clemsons favor. Happy new year let’s rob the books


**POTD record**: 4-0 (+4.07u) **Today's pick**: Steph Curry over 28.5 points (-116/1.86) **Game**: Portland Trailblazers vs Golden State Warriors (22:35 EST) **Wager**: 1u


POTD record 2-0 Last pick - Under 64.5 San Jose date vs Ball state W Today’s pick Auburn vs Northwestern under 44.5 @ 1.83 Simple case of Northwestern having a very good defence but a poor offence. Add this to auburns limitations and a change in coaching staff I can see a run heavy approach by auburn and I think this will be a low scoring game that goes under 44.5


Darts World Championship Michael Van Gerwen vs Dave Chisnall, 19:40 GMT Total 180s o17.5 @ 2.2 on Boylesports, 1u This bet being successful depends entirely on if Chizzy throws anything close to the quality of darts he did against Dimitri in the previous round. If he turns up and can't find a double we won't have enough sets to get there. That being said I really like his chances. Always a powerful scorer Chizzy should manage to find the lipstick like he usually does. The previous 3 rounds have seen him get 6, 11 and 7 maximums in 4, 6 and 6 sets. If he throws like he did against Van den Bergh, banging in 14 dart legs like it was nothing, MVG will really have to raise his game to stay with him, and he can find the extra gears when he needs to. I think both players have a good chance to make double digit maximums should we go beyond 6 sets and the 17.5 line should really be around the even money mark. Only 1u though, because you don't know which Chizzy will appear. To follow up the quality of the last match with pub league level stuff would be on brand.


Record: 3-1 Last pick: Cavs @ Pacers U218.5✅ POTD: Celtics @ Pistons - Celtics to win HT/FT (-190) Reasoning: Sorry in advance for riding such high odds, but Celtics HT has been a layup for me all year so far and I’m gonna enjoy betting against the Pistons till the odds swing too far the other way. I’m hungover as shit today, so I’m keeping it as simple as possible lol BOL all 2021 👌


**$25 to $1000 challenge** I'm going to try one of these every Friday because they're pretty fun. 1 bet, all in each day till I hit the $1000 or bust. Challenges W/L: 0-26 Picks hit W/L: 17-26 ----------------------------------------------- **Bet 1:** (NCAAB) Wright State -7.5 vs Oakland @1.90, $25 to win $47.50. **Time:** 19 hours from time of post. **Reasoning:** 5/6 of Wright States wins this season have been 8+ points against arguably better competition than Oakland, who managed to scrape out their first wins of the season recently by 2 points against a lowly Detroit team (Wright State beating the same Detroit by 23 and 13 respectively). College basketball can be a shitshow but Wright State is better on both sides of the ball and should win this by 10+


0-26 is pretty fucking impressive.


Tbf hes 17-26. He’s just 0-26 on the challenges. He rolls all the winnings into the next pick, so for him to win a challenge, he has to go on a 6-10 pick winning streak, depending on odds.


It’s cool but at some point you should just donate to charity or something goddamn


__POTD Record: 7-4__ Last Pick: NCAAF | Miss St vs. Tulsa Mississippi State +1 1/2 NCAAF | Clemson vs. Ohio State | 8:00 PM EST __POTD: Clemson -7 (-120)__ Reason: Clemson just easily handled Notre Dame and now takes on a similar team in Ohio State. This game will show the difference between Lawrence and Fields. Buy the half point just to be safe and knock the spread down to 7.


**POTD - 1-3** (Yesterday: Minnesota +8.5❌) **1u** (I'll always only bet 1u) *| CFB | Bowl Season | 1:00PM via ABC|* **Northwestern -4 (-110)** vs. Auburn Bo Nix against a good defense. That is all. Edit: ✅ back on track!


18-12-1 record. NCAA Basketball: UTEP vs S. Miss (7pm tipoff) UTEP is the better team. USM should have lost to S. Bama and put up 38 vs Tulane. UTEP beat ASU and should cover this spread UTEP -5.5 is the play


NW/Auburn O 43.5 Just started capping twitter, shoot me a follow @bookiebuster8


This match needs its own thread. Not it


**POTD record 1w - 0L - 0p (+3u)** Last pick : u2.5 Newcastle Jets ✅ Pick : Manchester United vs Aston Villa **u3 @ +101 3u** Match starts in an hour. EDIT - it's u3, guys. Not u2.5. Bookies don't have u2.5 @ +101. Match starts in 5 min


**POTD Record:** 4-2, +1.8u (4 wins in a row) **Pick:** Grizzlies +4.5 (-110)|NBA|7:00 PM EST| **Reasoning**: I run a player-based model-based that accounts for team rotations, minutes played, rest, and injuries. Last year, it went 159-126, +19.7u. The biggest edge for tonight's slate is the Grizzlies, who I would have as 2-point favorites against the Hornets. That offers 6.5 points of value. Best of luck on all of your bets tonight!


record: 1-0 CSKA Moscow ✅ Basketball | NBA | 9:00pm EST LA Clippers ML (1.66) vs Utah Jazz I’m a simple dude. Jazz are playing back to back. Clippers are undefeated with Kawhi, and they have a pretty damn good team. Not everyday you get these odds with the clippers, especially playing a team back to back. Call me crazy, but I think the clippers are arguably the best team in the league. Jazz beat an injured Trail Blazers team, and a poor OKC team by ... 1. Lay the ML juice on the clippers. Too tired to write more, but it’s pretty self explanatory. Tail with caution, bet responsibly.. but I know you degens fkn won’t listen to me. Good luck mother fuckers with big cocks❤️


Record 3-3, 0u (Even) College Football Georgia Bulldogs -7 (-115) vs Cincinnati Bearcats Bet to win 1u Georgia’s offense has been tremendous since JT Daniels took over at QB, and they have a chance to make a real statement here heading into 2021. The defense has a couple opt outs, but Georgia’s backups are still very good, and they have rotated heavily on defense throughout the season so these guys have experience. Cincinnati is undefeated, but have only played the 66th toughest schedule in college football, while Georgia has played the 2nd toughest. Cincinnati has a legit run offense, but Georgia’s front seven is it’s strength, and I think they can limit the run and force to Cincinnati to have to throw to win. No team held opponents to fewer yards per rush (2.3) or yards per game on the ground (69.3). Altogether, I just trust Georgia much more than Cincinnati. Their only losses have been to #1 Alabama on the road, and #8 Florida in a neutral site, while also missing multiple notable starters and losing their QB in the second quarter. This game is in Atlanta, so Georgia won’t have to travel far. Outside of those two games, they have handled business in every game against inferior opponents and I think this game will be no different.


**Sport:** Cricket **Dream 11 Super Smash:** Wellington Firebirds vs Northern Knights **Time:** 7pm Local / 1am EST or in about 40 min from this post **POTD:** Wellington Firebirds to W @ 1.76 / -131 Americano Odds **Reasoning:** Wellington the defending champions have been excellent so far in the tournament with 2 wins from 2 they comes up against a Knights side who fell short in their opener with some woeful bowling and their batting not much betting they will have to up their game a lot to beat the defending champs. **Bonus Bet:** Devon Conway Wellington top batsman man is an absolute gun and the top run scorer from last season expect him to go boom again here tonight. **Edit** Bit strange getting downvoted? But we end up with an Ez W and that's all I care about in the end 💵


POTD: 0-1 | Last Pick: Tulsa Mississippi State under 45.5 POTD: NCAAF: UNDER 44 (-110) in Auburn Northwestern. Reasoning: Auburn's offense has not been good (47th in S&P+) and they just hired a new HC. I expect malaise at the end of this covid year given these circumstances. Northwestern has a top 5 defense and I expect them to get 'up' to play an SEC team.


POTD record: 4-1 Last pick: Army +9.5 (-110) **W** College football: Georgia vs Cincinnati: Georgia TT O 28.5 (-150) JT Daniels has takin this offense to the next level. BOL if tailing. Twitter: is Lance @ NastyGoldPicks to see all of my plays. Happy New Year.


First pick of the day. NCAA FOOTBALL PICK : GEORGIA BULLDOGS -10 If you got it at a better number, great, however I don't think it will matter. Bigger, faster, stronger. DAWGS have the superior athletes. Cincy is motivated to prove that they belong. But they don't thats why there at Cincinnati. Dawgs dominate both sides of the ball. Cats hold on for a quarter or two but GEORGIA pulls away in the end. By the way don't get caught up in the stats GEORGIA played an all SEC schedule Cincinnati didn't LOL. BOL


record 7-2 3 game streak 🚨🚨🚨 last pick - Army +7 ✅ army covered both the +7 & the +10 as it shot up to hours prior to kick off .. Today’s POTD Friday Jan 1st 2021 , pick - Portland trail blazers - 4 @ 1.90 10:30 pm eastern time Reason -> portland is a better team then golden state and tbh think the spread should be -5 or higher , golden state has struggled trying to score and find steph help wiggans seems to be catching on but the struggle of kelly oubre is a huge factor in them having 3 main scorers , i like there bench matchup and also starting 5 , they are more talented and a lot more scorers and play makers on trail blazers , also golden state is riding 2 game winning streak that i feel comes to a end tonight with dame dolla coming to town ! Best of luck & Happy new year let’s ride win #4 in a row !


6-6 overall 3-1 this week Good Afternoon Everyone Last Pick Minnesota +8.5 Tough loss. Never was really even close to hitting. Switching sports today Today’s pick: Clemson -7 Not feeling great enough to do a write up today. T lawerence. Full send. Tail or Fade BOL Score prediction 42-31


POTD Record: 2-2 Last Pick: Magic Vs **Sixers -3.5 (2u)** ✅ Today’s Pick: **Heat ML (2u)** Vs Mavericks Mavericks have little depth behind their starting lineup which is already missing KP. Heat are a young, hungry team. At -115 its a no brainer.


**POTD: 105-101 -3.56U** **CFB, 5:00 pm PST: Clemson -7 vs. Ohio State (-110)** i could see Ohio State and particularly Justin Fields putting up their best performance of the year but still not being enough. Ohio State's defense is a little young at some positions and the secondary got cooked against the only good offense its played in Indiana, Clemson should do even more damage. Clemson's defense also a lot better since getting some pieces back from injury.