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Darts 🎯- PDC World Championship Darts Record: 28-11 Previous World Championship picks: Jeff Smith (-122) v Keane Berry ✅ Chris Dobey (-152) v Jeff Smith ✅ Daryl Gurney (-152) v William OConnor ✅ Adam Hunt (+120) v Jamie Hughes ✅ Mervyn King (-175) v Max Hopp ✅ Jeffrey de Zwaan (+100) v Ryan Searle ❌ Ian White (-175) v Kim Huybrechts ❌ Joe Cullen (-139) v Jonny Clayton ✅ Gary Anderson (-152) v Mensur Suljovic ✅ Daryl Gurney (-125) v Chris Dobey ✅ Gary Anderson (-125) v Devon Petersen ✅ POTD: N/A No darts today, world championship resumes January 1 with the quarterfinal matchups set. Gonna hit the lab on NYE and hunt a few winners. Wanted to briefly say I appreciate all the love and support y’all have shown me and the great sport of darts over the past few weeks. Let’s finish the world championships with 3 more winners! Cheers mates.


I’m not sure what to do with my hands


So...he's like expecting me to not blow my entire stack until 1/1????


Hold this! #🌶️


Slow clap


Thanks for everything 🌶. Been tailing for a while and reaping the rewards. Happy new year and stay spicy


Appreciate everything you do here, man. Been having a blast tailing and hitting the twitch chat with everyone else in the same boat.


Twitch chat you say?


Follow darts202020 on twitch. He streams the events and we all hang out in chat. It's a great time.


We love you Mr. 🌶️


Thanks for sharing your picks 🌶


🌶 GOAT!!


Thank you ned pepper


Damn it today was going to be the day I started tailing. Guess I'll just have to wait until January 1st.






Thank you sir!! Not betting much but having a lot of fun doing it!


Also want to tank you Ned. I hope you have had a chance to pop in to a twitch stream during your pick and see thousands of 🌶️🌶️🌶️ being thrown in to chat!


Thanks for sharing your picks, happy new year!


Thanks Ned 🏆


I just have a feeling. You’re gonna go with Gary Anderson ML on 01/01. Seems like he’s having a good tourney and you favor him.


I think he steps up with the most confidence. And that’s saying something. Anderson that is. Ned is humble as F.


I appreciate u man! have a good new yr 🥳


I went a little bigger with your pick today Ned. I’m 5-1 betting on your picks. Went bigger cause Gary Anderson used to kick for the Steelers years ago. Lol 😂 Worked out for me. In the process of buying a house & had to have work done on my car. In those 5 wins you paid for my repairs. Couldn’t appreciate it more! Thank you Ned!


Thank you, you got me into darts and I cant believe I went 50 years not knowing this was a sport. Betting or no betting I love it and thanks for getting me into it.


No, thank YOU and happy new year!


Tailed for the first time today and made a nice chunk of change. Just wanted to say thank you sir and I look forward to the 1st!


Happy new year enjoy 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 thanks for everything!!


dude, thanks you. i needed a win today after a terrible losing streak for myself and u came thru with gary anderson. gonna start tailing all of these , good shit !


Happy New Years Ned!!


Fuck man you are a beast, I'm late as fuck to this sub but I hope it's not too late!! I'll be here tomorrow!


Anyone know of a way to set notifs for when a user posts? Is that a thing on Reddit? Never wanna miss a chilli pepper


Nice pick today. Thanks!


Thank you Ned, 🥺❤️




Currently watching True Grit btw


You da man 🌶


what!? this has ruined my NYE


Thank you for all the picks.


Tip my hat to you. What a stud!




Appreciate everything you’ve done and taught us Ned! Let’s start the year with a bang!


Ned, i want you to know how much you mean to me. - sincerely, every guy on the schneid


My man, you won me $80. That aint shit, but your im presuming drunk ass i dunno i have watched darts before and played and it seems like a lot of drinking lol, but still, that's $80 i didn't have. Best of luck, hope these all winners but still God bless Pep Clampett


Thank you Ned, you been blessing my bank account. Hope you have a great New Years!!!


You earned the break Ned. Happy new year to you sir. Thanks for introducing this guy to darts. Looking forward to more of it in 2021!


>darts202020 Gone, but not forgotten. I'll wait for you.


Undisputed GOAT


Idk what to do with myself today.


Hopped on towards the end (took a little break from betting) and thank you, king pepper! Happy new years!


Thank you Ned! 🌶🌶🌶


You my friend are a legend, thank you!


First top comment without a pick Happy New Year's Eve


Well earned day off. All hail the 🌶️


🌶🌶🌶🌶??? More like 🐐 🐐 🐐


Your Anderson vs Suljovic pick got me a cool 25. Thanks for that!


# YESTERDAYS POTD THREAD STATS (2020/12/30) **Total Record:** 9-4-2 (Tottenham game was cancelled and picks counted as a push) **Total ROI:** \+26.87% **Total Units (assuming 1u per bet):** \+4.03u **Average Odds:** 1.88 ​ # POTD THREAD STATS (SINCE 2020/12/10) **Top voted POTD record:** 17-4 **Total POTD record:** 176-127-12 **Total ROI:** \+5.80% **Total Units:** \+18.27u ​ *Valid Pick Criteria:* * *Identical picks with slightly different lines are only taken as one pick (i.e. Bills +2 and Bills +3 would be considered as one pick)* * *Opposing picks will not be counted* * *Only the first 15 valid POTD picks (by upvotes) will be used for analysis* * *POTD order taken at 12:00PM EST*


Never stop man




Unfortunately, no. I only have been doing the POTD thread as it’s pretty time consuming.


I've tailed a few and I'm at 0% hit rate.


I was gonna say the NBA picks have been trash lmao. Not hating bc it's on each of us to do our own research but jfc


**Record: 6-2-0 (Streak L) Up 3.47u over 8 NBA picks**  (was 40-42-3 Down 3.01u over 85 KBO picks) **Last:** *Atlanta at Brooklyn UNDER 240 -110* (It was *really* close... just missed it by 46 points.) **Pick:** **Phoenix ML +150 (Fanduel)** at Utah, NBA Basketball, 9:00pm ET I'm 0-2 when betting the Hawks under and 6-0 on my other picks. So how was I so wrong? First, I don't get caught up on how wrong I am. A loss is a loss. But I don't just pull these things out of thin air. This morning, I saw this stat which made me feel even better about the pick: "Since the start of the 2019 season, when the opening total is 235 or higher, the under has gone 80-64-2, per Bet Labs." And part of the pick was fading Atlanta against their first good opponent. Needless to say, I won't be doing that again. So we move on. For New Year's Eve, I like an underdog outright. The Suns are 3-1 on the season with their only loss by 3-points to the Kings when they had a terrible start, falling behind 15-2. Their biggest improvement over last season is on defense. They've yet to allow more than 106 points. Chris Paul is a big part of that. The Jazz are 2-1 with a surprising loss to the Timberwolves. They're solid again defensively like they were last season (although not quite as good), but struggling a bit on the offensive end thanks to Donovan Mitchell who's shooting just 32% from thd field and 27% from behind the arc. Bojan Bogdanovic has helped take some of the offensive load off, but his addition has hurt Utah's team defense. I wouldn't blame anyone for taking the 3.5 points at -110 or just playing the under which should hit (218.5 -110), but I see plenty of value on the Suns outright. Chris Paul has elevated their game and I don't know if the bookmakers have caught up. Tail or fade, I wish you the best of luck!


Atlanta may not be a safe under until Vegas sets that shit at 300 if they don’t start playing some defense this season.


Hawks TT over... ride or die!


Tailed you yesterday, gonna ride again today. Tailed. BOL.


Let's get that money back!


You got it boss.


I’m tailing. Which is another way of me saying sorry in advance for the L to everyone else who is tailing.


Let's do something new for you and cash!


FD has this at +150


tailing. lets ride


got it at +138, lets ride




Nice pick homie ✅


POTD Record: 3-0 (+2.81u) Last: Panthers +1 (-105) Pick: Ball State / SJSU u64 (-110) SJSU has hit the under in 6/7 games and has never had a game hit 60 points. As a double digit favorite, their games totaled 51 and 59 points with SJSU controlling the game especially in the second half. SJSU has the 13th best scoring defense in the nation with Ball State being a modest 55th which isn't terrible especially in a offensively dominated conference like the MAC. The only reservation I have on this bet is that Ball State is 26th in scoring offense, but that is due to MAC absolutely inflating offensive numbers. 26th might look amazing on paper, but that is the only 6th highest scoring team in the MAC. SJSU will get their own and ultimately should control the tempo of the game and keep the under safe. I'd predict this to be a 35-24 game. BOL to whoever tails! Lets go 4-0.


I have been burned by so many under I should probably stay away..however, YOLO. Gonna tail. Your explanation convinced me. BOL.


I’m probably gonna live bet this to see if I can get the total at 70, it scares me to take the under on bowl games hahah. This is the exact bet I was looking at though


its 70 now.


Thank god that 1st quarter is over. Ball State scored 4 TDs with a total time of possession of ~6:20 😂🥲😂


A huge lead early is typically pretty great for unders. It makes the offensive play calling more predictable resulting in more stops, one team tries to burn clock, and the desperation of the other leads to turnovers. And there's always the chance that SJSU just throws in the towel early... I like where we are at, brotha.


Good write up! I'm liking the pick, think I'll tail this one.


Took it live at 72.5. BOL to both of us mate. Edit: just FYI, Sagarin puts the total at 54.71. Nothing's ever for sure -- especially in bowl season -- but I like your rationale.


Ball state won MAC as 13 point dogs, I love bsu +9.5 too, tailed under


POTD Record: 2-0 Third pick ever, same sport: Boxing the best sport in the world Last Bet: Canelo by Decision (+)180 (win) POTD: **Tanaka by Decision (+)110** Time: approx 3-5:00 AM EST Bet Total: $10.00 Confidence level: 7/10 Total Risked: $15.00 Total Profit: $16.50 Average odds: 2.1 or (+110) 2 for 2 so far on choosing which method of winning for boxing. going the same route here and choosing by decision again. Ioka (25-2) vs Tanaka (15-0) in the traditional japanese NYE fight. Ioka has the belt and was the first japanese fighter to win belts in four divisions. This fight is a huge fight, major clash between two japanese super flyweights Ioka is the more etablished fighter and more established in the division defending his WBO title. Tanaka has never fought at this weight and is stepping up in weight. Tanaka is currently a 3 division world champion. World record tonight is on the line for tanaka, if he wins he becomes the fastest 4 division weight champion ever surpassing Oscar De La Hoya and the second ever 4 division japanese champion (first was Ioka!). To start, I absolutely believe this fight will go the distance. the odds show this at -375 at time of writing. at this weight class, between two fighters of pure class, I just dont believe that there will be a knockout. Neither fighter has particularly outstanding knockout power. This will be each fighters greatest test IMO. Both fighters have fought top end competition. Ioka will definitely test tanaka with his relentless pressure. However, he is a notorious slow starter which should help Tanaka ease into the fight. It is a tough fight to call, but, I believe the 24 year old Tanaka will win via decision against the 32 y.old despite all of the experience. Tanaka is younger which fairs extremely well in the lower weight classes, he has extremely quick and crisp combinations which should gain respect from the pressure oriented Ioka since he does pack power in this division with a 60% ko rate, his fluid foot movement sets up his attack quickly- leading to accurate counter punches which wont allow Iokas pressure to wear him down, and lastly this kid just looks special. 15 fights to gain 3 belts and to immediately jump up in weight again is nothing short of amazing. This kid just "has it" and that is why im betting on him today. A slightly safer route would be to take tanaka ML which is (-190) on the off chance there is a KO. There is value in this but I will be putting my money behind the decision win based on the above. Tough loss boys , the size of Ioka was way too much. The come up for the fourth belt was too much too fast and he got found out by the better man which was apparent from the bell ring.


Lmao Tanaka got his ass handed to him


Let's wake up to some money boys. Edit - Woke up to sadness instead.


Man fucking terrible Dude sucked


lmao I tailed. Prob the most perfect way to end 2020. Tailing boxing (a sport I never bet on) involving 2 fighters I know nothing about. I deserve to lose those $25. lol Bring it on 2021.


Tailing Tanaka ML, bol






Tailing, anyone know where we in the US & Canada can watch this?


What are your thoughts on the garcia fight?


Line started -300 for garcia and moved 100 points in his favor. Honestly all week ive been thinking o9.5 rounds cuz of lukes length, amateur background, garcia never fought a pro southpaw, and the fact that he hasnt been knocked out. IDT im gna end up betting on it. Garcia hasnt fought anyone real yet but hes sooo explosive. Theres definitely a first time for everything. campbell is really a top 10 fighter in the division but like hes there to get hit. He got KD'd against loma, linares and mendez who all dont hit as hard as garcia does via the eye test. two of those KD's happened in the 2nd round and it seems like he has trouble with hand speed because of his slower feet and his power not keeping boxers off him. def value in Garcia by KO because thats a super real possibility... Only thing I know is if it goes to the cards theres no way luke wins unless he absolutely dominates. end of the day im not gna touch the fight, just gna watch and drink a beer and enjoy lol.


Long time boxing bettor here. Based on skill and resume I think Campbell edges this. However the most underrated factor in boxing handicapping is the politics. Garcia is a superstar in the making, and this is supposed to be his coming out party so-to-say. Even if Luke wins a decision in our eyes, I don't think the powers that be will let Garcia take a loss here. Its shitty to say, but its really something you have to look at in boxing and consider. I like the over if I was to make any play here. I thought Campbell performed excellent against Loma, and in my eyes knicked the Linares fight as well.


This on Draftkings or FanDuel I can’t find it?


They both dont really post a lot of boxing lines, I used betmgm


damn not seeing this on bovada or id tail


Bummed this didn't hit but glad this got me to tune in! Great fight!


POTD record: 17^(W) \- 0^(P) \- 6^(L) [paypal.me/ramonjgt](https://paypal.me/ramonjgt) if you wanna and can tip me, every tip is appreciated ;) Previous POTD: **Ath Madrid vs Getafe: BTTS no and Ath Madrid win @ 1.90 ✅** ​ Today's POTD: **Ath Bilbao vs Real Sociedad: U11 corners and U4 goals @ 1.71 ✅** # [Another winner pick for close the year. I posted the pick here, but I forgot to tail](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrO46CJd9ns) it. 🤡 *Reasoning:* |*Ath Bilbao (11th)*||*Real Sociedad (3rd)*| |:-|:-|:-| |*3/15*|*O3.5 goals matches*|*2/16*| |3/15|*O10.5 corners matches*|4/16|


There's no way you're getting those odds with that. I use Heritage and I get -152 with u3.5 goals + u10.5 corners.


it's 1.71 on b365


Favorite poster on here


POTD Record: 19-8 Profit: +8.30 POTD: NBA - 76ers at Magic - Orlando Magic to win 1st quarter @ 2.06 (+106) Orlando has really good 1st quarter and 1st half performances, on the other hand, the 76ers usually take a while to start going and getting buckets, so I expect the magic, at home, to win the 1st quarter [paypal.me/diasgabriel33](https://paypal.me/diasgabriel33) For extra picks besides POTD: [https://twitter.com/diasgabriel33](https://twitter.com/diasgabriel33) BOL if you tailin/not goin against me




Their negative is better than the 76ers 1st q differential tho


Tailing. Heads up, bovada has the Magic 1Q ML @ 2.05, but 1Q -0.5 @ 2.15


I’d assume that’s because if the 1st quarter ends in a tie the bet would be a push


Likely tail


Sorry I’m new can someone tell me what tailing and fading means thanks


If you’re new to betting, I would recommend not to do it. It’s ruined my life, in good ways but mostly bad ways.


Tailing means you are going to copy the bet-be on the same side; fading is betting the other side of the bet. In this case, tailing would be also betting the Magic to win the 1Q. Fading would be betting the 76ers to win it.


I've worked in casinos for 20+ years and always enjoy helping out a newer player. Here's a glossary of sports betting terms for you to get started: https://www.actionnetwork.com/how-to-bet-on-sports/general/sports-betting-terms If you want a deeper understanding of how sports betting/books work, lemme know. I taught a class and could PM you the curriculum outline, and recommend some great sites for stats/research. Sports betting is still gambling, the best of us can still have bad luck and lose -- but like poker or horse racing (i.e. parimutuel betting) -- anytime you play against the PUBLIC and not the HOUSE, you can beat the game in the long run. BOL


**PotD Record**: 19-10 **Previous**: 2020-11-27: NCAAM Abilene Christian ✅ 2020-11-28: NCAAM Nebraska -9 ✅ 2020-11-29: NFL Raiders -3 ❌ (not even close) 2020-11-30: NCAAM Mercer +2.5 ✅ 2020-12-01: NCAAM Nebraska -12 ❌ (Couldn't hold their big lead) 2020-12-02: NCAAM Gonzaga -8 ❌ (Sadly, my closest loss) 2020-12-03: NCAAM Drake -9.5 ✅ 2020-12-04: NCAAM Bradley -1❌ (I am still underestimating SDSU) 2020-12-05: NCAAM Houston -9.5 ✅ 2020-12-06: NCAAM Missouri -4.5 ✅ 2020-12-08: NCAAM Iowa -4 ✅ 2020-12-09: NCAAM Nebraska -2 ❌ (This was heart breaking. I was so confident and then Nebraska just didn't show up) 2020-12-11: NCAAM Iowa -14 ✅ (Easiest and largest pick ever. I was right that Iowa would almost win by 30) 2020-12-12: NCAAM Ok St -3.5 ❌(Cunningham took 2 shots in the second half. This should have been a 10 point win. Very odd second half) 2020-12-13: NFL Packers -4 1h ❌(Tough loss. The Lions had some long drives that chewed some clock and the last drive of the first half went nowhere. Packers didn't cover so I would have lost that one too.) 2020-12-14: NCAAM Morehead State +6 ✅ 2020-12-15: NCAAM Clemson +2 ❌ (They had a 7 minute streak of doing nothing and they had a 3 at the buzzer for the backdoor cover. Didn't happen) 2020-12-16: NCAAM Mercer +5 ❌(Second missed backdoor cover at the buzzer. Wished Mercer was a little more consistent in the second half too) 2020-12-17: NCAAM Southern Illinois -7.5 ✅ 2020-12-18: NCAAM Drake -6 ✅ 2020-12-19: NCAAM Baylor -17 ✅ 2020-12-20: NCAAM UConn +4 ✅ *2020-12-21: stupid me forgot to post my winner* 2020-12-22: NCAAM Iowa -6.5 ✅ 2020-12-23: NCAAM Xavier +6.5 ✅ 2020-12-25: NCAAM Iowa -6.5 ❌ 2020-12-26: NCAAM Northwestern +3 ✅ 2020-12-27: NCAAM Drake -4 ✅ 2020-12-28: NCAAM Stony Brook ✅ 2020-12-29: NCAAM: Rutgers -3 ✅ **Pick**: NCAAM: Arizona -8 7pm CT. Arizona is really solid. Their only loss is against Stanford (by 3) and they have since beaten Montana and Colorado by 14. Washington only has a single win and that was a blowout against Seattle. Their last 2 games were an 8 point loss to Montana and a blowout 23 point loss to Colorado. Arizona is averaging over 78pts/game so 8 points shouldn't be hard to cover.


Record: 1-5 (yikes) Last: Sweden ML v Russia WJC (❌). So I guess complaining that I suck gets upvotes but not wins. Sweden almost did it by tying the game with seconds to go in regulation. Only to take a penalty in OT and lose with those same seconds to spare in the OT frame. When things are bad, they can apparently get worse. Pain. Next: Finland v Canada OVER 6. World Juniors Hockey. 6pm EST. I'm probably a must fade rn and that's more than fair. But I'd like to end the year on some kind of dub. Straight up, these teams can score. Finland has 15 goals in 3 games and Canada has 29 (!) in 3 games as well. Though both teams have played the worse teams in the tournament in those games, they still have lethal offences. Take the over. Or not. You have no reason to tail someone who's 1-5. Edit: another loss ❌. Canada wins 4-1. Finland missed a wide open net with 15 seconds left to push. Fuck. The pain never stops GLTA


Cheers for the fade. Bol to you tho


One of these days I’ll be due lol


Your picks are the best. I just fade and make bank each time. Thanks brotha!!


POTD Record 19:4 **Last Five:** Dinamo Zagreb +0 @ 2.27 **W** Mousesports ML @ 1.5 **W** Chelsea ML @ 1.55 **W** Burnley +0 @ 1.69 **W** Atletico Madryt ML @ 1.63 **W** **Today:** Teams: Pick: Suns +3.5 vs Jazz @ 1.96 Time: 3:00 GMT +1 **Reasoning:** We are on quite 8:0 streak, but be careful with your stakes, it is still early in season, so try to not overbet (even, if the pick is fantastic). Why Suns today? There are two reasons. Booker and ATS. The first will definitely prove himself today and the second one will increase even higher after this match. I really like even ML here and sidebet today is the under. Wish you (and me) luck today and happy new year boys! Follow my media to be up-to-date and join the crew: **Twitter:** https://twitter.com/fooxiedtips **Discord:** https://discord.gg/QPPm5DyJBH /I'm not best capper, but profitable. The discord is small, but with wise folks./




Overall 6-5 This Week 3-0 (Finally over .500 after starting 0-4) Good Evening Everyone! Last pick VCU -10.5 VCU crushed it and paced a solid win out as expected. Todays pick Minnesota +7.5 Do I hear dog fight? I imagine this one will be a slobber knocker that will go to a 4 point win depending on who as the lead at FT time. Minnesota is slept on and is still getting no love even after smacking MSU in the mouth. (Yes I know Sparty shot awful) I’m thinking neither team breaks 75 and it’s a nailbiter the whole way. Give me the gophers getting 7.5. 1.5-2 unit bet here. BOL either way (I think a ML bet is justified for the value and I also like the under.) Score prediction: 72-68 Wisco


Minnesota ML is veryyyyy enticing


Line moved to +9 overnight. Think I'm going to stay away from this one.


\+8 now


Either way, hope you stayed away like I did.


one unit Minn spread, one unit Minn ML








Romeo Potd record: 2-0 Last season 21-13 WW NBA 18:35 est Last pick: Boston -6.5 Today's pick: PHI -3 Boston easily smashed Memphis without Ja as expected. Today I'm liking Philly vs Orl. I expect Simmons and Embiid to come into this one and feast vs this ORL defense.no way they go 5-0. Let's keep the streak going. Bol


POTD Record: 52-24 Russian Liga Pro Table Tennis (22:00 AEDT) Aleksandr Volkov ML @2.20 v Yaroslav Troyanov Just gonna go with a risky pick that I think has value. Not much to go off however Troyanov has been in very bad form as of late having lost his last 6 games. Volkov’s form has been solid enough lately and just off form alone I’m hoping that he can come away with the win.


Great pick, thanks for the tip I’ve gotta say, this is the first time where I’ve had the feeling like, fuck, this is what I’m gambling on. Looks dodgy as shit. The players are obviously good but seeing two guys duke it out in a dingy basement makes me feel max degen


Tailed lfg


Winner 3-2


great call... great game... great sport!




Westbrook over rebounds has been at 7.5 8.5 and 9.5 first three games and has gone over easily. Will Hachimura's return affect Westbrook easily grabbing 10+ boards?


Stats: 163W 5D 140L (success rate 52 %), odds 1.50 - 1.90 Al Sharjah - Ajman / UAE League / Kick-off 13:00 GMT 0 / Prediction - win for Al Sharjah win for Al Sharjah Half-time / Full-time @ 1.61 Al Sharjah is the current leader in UAE League with 26 points out of 11 games (8W 2D 1L, goal difference 23-11), while Ajman lies on the 13th place with zero wins and only 3 points (0W 3D 8L, goal difference 5-24). I think that Al Sharjah will not have any problems today. Good luck!


Snuck out the late penalty. Good call!




Gonna tail this one thanks


Tailing, BOL everyone


Tailing. 0-2 on A league so far, so hoping you can guide me to a W


Looks like you're about to be 0-3 lol


record 6-2 2 game streak 🚨🚨 last pick - Athletico madrid - ML @ 1.50 ✅ (tottenham game got postponed which was my original POTD) Today’s POTD Thursday December 31 , 4 Pm eastern time pick - Army knights +7✅ Vs West virginia Reason -> this is a bowl game and army has been solid all year hosting a 9-2 record also having a very dominate defensive and West VA offence isint really super explosive , i’m taking the +7 don’t bet surprised if army wins outright it’s a championship game and i believe it all be close ! Best of luck update - Winner


only problem is the recent cheating scandal at west point takes 24 football players out of action tomorrow


They’re not suspended. The Superintendent is delaying their punishment until after the season concludes.


> The Superintendent is delaying their punishment until after the season concludes. How convenient.


Line moved to +10 in some books. News must have hit


Record: 2-1 Last: Tennessee ML✅ POTD: 2PM Cavs @ Pacers U218.5 (-140) Afternoon game on NYE just feels like it has under written all over it. Plus these have both been tough defenses early on CLE (2nd) Ind (8th). I’m sure others might be using this same base level reasoning, so I’d get in on that before the number gets too low. BOL!


I’m with ya brother


Record (1W-0-0) Last pick: NCAAF: Result: Oklahoma/Oklahoma (+105) ✅ Event: NCAAF: Mississippi State vs Tulsa Pick: Miss State 1H +0.5(-125) WHY THIS WILL HIT: Although Tulsa holds a 6-1 record they have been a terribly slow starting team. Over those 7 games they are 3-3-1 at halftime, the tie was a zero to zero tie with Tulane. Tulsa will be without their star linebacker Zaven Collins opting out for the draft. MSUs defense has been surprising solid all year with an offense that has been absent in half of their games. A power 5 team going against a group of 5 team usually produces a difference in talent and that is definitely the case when Tulsa has the ball. When MSU has the ball, they have been extremely one-dimensional. With Mike Leaches air raid offense, they have lived and died by the arm of their Freshman QB Will Rogers in recent weeks. The weather is calling for 20 mph winds and rain so it’ll force MSU into running the ball, which they proved they can do against a tough Mizzou run D two weeks ago. With Tulsa missing their top defensive player, I expect MSU to exploit them quickly and Tulsas slow starts to continue. Lets fucking bol.




Great one. Ty.


For picks that do not fit the Pick of the Day rules use the Daily Discussion threads. #**[Subreddit Rules](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/about/rules) + [Sportsbook Suggestion Threads](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/wiki/sportsbooks) +[FAQ](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/wiki/faq)**


**POTD - 1-2** (Yesterday: Wake Forest/Wisconsin U51.5❌) **1u** (I'll always only bet 1u) *| CBB | Big Ten | 4:30PM via BTN|* **Minnesota +8.5 (-110)** vs. Wisconsin First Iowa, then Michigan State, now Wisconsin. Look for the upset, or at the very least, the cover.




Record [2020]: 4/1/0 (WIN|LOSS|PUSH) • + 2.61 Units​ • both started 3:1 in the season, while Indiana had the tougher opponents in my opinion • Sabonis couldn’t find the net as much as I expected, but tonight he’s playing against Lance Jr instead of Tatum, who played very well • Pacers lost in a close match against Boston, while Cleveland failed to win against the fcking Knicks • Yesterday Recap: FCKING Doubles. Pick: CLE Cavaliers @ IND Pacers - 6.5 |🏀| NBA 21:00 CEST @ 1.75 | 3 UNIT


**Athletic Bilbao - Real Sociedad** *Soccer, La Liga, 14.00 local time (CET)* Pick: Real Sociedad +0 AH @ 1.839 Real Sociedad is the better team in this Basque derby. A bit of a rough streak recently for the San Sebastián based squad, but they should show up with a strong performance here. Especially since starman Oyarzabal figures to return for Sociedad. Value down to odds 1.78.


Although it's NYE there's still profit to be had so lets get it: Record: 0-0 Football -> Spain -> La Liga: **Osasuna vs Alaves - Over 0.5 goals 2H** + **Athletic Bilbao vs Real Sociedad - Over 0.5 goals 2H @ 1.75 (4%)** Osasuna, Alaves and Bilbao have all seen a goal in 100% of their second halves this year. Sociedad has a 75% goal rate in the 2nd half. Good stats overall, no time for a bigger writeup unfortunately.


__POTD Record 6-4__ Last Pick: Julius Randle over 22.5 points✅ NCAAF | Mississippi State vs. Tulsa | 12:00 PM EST __Today’s pick: Mississippi State +1 1/2 (-110)__ Reason: The Bulldogs have shown a lot of fight this season under coach Mike Leach. They’ve lost a bunch of close games to some quality SEC teams. On the other side Tulsa has won some close games against some lesser opponents so despite the difference in records, this game is much closer than it appears. Tulsa’s best player, LB Zaven Collins has opted out of the game. I feel that Bulldogs have been improving all season and it will pay off here in the form of a bowl win. __UPDATE: Boy that got ugly at the end, but nonetheless that’s a win. 7-4! ✅__


Reddit Record: 3-1 Last Pick: Cavaliers ML (-150) Today's Pick: 3-Team Teaser (-120) Ball State/SJSU o54, Cavaliers +14, Kings/Rockets o222.5 Last 48 on [Twitter](https://mobile.twitter.com/BearishBets): 33-15 Let's cash 💰


**POTD NBA Record 4-4** (+0.85u) *Last 10:* LLWLLWW**W** [Last POTD:](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/kmsr1c/pick_of_the_day_123020_wednesday/ghj2h5p/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3)(+2u) ✅ **CHA +8.5** at DAL (-110) to win 2 units **Today’s POTD:** **PHI -3** at ORL (-110) to win 2 units **Angle**: Magic’s first game of 4 game home stand off of 3 straight road wins is a BIG fade spot for me. Also buying low on the Sixers. I can see their price going up as we get deeper into the season. Taking the value at -3. **BOL** Follow me on [Twitter](https://twitter.com/JaySolePicks)


**POTD record 0-0** Orlando Magic - Philadelphia 76ers (-2.5) **@ 1.90** I think Doc Rivers will find his calculations at the Philadelphia 76ers, because Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid can create a game he wanted to play at Clippers. You can count on them at both ends of the field, which will come in very handy against Orlando. The Floridian team is still undefeated, but their success is also due to the three-point line sit-ups while the opponents are forced to play in-paint games but I'd be surprised if the High-man 76ers would let them play this. **BOL and Happy New Year!**


PotD record: 32-13-0 (WLP) (+28.34u) *all plays 1-3 units* ❌ u219.5 MEM-BOS (-1.1u) NBA 9:00pm EST (US) PHX Suns @ UTA Jazz pick: **PHX Suns +4 (-120)** size: 1.2u to win 1.0 I would play this game down to +2, but i do think there’s a great chance the suns win outright. the jazz have been so inconsistent this year, the suns have faired better - playing a much more consistent level of basketball. Saric returns from injury tonight, for the suns. this really helps the team overall, the suns weakest spot was their backup center position. Saric fills that role, which has been very very shaky between Smith and Jones. the suns young players have taken another big step forward this year. the addition of chris paul, a veteran PG, has been so valuable to the development of the sun’s young stars. the jazz are defensive minded team, but their defense isn’t anywhere as good as it was last season. i like the sun’s offense and the points in this matchup. bol everybody and happy nye [discord ](https://discord.gg/a9Seae36) (if you’d like)


Record: 2-3 NBA: Knicks vs Raptors Pick: Knicks +9.5 The Knicks have been playing everyone tough this year and I expect them to stay in this game.


**POTD record 0-0** NCAAF | Mississippi State vs. Tulsa | 12:00 PM EST **Today’s pick: UNDER 45.5 (-110)** Mike Leach is bad in bowl games (lost 3 of his last 4, and the won they won Gardner Minshew won for him out of nowhere). Their offense under performs when teams have a good D and appropriate time to game plan, which Tulsa does! Tulsa plays a lot of zone defense which is how you can slow down the air raid (how UW always handled WSU when Leach was there).




POTD Record: 1 - 0 Last Pick: 12/7/20 JD McKissic O24.5 rec. yards Today: **76ers -3** vs. Magic (-110) ​ 76ers are 3-0 when Embiid is in the lineup (he is today). Magic are the only undefeated team left, and a huge reason for that is the hot scoring streak of Terrence Ross. He's leading the Magic scoring 21 a game in 28 minutes. However, **he was just ruled out**. Also, I think the matchups favor the 76ers. Embiid vs. Vucevic, Simmons vs. Fultz, Harris vs. Fournier. Also, I think Vucevic is going to have an extremely rough time going up against Embiid then Dwight. Tough matchup.


POTD Record: 2-1 Precious POTD: Celtics +1 vs Pacers (W) Today’s POTD: Pelicans -5 Fuck I love the pelicans. I just had a long ass write up but I’ll just keep it to thunder are unorganized, and although pelicans chemistry with steven adams isn’t fully there yet, there’s no reason for them to not be able to cover.


**Gematria POTD: 0-2 (-3u)** Avg Odds: 2.88 Atlanta almost did it last night, they covered the spread but couldn't close out the game. Kyrie just took over in the 4th, and Trae disappeared. All the crazy things i saw with Atlanta ended up coming down to Steve Nash becoming 3-2 in his career v Atalanta Hawks = 32 LOL Sometimes its way easier than you think. Just like Knicks and Boston getting to 2-2. Hit on Miami and Charolette for other dogs in the night tho so wasn't a bad night. But let's get a W here tonight for the POTD! ​ CHANGING PICK FROM HOUSTON ml ! I SEE SOMETHING I LIKE FOR A DOG **New York Knicks @ Toronto Raptors - 18:30 CST** **Pick: NEW YORK KNICKS +9.5 @ 1.9 - 3u** ❌ Ok yes Houston ml still my fav play of the day but I was reviewing my notes and realized i miscalculated the recent head to head record between the Knicks and Raptors... Yes the Raptors can get to 1-1 at home this season with a win tonight, on 11 date num BUT I do see a strong argument for the Knicks to get the huge upset here to end 2020. First off there is no way I think the winless Raptors are 9.5 point favourites against a Knicks team who is actually playing winning basketball and competing this year... A winless team being the biggest fav of the day!? idk looks really fishy especially after seeing these points... \- The Knicks can get their 47th win h2h all time v Toronto on 47 date num \- Nick Nurse would pick up his 47th loss with that happening as well.. again 47 \- New York Knicks = 74 - the reverse of 47 (not to mention 74 and 47 are big numbers in gematria) \- Nurse could also stay on 111 wins all time in his career, against New York = 111 \- The last time the Knicks won at Toronto they scored 111 points as well. \- Knicks win would be their 19th on road against Toronto (19 = 8th prime) - They are currently on an 8 game losing streak on road against Toronto. The 8 streak could end today. So even if the Knicks lose and somehow all of this doesn't hit but the 1-1 home record hits for Toronto, I just cant see the Knicks getting blown out here, while they are a competitive team, and Toronto hasn't even won yet. Not to mention Toronto isn't even playing in Toronto this year.... Knicks ml is @ 4.5 - im putting a unit on that as well, but this spread is just way too high for those riddles that I see, even if the 11 is consistent throughout the day. with the 11 date numerology i do see a lot of teams that can fall to 1-1 either home or away on the season: Tor with W, Cavs with L, Magic with L, Kings with L, and Jazz with W. Unfortunately for us all of those would have the fav win. So could be a nice day for some fav parlays! ​ [Twitter](https://twitter.com/WookieNightmare) [Gematria Calculator](http://www.gematrinator.com/calculator/index.php) ​ BOL to all! :)


**POTD Record:** 3-2, +0.8u **Pick:** Raptors -9.5 (-110)|NBA|7:30 PM EST| **Reasoning**: I run a player-based model-based that accounts for team rotations, minutes played, rest, and injuries. Last year, it went 159-126, +19.7u. The biggest edge for tonight's slate is the Raptors, who I would have as a 14.2-point underdog to the Knicks. That offers 4.72 points of value. Best of luck on all of your bets tonight!


Record: 9-9 Last: Andy Dalton Under 253? NFL✖️ Today’s: Minnesota +8 vs. Wisconsin CBB I went against the red rocket and paid dearly. But holy crap Minnesota looks legit! That win against Iowa and SLU sealed the deal for me. If they get this many points I have to take it. Best of luck to everyone


Record 2-1 Middleton over 20.5 points + bucks ML ✅ Hayward over 4.5 assists ❌ Naturally Hayward would have an epic bad performance last night and the hornets would somehow blow out the mavs... oh well. Today’s pick has extreme value at +132 Darius Garland over 2.5 rebounds Has had over 5 rebounds in 3/4 games this year, and he plays over 30 min a night. With the positive odds and his history of hitting this. I think it’s a solid play for the day. BOL


0-1 Last write was long and we lost. So here it is Under 64 Ball vs San Jose St No balling here just pure defensive struggle. Best of luck. I bet the college fund of the kid I don't like.


So you bet all your kids college funds lol speaking as a father


POTD record 1-0 Last play: Barnsley ML English championship W Today’s play: San Jose vs Ball state under 64.5 at 1.83 San Jose have a very underrated defence and not one of their games have ended up in the 60s this season. I believe this line is inflated by a very overrated ball state offence that won’t have as much success today.


My book caps odds at 10:1. 6 team teaser. 0.5 Unit. Miss St +6 Ball St/Sj St O 58.5 WVU/Army U 48 Minnesota +13.5 Michigan +3.5 Wizards -1.5


**Record 5-3** Last Pick: Wake Forest +10 Hartman had an absolute second half collapse. Tough to come back from a big kick return, a blocked punt, and four (!!!!) interceptions. Such is life in gambling. **Today's pick: West Virginia University -7** Reasoning: Quite simply the power run game of Army is not going to be enough to overcome the Mountaineer offense. Averaging nearly 60 rush attempts per game is not a recipe for success, as is usually the case when a service academy team plays against an opponent like WVU. Once they get behind, they will find it difficult to catch up. A low point total (42 o/u) makes me believe this game will end with WVU covering a touchdown point spread. BOL if tailing.


Where are you finding -7?


Record: 1-2 ROI: -4u Last Pick: Zion Double Double❌ Today’s Pick: Magic Vs **Sixers -3.5** (1u) Magic are on a hotstreak but its gotta end soon. Sixers are still the better team. Not much else to say.


**Record - 0-2** **Last Pick - Iowa -6.5 vs Minnesota L** **Today's Pick - Army +10 vs WVU (-110)** Army will be able to limit the amount of possessions in this game, and despite never seeing the pass in practice, they have one of the best passing defenses in the nation. West Virginia hasn't faced a triple option team under this coaching staff, and just found out about this game less than a week ago. Army will also be motivated because they didn't have a bowl opponent until Tennessee pulled out due to covid. ​ BOL


Fuuuuuuuuuck San Jose State and all idiots like me who picked them!!!!!


4-6 on Reddit posted plays since dec 19. Today I have West Virginia over 40.5


**POTD: 104-101 -4.47U** **CFB, 1:00 pm PST: Army +9 vs. West Virginia (-110)** think its too many points with how limited West Virginia's offense is, looks like a really ugly/ low scoring game that's decided by one possession either way


POTD record 3-1. Last pick Oklahoma vs Florida Over 65.5 **W** College Football- Army vs West Virginia. **ARMY +9.5** Army players wept for joy when hearing they'll have a chance to play another game. Tail picks at twitter: Lance @ NastyGoldPicks BOL if tailing


**POTD record**: 3-0 (+3.17u) **Today's pick**: Thomas Bryant under 7.5 rebounds (-111/1.9) **Game**: Chicago Bulls vs Washington Wizards (17:05 EST) **Wager**: 1u


POTD Record: 2-1 **Luguentz Dort 3’s Made - Over 1.5 @ -136** Dort is averaging 47% on his attempts so far. That’s mostly carried by a 5 of 7 game, but he’s attempted 7 and 8 in his last two games and has hit 3+ in each. [More](https://bankrollbets.com/nba-picks-luguentz-dort-player-props/)


**POTD Record:** 9-7-1, +0.22 units (*based on 1 unit bets)* World Juniors | Team USA vs. Team Sweden | 9:30 p.m. EST **Pick: Team USA -1 (+108)**