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Darts 🎯- PDC World Championship Darts Record: 27-11 Previous World Championship picks: Jeff Smith (-122) v Keane Berry ✅ Chris Dobey (-152) v Jeff Smith ✅ Daryl Gurney (-152) v William OConnor ✅ Adam Hunt (+120) v Jamie Hughes ✅ Mervyn King (-175) v Max Hopp ✅ Jeffrey de Zwaan (+100) v Ryan Searle ❌ Ian White (-175) v Kim Huybrechts ❌ Joe Cullen (-139) v Jonny Clayton ✅ Gary Anderson (-152) v Mensur Suljovic ✅ Daryl Gurney (-125) v Chris Dobey ✅ POTD: Gary Anderson (-125) v Devon Petersen Six really great matches today. Most intriguing to me is the tightest in terms of odds. Rolling with World #13 Gary Anderson to defeat World #29 Devon Petersen. In his previous match against Mensur Suljovic, Ando was incredibly steamed at Suljovic’s antics. Ando contends Mensur purposefully went to the wrong table to begin the match, and everyone watching witnessed Suljovic’s slow as fuck pace of play. He’d be dicking around at the table as Anderson is leaving the board, when he should be at the occe ready to throw. The Gentle’s antics clearly affected Anderson early on, but The Flying Scotsmen rattled off six consecutive legs at the end to seize the victory. I really liked what I saw from Ando in those final six legs. The African Warrior, Devon Petersen, is a very good player, and had a decent start to 2020. In his last five events though, he’s finished Last 128 (4x) and Last 96 (1x). In those same events, Ando has acquired 1 win, 1 semi final, and 2 last 16s. Ando also holds a 4-0 lifetime head to head against Petersen. Odds opened as a coin flip, both parties at (-111). I’m getting Anderson at (-125) currently and consider it a very good price. Gimme The Flying Scotsmen to get through The African Warrior and advance to the quarterfinals. ————- Edit - WINNER ✅———————- Gary Anderson killing it on the check outs, white washing Petersen, winning 4-0. 🔥


Regardless of if we win or lose, I’m pretty sure darts has become my favorite sport. Bless you for showing me this wonderful sport and making me some money!


Tailing the 🌶 to make up for this horrible night of NBA betting. Fucking nuggets.


My buddy won $400 off of Jokic over 10.5 rebounds on a stat correction. Lol


PEPPER 🌶🫑 DOES IT AGAIN!!!! This man is the GOAT! Absolutely on 🔥🔥🔥


I have heard so much about Ned Pepper and so impressed with this write up that I am going to tail darts for the first time ever.


Enjoy the blessings that Ned gifts us all.




I hope you realize, that youhave had such a big impact oin this community. Not only do you help others make money. You introduced us to the beautiful game, darts which is fun and interesting. Keep it up 🌶️


I can’t believe I just bet on darts


Lmao won’t be the last time eh?


welcome to the family!


🌶 is life


Didn’t even bet on this but watching the Twitter stream because of the hype behind 🌶. This dude is the dart betting GOAT holy shit lmao


Damn Devon Peterson got up today pumped himself up, believed in himself, put on a shirt with a picture of himself and then stood there watching with the look of just eating a ghost pepper as the flying Scotsman played a perfect round of darts (I don’t know I’ve only watched darts since Ned Pepper came around)


Why did I wait until today to tail Señor Ned Pepper? 🌶


Tennessee Titans LEGEND Gary Anderson. Tailing. MY MAN!


Vikings fan here. Don't need to tell you how nervous I am betting on Gary Anderson...


Vikings fan here as well. Probably the best kicker we've had. Except one time.


He cursed Vikings kickers for the rest of time to assure he'd hold his franchise records.




I promised myself never to bet on anderson ever again after that match. BOL 🌶 SQUAD EDIT: im a degen and there was no way i was gonna fade the 🌶 squad.


My book is a hoe every match you pick he doesn't put up. Yesterday couldn't find Gurney, today I see him but can't find Anderson. Fuck every time I get an edge they take it away.


Line moved to 141 but still riding. Love that I can watch it at work and people think I'm a darts dork. 🌶️


You still work? I retired and just tail Ned's picks to pay the mortgage.


How can I watch from work?! Is there a free stream?


just seach "darts twitch" and it'll popup. IDK how it works. I just pull up the pasty blokes on my second monitor and try to follow along.


Heritage took Darts off lol


bullshit lol was about to hammer


Let’s ride!!! Keep it rolling LFG!


Ned the GOAT.


Give us another win Pepperboi!! 🌶🫑


Fire me up one time, PepperMan!!!! 🌶🌶




Crazy match. Anderson should have been down 2 sets to 1. Petersen missed at least 10 darts to win legs over the last 3 sets.


I love when I see Ned_Pepper post!


The pepper!!! Gary just kicked that dudes ass


Ned you beautiful son of a bitch. we love you.




You’re the man, Pepper.


Tailed 🌶


I live for the 🌶️


What time is the match in est?


845am CST


Thanks Mr 🌶️


I'm naming my next child after the 🌶


quick tip I noticed yesterday too. A great live bet is who will get more 180s. I bet the favorite once they go down and have cashed a couple times


Why not give it a shot? I see this comment at the top of POTD everyday. Tailing and got it at -145 right at start.


Ohhhh Garry Garry!!!




What about a $20 spot to Ned as a tip off that 1k cashed friend?


I hope everyone is tipping Ned and that dude who puts up the twitch streams lol


man this anderson dude is gansta af ​ lets gooooo


More picks plss




Where do y’all stream this?


Twitch, just search PDC or darts


🌶 forever


🌶 Legend


For people who like to go a little bit crazy sometimes what do you think about the other games? Asking for a friend :D Searle to beat Bunting? Van Duijvenbode to beat Durrant?


Imagine if this was all a set up just so 🌶can cash out big time in the finals...Nah... BOL Tailing the 🌶


Where do you watch darts?




You can also follow the action here https://www.flashscore.com/darts/world/pdc-world-championship/


Are these ever on draft kings?




Yes it’s under the category PDC


Goat. Thanks bro ✅


Not even a sweat mate


Let's goooooo


We love you brother 🎯🌶




The 🌶 stays flaming hot! You love to see it!!


Very nice


KINGS STAY MF KINGS. You’re the goat pepper.


God bless the pepper.


Win. Mopped the floor with him. Great pick, Ned! 🌶 = 💰


Easiest bet of my life 🌶


🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶 he did it again!!!!




first time tailing. thanks brother


My 🌶 is hard!!


Thanks.. Once again. actually for the 7th time 😤


you are the man. went rogue on -1.5 too and hit both!


After that performance from Anderson it is going to be very hard to bet against him. Guy looked like a killer out there.


And we continue, Ned the goat!! Ty mate!!! 🎯


A clean sweep 🧹good job man!!!


Thank you 🌶🌶🌶






The holy 🌶 once again blessed us on this fine Wednesday. Ned ruined petersens chances as soon as he submitted that pick. Ty ned for all you do and turning darts into a superbowl event. Can't fake being the GOAT. Ride or die with the pepper!


Jeezus, way to kill it. Did not expect such a dominating performance.


My highest earning bet is officially a Ned Pepper special. Thanks dude!


This is my first time tailing the pepper. There is no going back now. Take me to the promise land mr pepper


Caution: This Pepper is HoT! 🔥


**Record: 6-1-0 (Streak W) Up 4.47u over 7 NBA picks**  (was 40-42-3 Down 3.01u over 85 KBO picks) **Last:** *Orlando -5 at Oklahoma City* (The Magic lead pretty much the whole way and pulled away late to win by 11.) **Pick:** Atlanta at Brooklyn **UNDER 240 -110**, NBA Basketball, 7:30pm ET Back in the win column and now I'm hoping to get a streak going with another under. The last time I bet under on a Hawks game, we lost... and it wasn't close. But that was then and this is now. The Nets are playing their 3rd game in 4 days. That's the kind of thing that leads to a lot of short jump shots. The good news for Brooklyn is Durant and Irving sat last game, but Harris and LaVert combined for 80 minutes in the overtime tilt. And Dinwiddie is out with a knee injury. The Hawks are playing their 3rd game in 5 days. Trae Young will likely get his, but the rest of the team may have trouble with the best defensive team they've faced so far this year. The Nets are not going to let this game turn into a track meet. Tail or fade, I wish you the best of luck!


Yep I am likely tailing this. Magic was a great pick. Like your logic here. Let’s fucking ride my boy.


just know the hawks don’t play defense, just vibes


The all vibes team on that end of the floor. Just lazy flails at the ball


Tired teams = bad defense = high scoring. BOL but I’m gonna sit this one out altogether. Keep crushing it though!


Sounds good. I see it the other way, but I've been wrong plenty before!


79 in 1Q this is already over man


Holy shit we dead


Pick was way off. They be shooting like no tmrw


Like the logic but in the end ATL is a high scoring team that plays bad D. I think I'll go with the Brooklyn over as it seems a safer hit. Could see Durant and Kyrie comine for 60-70 alone. BOL, maybe we both get a hitter here.


tailed at 239, BOL!


Tailed. Let’s get this bread! BOL


**Overall Record 68-32-3** *Bank* : **100u** *Profit:* **+69.68u** *Average Value:* **1.90** *Win Rate:* **67.3%** *Streak:* **1L** **WWWWWWLWWWWWCWLWWWWWWWWLWLWWWLWLWWLLWWCWWWWWLWWLLLWLWWWLWLLLWLWLWLLWWLWWWLLWWWLWWWLWWWWWLLWWWLLWLLWWWWL** *Previous Pick* : *Iowa vs Minnesota* **over 162.5 (-110)** **Todays Pick:** **UNC -3 (-110)** vs Georgia Tech **NCAAB 1700 EST** After last games lack luster perfomance against Rival NC State I expect them to have a different first half approach. Keeping Alvarado in check will be the key to victory and I believe they are strong enough to finish up 6-7 in the late minutes so I will take the 3. *2u to win 1.8u* **LOSE** ​*This model is for long term profit. Always bet responsibly and use units that will allow you to bounce back from losses. I can't guarantee I'll always be right but just know I'm placing bets along with you on everyone POTD I post. BOL to anyone who tails* **The odds posted are at time my wager is placed, meaning they are subject to immediate change. Get them early or you might have to eat juice. Esports lines move very quickly and I don't suggest betting the line after its moved greatly.** **Tip Jar :** *Don't come to reddit and post about the pick while its still live. No one likes a mush.* # Follow me on [email protected] [**https://twitter.com/PokeyEsports**](https://twitter.com/PokeyEsports)


Would you take the hook at -3 1/2?


Always buy the .5 down is my mantra.


That's what I ended up doing today. Couldn't do it last night on BetOnline.


I just do it every time because why not? Lol The anguish of losing by a half point it not worth the risk.


I definitely agree. For whatever reason BetOnline won't let you buy points until the day of sometimes.


Love this pick. KenPom says hammer it as well


Great pick but FYI it’s 8 PM EST, or 2000 EST


# YESTERDAYS POTD THREAD STATS (2020/12/29) **Total Record:** 8-6-1 **Total ROI:** \+5.07% **Total Units (assuming 1u per bet):** \+0.76u **Average Odds:** 1.83 ​ # POTD THREAD STATS (SINCE 2020/12/10) **Top voted POTD record:** 16-4 **Total POTD record:** 167-123-10 **Total ROI:** \+4.75% **Total Units:** \+14.24u ​ *Valid Pick Criteria:* * *Identical picks with slightly different lines are only taken as one pick (i.e. Bills +2 and Bills +3 would be considered as one pick)* * *Opposing picks will not be counted* * *Only the first 15 valid POTD picks (by upvotes) will be used for analysis* * *POTD order taken at 12:00PM EST*


These are the picks btw if I am correct. Some of them are already live though: Anderson ML Atlanta/Brooklyn U240.5 UNC -3 Oklahoma/Oklahoma Sweden U20 (Icehockey) A Madrid to win to nill Germany U20 (Icehockey) Tottenham ML Oklahoma Sooners ML Wake Forest/Wisconsin (American Football) U51.5 Hobart Hurricanes ML DeMar Rozan O20.5 points Tottenham win & under 4.5 goals VCU -10.5 (basketball) CSKA Moscow ML (basketball)


Record: 1-4 Last: Canada v Switzerland WJC u8 ❌. I’m fucking trash. I said the Swiss couldn’t score but forgot the Canadians can drop a 10 piece on a team whenever they feel like it. Today: Sweden ML v Russia World Juniors Hockey 930pm EST It doesn’t even matter what I think anymore. You’d think I’d just get lucky one of these days. Anyway I like Sweden against Russia. Lukas Raymond is a stud. Russians played yesterday. Fuck it. Fade me I don’t care. Edit: SWEDES TIE IT!!!! There’s life! Edit2: I’m cursed. Russians score with 5.6 left in OT. Another L. Pain. GLTA


Stay strong buddy lmao


Im gonna be honest. This is a fade opportunity if ive ever seem one


Record (0-0-0) Last pick: NFL: Bills O26.5 points (-124) ✅ Event: NCAAF: Florida vs Oklahoma Pick: HT/FT Result: Oklahoma/Oklahoma (+105) WHY THIS WILL HIT: Florida is missing 6 key players for this bowl game. 4 of Kyle Trasks top receivers and their 2 top pass rushers. Oklahoma is missing only one of their cornerbacks which is a slight concern with the play of Trask this year. Oklahoma has started hot all year, going 9-0-1 at halftime this year, the tie being with Texas. OU QB Spencer Rattler hasnt been as dynamic as past Oklahoma QBs in recent years but with a 25:7 TD to INT ratio, its undeniable thats he’s a great college QB. His only fault this year has been when he was pressured and without Floridas top 2 pass rushers, he should be set for a big day. Theres not many players with the combination of power and agility of OU RB Rhamondre Stevenson. With Floridas defense ranked 92nd in rushing success and 91st in tackling, Im expecting Stevenson to make plenty of big plays. Kyle Trask is going to have a tough start finding new targets to throw to while Oklahoma should have no problem putting up points in a hurry. Trask might be able to make this game close at the end, but a tough Oklahoma defense wont make it easy to keep up with the Sooners offense. First pick on the new account. Lets fucking bol.


I bet too early for this game. When I bet on Florida two days ago, the line was -2.5. Now it’s +4.5 because of the recent opt outs and other missing players. Thought I was getting a steal at -2.5 lol.


Really like this pick, it’s at +200 on MGM so I hammered that shit


They have Florida/Florida at +130 but OU ML at -175 Someone at MGM messed up.


Are you saying to chose the spread or money line with this? Sorry to be a noob.


Its a double result pick, Oklahoma 1st half ML and final ML. Better odds than the spread or ML


He’s saying bet Oklahoma to win 1st half AND final.


Tailing I love this pick. Been waiting for a good bowl pick. Thanks


Does anyone use bet365 I can’t seem to make the HF/FT parlay on this game


POTD record: 16^(W) \- 0^(P) \- 6^(L) [paypal.me/ramonjgt](https://paypal.me/ramonjgt) if you wanna and can tip me, every tip is appreciated ;) Previous POTD: **Inverness C vs Dunfermline: BTTS yes @ 1.72** ✅ ​ Today's POTD: **Ath Madrid vs Getafe: BTTS no and Ath Madrid win @ 1.90** ✅ # Win, win, win, win 👹 *Reasoning:* |*Ath Madrid (1st)*||*Getafe (12th)*| |:-|:-|:-| |*3/13*|*BTTS*|*4/14*| |*9/13*|*Clean Sheets*|*6/14*| |*3/13*|*Fail To Score*|*6/14*| |*7/13*|*Win To Nil*|*4/14*|


I took Athletico Madrid to win to nil -107. Athletico have won 12 straight vs Getafe and the aggregate score in those games is Athletico Madrid 25 Getafe 0 The streak and score may be even worse but my data only went back to 2013.


bovada has madrid to win 1-0, 2-0, or 2-1 @ +125. slammed it.


too easy


**POTD Record:** 1-0 **Last POTD:** Russell Westbrook +8.5 assists @ -115 (W) **POTD:** DeMar Derozan +20.5 points @ -106 (NBA - Lakers @ Spurs, 8:30pm EST) **Info:** DeRozan scored 28 and 27 in his first two games before putting up 8 on 3/12 shooting Sunday. That third game was on a back to back after what had to be an emotionally charged game against his former team. He'll be back to his normal self after two days of rest and it should be a decently high scoring game (the O/U is at 230 right now). Hard to imagine DeRozan doesn't get to 21 if the Spurs put up 100. Jump on this early because like yesterday's Westbrook pick did, I expect the line to move up as it gets closer to game time.


Nice pick boss






IIHF World Jrs Germany @ +153 German team is now healthy with some COVID isolation players finally returning in time for their game against a Swiss team playing on a back-to-back, fresh off a 10-0 beat down from Canada. Germany showed some life in their OT win against Slovakia and will feature the best player on the ice for this game in Tim Stutzle.


POTD Record 18:4 **Last Five:** Juventus -1.5 @ 1.83 **W** Dinamo Zagreb +0 @ 2.27 **W** Mousesports ML @ 1.5 **W** Chelsea ML @ 1.55 **W** Burnley +0 @ 1.69 **W** **Today:** Teams: Pick: Atletico Madryt ML @ 1.63 vs. Getafe Time: 19:15 GMT +1 **Reasoning:** Great start after long break, it was ugly match as I expected, but with safe 1:0 win without single sweat. Today we have another relatively safe match. Atletico performing phenomenal this year and they are Getafes kryptonite. Why? Because Getafe did not score single goal to Atletico since 9-fuckin-years and now Atletico is even better team. I also like BTTS-no as a side bet, but my main is Atletico ML, because even if Getafe scores at last, Atletico will outscore them. Follow my media to be up-to-date and join the crew: **Twitter:** https://twitter.com/fooxiedtips **Discord:** https://discord.gg/QPPm5DyJBH /I'm not best capper, but profitable. The discord is small, but with wise folks./


Pick of the Day Record : 18W 5L +9.46 Units EPL @ 04:00 AEST Tottenham @ $1.50 Tottenham need a win at home here to keep their title chances alive and are up against a Fulham side who are sitting in the relegation zone. The Spurs are almost at full strength and should be able to take this one. Twitter : [WolandJunior](https://twitter.com/WolandJunior)


100 to profit 43 feels like a big risk. It’s one thing in a basketball game or something you know can’t end in a draw but this theoretically can. Would you take the Spurs -1 at -129 or under 2.5 at -102 or Spurs under 2 goals at -140? I see this being 1-0, 2-0, or at worst, 2-1 Spurs. Thoughts?


https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55420342 There's a chance this might be called off because of covid FYI


Record 2-3, -2u College Football Oklahoma Sooners ML (-170) vs FL Gators Bet to win 2u Florida has too many opt outs in this game for my liking. Their defense has been very poor this year, so I would not be shocked to see this turn into a shootout. Florida’s offense is very unbalanced, as they pass the majority of the time, and with 4 of their top 5 targets out, I just can’t back them. They are also missing a starting cornerback, which won’t help their porous defense. I don’t think they’ll be blown out or anything, I just think they come up short without their stars on offense.




Got this as well


Why did they pay it? I’m confused, but I’ll take it. 😂


Who knows? I only play small bets so I only bet $5 like an idiot, could have had way more.




Bro I rode you on it and in my head I’m just watching like this team really letting us both down 😂 Let’s get it back sir 🤝


**POTD - 1-1** (Yesterday: NW +10.5❌) **1u** (I'll always only bet 1u) *| CFB | Bowl Season | 12PMEst ESPN |* **UNDER 51.5 (-110)** Wake Forest vs. Wisconsin Dusty Dunk fell short on Tuesday with Iowa and Jordan Bohannon showing up and showing out vs. Northwestern, with a 87-72 final. So, let’s get back in the win column. Today’s pick kicks off at noon for a nice slate of college football bowl games. Wisconsin is an under machine, plain and simple. I think this point total is too inflated since WF has been known to score, but their best RB is opting out to prepare for the draft. Wisconsin has only scored 33 combined points in their 3 games in December. For more support towards this under trend, Wisconsin’s last 4 games have hit the under. BOL, tail or fade! Edit: ❌ special teams and turnovers, man..


POTD Record: 18-8 Profit: +7.56 POTD: Premier League - Tottenham vs Fulham - Tottenham win & under 4.5 goals in the game @ 1.84 (-119) Tottenham is a good defensive team, they need to bounce back cause they have not been winning lately, and they will do so at home, against a below average Fulham team. [paypal.me/diasgabriel33](https://paypal.me/diasgabriel33) For extra picks besides POTD: [https://twitter.com/diasgabriel33](https://twitter.com/diasgabriel33) BOL if you tailin/not goin against me


This game may be covid pp’ed


Who cares? If it does then the bet is void, you don’t lose anything




Hey guys! Degen here! record: 0-0 Basketball | EuroLeague | 2:45 EST CSKA Moscow ML (1.65) vs Olimpia Milano Pretty simple, actually. CSKA Moscow is undefeated in their last 13 games.. all competition. 13-3 EuroLeague record, enough to make them 1st. Olimpia is in 8th, and with a 9-6 EuroLeague record. I think CSKA Moscow takes it... but life happens. Tail with caution, bet responsibly.. but I know you degens fkn won’t listen to me. Good luck mother fuckers with big cocks❤️


**Atlético Madrid - Getafe** *Soccer, La Liga, 19.15 local time (CET)* Pick: Atlético Madrid @ 1.64 I'm backing the home favorite. Getafe will miss some players, and Atletico has been extremely efficient this season. Another win will put further pressure on Atleti's competitors and put the capital team in an even greater position for the title, so the motivation should be high. Value down to 1.59 according to my model.


POTD record: 32-12-0 WLP (+29.44u) *all plays 1-3 units* [last play:](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/km4se9/pick_of_the_day_122920_tuesday/ghfxdm4/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3) ✅ ORL -5.5 (+1.0u) NBA Memphis @ Boston 7:30pm EST (US) pick: **under 219.5 (-110)** size: 1.1u to win 1.0 i like this game down to 219, i wouldn’t go lower than that. grizzlies will be short handed. ja getting hurt REALLY hurts this team of course. i expect boston to clamp down defensively. memphis will be playing with rotations they aren’t used to. even if they were used to playing without ja, there isn’t much the rest of the team can do offensively (especially with jaren jackson already out) i expect it to be a low scoring affair. very low scoring for memphis in particular. rushed this write up, will try and come back and edit asap. *edit* this line moved down a ton after i posted, but has crept back up to 218.5. the impact of ja being out cannot be overstated, the whole pace of the game will change. memphis is now down to only 1 pg (tyus). the celtics are playing a back to back game tonight and in the middle of 3 games in 4 nights. cant pass up a spot this good, way too much value to not bet the under. bol everyone [my discord](https://discord.gg/dRyPhA8f7x)


**POTD NBA Record 3-4** (-1.15u) [Last POTD:](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/km4se9/pick_of_the_day_122920_tuesday/ghf40gb/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3) (+2u) ✅ **MIL -5.5** at MIA (-110) to win 2 units **Today’s POTD:** **CHA +8.5** at DAL (-110) to win 2 units **Angle**: First game home after a 4 game road stand is always a flat spot for teams after a win. The icing on the cake is that they blew out the clippers last game. The price is off here. The hornets should carry some momentum off of the Nets win to stick within the number. **BOL** Follow me on [Twitter](https://twitter.com/JaySolePicks)


Record 5-5 This Week 2-0 Good Evening Everyone! Last Pick WVU -18 Sweat first 30 minutes relax the last 10. I’ll take it. Today’s Pick - VCU -10.5 Saint Joe’s has played tough game after tough game and this one is easier but not easy enough. VCU is a superior team and should win by 13-14 points here. VCU has a scare against JMU and should bounce back and play solid basketball. They’ll slowly but surely grow a lead and I expect them to hold it. Wouldn’t throw a more than 1 or 2 units at this tough. Tail or Fade BOL Score Prediction 83-69


**All picks are standard 1u unless otherwise specified.** **2019 POTD Record: 6-4** **2020 POTD Record: 3-3-1 (-0.15u)** **Last pick: Maryland @ Wisconsin Over 133 (-105) \[2W\]** Two in a row now, certainly not the way I expected the over to hit but at least we squeaked out a W. It would have been nice to see the Badgers hit a few more free throws for less stress but it's all good. **Today's pick: NCAAF 11:00 AM CT Wake Forest @ Wisconsin alt Under 49.5 (+110)** Only two bowl games on today, not feeling anything close to high/max values on either game but got nothing else to do since I'm off work till the end of the year. I think the regular line at 51 is not terrible either, but I'd rather get plus odds when possible. Badgers haven't played a game over 40+ combined in the last 4 games, albeit against good defenses in NW, IN, and IA. I know the knock on Wake Forest is that they have a high powered offense and a pretty meh defense, but I have enough faith in the Badger D to hold them under 30 for sure. Badgers also get Jalen Berger back which is HUGE for the run game, but will still be missing core receivers. I think the last few games we've struggled to establish anything consistent on the ground forcing us to get out of our usual offense; I expect us to control both sides of the line all game and dominate TOP. Final score: Badgers 27, Wake Forest 17.


POTD 2-0 Yesterday Middleton over 20.5 point and Bucks ML +158✅ Today Hayward Over 4.5 Assists @-144 Has had 7 assists every game this season. If feeling spicy, upgrade to the points + assists over 23.5 @-106


**The William Hill World Darts Championship 2021** 🎯 All picks in December will be focused on the WC. All plays 4U unless stated otherwise. ​ Record: **7-5**|**+1.36U** | Streak: **1W** Previously: Steve West 3-0 vs Amit Gilitwala @ 1.66 ✅ Ryan Joyce ML vs Karel Sedlacek @ 1.57 ✅ Luke Woodhouse ML vs Jamie Lewis @ 1.72 ❌ Haupai Puha ML vs Mickey Mansell @ 2.75 (2U) **❌** Matt Campbell +1.5 Sets vs Scott Waites @ 1.61 ✅ Vincent van der Voort ML vs Ron Meulenkamp @ 1.67 ✅ Kim Huybrechts +1.5 Sets vs Ian White @ 1.61 ✅ Adrian Lewis -1.5 vs Danny Baggish @ 1.76 **❌** Suljovic to win 1st Set vs Matt Edgar @ 1.57 ✅ Kim Huybrechts ML vs Ryan Searle @ 2.05 **❌** Nathan Aspinall vs Vincent van der Voort @ 1.70 **❌** Devon Petersen -1.5 Sets vs Jason Lowe @ 1.92 ✅ ​ POTD: Stephen Bunting vs Ryan Searle **Ryan Searle ML @ 1.66** Searle should kill him if he plays his A game. Bunting is a handy player but was very fortunate in his last game that Wade played terrible (for his standards). Searle has been playing consistently well and think he gets over the line.


2-0 up in the final set, with throw... that hurts.


Gematria POTD: 0-1 (-1u) Avg odds: 2.6 ​ Yesterday: Well didn't expect Griffin to leave the game half way through... and still the Pistons were able to keep it tight until the end. Originally was gonna post the Knicks as my POTD but decided Pistons cause of higher odds lol never again cause that one won too easy... ​ Today: **Atlanta Hawks @ Brooklyn Nets - 18:30 CST** **Pick: Atlanta ml @ 3.15 - 2u** ❌ - came really close ! Everyone on the Nets even though the Hawks are "scorching" hot right now. (scorching = 48, Atlanta = 48). Atlanta's coach Lloyd Pierce is going for his 53rd career win, Brooklyn Nets =53. in his 153rd game (17th triangular - Hawks =17, and Brooklyn Nets also = 170) in Gematria 0 has no value so 170 is also seen as 17 Trae Young is averaging 34 pts right now, and the last time the Hawks beat the Nets was exactly 3 years and 4 weeks ago (34) Brooklyn would stay on 83 h2h wins all time (23rd prime) - would fall to 2-3 Theres a lot more random crazy things I see just perfectly lined up for Atlanta to upset here... plus the sharp money is already heading Atlanta's way. They were +7 now just dropped to +6. I just straight up don't see why they are such big dogs when they are playing so good right now with Trae... actually really like this pick for too many reasons As always if you're too scared to drop on the money line, the spread looks good too at +6 right now. ​ Other dogs I like today are: MEM, MIA, CHA, SA - basically all dogs are live tonight 😂 ​ [Gematria Calculator](http://www.gematrinator.com/calculator/index.php) [Twitter](https://twitter.com/WookieNightmare) ​ BOL to all :)


POTD: 0-1 LAST PICK: James Wiseman o/11 PTS ❌ (hurts) Today’s Pick 🔒: Atlanta Hawks vs. Brooklyn Nets UNDER 240.5 2u (1.89u) Reason: 240 points is ridiculously hard to hit for any team this year, even for these 2 high powered offenses. It was only hit a few times in the bubble last year. With that being said I love this pick. BOL if tailing or fading and GG’s.


Record : 1-0 Sport : NBA {Lakers -6} -110 vs. Spurs 8:35 PM EST Reason: Lebron’s birthday.


**50 to 1000\* Challenge** Date: 12/25 **Total Run Record: 1 - 2, Profit: $+1062.39** **Run 4: 0-0** **$50 to win $437.50** **Same-Game Parlay (+875)** Terry Rozier O19.5 Pts Terry Rozier O3.5 3s CHA to Win Resuming the challenge for run 4. Starting a new fun challenge and using reddit to keep my records, this only has to hit 1 in 20 runs to break even.


Record [2020]: 4/0/0 (WIN|LOSS|PUSH) • + 3.61 Units​ • Gerwyns Games were very close this tournament (4:3, 3:2) • With Mervyn King the opponents are getting better and I don’t see Price dominating him at his current form • In my opinion, I could see Price easily go home in the next two matches Pick: G. Price vs. M. King Over 5.5 Sets | 🎯| PDC 20:45 CEST @ 1.70 | 1 UNIT


**POTD Record:** 0-0 (Longtime betting degenerate, first time posting) **POTD:** 1st Half Combined Total Over 34 points (-110) ✅ Florida vs Oklahoma, Cotton Bowl **Info:** Florida has been starting the first half slowly in every game this season and still averages over 22 points in the first half. Yes, Florida will be without 4 of their top receiving targets, but that will weigh into this pick as well. Dan Mullens knows that he won't be able to grind the Sooners down with speedy plays and dominate the 2nd half, so I would look for Florida to step on the gas early. If you are worried about the lack of Pitts, Grimes, and Toney, it's understandable. Oklahoma has also averaged a decently high 1st half total and this is without facing Florida's leaky secondary. Looking for OU to try to flex hard in the first half. All said, you're asking two high powered offenses to cover 5 combined TDs in the first half of a bowl game. Throw in the potential for a pick-six or a scoop and score and that's what makes this my pick of the day. BOL. Potential side pick: Wait until just before kickoff to see if the line continues to go up, since the money is coming in strong for OU. Taking Florida plus the points if/when it hits +9. -------------------------------------EDIT - Winner ✅--------------------------------------- As expected, Florida's defense couldn't stop most of OU's big plays and an early pick-six helped open the floodgates. Still thinking this game remains close and UF gets Emory Jones more QB reps.


**POTD: 103-101 -7.16U** **CFB 5:00 pm PST, Oklahoma -5.5 vs. Florida (-110)** got this last night and the opt outs just keep on coming, so it's still probably good at 8 or whatever it is now. Mullen and Trask can do some damage still but without Pitts and the next three leading receivers Florida's offense will slow down some, and the offense has to be nearly perfect with how bad the Florida defense is.


Potd record 1-0 W NBA 19:35 est Last picks gsw-3.5 Today picks Boston celtics-6.5 GSW surge in the Secord half last night for the W Tonight Boston should easily walk over Memphis without ja who has basically been their backbone. Plus Tatum just got ruled a go without restriction. Nothing more to say. BOL


POTD Record: 1-0 Last Pick: Lamar W Cardinals Pointspread (+31.5) @ (-110) - WINNER POTD: VHL Hockey 1:00AM EST Metallurg Novokuznetsk @ Chelmet Chelyabinsk **/ Metallurg Novokuznetsk ML (DNB) @ (-154)** That was a big dub yesterday, and on to the next. We’re heading over to Chelyabinsk, Russia for an early one. Metallurg Novokuznetsk is 4-1 in their last 5 games, and have pocketed 13 goals in those games. On the other end, Chelmet Chelyabinsk are 1-4 in their last 5 games and have allowed 13 goals in those games. Novokuznetsk is the stronger team by far, and have solid goaltending. Novokuznetsk has a lot of players with KHL experience and is one of the older teams in the VHL, while Chelyabinsk is one of the youngest teams in the league and is currently missing some players being called up to the KHL. Metallurg Novokuznetsk should dominate this game from start to finish, and expect them to over power a much younger, inexperienced team. Take Metallurg Novokuznetsk, Moneyline (DNB). Lets get it, eh!!


POTD Record: 3-2 Last pick: Cal Baptist -7 L vs SELA Pick: Dirk van Duijvenbode -140 vs Glen Durrant Dirk had an amazing win over rob cross 2 rounds ago with a 99 checkout in a sudden death leg. Got to think he’s feeling no pressure after a win like that. After that he had an easy 4-0 over Adam hunt. Durrant started well last time vs Baggish but left a lot of opportunity for him to creep back in the match after taking a 3-0 lead and letting Baggish take 2 sets. I don’t think Dirk will let those chances pass by as often as Baggish did and overall think Dirk will start & consistently score much better than Baggish which should give him the advantage over Durrant. Plus if we’re just going off form I favor Dirk there too as he averaged 104 last match vs Hunt while Durrant was at 95 along with a lower checkout percentage than Dirk. (52%/45%) I like Searle -169 over Bunting as well EDIT: Dirk pulls out the incredible comeback from down 3-1 and closes out yet another sudden death leg. Not his best play or what I expected but good stuff from him to clutch up when it mattered most. Searle was an L apologies for that


First post on POTD Record W-L 0-0 12/30/20 Cam Reddish OVER 1.5 made threes @ -120 Cam has only hit this 1/3 games so far but attempted 5 threes last game in a win against the Pistons. Assuming the Hawks will have to keep up or be playing from behind with the Nets I think Cam will hit this easily. BOL if tailing


Record: 2-2 Profit: -0.72 units **Last bet**: Zalgiris Kaunas vs. Bayern Munich - **Zalgiris -3** (1.80) - 2u X **Today’s bet**: Rogaska Crystal vs. KK Sencur - **KK Sencur ML** (2.02) - 3u **League**: Basketball Slovenia Liga Nova KBM **Time**: 10.30am EST (starting in about 6 hours from now) **Reasons**: I use a model that calculates various parameters. Besides the probability of winning, the possible team points and two other algorithms are taken into account. All parameters must favour a team and the calculated points difference must be at least 5 points higher than the bookmakers' line. If it applies, I also check the stats and the current form.


Record: 0-1 in soccer tips. Last one: Atalanta vs. Ajax - champions league - LOST 3u. Today: São Paulo vs. Grêmio (Copa do Brasil, semifinal, leg 2, 22:00 BRT) São Paulo beat Série A and Libertadores champions Flamengo convincingly during Copa do Brasil and are currently first place in Série A by a decent margin. They are the Brazilian team to beat this year and are the favorites in my eyes to ship Copa do Brasil too. They are facing Grêmio, 5th in Série A. Grêmio won last match 1-0 in their home leg but São Paulo had more ball possession and also attacked more. I feel like there's no way Grêmio can stop São Paulo today in their home leg. They have to win by at least a 2 goal margin to advance to the final but to be more certain of the profit I chose to bet this: POTD: São Paulo AH - 0.25 @ 1.7. 3u


record 5-2 last pick - Minnesota T-wolves under 110.5 team total ✅ @ 1.90 Today’s POTD ( POST PONED) wednesday December 30 1pm eastern time pick - Tottenham hotspurs - ML v fulham @ 1.45 Reason -> tottenham is in pretty solid form and contending for PL , while fulham has drawn 4/5 last games & lost the other game , also tottenham averaging 1.7 goals this year while fulham is averaging 0.7 , i wanted to take the -1.5 but spurs have history of winning 1-0 games or 2-1 games , also spurs have won last 5 meetings between the two ! Best of luck ! New POTD wednesday december 30th 1:15 eastern time ATHLETICO MADRID @ 1.50 ML -> athletico in far better shape and also running for laliga, don’t think getafe is good enough to win mostly on the road vs a solid defensive team in madrid


NBA '20/21 record: 0-1 | -2u My general NBA record is not great over the first week of the season, but here's to getting on track! NBA | Atlanta Hawks @ Brooklyn Nets | 10.30am AEST | Odds: 2.45 | Stake: 1u **Nets ML & UN 239.5 | 1u @ 2.45** The Atlanta Hawks(3-0) visit the Brooklyn Nets (2-2). The Nets rank 1st in defensive efficiency. Both teams have insane firepower with the Hawks ranking 2nd in offensive efficiency but they have played 3 terrible defensive teams so far (Detroit, Memphis, Chicago). Jordan and Allen are 2 big bodies that can protect the paint, so the Hawks will need to hit some 3's, but then again, KD, LeVert & co. are tall as is so the Hawks might be in for a rough night. The Nets' highest points total allowed so far is 116 in Overtime vs Memphis (highest total in a BKN game is 227 incl. OT) so 240 just seems too high. Even though BKN is b2b, Kyrie and KD were rested today so I am expecting full effort on both ends. Capela is probable to play for ATL, so there will be another good defensive presence in the paint, even with limited minutes. Great value for the ML and the under in one of the highest totals I have seen so far this season with some very nice odds. BOL! Edit: F. Wow.


POTD Record: 18-8 Profit: +7.56 POTD: La liga - Atletico Madrid vs Getafe - Atletico win @ 1.74 (-135) Atletico has been playing really well, and at home, they are gonna win this one against an average Getafe team [paypal.me/diasgabriel33](https://paypal.me/diasgabriel33) For extra picks besides POTD: [https://twitter.com/diasgabriel33](https://twitter.com/diasgabriel33) BOL if you tailin/not goin against me PS: New pick because Tottenham game got postponed


**POTD Record: 2W-3L-0D | -5.8u** **Last Pick:** [NBA, Denver ML (-138) @ Sacremento](https://www.reddit.com/r/sportsbook/comments/km4se9/pick_of_the_day_122920_tuesday/ghed37r?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) ❌ Not ideal when Jamal Murray gets added to the injury report 30 minutes before tipoff and doesn't play. Wouldn't blame anyone for fading me right now but I still stand by my picks and think I can turn it around. The other two L's were extremely close. **Today's Event: NBA, Charlotte Hornets @ Dallas Mavericks, 8:40 PM EST** **Pick: Luka Doncic Pts + Reb + Ast under 48.5 (-111), 4u** **Reasoning:** Josh Richardson is questionable for tonight so that probably pushed this line up a bit, but even if he doesn't play this line just seems crazy high to me. Luka has totaled 45, 38, and 41 in his 3 games so far this season. The Hornets have played the Thunder, Cavs, and Nets so far who each have a high shooting volume primary ball handler (similar to Luka). Kyrie totaled 34, Garland totaled 34, and SGA totaled 40, all of which are fairly typical nights for them so it's not like the Hornets are allowing exceptional nights to this type of player. Here are some stat lines that would get a player to 49: 29/10/10, 35/6/8, 32/8/9, 38/5/6. Luka is certainly capable of nights like these but these are all very great stat lines. Basically this is -111 odds for Luka to not have an incredible game. I like those odds. I would take this bet for anyone in the league not named James Harden. BOL


Record: 1-0 up 0.8 units Last Pick: Naz Reid under 1.5 turnovers (1.80). Result: W (0 turnovers) **Pick: DeMar DeRozan over 6.5 assists (2.03).** DeRozan's role in the Spurs offense seems to have shifted so far this year. He is being used more of a facilitator without Derrick White in the lineup. He's playing about 40% of his minutes without the other primary passer, Dejounte Murray, giving him more opportunities to get assists. His assist numbers are way up this year, as are his potential assist numbers.


**POTD Record: 15-10** **STREAK:** 4L **Last Pick:** Brandon Ingram (NOP) Over 33.5 Total PRA @ 1.87 **L** **Today's Pick:** Kyle Anderson (MEM) o13.5 points @ 1.80 NBA|BOS V MEM| Gametime: 22:05 EST Well fellas, the Pels got blown out yesterday and there isn't much else to say about that game. Of course my other 2 picks on the day hit but that's just bettors luck! Today, Kyle Anderson is going to put us back in the win column and end this POTD drought. Anderson is playing 36 mins in his new found starters role thanks to Ja Morant's injury. He's put up 28 and 20 in his two games started and will look to continue his scoring ways tonight against a Celtics team coming off a tight 5-point win last night. BOL if tailing but I wouldn't be offended if you started fading me at this point!


POTD Record 2-0 Burnley to beat Sheffield Utd ✅ Arsenal to beat Brighton✅ Today’s pick: 8pm (GMT) Swansea to beat Reading at 11/10. Reading are a good team, sitting in 6th in the championship, but there away record has dropped off in recent times, winning only 1 of their last 6 away matches. Swansea sit 2nd in the table and are undefeated at home in their last 7, winning 5 of these and conceding only 1 goal in all 7 of these matches. If you want to get better odds in what is likely to be a tight game, Swansea to win and goals under 2.5 is available at 11/4 for some juice.


* First POTD lets get it!!! **RECORD 0-0** * Todays pick : **Liverpool -1 Handicap @ 1.77** Liverpool coming off a frustrating draw to west brom, Jurgen klopp spat the dummy for the first time since they lost to villa 7-2. They are hungry and ready to come out firing I believe this game will be an easy win for Liverpool coming off a frustrating draw. With united getting a late win against wolves and keeping within distance with Liverpool I find this game will bring a free scoring Liverpool at the toon. BOL 👌👌👌


Okay, so havent posted on here in a minute, but I wanna say I'm 2-0 on bets I posted on here a d went 6 for 7 sunday & monday. I'm taking Portland Trailblazers ML(+140) against LAC. Blazers are coming off a big win against the lakers and clippers are coming off short rest from a game last night. The spread is currently at 3.5 on my sportsbook


$100 to $10000 Challenge Liverpool to win and btts no @2.2 $100 to $220 Lets not lose the first one at least that would suck


**Record**: 0-0-0 **Pick**: Liverpool -1.5 (-130) vs Newcastle Reason: Liverpool is at the top of the league and will be starting this game hot after their late draw vs West Brom. Liverpool have historically won with sizeable margins after a loss, and their opponent, Newcastle, is in poor form with a leaky defense of late. BOL


POTD Record: 1-0 LAST PICK: NBA Detroit Pistons @ Atlanta Hawks, Jerami Grant Over 24.5 Points, Rebounds and Assists (-106)($1.94) $WINNER$ Pick: NBA Memphis Grizzlies @ Boston Celtics, Tyus Jones 2+ Three Pointers Made (+188) ($2.88) Reason: Let’s start with the obvious, Ja Morant’s injury provides a scoring hole which Tyus will look to fill. He’s thrown up a very unimpressive 0-5 from downtown this season, but to be fair a couple of them were tough looks. We expect him to get more opportunity tonight and with the Grizzlies expected to be trailing look for him to air at least 5 attempts, of which we are confident a couple will fall. For the very brave, him to hit 3+ is at +600 or $7.00 and could also be worth a small play. Odds provided are from FoxBet. As always gamble responsibly.