surprisingly, it worked extremely well


yeah this rotation has been great. except high tide


high tide is alright if one of the splatlings is up top, but I find the basic roller useless in salmon run, I think flingza would've worked better with this rotation


splat roller is just the jack of all trades roller, okay at everything basically. if this rotation didn't have it though glowflies and grillers would be hell


you've got a point, glowflies is always hell without any roller. Still better than carbon


High tide is honestly the worst thing with certain rotations. I remember a match I played where all 3 rounds were high tide, I don't even remember if we won or not


Well you atleast made it to wave 3, that's pretty good for capn grizzcos: oops all high tide


Yeah, I suppose so. But I ain't never gonna forgive him that.


Yeah somehow this is the rotation I finally beat Cohozuna.


Yeah, Cohozuna has been a cake-walk this rotation, idk what it is. I usually pass in Xtrawaves with under 10 seconds to spare but this time I consistently have 20-30 seconds left every time. It's not like normal waves are much easier than normal, either.


Splatlings and crab tank shred through Cohozuna's HP.


Spaltling deals golden egg-level damage with no golden egg needed. Roller covers ground and takes out basic salmonids easily. Nautilus and dualies provide mobile damage at high range. It’s a great kit. It does take a bit more teamwork (splatling is not too useful if not supported etc) but it really shines with just a bit of teamwork.


Yeah, it's fine. One's aggressive and mobile, the other stays by the basket. They don't really overlap much. I swear this sub will just complain about any set that isn't four Splattershots.


Sorry it needs to be splat dualies octobrush squiffer and dualie squelchers for it to be an ok loadout


Mr. Grizz heard some mumblings about unionization. Next up is gootuber and bamboozler in same rotation.


Patiently waiting for the day whatever is making these rotations drops a quad charger rotation. It's gonna happen eventually. Bonus points if it's on Spawning Grounds.


Can't wait for 4 chargers on big run mahi-mahi resort, with 3 waves of glowflies


I swear on one of the wildcard weapon rotations my entire group wiped and 3/4 or maybe 4/4 had chargers of some kind. Wish I’d taken a screen shot.


3 waves? No one's making it past the first


Are the any charging type weapons that could appear in the second slot? Mini splatling is able to appear in the first slot (inking) nautilus in third (mid liner) and any other charger or splatling in fourth (backliner). I dunno if there are any frontliner/slayer weapons that need to charge but if there was that rotation would suck


Ballpoint just appeared in the 2nd slot of the rotation that just got added to the schedule.


Sick, there is potential for charging hell


I would say Mini Splatling should fall under "frontline". Then REEF-LUX could take the role of "inking".


Goo tuber is underrated its tap shots have basically full charge range so it paints super quick and its charge hold lets it get into a position to kill a line of lessers or a boss while charging from safety


I'd consider the Goo Tuber a niche SR weapon if its full charge dealt 400 damage, one shotting Cohocks. Still the worst, but not that bad.


like all chargers, it completely depends if you’re being attacked or not. Which is bad, because you’re always being attacked.


Goo tuber is best charger


Man, we just wanted a slide in the waiting area, didn't know it would come to this


I love gootuber so much I get so excited when it is in rotation


Waiting for the day they have all 4 weapons from the same class


I haven't had a single 3rd wave clear with this set, it should be easy..


It really just depends on how the people are experienced using that weapon, i can do dualies roller and the spray just fine since i mained those in splat2n, im still a goobytuber in training so im not as good at it without its kit


lost my EVP last night because of shitty teammates but managed to get it again had a teammate during gushers not helping opening them and was just standing around wait for us to open them


Contrary to you, I finally reached eggsecutive again


Guess who isn’t playing salmon run until Wednesday?


This rotation is insanely powerful. I would rather have flingza instead of splat roller but it still works really well. Heavy splattling is really good in salmon run and so is nautilus.


me who just started to get into splatlings


I was like this at the start of S3 (I've played all 3 games). For some reason, I really clicked with the Heavy Splatling during Splatfest 0 and its become my 2nd choice for most battles, so I was super excited to see it this rotation. Nautilus is cool too because you can hang out on the wall with full charge then pop up/out for an attack!


I was dreading it, but I've had some amazing rounds today! Like shockingly! I lost a few warm up rounds, but I'm finally making actual progress. I ranked down to Part-Timer yesterday, and I ranked up for the first time in weeks. Almost killed the Cohozuna too!


The first 4 rounds I played today in SR we lost in the first wave. The next two round we lost in the 2nd wave both were fog waves. Then I think Mr. Grizz decided that if he didn't let his employees win a few rounds that morale would be so bad people wouldn't work or maybe he was tired of me playing pung pong with eggs off his head in the lobby waiting for the game to start! 😀


Splatling mains rejoice!


oui oui


Cohozuna gonna die tonight


I hate this rotation tbh with you. These splatlings are such a disadvantage when you're at a higher hazardous level cuz these fishheads keep swamping you and you can't evade them in time with the splatlings.


At least with the splatlings you can still cherry tap to keep the little guys at bay, and if you get a breather, ink back up and throw some bombs. Or if you're really lucky, jump into one of the turrets and blast away the big boys.




Both Nautilus and Heavy Splatling are good but together I’ve noticed I’ve lost a lot of runs to not reaching quota because both of those weapons don’t want to relay eggs. Like I get it. Usually when you’re the splatling you can relax a little bit with eggs and focus on bosses but half the team can’t do that.


Naut should rove more, you can hold charges & recharge while firing.


nautilus isnt bad


Honestly one splatling is usually pretty good in salmon run but when you have TWO of them? yeah, becomes hell to manuever once things start getting intense


Absolutely shredded Cohozuna on Profresh + 1 earlier. Double Splatting supremacy.


As a nauti main, i love it.


I really like this set helped me find a new cool weapon


Nautilus, Heavy Splatling and Dualie Squelchers are 3 of my mains I love this rotation 😍😍😍


As a splatling main, this brings me joy and pain. Joy because I get to use the splatling, pain because I have to watch my teammates use a splatling


This rotation would be amazing if it wasnt for the heavy


I have no idea what luck other people apparently have had, this rotation has been the biggest loosing streak I have had in a long time in Salmon Run. Doesnt really help that I'm not really good at splatlings either.


this is such a good rotation oh my god




They dish out tons of damage in salmon run, the only issue is that maneuvering out of tough situations is hard. For the heavy you want to try to find situations where you can charge up and make use of an entire charge, since the second wheel charges more quickly than the first and you get higher dps that way. Dump huge amounts of damage on whatever needs it mist like bosses, large groups of chum and cohock, and anything too far away for other teammates. Staying as far back from enemies as you can and using high ground is important since you have high range and can’t react well to being cornered. When maneuvering around just do minimal charges to take out whatever enemies you need to and ink traveling paths. Knowing exactly how much charge you’ll need to kill things is important because if you undercharge you’re caught with your pants down, and if you overcharge you’re wasting time or ink and potentially getting killed by what you’re targeting. The nautilus works the same except that it doesn’t do as much damage or have as much range but is way more flexible to use. You can store partial charges and swim so you can easily reposition without losing your shots, and you can begin charging in the middle of firing so kill what you’re shooting at and have charge left, you can just charge up again for the next target.


Overcharging isn't too bad since you can cancel out by going squid mode for a split second.


Splatling is like charger but with many boolet instead of one


it's actually a good rotation but of course this sub is going to spazz out about anything that isn't super basic like 4 shooters.


Any rotation that is bamboozler free is A-OK with me! Seriously, that weapon does nothing that other weapons cannot do better in Salmon Run.


Any rotation that is bamboozler free is A-OK with me! Seriously, that weapon does nothing that other weapons cannot do better in Salmon Run.


I went down to pro +2 but then managed to go back up to VP once I got the hang of the rotation. It wasn’t as bad as I originally thought it was.


i’ve had a lot of trouble this round, dropped from profresh +3 to +1 which is surprising because i thought i would do well. my most frustrating game had to be getting glowflies on wave 3 and getting enough eggs but wiping out with like 2 seconds left. our roller was doing awesome too shielding everyone but we just couldn’t hang on long enough


This rotation isn't bad, the problem is everyone I played with seemed to have a thing against putting eggs in the basket, despite it being a requirement to win. I lost so many of my shifts that way so I had to adapt: every egg I saw, no matter what I was doing before, I needed to carry it to the basket personally. Kill easy bosses and take their eggs up if I can't find any out in the wild. Cohozuna was a breeze, easiest Cohozuna fight to date for me.


Idk I main nautilus sometimes and I finally beat my first glowflies wave despite being in profesh +1 so I’m p happy with the double splatings lol


I mean... It's not on Spawning Grounds.


Yeah it's odd to have two splatlings in one rotation, but there are like four different classes of charge weapon now, so they're putting more in. I guess they consider Heavysplat long-range and Nautilus mid-range and slotting it like that? They're both my mains, so personally, I'm loving it.


Let’s just say tonight’s shifts were horrible and leave it at that. Went down a whole rank.


nautilus is badass, idk about heavy tho, it kinda sucks


honestly nautilus is a great weapon for salmon run


Got to EVP 200 already with this rotation, it’s incredibly powerful. Three long range rapid fire weapons on a map that favors long range. 👍 I see lots of comments about not making quota, and imo this has nothing to do with the weapon set. Aside from bosses that HAVE to be killed by the shore like Big Shots and Stingers, do NOT kill by the shore. You will get swarmed and die, and even if you live you’ll barely be able to get the eggs to the basket. Focus on inking turf and taking out trash mobs for the first 30 seconds and let the bosses get closer to the basket. Also, an aside, but I have won all glowfly rounds when my teammates have stood near the basket. When teammates try the wall technique, others die trying to get the eggs and we fail quota. Do not try the wall technique until you hit quota. Please. I’m begging you.


who has two thumbs and has no idea how to use splatlings?


Is Nautilus not good / hated in SR? It’s my main so I like using it, but also understand there are way better weapons in salmon run, and Naut wouldn’t be my first choice if I was allowed to pick from all of them.


Kid named Boss DPS:


Honestly, I was concerned when I saw 2 splatlings in one loadout, but I've wanted to try splatlings for a while now, and this loadout's been great for learning them. I'm finding myself really enjoying using the nautilus. The heavy Splatling I'm still struggling a bit with, but I'm trying to use this loadout to learn it better


It’s actually a good rotation. But it is sockeye station.


Oh I am going to rip this bitch (I have four stars on naut and heavy splatling) >:)


Jesus this was actually hell Espicially on fog