\#1 Overall Splatter \#1 Turf Inker \#1 Enemy Target Basically, I have to wonder what the heck the rest of the team was doing for the whole 3 minutes.


I'm so glad the actual ranked mode takes into account the fact that you're individually doing a good job, but like... why can't *every* mode? I deserve splatfest clout for my efforts in spite of the match-making system!


Are you playing in Pro matches? You get more clout for winning but less when you lose compared to Open matches,


I am indeed playing pro matches. Was hoping the RNG would favor me with half decent teammates half the time, but sadly that hasn’t been the case so far.


What's your team? Team gear was kicking my butt all night, but I did have one fun match with grub.


Hilariously I’m team gear. I feel like I may have just been cursed by matchmaking. Trying to get my power up is feeling like a herculean task. My only choice is to carry as hard as I can until I get to a more stable power.


Dang, well good luck, dude


I feel ya. I usually just take a break if I get too upset about things. I find that I have entirely different kinds of teammates at different parts of the day. So if the morning wasn't working for me, I plan to get back in the afternoon. Usually works, though it's hard to stop on a losing streak.


Dude I thought it was just me! Maybe we should team up. I’m having a terrible time. https://i.imgur.com/FEWyYHb.jpg 3 gold medals nearly every match. It’s like everyone else on team gear is a beginner!




you dont get any clout when u lose a pro match


you don't get any clout at all if you lose, it's a bit worse than open imo


Yeah, basically this. Playing my setup I'm scoring around 1300 pts on average per match. Even losing in Open, thats nearly as much clout as I got getting wins in Pro. When I win in Open, I can score 2500-3000 depending on win streak multiplier.


When I get these I know I was on a trash team, as I am trash and should not be getting these, least not in a group. Can’t aim to save my life so I just ambush people with a roller and ink up their base


Those corners with a few drops missing ain't gonna paint themselves.


Love seeing someone with a Hydra and one kill, six deaths, and 400p. Doesnt matter that I put up 1200p on the losing team, that dude's out here tanking us. With everyone complaining about getting brutalized in matches, I wonder where all these Gear teams steamrolling me are.


Dumb question but what does “enemy target“ mean?


It means people on the enemy team were mostly aiming at you more than anyone else


Either that, or you're just going inside with no help at all and getting splatted all the time.


Yep. It’s this. I am running into traffic all the time cause I don’t use long range weapons so I am always taking heat off of my team and get this medal every match


I'd assumed it was just based on how many hits you take.


Nah, there's a "Damage Taker" badge for that


Thanks I wasn't sure, I found it weird that the game could calculate who got aimed at the most


They have the code to check if you're looking at someone for missiles, it's just always running now, probably checking if you're being looked at and in main weapon range


I lost 2 10x battles back to back, that was a painful way to end the night


Oof. My condolences. I hope tomorrow is better for you!


Oh shit, I won 2 10× battles back to back earlier... If that's was you I'm so sorry 😭


You must be team gear too then...


I like how during every Splatfest it somehow feels like all the teams are the absolute worst depending on which side you're on. I'm Grub and I keep being bodied by Gear.


Every game my team has: Guy with Aerospray Guy with Hero Gear Replicas Guy named (Realnamenumbers)


Meanwhile the enemy team has: Guy with ink brush that does way more damage than it should be able to Guy with charger/splatling that doesn’t die a single time Guy with aerospray except they’re actually good with it Guy named 手指


squid named finger


Why did some guy downvote me 手指 literally means finger


What's wrong with realnamenumbers huh


Just make sure to drink plenty of water and get some electrolytes in there too, eh.


Why can't you be fakenamenumbers


what's wrong with aerospray? I've been playing it for awhile and it's honestly pretty decent,I consistently get top turf inked and a respectable amount of kills(6+) with a low number of deaths(below 2) and isn't the hero shot replica just a clone of the splattershot?


i do recommend nzap fr


I personally prefer aerospray since reef slider allows me to play alot more aggressively and fizzy is just more fun though I can see why nzap is good since it has tacticooler,one of the better specials,sticky,a great sub,and the weapon itself has better damage


absolutely nothing wrong with aerospray fr, it’s been one of my faves since i started playing!!! i only recommend nzap or something with tacticooler because GOD do u feel the benefits of it on your ink supply lmaoooo id personally rather that then slider which honestly now i know how to avoid, follow, and kill instantly because its used so often THOUGH on the in favor for reef slider, it’s fun as hell and i do agree, fizzy is so fun


I wish it had a different sub. Shaking the joycon gets me out of wack, then I have to re aim then throw it. Takes so long to just hurl a single grenade that isn't going to kill anybody.


Nothing's *wrong* with it, but every team slot that's taken up by an Aerospray is a slot that could've had a Tacticooler user that we always seem to lack. The Aerosprays actually topscore quite often, though. I just wish there wasn't one in *every. Single. Game.* As for the Hero Gear Replicas, I mean all of the gear. Hero Boot Replicas, Hero Ear Thingy Replicas, Splatfest Tee obviously but also the hero shot too. I'm talking "Cleared story mode and never touched online until the Splatfest", AKA not the best type of teammate to have. And they don't even have the >!Bear Headband, so they might not have beaten After Alterna AFAIK!<. I'm just left wondering where all of the excellent teammates I normally get are during all of this.


Aerospray isn't great in ranked but it can ink a ton of turf fast, it's clearly built for Turf War.


I guess Ive gotten good rng with my hero gear as it has some pretty good stats overall (of course I'll make it the best I can using them clams)


what's wrong with my Hero Gear Replica... it's good to use...


Kid named finger:


That’s very likely true. It’s all subjective


That's prob true it's just rough


I feel yah. Haven't won a single Pro round.


Absolutely. Gear is wiping the floor with me rn


I'm over here on team fun in actual hell. Almost every game has been "top splatter, home base inker, no. 1 enemy target. And I'll usually end the game with 2-4 splats.


There was a guy actually named "Team Fun" who was on my team twice because I forgot to rejoin to get a new team. Dude was in the 300s both games. It is a conspiracy, I say. Feels bad to ink 1300p and go 7-1 only to lose because the match making is so wonky :(. I wish people who can't kill would at least focus on inking. Give a 5 year old a roller and that 5 year old can get 500p at least, ugh


Me too😞 I played for two hours and only won twice against gear


Fucking same I honestly swear it feels like people the other teams joined ours specifically to throw matches


i’m grub and i’ve had mf phenomenal teammates tbh, i actually thought the gear we played against was HARD to play against but all the fun teams ive been up against sucked which may be why we just kept winning 😭 so unbalanced


Team Gear rep here, your team seems to be mostly Japanese players on American servers. Can you confirm this? It would make coping with getting my ass kicked a lot easier.


I think it is because there are a lot of preformed teams that are noob stomping all day. If you join solo and run into that, you are always going to lose. I noticed multiple teams with names, so I figure that is why. Not sure why those teams can't only play each other.


The teams with names is not a necessarily because of group play. The game itself will give teams names just based on the team composition. If everyone is an Inkling, it'll be named Squid Squad, for example. They could still be a bunch of random soloists playing with each other, just happened to all be inklings.


For the majority of Splatfests, I think there's a trend where the team with the "sensible" choice has the most people but attracts worse players on average, and the better players tend to side with the more absurd/silly/hedonistic team for the lulz and wins while having fun all the way.


How come paper didn't win the vote then?


Because the choices were really just nothing, it was just who do you like more but disguised as RPS, and the people that would actually try the splatfest chose Shiver cause she looks cool. Kids will pick big man cause memes and men will choose Frye because we have taste. Yes I chose paper and Grub, how did you know?


I pickers scissors cuz I picked the one I always do first and cub because a cruise is fun ![gif](giphy|tW7VNl0RMRaKlrsaHZ)


Idk, I'm 0-3 for team fun in 10x matches, and I don't think any were particularly close. I inked 1300+ last match and was 7-1 yet we still lost badly. Like we had barely 30% of the turf inked. Makes me long for normal turf war. At least then the players get switched around. I'm not even that good, why does it think I can carry players who don't know the basics of the game? If I'm that bad, put me against players who are also that bad, please :( Someone on my team last night had 70p inked. And no, they didn't disconnect. They tried to do the stupid squid party crap and threw a tantrum when nobody else wanted to, so they threw the game.


I can confirm I'm team Gear and I'm losing every game


I'd say many team Gear players suffer from major caveman brain, but that's an insult to cavepeople. My past few matches have been watching my team be incredibly sweaty by running in for fights without any tactics. They either kill everyone and ink the enemy base only or die, either way leaving our entire base and the center nearly completely uninked. By the time I catch up having inked our base the enemy usually respawns and wipes us or has taken their base back + the center and is defending it well. The only victory I've gotten recently is by playing against another gear team because they were too unga-bunga.


I’m on Gear, from my experience most of my victories were against grub, and team fun is terrifying.


This. Team matches against : Team Grub ->we have a chance and can win Team Fun -> We will get stomped and lose 30% to 60%


Funny, because last night I was going up exclusively against Team Gear, never got a Grub match all night, and we definitely lost more than we won. It was like 11-16 when I finally threw in the towel and went to bed.


I’m on Grub and this is similar to my experience. Team Gear we have a chance, Team Fun? Curbstomped lmaooo


seriously…i’ve won maybe 3 games all night


Multiple losses in a row with all gold medals. Team gear sucks major ass.


It is interesting as a team gear member how many people show up with the wrong **gear** for their play style. If you are bringing gear with you then please pick the correct gear for the Splatfest Battles.


It's the first splatfest. Odds are most people don't have gear built yet, let alone know what role they want to main and build gear for. Folks are kind of force to used what they have atm.


You imply we have the correct gear


I don’t have any good gear yet


All my stuff sucks bro I can't help it :(


Yeah, we could only build so much. I'm running Reef-lux tentamissiles, and only about half my secondary gear slots are special-oriented. I made sure my splatfest tee was set up for it, and picked gear with primary abilities to complement, but some of that gear rolled crap like Inensify Action. Just don't have the chunks yet to change that.


I haven't even bought gear.


Yeah, this has been my entire Splatfest experience so far. I haven't had a (personally) bad match but my team chokes up in the last minute or gets stomped the entire time. Playing in Pro though, I'm avoiding the premade teams that go around thrashing people.


I feel like Team Gear goes Super Saiyan in the final minute.


as a team gear member, id love if you could point me to these team gear players bc the ones ive been playing with tend to get demolished in the last minute


30-17 so far for Team Gear. That's been my experience. Dominate for 2:15 and the last 45 seconds are just pain.


damn i’ve been team gear playing exclusively pro and we’ve been goin crazy


I should play more pro then, it's more fun in there I've found.


just won a match with 58% to 27% against a team grub


That's because you're out there in the Splatlands thriving with all your gear while Grub is cold and wet with soggy food.


Is the only difference in pro that there are no pre mades?


Yeah, open you can play with friends pro is randoms only.


PSA: If you're getting all the good badges on loss, odds are you are the best on your team. Unless you know you're cracked, this means your team is probably not worth sticking with and you should cancel before going in again. I don't want to be on a team where my mediocre performance is the best one 😅


Exactly. But even when I'm playing in the pro battle where you get new teammates every time, I'm still the top player of a losing team most of the time. I feel imprisoned by RNG.


Don't be fooled, it's entirely a placebo, the game will fucking ignore everything if it means giving you a match quickly, I've been exclusively playing Pro and I've still run into several people running the same clan tags, and the odds of that happening naturally are ridiculously slim, they were clearly a coordinated team.


I’ve started blocking every player with a clan tag, obvious groups (Encountered a “Momma”, “Elise’s Daddy”, and “Elise” trio the other day), and country tags that are out of my region because of this. Tired of getting splatted from three miles away and around a corner because peer to peer obviously won’t work with somebody in Thailand when I’m in the Eastern US and getting stomped by coordinated groups in comms who just happen to be playing at the same time as I am. Nintendo stop pretending your horrible excuse for matchmaking is okay challenge.


Blocklist limit needs to be increased. Two weeks and I already maxed it.


Might be an established clan though with enough members to have a good chance of being in the same team. If so, I'm not sure there's much anyone can do. And sometimes teams of strangers just gel.


nope. i know who they are, they don't have more than 6 members, they're from where i live.


It's not RNG entirely, you have a power like in old ranked you can check on the Match menu. You're starting at a low power so it pairs you with low power teammates, to climb you have to carry, it starts to get more tolerable back up around 2200


sometimes in that situation I like to stick around and try to help the other people to a win. there isn't a big punishment for losses, and games are incredibly quick and still fun on a loss (one of the best aspects of the game). so, why not!


I won my first 5 matches then proceeded to lose the next 8 lmao


Looking at 18 28 right now because I'm the only one inking turf while they repeatedly run at the enemy like maniacs (extremely uncoordinated maniacs)


You should consider joining them for an attempt or two if that's what you see happening. The reason they lose could be because they're outnumbered, not necessarily because they're bad. Think about how hard it is to win a 3v4, if you're off in your own base or a remote area of the map inking, that's basically what the rest of your team is playing. There's plenty of time during respawns to ink new areas of your base, but inking your base too early means nothing if you get camped, because then you have no way to break out bc theres no free turf to ink for specials. Splatoon is a team game first. While you can't control your teammates, **you** can adapt to what your teammates are doing. You'll find much greater success once you're able to read your team and figure out where they need help.


>While you can't control your teammates, you can adapt to what your teammates are doing I don't think there's much adapting I can do when my teammates ignore enemies directly behind them and try to super jump to me when I'm in the middle of a war zone.


There's plenty you can do. You can provide a safe jump point by disengaging if you're the last one or second to last one alive. You can watch your teammates backs. You can even use your teammates super jump indicators as bait in some cases. It's true you can't always overcome bad decisions by your teammates, but you can always be a better teammate yourself. Self improvement is one of the best investments you can make out of losses, but it only works if you focus on what you can do in that situation instead of focusing on what you can complain about your teammates for.


the overwhelming majority of players are under 14


Then we shall stay up past their bedtime


I have a comparative advantage because all the American and Japanese kids are asleep when i play during regular european times


More adult players on the enemy team while you get the few sleep deprived kids


Then last night I got destroyed by 14 Yo which does not make me feel better


I'm on a 4 game losing streak, played 4 games total. Every time some guy perfectly paints every speck of spawn and wastes 1 minute as we get spawn camped


the team gear experience 🥲


This hurts. A lot


I actually wish these medals did something... like, being able to show off how many gold medals you got, or ANYTHING really, they feel so useless


Welcome to real life, pal. Medals don't do anything here either.


In ranked, at least, you get points even for a defeat if you have medals. So, that’s something


Got our teeth kicked in repeatedly, but at least we won a x10


Biggest issue I'm finding is that teams completely split up and scatter around the map. I'll try to stick with at least one other player but typically end getting out numbered. After dying I'll check the map to see one guy inking base and another WAAAAAAY over in the enemy base.


Pretty much my experience with this splatfest


The authentic splat tim experience


I hate the meme about inking home base before anything else, because it seems like everyone has taken it to heart and we lose middle without even being able to fight for it amd end up pushed up the whole match


Oh god this rings true. So often I see myself as number one on all those yet we still lose because my team mates aren't pushing and are just hanging around the base.


when you carried, but didn't carry hard enough:


It really sucks. I’ve had games where I get *2 kills* and I still get enemy/overall splatter


Lmao I've been in some lobbies where I get like 15 kills and don't even get 2nd overall/enemy splatter and some where I got 4 kills and my teammates got two to none so I get like every medal 🥴


I'm pretty consistent on getting the same badges except for home-base inker. I get #1 overall splatter, #1 enemy-base inker, and #1 enemy targeted. I only win 50% of the time even when I am averaging 11+ splats and less than 5 deaths.


I've had multiple games where I'm the #1 Turf Inker as the Hydra. HOW?!


Fellow gearer let's play together then, hopefully we can both win more


Started 0-8, but drowning in most turf and most splat medals, leasing the scoreboard by at least 200 points. Good to know I'm not alone.


Team Gear here. Was S+ in Splatoon 2 in all modes yet I went on a I kid you not a 12 game loss streak with me consistently on top of leader board and getting advantage for the first minute but team just getting demolished the last minute. Then went on a 7 win streak making me feel giddy that things weren't so bad. Then, went on a 7 loss streak only to invalidate win streak and called it a night. What a frustrating experience and joke.


If you’re playing anchor, you can do everything right and still fail. Had a couple of games like that so far


I’m playing everything because no one else is going to do it.


Heavy splatling here, definitely lost a few matches we should have won if my teammates were doing ANYTHING, a lot of times I'd be a bit back and a shooter or two would just want to stand next to me the whole match 😐


As a team gear member, I relate to your struggles. Sure is fun to have my splatfest power decrease bc my team doesn’t know how to play turf war, even tho I had 3 gold medals and double their Inkage


Me being put up against the 11th competitive team in a row


Most of my regular Turf Wars and now Splatfest experience over the past week has been of playing really well amidst demoralizing losing streaks lol


I carry open-match teams way too fucking much. Listen, I play the INKBRUSH. My right hand is going to cramp sooner or later from the amount of flicking I do for my buddies


As an Octobrush main, I feel ya. Stay fresh <3


Currently sitting at 34-16 for grub, all pro matches. Early on you have to carry but the power starts to sort itself out once you play more. If you're new and keep dying, try slowing it down and try to look ahead before you rush in; awareness is key. Don't pick fights you probably won't win and instead maintain what control you have and charge your special to make a push. If you can use it in coordination with a teammate, even better! Just try your best to stay alive


Did my first splatfest game and pulled a come from behind victory. Next game got matched against a 4 stack. Game after that we were winning easily and my entire team disconnected in the last 45 seconds. I'm done after that.


Also me when playing in the non-ranked modes. Except I play with a sniper (no clue what the english names are) so I literally just sat there thinking "how tf?"


Team Gear is eating nothing but losses and it's genuinely pissing me off, as well as killing my enjoyment for the game. Last night I went on a 15+ game losing streak. Fuuuuck that. Regretting paying for this game ...


I won 18 matches so your sins are undone.


Thank you, kind sir, I'll never forget this deed


I've lost 5x10 and a x100 so I've negated that..


Just had one of the these. Plus, a player with an Aerospray inked less than 500. -_-


I was able to ink more with the bamboozler (1000) than all three of my team combined(500 200 300...) I was livid... here I am doing wipeout on 1v3 and 4... And I'm trying to figure out what are my team inking (The answer was walls and each other... they were shooting each other.)


I'm really grateful ranked takes individual stats into consideration, but losing 3 10x battles last night while holding 3 important golds and getting practically 0 rewards is really discouraging.


POV your team is shit


I'm consistently getting #1 popular target... If only I can be this popular in real life.


My team always throws the last 30-60 seconds in the game


You have to control mid very important


Always remember to have more inked turf than your opponent This greatly increases your chances of winning


I think you’re lying


Dear rollers. Please ink home base, *please.* I have better things to do than pick up your slack while you die repeatedly. Sincerely, a very frustrated splatling user


Why ink base when teammates need help mid and inking base charges special when you're splatted?


>Why ink base The simple answer is that it's free turf. The name of the game is covering as much turf as possible, so when you have the most effective turf covering weapon type you shouldn't leave any of your base uncovered because it's there free for the taking and it could be the difference of a few percentage points toward a win or loss.


To be fair, the mini splatling can cover more home base turf more quickly at the start than a roller. Except maybe the dynamo roller.


I played 4 so far. Won 3 in a row And then lost because of good teammates. Seeing how everybody in this sub are wilding how much hard it is i'm really scared to go back in


I won my first one, and I was excited. Lost the next three. Won the next one, and then lost another three. Decided to call it quits for the night before I spike my Joy-Cons.


Last week I had my worst losing streak ever. Lost 7 games in a row while at least 5 games gave me #1 splatter and #1 turf inker. When I finally won that 8th game, I was screaming haha.


This image gives me psychic damage.


Me too kid, me too


Just same


Me with the nautilus for some reason


I’ve honestly had more wins than I have losses this splatfest which has me surprised and I’m on team gear. Somehow I keep getting put into good lobbies and have good teammates.


This happens to me all the time because I do all the work and my team does none


SAME I'm playing pro and everything is going up except my clout


It's bizarre. What I don't understand, besides the ridiculous team compositions, is why I'm playing so many full lobbies of japanese players! I thought splatfests were region locked? They make a big show from the lobby terminal not letting you change your splatfest region (or even see it?!) but then still throw you in a bunch of laggy matches with all hiragana usernames teamed up with two Fun Defenders against two Gear Ruler +5s, a Gear Ruler +2, and a Gear Ruler. I don't get it.


This is me even without Splatfest


p a i n


getting three kills and seeing the overall splatter award was a pain I've never experienced before


He has no nostrils


Ranked gave me an absolutely overinflated sense of how good the playerbase is. Y'all shit lmao


The feeling when I’m not even a good player but getting all the best awards while playing with undercover brella. You know something is up with your team.


The real Splatoon experience






I thought I was the only one. I’m a heavy splatling main so Iusually get the jump spot, popular target, and overall splatter cuz I pick a nice cozy spot on the high ground and defend the hell out of mid and we still get smeared across the stage.


SAME. I’ll get that every single time and it drives me crazy!! Like please I am trying I just need HELP team please. 🥲


My life is this picture. Like I'm not the best by any stretch of the imagination, but ill get these medals and still lose while wondering what the hell the rest of the team was doing the entire match.


The team gear experience


Every.. freakin.. time..


I allways have these 3, especially the middle one.


i’m always paired with players who aren’t great, and the other team spawn camps and doesn’t let us breathe. i was up there in skill with x rank, (but i’m scared of ranked), but this has seriously depleted my confidence in any weapon, and i’ve got a win loss of 14-35 :/


Team Gear out here throwing matches, afraid to defend during tri-color.


Had a round where I singlehandedly held enemy team at spawn, we still somehow lost. Our spawn and mid were barely painted. I think my teammates went to grab a coffee while I fought 1v4


Had a game today like that and decided to see the replay to look at what my teammates were doing. I'm not even kidding, one of them was inking EVERY SINGLE PIXEL of ink like it was some kind of coloring book. I think he finally left the base at the last minute. We lost by not much so if this guy actually did something during the match we would have probably won.


At least those badges mean the L was not your fault. You did everything you could have and more, and still lost.


I consistently get those achievements. Wtf is my team doing then


Lord i was in a 1000 times battle. Last 30’seconds it ws all out war. Our fourth was in the back inkijg every inch of NOTHING instead of helping us in the middle. Lost by 2 percent


I usually start a match, see the player banners and think ohhhh sshhhiiiiiiittttt. On an ok ratio at the moment but the game does have a habbit of making you carry teams to losses for huge waves at a time




Lemme guess, your teammates are all about inking their base


Had a game where I got these achievements and I got one kill and never left my base. Was not a fun game.


Now *that's* an oof, friend. I share your pain.


How the FRICK are all of us always #1 with over 1000 pts and never end up on the same team?


Nintendo: Did we forget something? *matchmaking algorithm deactivated in the corner.* Nintendo: Naaaahh\~


I relate ro this way to much I'm only one who bothered inking base, knows focus of the game is not to kill enemy but ink as much as possible my team just runs in looks any enemy and shoots misses dies super jump repeats.


https://youtu.be/r-HSjzZSRvo Maybe they keep dying because it’s a 3v4 and you’re wasting time making sub optimal plays?


turf war sweaty lmao