People not familliar with the culture dont booyah. Booyah-ing at the beginning of the match is good ~~lick~~ luck, and creates a sense of team coordination.


Always booyah at the beginning to boost team morale


Good thing I do this in most of my matches as soon as they start. Win or lose, I feel like it gives my team that big boost of confidence energy to get in there and kick some butt. If you've seen me around my name tag is this is+ Zephyr#9354. In Rainmaker my favorite ranked mode I'll booyah as I'm going up for the dunk as I'm telling my team "You guys did a great job, now let's win this \*jumps up and dunks\* BOOYAH!"


I vaguely remember being on a team with Zephyr and destroying the other team before getting a communication error and then proceeding to lose 4 matches in a row.


Ouch... that's rough... they really need to fix these communication errors. It's a bit worse since after the patch and the Splatfest is tomorrow night. It's gonna be a perfect night for more communication errors lol


Yeah I literally lost a rank up battle because I got a communication error on the results screen


Why is your team licking the ink?


It tastes like colors


harmony is that you




Noooo you fixed it! Now my joke is messed up lol


preserved it now


I myself don't booyah first (I usually forget) but I always booyah back!


If you don't booyah back we will immediately lose because our morals aren't high enough


Whenever all three teammates Booyah back at the start of Salmon Run, we always win. When they don’t, I know I’m not getting paid


lmao amen, if i don’t get a salmon run booyah back i’m already grieving the loss


If you don't Booyah back I mash Booyah whilst sneaking behind enemy lines and splatting 3 people, we still lose but I get highest splats and turfing


Love to see that kinda spirit haha!


The booyah shall continue until morale improves.




This nuts


Nuts this


I'm convinced if you don't booyah at the beginning of the match you didn't play Sploon 1 or 2


I've watched several hours of Sploon 1 & 2 gameplay, if that counts for something (I Booyah at the beginning)


If you Booyah at the start, you're already one of us.


Uh, I didnt and thats literally what I do also sometimes I superjump to spawn with a booyah mid combat just to flex


There's nothing wrong with being a newer player, it was just sort of customary to booyah at the beginning or booyah back in previous games, newer players are less likely to have heard of this.


People hardly booyah'd at the start when I played Splat 1, but if anyone booyah'd mid match it was common to booyah back


I played plenty of Splatoon 1 and I don't remember anyone booyah-ing at the beginning of a single match, but then again it been ages since I played Splatoon 1.


I’m fairly certain it was “c’mon!” instead of booyah unless it’s different each region


this is my first game and i always booyah!


im so sorry :( i meant that all the people who dont booyah seem so serious. i have 300 h in splat 2 and i always booyah back im someone does it first.


Played since splat 1, I don't booyah anymore during the start of the match simply because the d-pad is in an awkward spot, and makes it so I can't booyah and move forwards at the same time.


I have 300 hours on splatoon 2 and 50 on splatoon one. This is the first time I am hearing about doing booyah at the start of the match


This guys been playing under a rock


Maybe under a super sea snail.


Did you just play the story mode over and over


No I played through it four times to get all the hero weapons I liked. Don’t forget this is over a period of five years


(*Disappointed Big Man stare*)


I’m an irl veteran doing booyahs at the start of the match


Any fan of Booyahing is a friend of mine -Cap’n Cuttlefish


I don't booyah first but if you do I'll booyah back at you!


I booyah first if this one person has stayed on the team for the last 25 rounds and we squid party in lobby. Not specific at all.






should be the other way around tbh


This isn't a "x good x bad" meme


I always Booyah to check if my team is good


That's really sweet of you!


I'm too shy to booyah first cause I always misclick and say follow me But if I see you splat something or the tides turn positive in ranked you can bet your sweet bitty I'm gonna booyah you. I also do a lot of booyahs in salmon run if we barely made the level like if we put an egg in the last second or we've had a lot of one players left or its the final level.


Won’t worry about misclickint. Ur team will ignore a this way no matter if it’s important or not 😀. But always booyah when there’s on opportunity, such as after a wipeout.


I also booyah when someone revives me in salmon run as a thank you. So basically I do booyah in every other situation.


If you misclick just hit the correct one right away after. Itll clear the first one for the second


The real one to worry about is the person who booyahs every match and then suddenly stops, you know they're going into their anime second form over there lmao


Nahh they might also be playing on tilt which means more mistakes


Wow what a garbage take. Always Booyah back, that’s the Splatoon way.


certified booyah base classic


If one was not meant to booyah, at the beginning, at the end, when you are winning, when you are losing, randomly in the middle of the match. Why else would there be a dedicated Booyah button? I will freakin' Booyah whenever and wherever I want.


I will booyah during your wedding vows with zero hesitation nor regrets.


hell no, booyah back folks


You probably don’t say ouch when you die


crying at this


I do so begrudgingly, "Ouch" is really shameful sounding. Really wish the message could be replaced with "Look out for that sneaky roller God that completely bodied me while I was tunnel visi- oh he got you too, well just pass this on to our other teammate before he gets blown up".


or in my case “watch out for the annoying sumbich hiding in the one damn corner y’all refuse to ink with our color- ope nvm thanks mate imma booyah at ya now”


Nobody ever booyhas back to me sadly


i booyah first lets goooo


I'll booyah back!!


If someone booyah's at the start of a match, it makes me think they're on a winning streak or they're confident that we're going to win.


the booyah is our war cry it's our "Rock and Stone!" the very core of our unit, the moral that keeps us going


I didn't expect to see the sleeper agents here If you don't booyah, you ain't coming home!


Imagine not using booyah at least 5 times a match, unless your super focused


I've started using "Booyah!" mid-game whenever my teammate saves my ass or does some accidentally coordinated move with me. Until then I only used it for cancelling "This Way!"s and at the start of matches as well as the start/end of Salmon Run saves. It does feel very good to get a "Booyah!" back from my teammate, is all I'm saying.


Think you got those images reversed there buddy.


I think these photos are mixed up. All the Splatoon veterans I play with booyah at the start, or at least booyah back.


Booyahing back boosts your team by 20% so it's always worth doing


Excuse you, if you think I’m not booyah-ing at the start of a match, only to immediately sweat my tentacles off with a Luna Blaster in Tower Control, then I dunno what to say.


You're playing Splatoon 3, not Shades of Brown Shooter 38. The game has a booyah button. Stop being edgy and have some fun.


We must booyah before battle.


people who don't booyah back make me sad. pro tip kids, always booyah back


imagine trying to look like a big strong man on funny squid kid game


People who don't say booyah I feel like they're angry


NOOO this is how we know you’re a good teammate. always booyah back


You got it backwards


I literally didn't even know you could outside of death and booyah bombs lol


It's hard to booyah while holding forward :(


Unfortunately, this is true. I have to hide to participate in the booyah bomb.


No booyah at start - loss Booyah at start - win It's simple


if they dont Booyah back i throw the match


Lots of cultures have war cries.


Flip the images around and the it'll be more accurate


Jeez Louise, I even give a Booyah of thanks when I gets me a free drink from the Tacticooler! Time to grow up? Never! Booyah!


Booyah or not, I have come to murder and that is what I will do on your team


In the german version it just says „cool“ instead of booyah :(


Thats intresting


I always booyah at the start and if no one booyahs back, I’ll just keep mashing the booyah. Because why not? I will keep booyahing as I am inking our entire base since it seems every team I am on heads straight to the middle of the map and never inks the base!


If you don't booyah at the start of the match, you're not with it, and simply not all that fresh.


I now understand this was a pretty bad take. I was trying to say that all the people who don’t booyah always seem super focused. And to the ones who booyah I would like to apologize. - weetabix


What stupid take.


ik i meant that all the people that dont booyah seem so overly serious. I always booyah back if someone does it first


What a great take! I’m super sleepy and I misinterpreted.


i always thought it was the other way around, like i always thought a start booyah / boosting your teams morale through booyahs is like….the etiquette of the game that only seasoned players knew about


I usually booyah during a super jump in a ranked match if we are winning


I’ll booyah when I feel like it


Honestly, from my experience, it's kind of the opposite. Whenever I get a team where no one responds to my Booyah, we do really badly, but then when I get a team that Booyahs back, we absolutely destroy the competition. It's especially noticeable in Profreshional Salmon Run where on a non-booyahing team, we die on the first wave, and on a Booyahing team, we beat wave 3 and Cohozuna like it's nothing.


I’m 27 years old and I’ll always booyah first


You my sir shall rot for this statement


It’s the other way around


Other way around.


I've noticed that those who don't booyah back tend to be towards the bottom of the leaderboard, that's all I'm saying


kids these days just don't booyah back


Me: an actual army soldier who also likes to Booyah at the start of the match


The posts in the plaza are true. Kids these days don’t Booyah back


i hate when people dont booyah back to me at the beginning:(


Booyah at start= GL Booyah at end= GG


They accidentally misplaced the images


It’s 100% bad luck not to booyah. All of my best matches have been with teammates who booyah at the beginning of the match and throughout.


So, people who do booyah back are having fun, and people who don't commit atrocities and make everything they touch worse? I'm down with this take, yeah


The booyah at the beginning is the difference between fresh or salty.


i do it as encouragement and good luck ;-; and when i get revived in Salmon Run as a thanks for saving my ass


Booyah back = your team is about to stomp


Booyah-ing at the start of the match, while totally unnecessary, is a fantastic cue from you that you’re listening to your team and view the team as a whole unit that needs to work together to win. And from other people, you know that they’ve got *your* back, too. I interpret not booyah-ing back as a. A way of saying that you’re here to win alone and b. That you’re not familiar with the culture. Also, this is a kids game, and there’s a fair chance during most battles that you’re playing with children. Unless we’re talking high rank anarchy battles, it’s all just for fun, you don’t need to be a serious soldier :)


:( I play in FR and its so lame when I have to say "Excellent" Who was in charge of translation!


I know people seem to care quite strongly about this, but I don’t really understand why. People spamming the dpad at the start of a match doesn’t mean anything or make me feel any different whether others do or not. It’s like getting low-key mad at people playing Pokemon who don’t hold down and B when catching lol I sometimes use it if I kill some enemies further into the map to hint that people can dive to me but that’s about it.


There’s a few reasons I often don’t: 1. I don’t want to take my thumb off the joystick which I’m using to move to reach down to the d-pad. I don’t know what y’all are using to hit the down arrow besides your thumb to where you can still move and not have to divide your focus. I’m not even able to participate for Booyah Bombs half the time because I’m preoccupied in a fight or something. Never did like the Booyah Bomb in general for that reason, I kind of just wish it had a static power level and didn’t involve the party having to pitch in for optimum effect. 2. I’m not one for pre-mature celebration. If someone just made a good push or got a kill streak or something and booyahs, then I’ll totally Booyah back, but at the start of a match with a team I haven’t played with before I don’t usually bother. I have before, but it hasn’t led to noticeably better win rates in my experience. 3. I also just don’t like the sense of entitlement a lot of people seem to have on the matter. I don’t *have* to Booyah back, and your insistence on the contrary is ironically a lot of why I don’t. It’s not like a Booyah out of forceful obligation is even going to hit the same anyways, so the insistence helps no one. It’s just an emote, it’s really not a huge deal. I realize I’m in the minority here and that I’m going to get downvote bombed more than likely, but if it bothers you that much then you should at least try to understand how the other side thinks so you can think of a better way to convince them that isn’t heavy-handed or obnoxious.


Do something cool first, then I'll gladly booyah.


Then there's the S1 vets who are both. If you start a salmon run shift and everyone booyahs, you have a high chance of succeeding.


No because the second I spawn in my ass is somehow getting bombarded by an all tenta Missile and 5.1 team


My experience in X in splatoon 2 and S+ currently is either I get the best team ever where we move like pros or we absolutely get destroyed within the first minute and the in-between is no booyah in the beginning


The best is I rip out a string of booyahs as I swim my way up to mid/objective from spawn, only to see the only front line weapon in our comp walking pumping their fist yelling booyah! I get to mid and do a pretty good job holding back 4 people, setting up the key positions with a bit of ink. I start to worry. I can’t hold them off much longer. Where is my team? I’m about to die. Yep, about to die. Ah, here come two of my teammates super jumping in to the exact spot I just died. Excellent. Haha! Edited to add; at least I now get to respawn with my two new besties. Edited to add; BOOYAH!


I do booyah back almost all the time but I have to let go of moving forward for half a second which can ruin initial spawn pushes in ranked I notice it in my teammates too when they do it, that’s why I assume a lot of ppl don’t.


This also goes for people who don't squid party with you in the lobby.


Booyah is cool in language somehow


What if I simply forget to then when I realise that I need to booyah back the booyah is already of screen and it’d be weird if I booyah back after that, what would my teammates think if I booyah too late


And then the people who do again but it’s the soldiers who have already been through war


And then there's me, having an inflated inner tube, sunglasses, sunscreen, a cold drink, military fatigues and a bulletproof vest.


I am doomguy if I don't see a booyah


then theres me who booyahs late because dum dum who slow to notice that stuff


Tell me you didn’t play splatoon 1 and 2 without telling me you didn’t play splatoon 1 and 2


I will remove you from Splatsville.


Soldiers do tons of morale boosting silly shit. OP is the youngster.


its pure redditor behavior to booyah before anything has happened. only booyah after wipeouts or nice plays.


Even before I had Reddit I booyahed at the start






But… no


can't hear you too busy shouting woomy


So you're saying I'm a warrior, not a child?


No, you’re just wrong


Yes Also, ***СЛАВА УКРАЇНІ!***


I’m on the right


It depends if anyone else booyahs and if I’m not too pissed from the last match to notice


Me and you are the same


Why place that mental restriction on yourselves? "No booyah back is a loss." But if you did get a booyay back, face it. Youd feel relaxed thinking its a win then end up either being the worst performer or just lose the match. You guys literally have a lose lose situation that only the "booyah back" players created


Hey I'm sorry I normally have my sound off and hyper focus on the goal


It’s either being cocky or a term of enthusiasm. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Hard to tell the difference


i typically dont booyah in the beginning unless other people do it first