My biggest fear is losing a 333x battle and getting dabbed on by the winning team


A true horror should anyone witness such a thing.


don't you get a special winning animation for 100x and 333x battles? i think your fears are averted lol.


Yeah, I was very relieved to see the new animation. I love the little jiggy they do!


I can’t wait to do this. Hoping I run into you /j


>I bet it tilted some players having to watch that every loss Personally I'm more tilted by getting zapped into complete irrelevancy and non-being now than watching my cephalokid do a cute pout before.


Same man, I mean good for the other team that wins but I wanna see my team


I would like losing animations just because I love the style in this game!


I kinda like it, the best team gets to show off


That's fair! I'll probably like it a lot more once we can actually choose our victory poses


I am betting that is the reason why they changed it


Maybe I'm just missing something, but it bugs me more that the post-match screens seemingly take so much longer to get through now.


I think it's partly the extra time taken from getting clout as it's a splatfest, but also since we aren't gaining any cash/experience/abilities it seemingly takes longer as there's nothing of interest for those couple of seconds.


Probably cuase we can't skip the point/clout gain, I can't recall if you could skip it in 2 but I feel like we totally could


It's just because of the extra stuff for splatfest


checking a splatfest in Splatoon 2 it takes I'd say 30-36 seconds to go from a winner being decided to matchmaking again. Splatoon 3 seems to take around.... 30-36 seconds. it seemed like it may be a second shorter depending on the match I looked at but it's such a small difference I think it's best to just call them equal and not split hairs. I think it being a similar length but having the victory animations be way cooler and also letting you look at match results on your own time and they load the practice range means I much prefer 3's set up


I’m finding the post battle options to be weird to navigate. It’s all such good stuff, but I’m still getting used to hybrid training room thing


I thought I was gonna hate having losing animations gone, but with how stylish the new winning animations are, I really don’t mind


Same here! I was quite disappointed to see that defeat animations weren't here anymore :/ in addition to the fact that they were pretty charming and full of character, it also allowed you to see the outfits of your team's members more clearly outside of during the intro playing at the start of every match and idk I found it neat. I kinda hope they'll return at some point tbh


Yeah!! A lot of times I’d sit back and go “that was a well-earned win, we did really well!” And then do a double-take and see that I actually lost 😅 It’s just jarring not seeing your own character/team after a match. Plus, the losing animations are adorable — gives the ‘pods a lot more personality imo


I think it's more insulting being forced to watch the other team's victory dance, personally.


yeah not a fan of it I liked seeing our disappointed squids. also pretty disappointed with the music, it's lacking a lot of oomph losing music doesn’t really convey that your team lost just sounds like any other tracks while winning music doesn't feel hype at all


I miss the Splat2 winning music. I always loved pumping my fist along to that beginning part


OMG I didn't know other people did that! Splatoon 2's winning song is so hype


weirdly I feel the regular victory theme has way more punch although the splatfest one is growing on me. as for losing it's a weird choice but I think they wanted to keep the energy up as you will still being seeing animations of *someone* winning. just not you. I think they'll grow on people but if they don't both are worth it for how quickly you start matching alone tbh.


They're taking away the "negative" impact of a loss. It's a design a choice.


>ght I was gon Except they're not. Seeing the enemies (not opponents, enemies) celebrating while my team is just... gone? Absolutely despise it. This stings SO MUCH MORE. If they wanted to "remove negativity," they'd have the "loss" animation be the team hyping themselves up to win the next one, NOT the enemies rubbing their win in our faces! It's gross this way. Absolutely gross... At least that's how I feel.


lmao buddy you being salty is not something the devs can fix


Except I WASN'T salty at the old loss screens? Editing to add: I sincerely apologize if you took my initial comment personally. I understand and agree that this is what the devs were going for, and even with what they were attempting to do, but for me, they missed the mark by a mile. I'm not the only one who gets more salt from opponent victory animations than my own team's defeat animation. I also want to add that disliking this one change is not the same as disliking the game as a whole! I'm having fun with it and hope that you and others are too!


I prefer the Splatoon 3 Splatfest victory music over the original victory music for 3 as I absolutely love hearing that theme.


It almost feels more insulting to be flexed on by the better team with their cool poses 😡 /j


Can’t we see all 4 at once, takes too long right now


I miss the insane losing animations, like the ones where they'd just throw the biggest tantrum. I think one of them was them literally rolling around on the floor and punching the air in anger? Yeah that one was amusing lol


I loved the losing music from splat2n. Idk why. I even liked it better than the winning music


I’m glad they’re gone because I honestly didn’t like the crying animation for female squid shooters, seems a little bratty. I love that we can pick our own victory emotes now and I like seeing the other team celebrating!


In theory, you could pick the losing animations too... as I said, this is just a loss of personality for the game


I mean when literally my entire team is just sitting afk or squid partying at spawn while I try to 1v4 and die And then I see their fucking whining loss animation Bitch you did this


I mean, I'm more tilted that I now have to witness the winners rub it in my face... I despise this change with a burning passion, just removes personality from the game


I feel like it's just wasting my time waiting around to watch players I could not care less about pose smugly about my defeat. That's more demoralizing than seeing my squidkid pout a little.


i miss the defeat songs more than anything :(


Honestly I think it’s because we can choose our win animations, imagine just having a ton of losing animations in the equip screen lmao


I would've still enjoyed it to make it more personalized... the people defending this choice almost seem insulted by the possibility of ever losing lol


Nice thing about losing is I can turn on the map so I don't have to look at the enemies ugly mugs.


I’m sure I’ll get used to these over time, but a lot of the changes in this game just feel off to me rn. No losing animations, the fact that the lobby and the training arena are combined, and the new respawn system are taking some getting used to.


The new respawn thing has really thrown me off. Im used to just instantly swimming forward but now i have to worry about aiming and jumping. Hopefully ill get used to it but for now im not a huge fan.


I quickly got used to it and now I just move my controller a bit and then spam ZR.


you see, its not inherently BAD, but god imagine dying over and over again to a squidbagger, only for them to win AND watch their inkling celebrate the win?


they might be placeholders


Doubt it, they were so happy to show the emotes (which are apparently only winning ones) during the direct that it might stay like this tbh


Hopefully I really do like the losing animations. But if they're gone I suppose it's not that big a deal eh?


No not really, I like how the winning team gets to flex on you


My only complaint. Hopefully when everyone has unique and more variable ones set like are in the full game it'll work better.


i think the music of the new loss is more of 'you fought well but these guys did better' and ink another day was more like ' yeah you suck'


I liked them. They were cute sometimes


i actually got less frustrated at the losing animations, it feels more like a punch to the face to watch the other teams victory screen


Yes, largely because it just feels like the game is rubbing it in your face.


Honestly seeing the winning team flex in my face is far more irritating than watching my little Octoling be sad and pout. Before when I’d lose I’d see the losing screen and be like “*sigh*, damn it ok let’s try again”. Now I just sit there and roll my eyes when I’m forced to watch the winning team flex without being able to skip it. It’s extra annoying that you can’t skip the winning team’s animation.


YES!!!!! 😭😭😭😭 Were people complaining about the lose animations? Yes, it hurts to lose, but I found both the win and lose animations to be super charming and it sucks half the animations are gone now. I was looking forward to customizing both animations on my character, but looks like that won't happen


More annoyed you cant see anyones levels anymore. But no one seems to care but me so whateverrrrrrrrr.


That's probably just not in yet since no one is gaining levels in the premiere and if not we'll... That'll be an odd choice


Honestly it makes me much angrier to watch the other team celebrate with the happy music. Not to the point where I actually rage, but it feels pretty patronizing after the third loss in a row


I always get annoyed when I lose and having the losing animations gone makes me happy cause I don't have to watch my failure


I am terrified of the troll teams that will run all dab animations and when you lose, you just get 4 kids dabbing on you


Maybe it will be there in the full game we’ll have to wait and see.


I actually like that when I beat a time they're going to see my chosen animation and I'll get to see other people's animations. but also I think the results screen in the lobby would be a good place for a losing animation. maybe one that's a bit less dramatic though.


i like seeing the other team there instead sometimes, so no


I liked that each weapon had both victory and pout animations, so losing the losing animations is a loss in and of itself... but what annoys me to no end is the enemy team flexing. If you're anything like me, you need this great trick: Press X to display the map which, more often than not, looks too close to really call anyway! You won't be able to see the annoying faces of the people you've spent the last 3 minutes being conditioned to hate when the map is in the way!


I always hated the negativity surrounding losses in S1 and 2, not only did you lose but the game now *rubs it in* with real sour sounding music and animations. Whereas now it's more of an "oh well you won, that was fun let's keep the ball rolling". Like I'm more celebrating the *good* games now even if my team isn't the one who won. I no longer feel *punished* with awful music just for having an even match.


i actually don't mind them being gone! seeing the other team celebrating after they kick my teeth in motivates me more than a losing animation tbh. i'm also a fan of the new losing music. even though it doesn't really sound like losing music, it just has such a fun lil groove to it- makes it almost impossible for me to get mad at the game! thus making it more fun for me.


Ah yes. Im very sad i don't get to see my octoling fall on the ground and cry.


I really miss the “loss” music because I heard it so often it became catchy :)