A giant water balloon


God damn it you beat me too it


Inklings can touch water they just can't swim so for this to work logically speaking you'd need a shit ton of water, so much in fact that it would be impossible to carry by plane


Maybe that giant sludge laser at the end of octo expansion? It basically put Inkopolis into a nuclear fallout


Communication error for all


It would be called a tactical fluke. It takes the form of a giant anchor that, when dropped, creates a huge gash from which ink wells erupt. The ink undergoes an inklear reaction that fuses together all colors of ink into a tsunami of metallic brown ink that covers half the stage. It is damaging to both teams, neither can swim through it, it can’t be painted over, and it takes a long time to decay. Nobody wins when a tactical fluke is used in Turf War, because the only guarantee is mutually-assured obstruction.


I feel like that was also a thing in project Splatoon 3, the deadly anchor part at least (its really good and should become Splatoon 4 if it ever is confirmed)


Server maintenance


Probably weaponry used in the great turf war, have you seen some of that shit? GIANT, slender, walking squids that burn down cities, plane type vehicles that can mass bomb things, etc.


It would probably just be a nuke. An ink bomb could kill an inkling, but that’s ignoring a large chunk of the population, and people who are indoors. The other best bet would be those giant war of the world mech things we see in the sunken scrolls.


The humans blew each other up with nukes in world wars before the splatoon timeline. So it would be interesting if a human nuke buried somewhere underground were to go off in inkopolis.


The NILS statue is the only weapon in the Splatoon universe capable of anything city block-level or above, so I'd say that.


Nintendo online


A nuke


splashdown that is immune to cancelling


Booyah bomb


Giant Inkstrike


It would be a nuke. It exists.




well since ink only temporarily kills inklings and your aim is too permanently kill them i would recommend a nuke. If you do in fact want to temporarily kill them all then probs go with a rlly big splat bomb.


I’ve always thought a giant ink tidal wave would be a great weapon of massive destruction in the Splatoon universe


That bomb Marina uses to cover up that human thing in the boss level for octo expansion


Those are literally just suction bombs


Yeah but they cover a shit ton of terf


No, they only cover about the range of a torpedo explosion with all the ink hitting the ground. You had to hit 30 of them to take down Tar Tar


Oh, yeah that makes sense. I don't know then


literally bubbles with a lot of spu


A Oversized Mega Inkstrike?


Not sure if nuke is actually has any equivalent, because it's power is still pretty destructible and WILL evaporate or grill any ink/octoling, depending on blast range.


I'd say the Inkstrike from Splatoon 1, just scaled up.


i mean... there are nukes in that world


Nukes would be the enemy team after I flex my mad 17/1.3 D-K ratio


a splatoon 1 burst bomb hacker


Inkstrike. Seriously, that thing was overpowered. Whose idea was it to have a remote splashdown? I'm glad they got rid of it, even if it was kinda fun.


Tbh I think that inkstrike was fine, but booyah bomb is just a much better special both in function and design wise. Basically booyah bomb has all of the benefits of inkstrike (long distance missile that covers a large area), plus a little extra (armor while using it, team morale boost from booyahs, plus charging their specials), while still not being broken due to its fair drawbacks (you aren't invincible and can still be killed during the special, and even when it's over, you run the risk of being camped unless you throw the booyah bomb directly at your feet, and it almost never is enough by itself to make a push in ranked modes, it still requires smart play to use). Inkstrike is somewhat mediocre and unfun because you can't see the person using it when it's used, meaning that you just have to hope you don't get missile striked in the middle of whatever you were doing. On the other hand though, no armor, so if you get spotted while using it, you just die, so it's not really broken, it's just bad game design.