Did you ever notice how the "Exploration Vessels" of the Federation could fight multiple of the best warships of the strongest combat focused forces.


Science breeds better technology which inevitably can be converted into weapons. Also if your neighbours were space KGB, psychotic warriors, and all other hosts of space assholes you’d conceal carry like the enterprise.


People trying to take way my right to a damn phaser them asshole no nothing about this neighborhood.


It's more that they refuse to build a dedicated warship so everything is a warship in all but name.


I remember someone doing a video on how much space the crew have for living space on the Enterprise D it was something like 8.9 million square feet. So they can pack luxury and tech and pew pew.


Oh yeah, this is definitely armed, as all exploration vessels should be. But its not like most the builds you see here brimming with turrets.


Yeah tbh I haven't put one gun on any of my ships


Kinetic Missile launcher system still count :p


Usually through plot device though. They'd reverse the polarity on the deflector shields in a way no one has ever done before and it would cause a local subspace anomaly to disable the enemy ship.


Think it's probably due to space engineers biggest downside (for me anyway). There isnt really anything to explore. Closest you normally get is survival mining vehicles or ships.


Sadly true. This is mostly modless but I do use some of the science/scanner mods, however basic they are, to add to this ship.


There are some mods that do add adventure etc but in a limited capacity. Best thing the devs could do is open up the asteroid generation to mod developers. Would allow random abandoned space stations, hollow asteroids etc. Games so close to perfect just needs that little addition.


Yep, and combined with building a mobile base survival becomes boring. Never ever build a ship that does it all. It just makes building anything else irrelevant. Its like using buildandrepair. Congrats you just completely removed the point of building welder and grinder ships and platforms. At most a basic assembler and refinery is how I limit it. Otherwise theres just not point in transporting ores and making outposts. What Im trying to say is that removing things to do in a sandbox game that already does not have much to do is how you quickly stop playing your world.


I take your exploration vessels and raise you to R&D vessels. Most people build something around an idea, I build ideas in a ship, *then* build a ship with that idea in mind. I have an old (probably over 7 years old) model that I use for testing stuff. She's fully operational in vanilla and survival, and holds enough space and power to accommodate new prototype systems. Clang drives, gravity drives, the old ways of shooting stone as if a rail gun. Somewhere in my savefiles one probably may find dozens of different versions of that ship with a bunch of weird modifications.


I tend to make tourist cruising vessels and stations so kinda in the same vein haha You can get really interesting decorations with the dlcs


lots of couches to lounge around in!


Actually pretty cool.


I just built a rusty junker with a ton of cargo and hydrogen recently that can carry a tiny miner on it. It basically acts as a mobile processing plant. I’m proud of it https://www.reddit.com/r/spaceengineers/comments/vl4lx4/final_update_i_think_its_working_now_my_guys/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf If you wanna see it. Reddit helped me build it


That's a pretty sweet build.


I like it. It might be the fastest ship I’ve personally ever flown. And I have tons of buttons and such to regulate the hydrogen nowadays. She’s still being tinkered with but I really like it


Some people build for war. Others build for exploration, or for pretty. \*I\* build to maximize resource accumulation. You've no idea how much time I've spent seeking out new gold veins so I can build more yield-moduled refineries so my ore processing is like water droplets on an extremely hot skillet. The only limit to my ambition is how big I can build things before the game runs unacceptably slow.


Sorry to be that dude but: peek. A peak is the top of a mountain for example.


Fuuuuuuuuuuck I am shamed.


Looks like the ship in Space Crew :D


Hey! My skyscraper sized warship can explore! It can sit in atmosphere.


As if the federation built anything but warships


The Oberth class? All the science and mining outposts the crew visited throughout the series'? Runabouts?


you cant fool me, thats a brick with a couple of bricks straped on the wings, and some wedges I guess startreck designers suffered from the se brick rut that is near impossible to escape from (Im tryna be funny, its real hard to make a ship not look like a brick, you did above average, its still midly brick like. I have no idea what star treck ships look like)


Its Space Engineers. Ships are literally built from bricks.


Ok i need that meme with the dude with the finger up and mouth open and about to object, then finger down and mouth closed cuz ur right


Is this based off of the Horron Type star ship?


Nope, I just used the random spaceship website and kept reloading until I got a design that was feasible in Space Engineers (i.e. no weird angles) and this is what I came up with. The nacelles I added though.