Stayed up to see if I could catch Crew Dragon’s re-entry. Was not disappointed.

Stayed up to see if I could catch Crew Dragon’s re-entry. Was not disappointed.

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I was hoping someone lucky enough would get an awesome shot like this! Thank you for sharing!


Still boggles the mind that four humans are inside that fireball


What did you do yesterday? Oh, I rode in a meteorite back to earth no big deal.


“It’s just a meteor until it impacts the Earth.”


Imagine being able to call yourself a meteorite.


I'm burnin' through the sky, yeah 200 degrees


That's why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit.


I’m travellin’ at the speed of liiiiiight


I'm gonna make a supersonic man out of you!


I'm gonna make a superhuman of you !!


Buddy, you can bet I’m imagining it.


*hits bong* “So like... imagine *being* a meteorite?”


*hits bong, swigs bong water, packs a lip full of kief* “We all have atoms from meteorites inside of us, and we’re all just star dust”


Better than being meteorwrong.


(Challenger crew has entered the chat)


Better inside than outside


I mean, the rest of humanity is outside that fireball.


Hmm kinda seems better to be outside 🤔


But you aren’t as cool as the people that are inside


As long as they stay cool, it’s a good day.


Our atmosphere is the best defense system against alien invasion.


We have been shuttling humans in and out of the space station for decades. I don't know why people think it's special.


Because it is? Space exploration is one of those things that will (at least for a long time) always be special and amazing.


You do realise that not many people can go to space in their life right


>I don't know why people think it's special. yeah it's very puzzling lmao


I was looking for it but no such luck. Awesome clip!


Yeah I’m in Pensacola and I was at the point where I didn’t think I was going to catch them then they popped into view! It was honestly one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen!


Damn, I wish I would have known about this sooner


Thanks for sharing. In Tampa and didn't know if I'd be able to see or not. Will know for next time.


Probably won’t be a next time, last nights splash down was the first since Apollo 8.


Surely in 6 months when crew 2 comes back?


First night time splash down of a crewed US vehicle since Apollo 8. There's been a few Apollo and a Dragon mission between the two.


How can you tell if the re-entry might be visible from a certain place? Does someone make a map based upon projected re-entry path?


I don't know if they do reentry, but if anything [this website](https://james.darpinian.com/satellites/) might be able to tell you if you know around when it's coming back down. If anything it's neat to see the satellites fly past. Really cool when you can get a starlink line fly above.


Wow what a remarkable tool. Maybe the best I’ve seen ever for viewing. Can’t wait to see how accurate it is. Thanks for the link!


It's pretty good. I was able to use it on a trip to Utah while at Capital Reef to see a line of starlinks.


Even if the info is not made public, there are communities of enthusiasts who follow the heck out of this stuff for purposes of photography or even just re-creating as much of the work of the space program as possible on paper.


That’s awesome. I didn’t realize it’d be visible down in Pensacola. Growing up I saw a space shuttle reentry right over my house, and that was pretty amazing. I’ll have to keep an eye out for SpaceX reentries in the coming years!


Can you imagine something like this being as commonplace as seeing a plane fly overhead? I don’t think we’re too far from that. Maybe a decade or two


Sounds like what they were saying back in the 80s. I'm still waiting for it to be more commonplace. I had a coworker that won a reservation on one of the first few Pan Am flights to the moon. Obviously, that never happened but I still think was pretty cool to have won!


Yeah there's a huge difference between trying to make the space shuttle not look like setting tax payer dollars on fire, and spacex launching a rocket every other week.


They (obviously) thought they'd get the cost down more. Heck, when I saw Moonraker with the shuttle and all those seats in the cargo bay, I thought that was going to be how my first trip in space would go.


More likely to be on the enormous stainless steel beast that won the Artemis contract.


Yes, you do realize that was my hope when Moonraker came out 30+ years ago. Reality made that thought go away a long while ago.


Just wait a little bit longer. Starship is being developed at a breakneck pace and when it's fully realised it'll blow everything that came before it out of the water.


It’s insane to think about. What other space agency can build and launch a new giant test rocket every 3 weeks and fully document it to youtube for our viewing pleasure, whilst doing Falcon Starlink launches every odd week? None even come close. I try to explain the magnitude of what they’re trying to do but people just don’t seem to get it.


It very well may be, just in the crew section of a starship.


There's a huge difference between the tech of the 80s and 40 yrs later. The shuttle opened the eyes of people who thought travelling into space was a "safe", common, every 2 week occurrence0. SpaceX has a lot more tech to work with. Also, 60+ yrs of data...


Sounds pretty awesome unless you’re referring to the Kessler Syndrome. Edit: it’s kessel run, Kessler syndrome…


Kessler*? And no I believe he's referring to the fact that spacex is breaking yearly launch records literally every year.


With starship Earth to Earth it should be happening in between a decade or two, most likely no later than that. https://youtu.be/zqE-ultsWt0


For those who may not know, the reason it was visible from Pensacola is because the targeted recovery zone was near Panama City. They would normally prefer to land in the Atlantic just off the coast of Cape Canaveral, but weather conditions often cause them to default to [one of 6 other recovery zones.](https://twitter.com/spacexfleet/status/1286390630466322432) The previous crewed mission splashed down at the Pensacola location, for example, however that took place in the daytime. And the CRS-21 Cargo Dragon mission splashed down [near Tampa](https://twitter.com/madeonearthfou1/status/1349549612131094528) in January. Had they been targeting the east coast of Florida the reentry would likely have not been visible from Pensacola.


Yeah I’m sad I missed it now!


Saw it in New Orleans. Covid has helped with our light pollution.


This comment is really underrated. I hope to see less pollution across the world very soon and I hope it's not from a pandemic. I hope it's from the will of mankind wanting to help save our home we all call Earth. 🌎🌍🌏


That’s great and all but he said light pollution, not regular pollution


"There's a good chance I may have committed some *light* pollution."


I’ve got the worst fucking attorneys.


Almost as bad as that time I sued the English language.


Regular pollution puts more particles in the sky, which then reflect ground lighting, increasing light pollution.


Okay cool but that’s not what he said


Pollution though, makes for great sunsets.


Light pollution can be very damaging for a lot of ecosystems.


Only if archaic bosses admit that work-from-home works. I'm already seeing people called back to the office for jobs they've done 100% from home despite some folks still waiting to be vaccinated.


Buildings are mostly leased. That means you cant easily break it (and since not owned, cant sell unused space). My company keeps saying they are worried about “company culture” being lost from not being together. The irony is these are the same folks who dont realize we dont have a “positive culture”.


Both my wife and I have heard about this "company culture." I honestly believe it's better at home. Coworkers can't walk up to my desk and distract me, there's less micromanagement, and people seem less likely to act like dicks on webcam. My wife's company has an amazing work culture, but she's an introvert and feels more efficient at home. Her coworkers are very social and chatty, lots of distractions etc


I 100% agree. Its not for everyone but ive been at home a very long time (many years). Im better by far and have made it known, ill quit before i work in an office..


Unrelated to Covid, cities have been replacing traditional street lights with downward facing LED street lights which significantly cut light pollution. I'm from Chicago and I've definitely noticed a difference since it started. However, we had some of the most pronounced light pollution. The old lights the an orange light that could be see far and wide.


I tried from BR, but no luck. How far above the horizon was it for you? I'm trying to tell if it was a visibility or a range problem for me


Wonder how many UFO phone calls happened last night.


If they all got lens flare from a street lantern on their footage...


Unbelievable Falling Orangething


They're all too busy posting qanon shit on social media to gaze at the skies these days.


Giving a chance for the Lizard people bringing in reinforcements.


amazing, great video i love these things, congratulations :)


Why wouldn’t they place a camera at one of the big windows and record the reentry. I’d love to see it from their perspective


NASA did something similar with the re-entry of Orion on EFT-1 https://youtu.be/MtWzuZ6WZ8E


Best I can do is a fairing reentry. https://twitter.com/SpaceX/status/1146546495241371649?s=20


That is the best fairing one I’ve seen yet. Very nice


This actually looks amazing!


Worth noting that those engineering cameras have had their infrared filters removed meaning that it wouldn't look quite as spectacular that to the naked eye


Imagine a real close-up shot of that plasma, and not much else.


Yes but it’ll be really cool to see what they see even if it’s only fire around everywhere.


Anyone else feel dumb watching that spec at the top of the screen thinking it was the reentry


Yes! I worked out what I was meant to be looking at on the third watch


This. This is the clip I was waiting for someone to post. The main SpaceX stream showed a little bit of something like this but I really really was hoping someone local had caught it on film from a better angle. I'm totally saving this and sharing it with others, thank you!


9 seconds though? Why only 9 seconds


I still want to see a vertical landing with a crew


Probably gonna have to wait for starship


I was so excited for that too, but unfortunately the time & money required for NASA qualification simply prevented it from happening.


well theyve never successfully landed a capsule vertically without it exploding, only boosters. but theyle get there theyre getting closer, just need to prove its reliable before having people.


I can literally see these launches from my front porch every time it launches, yet I only catch like 1/10 launches since I never know when they are lol. Is there a schedule I can lookup?


I would recommend a Space Launch schedule app - you will get notifications on your phone.


The real LPT, thanks I just downloaded the app!


Yes: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Falcon_9_and_Falcon_Heavy_launches#Future_launches


Next Spaceflight is a great app


Also is the re entry (with destruction) of the chinesse rocket 🚀 next week is out of control https://www.businessinsider.com/huge-chinese-rocket-stage-to-fall-to-earth-uncontrolled-2021-5


Is/was it possible to view this in PA (near philly)?


Sadly no. It approached from SW heading NE over southern Mexico for a splashdown in the Gulf just off the coast of Panama City, FL.


Awe man😞Ok, thank you so much for the info!


Hey op, at which time did the re-entry happen in your time zone? I'm living in Mexico City and I was told it might be visible around 1:43am. I stayed from 1:40am to 1:55am with no luck, I'm certain it was pollution but maybe I just arrived late to the event.


It happened around 1:45 local


It would have gone pretty much straight over your head - fairly sure you missed it, in future may be best to check some live footage to see when they are re-entering :)


Quick question... How fast are the crafts going usually when entering earths atmosphere?


OP, about where do you live? Don't have to give specifics just general area, state maybe?


In case you didn't see it, he said in another comment he's in Pensacola (in the Florida panhandle).


Thanks I kinda figured yea


Why is it called RE-entry?


Because it's re-entering the earths atmosphere, after leaving it six months ago.


When a house is rebuilt, it was previously built. When a total is recalculated, it was previously calculated. When food is reheated, it was previously heated. So, wouldn't "atmospheric reentry" only apply if they had already entered previously? Of course, that could easily be the case for astronauts with multiple launches. 🤔


I don't think it's about the action of entering, but rather the state of being inside. If you were born in the US, and took a vacation to England, when you come back you are reentering the US.


Every human being enters the atmosphere at least once in their lifetime. Typically at the start.


This exact dragon capsule is a reused one so it has "reentered" before.


I didn’t think this one was reused, crew 2 was which is still up there.


Nope, this one is C207 "Resilience", the 2nd operational Crew Dragon, and it's new. C206 "Endeavour" is the first one which has recently been launched again.


Even when the space shuttles were returning for the very first time from space, it was still called reentry. That is just a standard term.


Technically it's referred to as 'atmospheric interface'. Reentry is just kind of a colloquialism that's shorter and quicker to say.


Does it enter twice? It **enters** low earth orbit than **re-enters** even lower earth orbit that it started from.


Okay, but did you also capture a UFO? What's the tic tac looking green light hovering in the upper left?


Lens flare from the street lamp.


Awesome. Did you have a special camera or was it just that bright that you could capture that good an image easily?


Just used my good ole phone. It was even better in person but just good enough for my phone.


How much of that trail is fire, and how much is reflected sunlight off the ablated material?


No sunlight. This was around 1:45 in the morning (local time). It was well within Earth’s shadow.


None of it is sunlight or fire, it's all plasma.


Can someone ELI5 how do they control where they'll land on earth?


For the most part the landing site is determined by their orbit and exactly what time they begin the re-entry process. After that, the capsule's shape ensures aerodynamic stability so that it doesn't tumble, which makes the trajectory very predictable. It can make small adjustments using a combination of it's reaction control thrusters to rotate the capsule. The shape naturally produces a small amount of lift and there is a small, built in asymmetry which causes the lift to change with orientation. You can actually see this rotation at play in the orion re-entry video linked above. Once the parachutes deploy I'm pretty sure it's totally subject to the wind but their pretty close at that point.


While in orbit, the space craft is falling towards earth, but its trajectory results in it falling in front of the earth. Constantly missing. To descend out of orbit back to earth, the orbit trajectory is changed to fall into earth. Because this trajectory can be mathematically modeled, engineers can determine the point on the current orbit to change trajectory so that the new orbit results in the spacecraft's orbit colliding with that point. The spacecraft changes its orbit by applying thrust and accelerating the vehicle in a direction that results in the new orbit necessary to collide with the planet in an area desired. The smaller the orbit, the faster the object has to be traveling . The spacecraft has to increase orbital velocity to decrease its orbital path. If the orbit comes close enough to earth, the drag of the atmosphere will slow the craft down below the velocity needed to fall in front, but not slow enough that it falls behind.


They fired some thrusters at the right time to slow down and fall back to Earth where they want. If you are in a stable orbit all you have to do is slow down and you will be on your way back. Hitting the right spot is all about timing. One of the most fun ways to learn about orbital mechanics is to play Kerbal Space Program.


They do so by controlling their orbit. You can control how high or low your orbit is by accelerating or decelerating the space craft. Once you decelerate enough your orbit will no longer continue as gravity wins and pulls you down to earth but your trajectory is still easily calculated.


Change orbit at the apoapse to change the periapse


Wish I could have such clear skies, fuck light pollution man..


Super cool OP I was trying to catch this from South Florida but I don’t think I had a clear enough view. I’m guessing you were looking straight south?


I was looking southwest/south


Oh man that's super cool, I wish I would've paid attention I would've watched this as well


Born too early to explore space, too late to explore the world, however, this really fills that desire for me. About just as cool, but without any of the work, and with the tech to watch it from my bed. One of these days, humans are going to land a colony on another planet, one that can stay. When that day comes history will change forever. I’m hoping I live to see the day.


This is probably a silly question, but is there a way to track this, if other people wanted to view a re-entry?


The selected landing zone and specific timing schedule are shared publicly. Generally speaking, the spacecraft travels from west-to-east. Using that information, as long as you’re within roughly two hundred miles (or so) of the landing zone and you look in the appropriate direction you should have a good chance of seeing it, assuming the clouds are feeling merciful. This was also visible from southern Mexico, since the reentry began *very* far southwest of the landing zone.


There's no way they don't play "Radar Rider" in the capsule during re-entry, right??


The trail of hot glowing particles after the capsule is interesting. I'm guessing they are tiny solid particles ablating from the heat shield. Probably so little density up there that they mostly cool by radiation rather than conduction to the air, which takes a few seconds to drop <800 F where no longer significant visible radiation (black-body curve).




Why only 9 seconds? Where’s the rest? I’m hungry for more




No, because that's lens flare of the street lantern below.


So, is no one gonna talk about the UFO just chilling up top watching the re-entry as well?


It’s reflection off my lens from the street light. I filmed it and watched in person and that was not actually there.