Would rather see a stock buyback


Yes to both dividend or buyback but be realistic we are years away until the biz mature.


We are a long way from maturity. This is a growth story for hopefully the next decade


After the net losses phase, after the profitability phase, after the growth phase, when you reach the he maturity phase, and you are in the EXCESS profits phase, then you might see a dividend. Chances are it’ll take a good long time.


I have 30 years until retirement


So prob in 29 years






For all that is holy if they create credit cards that rival Chase or Amex they will see huge switches from high income spenders.


I’d say yes it will happen - but it’s not going be anytime soon


I would love to see buyback of the stock once they have cash to do so.


With so many shares outstanding I’d rather see stock buyback


The stock has tremendous upside I believe there's no doubt SoFi will become a great dividend paying stock


I don't see why they couldn't be. They are, in the end, a bank. Once growth slows and they have large positive eps they should reward shareholders. Their only other option would be to invest their cash and they already have most of the features that they ever will have.


They are losing money at the moment and a huge debt too. Once they start having free cash in hand, we can expect they to start with dividends.. Long way to go.. may be 5 to 10 yrs min.


Where did you see huge debt?


Looks like you downvoted my comment because of my mention of debt 😊


I can confirm that I didn't downvote. It's not me. I didn't upvote either. I am happy to upvote your post now to prove my point. 😀 You should see a bump.




😊 Don't rely on sites like benzinga. They almost always autogenerate the content by plugging in some numbers. They have no idea on what exactly the debt is. Here is a good deep dive on debt of SoFi on SA. There are more articles like this that do a good job if doing deep dive. Excerpt from the article. They virtually have no debt. "We do know the business has $935 million in cash and cash equivalents, $327 million in restricted cash and $195 million in short-term investments. The company has $11.2 billion in total loans, with $4.6 billion in total debt (which mainly includes various "warehouse loan" facilities and thus not "real debt" tied directly to SoFi. The company's actual debt could be seen as $1.2 billion in convertible senior units, which is manageable given the strong liquidity position of the business." https://seekingalpha.com/article/4556458-sofi-q3-earnings-blistering-growth-outstanding-execution


By the way, the convertible note is a steal of a deal by Noto and team. They got it for 0% interest so they don't have expense on the debt either and they have cash in hand in case they need to repay. Hope this helps!


The question is will SoFi make it or not. Not that I think it will run out of money, but will it continue growing. If SoFi membership stops growing - then it will have reached a plateau. Given the fundamentals, stock will go down. It will have to pivot to value stock. Otherwise if growth holds and it continues to perform, then I expect it will be a dividend stock because it’s a bank holding company.


in 50 years when they themselves become a legacy bank in the far future


What happens after the reverse stock split and we all get legally fucked out of our initial investment?


sofi could just do what Elon does - fire 75% of the workforce and they are immediately profitable