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It is wild to think that the US is the only team to have two draws considering how tight a lot of the games have felt. Tonight’s game against Iran is going to be enthralling.


Costa rica only concacaf team with a win is even crazier


Costa Rica is the wildcard of a little concacaf brother so I'm not surprised


Fact that they can make it to the next round if they hold germany to a 0-0 and spain beat japan... OH GREAT BUS IN THE SKY TAKE MY ENERGY


We shithousin' experts


Fantastic turnaround after being an example for why World Cup expansion is bad for ...*checks notes*... one game where they conceded as many goals against Spain as Brazil did against Germany in 2014


A grindingly dull 0-0 which sees Iran qualify for the next round would be a hilarious advert for the sport in the country that’s hosting most of the next World Cup!


>Undefeated at the World Cup


New Zealand 2010 vibes


Switzerland in 2006 getting eliminated without ever conceding a goal


*neutral feeling intensifies*




If I remember right, Switzerland went out in the round of 16 in 2006 without conceding a goal the entire tournament.


True neutrality.


The Swiss way


And the country who most despise anything ending as a draw


*especially 0-0 draws


They need that dopamine high and car insurance ads every five seconds or else they realize how depressing suburbia actually is.


"Reeee sacker is boring!!" Ohhh but let me watch a game for 3-4 hours that stops every 4 minutes while they replay the same ads over and over again. Its riveting!


Ha. I said this one another thread and they hated how I said it was more skilful than most other sports and is way less stop start than American football. The worlds most popular sport and somehow American football is better.


Don’t forget all the boner pill ads


Do people seriously think Americans like having to deal with constant commercials and advertisements?


Well, it sure doesn't look like they're doing anything about it. Obviously they don't dislike it enough.


What is the normal american supposed to do to stop mega corporations from spending millions on advertising


On one hand, it would be super embarrassing. On the other, theyre the youngest squad in the tournament and going ‘undefeated’ bodes well for 2026 tbh. They look a proper finisher away from being able to make some waves.


They were saying on the radio that Ghana was the youngest squad at this World Cup, but there might be different ways of measuring it!


The US has played the two youngest starting XIs of the World Cup so far but yeah Ghana has the youngest squad overall (US is 2nd)


> but there might be different ways of measuring it! You've got to measure from the base.


We were the youngest team in qualifiers, but once we brought Ream in our average age went up.


USA will be going home but at least they can take pride in the fact that they're going home undefeated. MURICA!


Well on their way to doing a New Zealand by getting 3 draws and going home unbeaten


Even crazier that it’s almost certain Germany will qualify even tho they only have one point in two games.


One of the times reddit goes against the current of what I experience irl


Come on, no way you lose or draw vs Costa Rica


i dont know, the memes making the rounds im Buero make me think peeps are waiting for an early exit: Spielt den selben Scheiss wie 2018 nochmal!


Any millenial trying to buy a house in 2023 should probably bet on CR on Thursday.


Yeah it's actually so crazy that only six teams out of 32 have two wins, two draws or two losses.


If they draw again they might pull a New Zealand and end up the only undefeated team, depending on the KO stages


Actually it is statistically a rare occurence for teams to draw 2 times in a row. Let's say the chance to get a draw is 20%. Then 2 draws in a row has the probability of 4%.


The one against England was very dull tho. Felt like the Englishmen didn't want to play at all.


Not didn’t. Couldn’t. Adams and McKennie dominated 300 million pounds worth of English players in the midfield. Then Shaq Moore of Nashville FC came on and silenced 150 million man Jack Grealish


> Felt like the Englishmen didn't want to play at all. Their last WC was just like that even if they placed high in end.


Shout out to Poland and Morocco, going from being eliminated after 2 games in 2018 to being undefeated and in Poland's case topping their group after two games this time


And no goals against.


Maybe they realized that losing fewer goals means staying in the tournament for longer?


The clean sheets speak for themselves


I mean yeah, thats the primary plan of our coach. We also slam him for it relentlessly


Also to Ghana, the lowest rated on the FIFA rankings, doing pretty well


And the youngest team too


Makes sense that the youngest team should outperform its ranking — their best players haven’t been around long to accumulate ranking points.


Poland plays like shit but its not stupid if it works.


It's why I don't think Argentina are in that great a spot. It would not at all surprise me if Poland show next to nothing upfront, defend like lions for another 0-0, and then the Saudis beat Mexico to knock Argentina down to 3rd


Poland's bus is going to be gargantual no doubt about that. But if we fail to beat a low block of Poland after already failing to beat an offside trap in the 1st matchday, we'd really not deserve to make it through.


Czesiuball is going to be in overdrive against Argentina if all Poland needs to at least have a knockout spot (even if it means playing against France) is a draw. Expect a five or even six defender wall.


I would gladly take the loss against Saudi Arabia if it means Argentina are out with us


Having Saudi Arabia and Poland move forwards in this group would be hilarious


You know, I'll be ok with this too.


It's working? Could've fooled me


Croatia v Morocco was wild! They were far better than we thought and did really well.


And the fact that Morocco managed to beat Belgium


Portugal second whitout having a manager... that's impressive.


Bruno is finally doing well for our team. Ronaldo is contributing more than just goals. Legend says Bernardo is still running in the locker room. Pepe is back and cutting everything going his way. Diogo Costa did his thing. William Mustache is looking as slick as ever. So yes, we don't have a coach but the team is giving everything they have and some more.


..what's the joke here?


>..what's the joke here? Our manager


That their manager is considered not very good.


You give him too much credit.


the joke is that santos is shit


Unfortunately that's not a joke


Terrorism is not a joke


It's actually the key to football tournament success apparently


It’s amusing to see that the country who we stereotype as being unable to cope with draws in sport currently have the rarest result - two draws!


just wait til the game today, we'll have 3 draws. No seriously though, finally when Americans are tunning-in with record numbers, we can not score. ​ Although the U.S. has majorly outplayed Wales and England for most of their games, so that's progress I guess.


We won Euro 2016 with 3 draws in the group stage. Italy won the 1982 World Cup with 3 draws in the group stage. ​ Do not underestimate the power of the triple draw!


Except they* literally need to win or they’re out


Don't know what you were watching but they didn't 'majorly outplay" anyone. They had the best of the chances yes, but you need to take them. Personally think US would have lost the. England game if it was a must win one, England seemed very happy to draw


From what I saw, England were pretty toothless and was mostly on the defense. The U.S. struggled to finish any of of the crosses. But with a bit better finishing this could've been an easy win. England might be happy with the draw because they should've lost that game. This English team won't be beating any other top team IMO. The whole team was ready and they still couldn't control a game against this young U.S. team.


> From what I saw, England were pretty toothless and was mostly on the defense. It’s worth noting that for qualification, England needed to make sure not to lose more than they needed to win. This is because of the way the other fixtures in the group went - it meant that getting a single point against the US was enough to almost guarantee qualification! England were quite defensive and toothless for the last 20/30 minutes of the match, but I think that might be because they were out to get a draw! > The whole team was ready and they still couldn't control a game against this young U.S. team. It’s quite a young England team as well (I think the stats put England somewhere close to the bottom of the list for average squad age even though the US are even lower), but I’m not sure that matters to your point about whether the US were playing better or not. We’re all playing with whichever squad we brought to the World Cup and you don’t get a bonus point for having the youngest team!


I noted the team was young to clarify that they were mostly inexperienced players playing against either PL veterans, or players with World Cup experience from the English side. ​ I am not sure that I follow the idea that England just didn't care enough to win the match, there is a personal rivalry between the two teams that all players know. If you think England played for the draw then maybe, but it's still a little weird that they wouldn't play for a win, given the history of it and the fact they're the favorites.


> I am not sure that I follow the idea that England just didn't care enough to win the match, there is a personal rivalry between the two teams that all players know. I absolutely didn't mean to suggest that they didn't care enough to win the match! I was saying that they didn't *need* to win the match but they did need to avoid a loss. I think they spent the first half and the start of the second half playing for a win. But the closer it got to the end of the match, the more it looked like they were trying to protect the point that would pretty much guarantee a last-16 place rather than going out to win!


I guess it makes sense from their perspective to play for a draw. I think it was only controversial because fan’s expectations were that England would dominate, when we got a fairly good game.


You're not understanding, it's nothing to do with "not caring" but they more than happy to play for a draw. Also to say England won't beat another top team is stupid, you can never right off a team based on how they play in group games . England played awful Inthe group Euro stages but reached the final.


And ps there is no rivalry between US and England, not from England anyway. They would obviously always like to beat them but no England fan is going to say US is a personal rival


Feels odd to see us with 6 out of 6 points.


Fernando Santos fuming right now


Man must have a clause in his contract which stipulates that he’s not allowed to dominate the game in any match.


My calculator is collecting dust during a major tournament, doesn't feel quite right


Dude it's insane, it almost feels wrong not automatically checking the middle of the table to see where we stand lmao


What not having Germany in the group does to Portugal. :)




Revenge for 2000.




Works for me


The numbers don’t lie


"top 5 in the World Cup megatable after 2 rounds of games, you'll never sing that"


No shame on Canada you guys are an ice soccer nation. Mexico and Uruguay have no excuses tho.


We just kinda collapsed against Croatia


Mexico a boxing nation.?


More than a soccer nation


Uruguay got fucked hard with the referees a few times in both matches. That penalty was 100% bullshit. Guy literally fell into the ground. Though yeah, Uruguay is playing badly. Feels disconnected. And someone in the defense is always found lacking (Caceres and Coates)


If we make a points per capita list, Uruguay is top 5. So, not bad.


I'm not into crazy theories and even less with this one since it would give some excuse to this mediocre team, but that match was really sus from Tata. Never seen formation, immediately giving up possession, sending the oldest midfield players to make long runs all game and isolating your only two attacking players. Substitutions made absolutely no sense and you could see Vega and Lozano were really frustrated. First half Argetina wasn't working and you couldn't even make any change to pressure them a bit. And if you really wanted that goaless draw, you had better players on the bench for it.


Out of all the big teams, France are the only one that I’ve felt have looked good in both games. It’s looking like a fairly open tournament as teams start to kick into gear


And Brazil. No goal conceded so far.


Not even 1 shot on target allowed in both games


They didn't say Brazil looked bad, but you'd be hard pressed to say they looked great against the Swiss. They didn't concede any chances but they barely made any themselves.


Which NT in the world looks great playing against the Swiss parking the bus?


Against two strong teams


Nothing special in this second game, although Switzerland is a good team


Alisson not making a single save in two games is quite impressive


tbh, Denmark was pretty dull and Australia is.... Australia..


> Australia is.... Australia.. It's true, but you didn't have to say it...


Hey at least Qatar is worse if that cheers you up


Our group definitely seems easier than Spain, Brazil or Portugal. But we can't read too much into group stage perfs anyway


You can play a bad team but if you don't score against them, that does say a lot about you as a team. If you do score goals, a lot of them, against that team, that also says something. Beating a bad team 2-0 would suggest that you're not as good as everyone thinks you are. Winning 4-1 suggests you have a defensive weakness but are as good at attacking as people thought.


Teams will take a different approach when we get into knockout and the shackles will come off some who have being playing more conservatively due to their tricky group. I can’t wait. World Cup round of sixteen is the best.


Agreed. Many teams hyped from winning the first game lost the second (KSA, JAP), and others that were declared dead after losing the first got at least a surprising point or win this match day (GER, GHA, CMR, TUN).


Spain still looks the best team so far, they were brilliant vs Costa Rica and then quite good against Germany too. France had two decent matchups


Still think Spains defence is a bit suspect


That + their stamina. Didn't Italy grind them out in the last euros


No strikers could be the downfall though for Spain


Wait till they meet a team that parks the bus. Their 1000 passes will lead nowhere.


You mean like Costa Rica? Obviously they were hilariously bad in that game and a better team parking the bus would give Spain more trouble, but you can’t claim that parking the bus is an easy counter to Spain’s game plan. Unless your bus is *extremely* solid and resilient you’ll just get crushed.


Yeah apart from the obvious ones (France Brazil) there is Spain who in terms of team play was the best team imo. Portugal - 2 wins is 2 wins Germany who've been way better than suggested (the loss against Japan was a game they win comfortably 9/10 times)


Brazil is also very solid. That team reminds me a lot of the 1994 team in how they are solid defensively. Ironically, I think Brazil is not special offensively even though they an exceptional amount of talent there. People who follow Conmebol won’t be surprise that they are winning like that.


Well fuck. Below Qatar? Really? Alphabetical order? Minutes leading? Moral victories? Need some tiebreakers here. who made this list?!


i think between qatar and canada it would come down to fair play points


It would, so Canada should be ahead of Qatar. Qatar have 7 yellow cards, Canada 4.


yeah dont get why qatar are ahead there


for real tho, only reason for it is OP is Qatari or has one looking over his shoulder as he posts this


8th, 9th and 10th positions are least expected considering reddit predictions. Also 25th , 23rd and 17th are also least expected but in negative way.


We played Morocco before the World Cup and I was expecting this to be fair. They are good.


I get the other two, but I don't think Ecuador are surprisingly high.


I think a lot of people were saying that Belgium would be poor, but yes Germany and Denmark are pretty shocking, I actually picked both of them to win their groups


Costa Rica with -6 GD and 3 points is everything i love about the world cup


Wait until they're with -5 GD and 6 points


How many times has this happened before? I can’t remember a first game blowout being turned around. Usually its a weak team that stays down


I remember Colombia beating Greece 3-0 to start 2014, with Greece still sneaking through in 2nd And Spain 4-0 Ukraine in 2006 wasn’t really a problem either with peak Shevchenko


Looks like France, Portugal, Brazil, and Spain will qualify for the Champions League. England will have to settle for the Europa league. Qatar, Canada, and Uruguay to be relegated to division 1. :(


I'm just not confident at all that France has enough depth in case the series goes to game 7


Lol r/mlb is leaking


Oh, that may be why I didn't get this comment.


On behalf of all of us Canadians, sorry eh.


Uruguay getting relegated Enjoy Luton away, you cunts


Bring em on


What a nice table


Might as well just end the world cup now


Just make the final with the first two teams and get over with it


Who's our new Éder?


Toni das babes obviously


Still hurts bro.


Wales aren’t last, get in. Sorry Canadians


First WC. Most of our players have never come close to a player like Modric or de Bruyne let alone play against them. All great perspective for the future. Definitely got overhyped but it would look a lot different if we managed to score some of those chances vs Belgium. It's just how it is.


To be fair mate I think most of our squad has actually played against De Bruyne, but point stands. Was devastated after the Iran game but obviously just happy to be able to be disappointed once that settles down.


Talking about Canada lol. Tbf it's not our first WC ever but first WC for this squad where the majority have not played vs quality that these teams possess. There's a reason why our coach considers the MLS as a tier 3 league on a global scale.


Oh that makes much more sense hahaha, my bad.


Better team vs Belgium but they have courtouis.


Quality OC.! Surprising how well this table matches the team ranking in my head based on recent form and performance, after watching I think 75% of the matches.


> Surprising how well this table matches the team ranking in my head based on recent form and performance Is it suprising? It puts the teams with the most points and goals at the top and the ones without goals and points at the bottom. It's literally just recent form and performance.


Sometimes teams play well but don't get the result that they deserve. Sometimes teams play badly but fluke a result. Can you see any teams who are much higher or lower on this list than where you think they deserve to be on the basis of how well they've played? If not and if the results table looks similar to your mental ranking of how well the teams have performed (assuming you're able to separate quality of performance from result) then that's noteworthy in and of itself.


If you for example consider group E. I would think just from watching the games that Costa Rica is higher and Germany is lower than their recent form. Germany didn't play that bad, they were just a bit unlucky against Japan and Costa Rica was lucky against Japan. If you check the Google predictions for the game Costa Rica - Germany it says: 4% win Costa Rica 88% win Germany


Not really, e.g. even if England had won against USA, I wouldn't have considered them as the best team in the World Cup so far, even if they would have had the most points and GD. But above table kind of looks like a fair representation of the actual onfield performance so far (not just outcome of results), in my opinion ofcourse.


> Not really, e.g. even if England had won against USA, I wouldn't have considered them as the best team in the World Cup so far, even if they would have had the most points and GD. But they didn't, if they would have beaten the US you would have a different opinion of them I am sure.


Canada does not deserve to be at the bottom


I feel like we kind of got a shitty draw, I would rather have Mexico or The USA's draw to be honest, considering we won our qualifying group. One team we know we're likely to lose to, and two teams we feel like we could beat. As an England fan as well, I know Croatia doesn't mess around, and Belgium is just simply a hard result to get as our first game. In addition having to play the lowest ranked team in our group last, makes us look much worse after 2 games.


Agreed you guys got the short end of the stick, especially considering how well you did in qualifying. But hopefully you'll be qualifying much more often now so you'll get better chances to advance.


At this point I’m just numb to seeing my team at the bottom of mega tables


CONCACAF in a relegation battle


Will be interesting after next matches to see who from the batch of 1 points goes through and who from the batches of 4/3 points fail to qualify


Think Canada played better than Qatar. Why are we last :D


Why are Canada below Qatar?


Costa Rica not the worst 😀


Classic Tite Brazil. Few goals for and against.


Brazil's had the toughest 2 first games of any team and won both, conceding 0 goals.


Alisson didn't make a single save in those two matches.


Poland and Morocco are above expectations, Germany has been less good than expected.


Really helps cut the hype that I was blinded by, lol. I hope we get a result against Morocco so we can not be on the bottom of the table.


Would've looked alot different had we finished some of our chances vs Belgium. Croatia was always going to be tough. Great learning experience for sure. Hopefully a few of the players get some big moves, especially those in the MLS. That'll be huge for our future. Really need to use this WC to propel the program forward.


I'd like to see a table with just the associations results against each other Uefa Afcon Etc


Does anyone know why the time changes for the final group stage matches? Edit: found out why, story is absolutely insane. Go to WC thread to find out why.


Canadas the best!!!! All you gotta do is reverse the table 🥲


Seeing Portugal up there is so weird for me...


Welp, for all the talk about our improved performance we still end up alongside Qatar on the table. Few years down the line that's all that'll remain of this WC


Portugal and Arabia have improved so much


This is sick, thanks man 🤘🏼


US to get the proper test match experience having 3 draws. Imagine trying to explain to them the concept of playing for 5 days and drawing 🤣


Based and pilled.




Please would you kindly direct me to a stream for Italy’s upcoming WC game


Nice table, do you happen to have a similar one for previous world cup?


The amazing Canada team lmao baddies


Most pointless table ever


Well yes, but it's actually really interesting


But actually no, the points are in the final column :P


30 of the 32 teams on this table have points. If you want to see the most pointless table ever, you should probably take a look at a table of teams from before the first game has been played. Or maybe some kind of table that's only listing teams who've lost every game in some kind of context?