damn, managing local rivals in the same season before november, that must be unprecedented


Harry Redknapp went Portsmouth -> Southampton -> Portsmouth


Kept Portsmouth up Relegated Southampton Won an FA Cup with Portsmouth Agent ‘arry also managed and later consulted for Bournemouth.


Relegated Southampton, ruined them with a flop spending spree, then went back to Portsmouth and kept them up Agent Arry


You’ll struggle to find a more hated man than him in Southampton, and that explains why quite nicely


if anyone would have done something like that, of course it would have been 'Arry


“Let’s be honest, jokingly, if we avoided everyone with a connection to our adversaries our choice would be somewhat more limited and we can’t ignore the joint movement of some players over the years, and indeed this season.” Lmao


I mean, he’s right. It’s only the fans that care about thst, and it’s a paying job for him. Can’t blame him for choosing his career over tribalism and emotions


Also probably means he doesn't have to move house, which is always nice.


You were the chosen one! You were supposed to destroy the scum, not join them!


Guys just trying to speed run what Steve Bruce almost done in the West Midlands


> Edwards’ stay at Watford proved harshly short-lived, but with his team only a point outside the play-off positions after ten matches, his name remained as highly regarded as previously, and therefore has been linked to other vacancies in the second tier. That's certainly a way to spin in. Overlooks the fact the fact we had a £60-70m forward line and looked utterly impotent. As said elsewhere, not entirely his fault, but Bilic's impact since he arrived doesn't do him any favours. Slightly sad he's gone there as he seemed like a really nice bloke and now I wil be hoping his career is a miserable failure (at least in the short term).


join the club


My worry for him is that it's a squad and club that seems, from a layman's perspective at least, to be absolutely moulded in the vision of Nathan Jones, and I think him and Edwards are super different