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Sometimes players might not like being public figures, not everyone has that sort of personality. Can completely understand if they don’t like speaking like this and are forced to do it because of their contracts.


I'd rather have players actually express their opinion about the match and game rather than the bs we have now. Every question just gets danced around and all that is important is branding and to not say too much. These guys are footballers, not politicans, let them express their opinion about the game. If they think the game was shit they should be able to say that.


But there's no way they can. If they say anything controversial then it get articles written about it and their teammates and manager start getting asked about it creating a disruption which isn't usually helpful to the club. And there's just no way around that as long as reporters and papers are there to get the most clicks to make money.


Look at the Van Dijk interview he did with Neville. 35 minute interview, for 2 minutes of it he answers that he wouldn’t rate Carra to make it into this current Liverpool side. A honest answer but it was all anyone ran with and twisted into some massive insult to Carragher.


Well, that and we know that players aren’t saints. We know plenty that are misogynistic, support dictators, anti-LGBT etc etc It’s just as much about clubs refusing to let their star £50m asset tank his value by calling an opponent a slur or something.


Troy Deeney pretty much said this in his Louis Theroux interview. He said every team will have more often than not one player who's racist, a couple on extreme sides of the political spectrum, homophobic etc. On the other side of the coin he spoke about how he's played alongside/against gay footballers (obviously didn't give names) and said it's pretty standard that there are gay players at most clubs but it just won't be openly spoken about because of the press etc.


They don't even have to say anything controversial at all, rags and sites can construe and create controversies out of thin air from just interviews and regular statements done in a non-PR language.


Forget the media, fans will demonize them all on their own


Interviewer: How do you feel about winning 3 points today? Player: It was an important win. Every game is important. I'm glad the team won. Interviewer: You played well, are you happy with that? Player: I'm just glad the team won, it was an important win. I'm glad we got the 3 points. Interviewer: Some things weren't so great. How do you feel about the bad things? Player: There are things we can do better. For now we are focused on the next game. Every game is important. Interviewer: The thing in the news is controversial. How do you feel about the controversial thing? Player: Right now we are focused on the next game, since it is very important.


Exactly. I don't see the need for interviews if the clubs could just use an auto response for most questions. Then they can make sure that they don't fully answer the question but just talk about the same vague subject to avoid saying something controversial or true. Clubs care too much about media nowadays. I understand that was more important when newspapers and newswebsites still had power, but nowadays the internet is so big and fast that everything goes around so fast etc.


Yeah, but no interviews would mean no [Ben White saying Arsenal are quite good at football](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-6UELwSLmg). And *then* where would the world be? SMH my head.


Interviewer: What did you think about decision that went against you? Player: I think it should have gone our way to be honest Interviewer: What did you think about blatantly incorrect decision that went against the opposition? Player: Honestly, I didn't see it in real time, I'll have to look at the replay later


People say that but every time a player shows a bit of personality the press blow it out of proportion and fans use it against them if they ever have a run of poor form.


But they might not want to? Not everyone wants to speak publicly. Some people are low key, don’t use social media, don’t feel the need to share their opinions to everyone.


Yeah then they could just skip the interview? It's not like they interview 22 people after every match.


They are forced to do it sometimes


Well when Salah, for example, expressed last year that he wanted revenge against real madrid, which is something completely normal, the whole footballing world shit themselves


Yeah and we should just normalize that behaviour. It's the news websites that like to blow things WAY out of porpotion because they only live on getting clicks with clickbait rather than making interesting and good articles. The moment that we stop caring for the stupid headlines and care about the actual content these stupid websites/papers will die and proper ones will be noticed more. It's super noticable on this sub aswell. 95% of the people don't click on links that link to an article, they only comment on the title of the post.


Well it was not only the news, people on this sub reddit also had a meltdown


Mika Hakkinen. But this would traction and he might make it his schtick, a la Mika Hakkinen.


I hope he did this as a joke and keeps it going


Lads only here so he doesn't get fined.


A masterclass in not being requested for post match interviews next time you score




The Benny special


"How do you feel when the ball hits the back of the net?" *"A sense of overwhelming desolation. What are we, as players, placed on the pitch to do? To score goals, to win the game for our fans. And yet in that moment when we succeed, instead of fulfilment, all I experience is emptiness. When our purpose is achieved then what are we there for? Merely 11 intelligent monkeys, kicking a ball around a grass rectangle, with no greater significance. I feel the great ennui of mankind wash over me. I think of Nietsche, Heidigger, Kirkegaard; the absence of meaning in our wistful and barren lives"* "...." *"Just kidding, it feels good"*


*As flies to wanton boys, we are for the Gods. They kill us for the sport. Soon the science will not only be able to throw down the ageing of the cells, the science will fix the cells to the state, and so we’ll become... only accidents, crimes, wars will still kill us. But unfortunately, crimes and wars will multiply.* *It feels good. Thank you*


That Shakespeare quote is legit amazing though, it’s hilarious that he used it in a football context.


Yeah it's great; plus it first time I learned about word "wanton", which is great on itself


Not as delicious as wonton, though.


Though the wanton consumption of wontons would be a delicious disaster


I remember seeing someone analyse the speech and explain what he meant and it’s not that bad of a speech but why did he say it in the most convoluted way possible


The Michael Chandler of interviews


With a backflip added in for good measure


ha that was good


Maybe chill out with the whole calling non-white people “monkeys” thing. But other than that good joke.


These might actually be his genuine answers, a la Mika Hakkinen. But this would traction and he might make it his schtick, a la Mika Hakkinen.


I think they probably are and I hope he does!


*Oh yeah, it was so easy, I can't belieeeve it.* 🙂 *No it wasn't.* 😐


He could be taking this vibe from Haaland who did this in the Bundesliga multiple times.


I wish more people were familiar with Coach Pop from the NBA. He’s legendary with the reporters and media.


problem with doing this in football is that the UK media is nasty and entitled as fuck. watching clips of this guy on youtube, most of the hacks get embarrassed and almost apologetic. if you start calling out UK journos to their face for their fucking pointless inane questions, not only will they create a fucking turdstorm for it in the first place, they'll also be on your case like stink on shit forever more


i love that guy and how outspoken he is about civil rights as well


Oh yeah. 100% on him speaking up on social justice stuff. Him being in Texas of all places doesn’t make it easy either.


I don't think it is, as this isn't the first interview he has done in this style. Zaha was cracking up at this interview, so maybe it's not, but [he always seemed pretty calm and dry](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4qIvbdy_Zc).


"So what did you think of that red card? Do you think it was deserved?" "Yeah." "Are you happy with your performance today?" "Yeah, it was alright." "How well do you think you'll do in these upcoming games? You're playing very well but Newcastle are on a roll, Chelsea and Manchester United are hard teams. Will you give it a go?" "Ye." "What do you make of that stuff going on over in Ukraine?" "Pri'ee bad." "Alright, I'll let you go. Thank you for your time." "😶"


Not much to be said it was an easy game for Palace in our park. Probably the easiest time he’s had this season


Gives me Haaland vibes


“Why not”


“Hard work”


It’s a bit shit but.. we scored


Wasn't there one interview that is almost an exact replica of this one? The similarity is uncanny in my mind, but maybe it's just playing tricks on me.


"First half was good, second half was shit"


Is he in cahoots with Ben White to give the most awkward interviews? This one with Benny Blanco is a classic: https://m.youtube.com/shorts/M-6UELwSLmg


hahahaha I'd never seen this one, thought it was the one where the interviewer asks about Brentford (I think) possibly bullying them physically and he just keeps going "no I don't think so" and talking about something else


That whole interview is hilarious, White always does this, probably why he only gets put on foreign media post-match lmao


It was after the Southampton game where they were fouling us all over the place and not getting pinged for it


They interview the players like they are expecting them to answer like pundits. "That sequence for the goal really summed up the match, didn't it?" "Tell us about that special something your team has to come back from conceding" Why don't ***you*** give us some verbose description, you moron. They are really weird questions for players to answer. Ask them about tactics or the duels they had on the pitch or something.


worse than that, 9 times out of 10, it's just "how did it feel to be/do \[good thing\]?". which is invariably followed by a string of meaningless cliches. who the fuck benefits from this? it's like queueing to board a plane. everyone seems to do it, but no one seems to know why


i so hate these questions. its always the same dumb shit. but it's a deliberately strategy just to make the players talk about whatever is on their mind i guess


Benny Blanco from the Bronx?


It's just rude. If you don't want to speak to the interviewer, turn down the request. There are good interviews out there like the one last season with Maddison. This new sort of interview with players just no-selling the questions isn't funny at all. It's a waste of time.


They can get fined if they refuse media duties. Which sometimes leads to moments like this (from NFL) https://youtu.be/wNnAt5uepBs


The clubs press officer puts the players forward. They can pick whoever they want.


Yeah and it's hilarious every time they pick Ben White.


They don't get fined in the Premier League, you can't just take a 10 year old NFL clip and pretend it applies to the premier league. The only obligation is that 1 player from the club is interviewed.


Fair enough, my mistake. I did assume this was more of a contract level thing than a league rule though.


The players aren't picked pre-game though. The club picks the players, unless someone wants to do it. There's no excuse to put players out there who are actively going to be pissy and unhelpful to journalists for no reason. I don't think this Olise one is that bad, it's not outwardly offensive, but he's not undermining the reporter. Others have.


What's the problem with White's answer though, which is purposefully clipped too?


It wasn't purposefully clipped lol. The 2 minute clip is out there. The reporter asks a genuine question about whether or not Arsenal were 'bullied' in the second half physically and White just reacts as if it's a stupid question.


This one was after Liverpool at home?


No, Southampton.


The original comment is a clip from the *Liverpool* game, jfc The Southampton one is fine too, he's challenging a boring narrative that is outdated now. Wonder why you think the Olise one isn't bad, yet White's is - anything to do with the team in question?


I'm not referencing any Liverpool game clip. Olise's isn't as bad and I've stated why. His answers are plain, but never come accross as disrespectful. Meanwhile White's comes accross as if the reporter's said something repulsive. Has very little to do with club loyalties. Go back to the thread of White's interview and you'll see fans of other clubs also questionning his approach to the interview. No need to get defensive and claim victim every time.


Shut it. The questions are stupid, I much prefer answers like these than generic shit 99% of players answer


Because you're simple minded.


Player: *gives amusing deadpan response" You: ugh simpleminded Player: "yeah, obviously we have to go harder, we've been training really hard and the team fought hard today, we had to follow the managers tactics" You: OMG SO TRUE!!!


Congratulations on missing the point. No problem with the deadpan, problem with the seeming lack of respect to the reporter who's just doing their job. But I guess subtlety and nuance is lost upon you.


yeah and I’m sure that very same reporter is acting out of respect when they go type up their article to make some forced controversy over an innocent comment made by the player in their interview. If the press would act respectfully then they wouldnt have to deal with these kinds of interviews.


You'd have a point if these weren't recorded interviews and people could actually see what was said, despite editorial articles.


I can't tell if this is pure contempt or innocence from Olise.


He's just shy.


Based on ….. nothing From what I seen he aint


You don't think that being twenty years old and put in front of cameras is gonna make anyone shy? Wilf was the same in his post match interviews at that age it's perfectly natural to be.


Not every 20 yr old shy cmon u trying to put 1 and 1 together n getting 8


Another anecdote but I do remember seeing some of Palace TVs bits where either Gallagher or Mitchell (can't remember who was the main guy) would play FIFA against various members of the team. Olise was watching from the doorway and when they tried to get him to speak on camera he shuffled away. He eventually came on the segment but was really quiet.


I don't think those are the mannerisms of someone who is 'just' shy


He's probably just a bit introverted, I don't see any contempt there. He just doesn't want to be doing it.


He's a graduate of the Mika Häkkinen School of Media Relations.


I prefer the Kimi Räikkönen approach to interviews. https://youtu.be/uPLetR8TPW8?t=9


Interviewer: “Kimi, what happened?” Kimi Raikkonen: “I spun.” Interviewer: “How does it feels to drive at 300 km/h?” Kimi: “It feels normal.”


Just look at this and you'll understand. https://youtu.be/jPRBj3-Ilvs


https://youtu.be/b0xn6y7e7rk Nah this is proper Kimi




Gimi <3


"Nice and brief" "🙂"


Must be a joke? hahaha, love it.


king. sports journalists provide nothing of value to anyone and deserve no respect at all. i hope more players and managers start giving them the middle finger like this


The official Prem account even [tweeted out](https://twitter.com/premierleague/status/1589626108286324741?t=soLJxn4vcExDenoX-bqLSA&s=19) the quote as some groundbreaking shit lol


As a Finn, I don't see anything wrong with his answers. They should learn to ask better questions though.


Love that this has got people talking about the banality of these post match interview questions


Didn't realise he was from London, assumed he was native french as he's represented their youth sides


Fair, what sort of questions were those?


Pretty standard. These post match interviews aren’t exactly meant to be hard hitting. It’s generic question “was that the result you wanted?” Followed by generic answer “yeah at the end of the day it’s a game of two halves but we just knew the gaffer wanted the win and scoring a goal is nice but it’s more important that we got the win to be fair” Rinse and repeat


Yeah I hate those meaningless interviews


The main thing is we got the three points and now we look ahead to another difficult game next week.


Yeah it's disappointing not to come away with the win but it's important we get our heads down and go again next week.


We've got a great group here and I know the lads will bounce back.


Wish we could give something back to our fans who were fantastic during the whole game, but we will work hard in training to bounce back next week against a tough opponent.


Actually the team is the most important thing and I'm just glad to be out there helping. 3 points in the bag and we go again


Feels like I'm playing FIFA Career mode reading this thread.


Kane is the absolute king of them. At this point an AI with a few snippets of his answers could replace him.


Yeah no definitely




media are literally just hoping for a controversial quote, these guys are PR trained to say as little of substance as possible


"Le plus important c'est l'essentiel."


Tbf "talk us through the goal" does actually give him some scope to say something interesting but the rest they genuinely might as well not ask


Honestly journalists get away with murder sometimes, they ask the most simple question and it’s some kind of unwritten agreement that you give a pointless elaborate answer. “Did it feel good to score a goal?” What do you think dummy?


How is it getting away with murder? They're asking to get a quote from a player by using very open-ended questions. What else should they be asking?




These are literally the opposite of closed-ended questions. "How did you feel about X?" and "Describe X for us" are about as open as it gets. They may be dull but they aren't closed.


I will NEVER understand why journalists tell players to describe a goal. Everyone literally saw what happened lmao


Marcus Edwards in Portugal is known for this kind of interview, super short and awkward answers lol Here is the latest after a game over the weekend: https://youtu.be/W-9rsxAGuO8 Here he is in a podcast with Sporting's official podcast: https://youtu.be/fXMFLoXp7dw


I get where you’re coming from, but no way this is on the same level as Olise lol


Dunno if hes just awkward, wants to be a Haaland type figure, he generally just doesnt care or he's just being real.


Love it. The questions are stupid. I'd answer like this too "Talk us through the goal" you've just watched it from 45 camera angles you dog botherer.


Miss him, glad to see him doing well in the prem, comes as no surprise


“…yeah” Fucking LMAO


Michael raikonnen


They should all just start saying "well Brian, I hit the ball first time and there it was in the back of the net"


Poor guy he’s nervous


Ahhhh. I Love’em.


Man doesn't waste words. I love it


Not full on Marshawn, but about 75% the way there. Hat tip, Olise. Hat tip.


Is that digga d


I fucking love this!


I absolutely love this


Such generic, clichéd boring questions deserve such contemptuous responses. Well done be Olise


bro think he haaland


I hope more players start doing this, it is much better than the shitty PR answers and maybe it would make the 'journalists' ask better questions. Like what do they expect someone to say to "You just won, how does it make you feel" such a waste of a question especially if it is a final. Piss of with your shit question and let them celebrate.


They don’t really require them to talk through the goal, they’re just giving them a broad platform to start talking. What’s your interview questions for him?


What "better" questions would you ask?


You do realise there's only a handful of possible questions in existence?


"Even you know almost all sports interviews are generic, now please let me go shower."


when you ask stupid questions


He's obviously pretty good at football


either they forgot to media train him or he is about to be a gigachad on these


I'm not saying this in a negative way at all but his whole demeanor indicates he could be on the autism spectrum.


Why do half of English players seem less articulate and with it than their non-native English speaking counterparts.


What a twat.


Reeks of entitlement. He is nowhere without the money paid by subscribers who are the intended viewers of the interview. Then again many wealthy/famous people have this attitude, not exclusive to footballers


Reminds me of early Haaland interviews


either he wasnt coached or just doesnt care. Hoping for the latter.


Me irl




When you don't wanna reply to the dms


Girls on tinder be like :


Like he’s stoned


I stan


michael kawhi leanord olise


Not one Wayne Gerrard reference in 15 hours =/


It has make my day😁 Brilliant Olicie🏆


Big[ Taurean Prince](https://youtu.be/atr60tR7Emo) energy


Zaha's interview was weird too. Lots of unstable energy whereas this is like they interviewed a crowd member.


Zaha's always strange. Great player on his day but he always seems offended that there happens to be defenders on the other team trying to stop him scoring goals


It's just the energy he uses to pump him up for the game. Works don't it.


*Defenders defend* Zaha: Naa man these guys have an agenda against me 😡


Yeah I've thought he comes across a bit strange. if he carries that same energy around day to day I could sort of understand why it didn't work out for him at United, it's one thing to behave like that when you're the top dog at palace, but at United it's another story. Having said that, it's not exactly a natural setting for many footballers, so maybe it's just how he reacts to the camera.


Well I mean when your a skilful winger and a sides best player you are going to be especially targeted, which is why he’s gotten the reputation as a diver and that he whines too much, he has to play like this or he wouldn’t get any sort of protection from the refs.




Yeah it’s just the way the game is, I don’t blame Grealish as well, some players are just good at drawing fouls and combine that with opposing defenders targeting them it leads to people getting annoyed.


More players need to start doing this.


My guyyyyy 😂 Proper baller too. Surprised he still at palace.


He's been there literally a year


Haland has got a competitor


A man of few words.