Disgusting. Makes you embarrassed to support your club when shit like this happens


There is nothing in the article to suggest that they were Coventry fans. They just got off in Coventry, which could have been because they’d just assaulted someone on the train and got off at the next stop to get away from the scene.


Yeah seeing as Coventry were at home it seems weird that it would be Coventry fans. Looking at the fixture list for last Saturday, they could have been Oxford fans coming back from Bolton, as the Manchester Piccadilly to Reading service looks like it stops at Oxford. I don't know much about the M4/Cotswolds rivalries but Oxford and Reading are pretty close, could probably be considered "rivals"?


They weren’t necessarily football fans, just someone in Coventry


Well, yes true I guess, but I think the chance of a group of 40 year old men, on a train, on a Saturday evening, asking a football fan if he was from town XYZ and then assaulting him, not being football fans is pretty slim.


> I don't know much about the M4/Cotswolds rivalries but Oxford and Reading are pretty close, could probably be considered "rivals"? Very unlikely to be the case. They are rivals, yes, but they've not been in the same division as each other for about 20 years and the only real bad blood I know of was mainly aimed at the owner that tried to merge the two clubs in the 1980s. Then again - I can't think of anywhere that would have a strong enough rivalry with Reading at this point in time to make sense of this at all. The only explanation I can think of, if the club actually has any relevance at all, is that this is some kind of twisted revenge for one of their family members or friends being somehow wronged by a Reading fan.


True, but until we know for sure this incident is going to be attributed to Cov


>Witnesses say the alleged perpetrators were a group of around five men, believed to be in their 30s and 40s. It is understood they boarded the train in Birmingham and alighted in Coventry. > >Speaking to CoventryLive, the heartbroken mum of the victim said the horrendous attack happened as her son was travelling with friends back from Reading's game at Burnley. She said: "It happened when he left his friends to go to the toilet which was a couple of carriages down. > >"A group of men, aged in their 30s or 40s, he asked them if the toilet was free and they said 'Yeah mate, go on. Are you from Reading?' and my son being a bit naive said 'Yeah, I am.' > >"He turned to go into the toilet and they grabbed him by the back of the neck and threw him to the floor and started assaulting him which involved stamping on his face and body." The boy, from Reading, is believed to have 'blacked out' after the attack.


It's hard to comprehend how people can be this savage. Poor kid.


It wasn't rowdy teens and twenty year olds either. It was a group of guys in their 30s and 40s, they could have had sons his age. Absolutely mental the disconnect and lack of empathy to attack and try to murder someone for fun.


What an absolutely disgusting bunch of human beings those men are. To brutally attack a 16 year old kid just because he supports a rival team. Poor lad just wanted to know whether the toilet on the train was free or not.


It says he decided not to press charges - obviously terrified and caught up in the moment - will the police do so of their own accord though? Or can they undo that he chose not to, precisely because it was in the moment?


There is no requirement for a victim to press charges in the UK.


There is no requirement for the victim to press charges for the justice system to take action. Cooperation and statements often are, so if the victim refuses the case typically doesn't get pursued.


What the actual fuck is wrong with those people. Lock them the fuck up, some people escalate to violence so fast it’s scary


Terrible that this happened. “Did not want to press charges” That’s not a thing in this country. The victim has no say, more likely the police encouraged this because they couldn’t be bothered with the aggro.


> > > > > That’s not a thing in this country. The victim has no say, more likely the police encouraged this because they couldn’t be bothered with the aggro. The CPS are far less likely to run a case without victim support.


>more likely the police encouraged this because they couldn’t be bothered with the aggro. This is just baseless speculation. Victims of violent crimes often don't want the police to get involved over fear of media attention and reprisals. Although not required the justice system rarely pursue cases without cooperation from the victim, their statements and accounts are typically vital in such cases.






I know it's the victim's choice and he may just want to bury the memory of it all, but it makes my blood boil that there's a reasonable chance they'll get away with this.


In the UK it's not down to the victim whether to press charges or not Although, the CPS would much rather have the victims support but it's not necessary


CPS will likely bring charges without victims support in this case


Absolutely disgusting. I know it's not everyone, but every time we've played Coventry there's been trouble. Clearly they've got a violent minority amongst them. I mean who attacks a teenager just because he's a Reading fan? That's not even a rivalry as far as im aware, which even if it was would be disgusting still.


It is entirely possible that they were Coventry fans, they certainly have the deserved reputation, but at this point there is no indication that they were or that the attack was football related. His attackers got on at Birmingham and exited the train at Coventry, but they could just have wanted to get off at the nearest station to avoid arrest. Reading wasn't even playing Coventry, tue boy was on his way home to Reading from a Burnley away game.


Don't act like your fanbase is holier-than-thou, every fanbase has a small percentage of dickheads that does shit like this. Also its your fanbase that is creating a rivalry out of something that happened before most of them were even born, we only give back what you give to us in the first place.


This is really not the hill to die on. Like come on...


I can't remember an instance of Sunderland fans throwing bits of rubble and flares. Oh wait that was Coventry fans, on multiple occasions. If you actually read what I said, I say it's a minority.


>A group of men, aged in their 30s or 40s Bunch of vile fucking pussies.


Fuck em