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I'd really love if Napoli signed him, and not just because I like him as a player. He's a Massive signing if we want to be competitive in Serie A and do good in the CL. Also, his experience and winning mentality would automatically make him one of our leaders in the locker room.


Is Meret not good? With the Sirigu move and now Navas/Kepa, where does that leave Meret?


Navas is better than Meret. He's good, but last year he lacked mentality because of rivalry with Ospina for first spot. This year, during friendlies, he still made mistakes even when sure he was first choice. He will probably (or at least, I think) go on loan for a year to get better and find new motivation, because you needmotivation and good mentality to play for Napoli where some fans are unforgiving


Do fans rate Ospina?


He was a good keeper, saved us some games. We couldn't keep him unfortunately as he got a very rich offer from the Middle east


I so wanted him to stay with Napoli. As a Colombian I didn't want our only quality keeper to go to a minor league.


Sirigu? He’s still playing? I swear I thought he retired lol


I had the same thought. He turned 35 this year, he is much younger than I thought he was.


We want to see him play too, he’s better than Donnarumma but for the long term I understand why he’s starting. we just want as much of a chance to resign him as possible.


Do you Napoli are capable of making it to the top four again this season?


I don't really like to make predictions on Napoli because of superstition. But this is a top 4 team, and I hope even more than that


Do you think Napoli is still a top 4 team on paper in Serie A? Considering you have lost Koulibaly, Mertens, Insigne and soon Fabian, all in one window. Your team has regressed a lot, while teams like Inter, Juventus, Milan and Roma has improved their teams a lot.


Yes. Only big loss is Koulibaly. Insigne was bad for last two years. Mertens maybe: great scoring skills (record goalscorer for us after all), loves Napoli and a great leader. But if get Raspadori I wouldn't be too sad, considering his age. Fabian not yet gone, but I hope Giuntoli would be able to replace him. There's rumours about Ndombele (which I don't know much so don't know his quality), but my dream would be Szoboszlai. You didn't mention it, but another mentioned loss, usually, is Ospina but Navas (if we get him) is 10 times better or even more than that.


I think Napoli is doing much better than most people seem to think. However, I don’t think Szoboszlai will be possible, dude will cost at least like 40 mil and we all know ADL won’t invest that much.


We've seen Napoli go up to 30-35 for Raspadori. Maybe we can do 40 more for another good player


To be honest I don't know that Napoli is a big step up for Szoboszlai, I think on paper Leipzig might even be stronger and have a bigger chance to go far into CL or challenge for a title. If he moves I reckon it will be to a bigger team then Napoli.


It depends on how much of a step up Roma take and how much losing the old Napoli guard hurts. Roma improved a lot and field probably one of the best attacks in Serie A. As much as I love Kim, he's not Koulibaly.


there is only two ways this year goes : either extremely well because our new signings click together and do well or we end up 7th


As long as he’s on those ridiculous wages. We will never be able to get rid of Kepa lol. If he’s desperate to get a World Cup spot then he’ll have to willingly take a paycut to get a move imo.


Welcome to the club lol


Welcome indeed


He was always closer than Kepa. France is literally right next to Italy


Some parts of France (West Brittany) are further away to Naples than London. Not many, but some.


France larger border is with Brazil :)


Of course, to keep some logic in my answer, I was sticking to metropolitan France.


i think most of France is closer to London than Naples, looking at the map. Correct me if I'm wrong tho


Navas... Guy is amazing and always seems to draw the shortest straw despite being the more successful GK. Simply stated, he's a winner and any team that signs him is lucky to have him. I really hope this happens and he lands at San Paolo.


>he lands at San Paolo Now it's named Stadio Diego Armando Maradona


Geez, thanks.


I swear if he was the same goalkeeper but had a German or other Eruropean name and appearance he would not be disrespected as much as he is. It's a massive shame because he seems like such a genuinely nice and hard working player.


Is he disrespected? He was basically always considered a top 5 goalkeeper when he was at Madrid


Well he won 3 champions leagues and was still thought of as upgradable by the Madrid board. Although courtois is incredible for madrid now and in recent years, at the time the only thing he had over navas was height. He had conceded 7 more goals than expected at chelsea and was something like in the bottom 20% of keepers for shot stopping iirc. Overall he didnt really have any standout stats besides his height. Prior to that situation, when madrid wanted de gea he was going to be included in a semi swap deal. He was apparently crying at the airport because he didn't want to leave madrid. That transfer did not end up going through. Then later at PSG he gets ultimately benched by Donnarumma despite the fact that Navas hadn't put a foot wrong and is more balanced keeper than Gigi. I guarantee you that Navas doesn't concede the goals Donnarumma did in the champions league.


Madrid winning 3 champions leagues doesn't mean that Navas isn't upgradeable, just as it didn't make Nacho and Lucas Vasquez world class players. I think you're doing Courtois a disservice, he wasn't just a tall lump. Navas was probably a better shotstopper, but Courtois has been quite comfortably the best in the world at controlling his area, probably since his Atlético days. Navas was and is a fantastic goalkeeper, but I don't think Madrid will regret having replaced him with Courtois


You can't compare navas with Vasquez and nacho though that is ludicrous. Navas was an integral part of that squad. He wasn't a random bit part player he was/is a world class goalkeeper. At the time Courtois was at best on Navas' level. With the ball at their feet Navas is far superior. Like I said statistically throughout his whole career Courtois never had any standout stats until after his first year at madrid. He never performed above expected goals once in all his years playong before then. Yet courtois came in and they dropped Navas unceremoniously. Courtois was also awful those first couple of months for madrid.


I'm not comparing Navas with those two, just saying that Madrid winning the CL didn't make all of their players the best in the world at their position. And it's clear that you didn't watch Courtois before Madrid, since you're just quoting stats. He was also one of the best in the world before he joined, and like I said, he was nothing short of exceptional at catching crosses and commanding his area.


I watched courtois a couple of times at chelsea and he commanded his box and everything but apart from that and his height he didn't really stand out. You may think that he was one in the world but that was mostly reputation. I know you hate stats but statistically like I said he is not notable. Every other keeper had a stats that set them apart and he just didnt. He was a decent shot stopper now he is one of the best in the world. He definitely didn't come in at that level.


Well I watched him for years and he was very clearly one of the world's best goalkeepers at Chelsea. His most recent season was probably his best, but it's not exactly a surprise for those who saw him in 2014/15. He wasn't 'not notable' by any means, why would Madrid have been after him if that was the case?


Because he is a big name with a lot of hype who they could get for cheap since he was desperate to leave chelsea. Plus he was 25 so he had a lot of room for improvement. The disrespect comes into play when real madrid ditched their 3 time champions league winner who had just won the award for champions league goalkeeper of the season. Navas was not showing any sign of slowing down even at his age of 31. Courtois is now almost the same age navas was yet there is no plan to replace him any time soon.


Only luck he seems to have ever had is when our DDG signing failed


I agree


If we get Navas, Raspadori, Simeone & one more strong midfielder this window will turn into yet another ADL masterclass. Kalidou & Ruiz had 1 year left in their contracts. Insigne was underperforming massively over the past years. Ospina & Mertens asked out-of-market wages & were old. A much needed renewal while keeping the team competitive (on paper).


People talking about downsizing or Napoli being not even top4 contender due to Adl making bad business, really didn't pay any attention to players age and contracts and only heard about Napoli through some big popular names I am happy how things are going considering the starting point of contract situation


not to mention Kim Min Jae who is an absolute stud for 20m. you guys are getting slept on hard. Ruiz leaving is what kills me most, I love him and he's been the engine of your team for years.


What a signing he'd be for Napoli


Would love to see him in Italy, Keylor is one of those players you can't dislike even if they wear white.


Napoli would be perfect for ,Keylor, and theyd appreciate him so much.


If that doesnt work out, I'm hoping Ajax will take a shot. ED is getting bigger signings left and right, why not him?


Primadonnarumma activating his mafia connections to get rid of K. Navas.


One of the best clutch GKs ever, at least in UCL. He was absolutely insane in those three years.


He took PSG to final too.


Will forever be a supporter of Keylord. Would be great to see him at a Champions League club like Napoli.


Omg, I’m gonna be very disappointed in Napoli if they sign Kepa over Navas. Kepa is insufferable and I’ll never respect him after that stunt he pulled, refusing to come off the field.


It seems Serie A will be so competitive this year.


Keylor ine if the most underrated/disrrspected gk in the world. He was incredible with madrid


If mertens, insigne, and koulibaly didn’t leave then napoli would be a big threat.


Dollaruma approved




Really? They have lost a lot of big players this season, Navas is a great keeper but I don't see him making up for the players they've lost


Only big loss is Koulibaly honestly because we can't possibly afford someone stronger (if there is) or someone at his level. You can add Mertens for his leadership role and goalscoring skills, but if we get Raspadori I wouldn't be too much sad


Fabian is probably a pretty big loss as well, especially since I doubt we'll replace him. Otherwise, I think people are really overrating Napoli's losses. Insigne was a passenger most of last season and Mertens(as much we all love him) is only really a super sub at this stage. If these transfers come to fruition, I think we should be clearly in the fight for top 4.


I think we can replace Fabian. He's a very good player, he clearly has that top player class but I have in Giuntoli to find a replacement. Ndombele maybe, or someone else like Szoboszlai or someone we don't know yet


Put him in Nani


no, i want him to replace ter statue


man if that transfer ever happened id be so bummed


Wait...surely navas can do better than napoli, no?...I know napoli are decent, but surely navas has the talent to play for a bigger team...i think juve or inter should be all over this...