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[Quite a fitting photo for Nick Pope I must say](https://i.imgur.com/z86IdsA.png)


Musashi Suzuki and Raheem Sterling, my two favorite Jamaican footballers. Also, poor Gaku Shibasaki being all by himself near the top of Japan.


That area from Russia to Indonesia is like half the world population but not a single person.


How long did it take you to do this? Fun time killer to go through the map, well done. Just a FYI, Anthony Lopes (Givors, France) is missing Portugal International in his description


Ty, it's fixed now. It took many hours, it's hard to estimate exactly because it varied a lot by country. Asian teams played way more games than African teams for example, and it heavily depended on how many of the players had conflicting information about them. Because then I had to spend time looking through sources and attempting to figure out where they were actually from. I ended up editing 16 wikipedia pages in the process of making it, either fixing the birthplace, adding a source or fixing vandalism I found.


You deserve more upvotes for this, great job 👏


Disclaimers 1: This is birthplaces, not where they grew up. For example, Weston McKennie is often listed as being born in Little Elm, Texas, but that’s just where he grew up. He was actually born in Fort Lewis in Washington. 2: I defined “participated in world cup qualifying” as having made the matchday squad of at least one world cup qualifier. 3: I have almost certainly gotten some information wrong on here, it’s gonna happen when dealing with hundreds of players many of whom have little publicly available info on them. If you have a correction I’d love to hear it, but please try and have a source for it so I don’t have to just take your word for it. Edit: I've added Kim Young-bin and Lee Jae-ik with the help of the replies below, thanks again for y'alls help. I've also added Ibrahima Mbaye, I don't know why I put him on this list in the first place, it was very easy to find his birthplace. Probably just got him mixed up with some other player, either way he's on there now. 4: Also there were some players who I just could not find a birthplace for, or the best I could find is just that they were born in the country they represent. So if you have any info about [these]( https://imgur.com/a/mGgJGaS) players it would be much appreciated. 5: If you’re curious about Qatar since they qualified automatically, they actually did play through qualifiers b/c in Asia they also served as qualification for the Asian cup. So I just used those games for them. 6: I put Byron Castillo as being born in Ecuador, if you have a problem with that, take it up with FIFA. 7: If you’re wondering why some countries have symbols on their icons, it’s because I ran out of distinguishable colors.


Kim Young-bin was born in Incheon.


I think Lee Jae-ik was born in Uijeongbu (a satellite town north of Seoul)


Thank you both of you! Looking at transfermarkt I also just realized they have what elementary schools they went to in the youth clubs section, and Kim Young-bin's is listed as "Incheon Namdong Elementary School" and Lee Jae-ik's is listed as "Singok Elementary School" which is in Uijeongbu. I've added both of them to the map, thanks again!


Kim Young-bin is listed as being born in Incheon on namu wiki (like Wikipedia but more informal), but the data is generally reliable. I don't think elementary school is hugely reliable as an indicator of birthplace, but if you want to use it, Park Min-kyu's was in Seoul.


It’s so cool zooming in ur city and seeing 4 arrows. I feel so proud even if I didn’t do anything lol. The top scorer of the whole continent in the qualifiers was from my city. Probably look like I’m showing off but I’m just so happy


Without even looking I’m guessing Paris is the city with the most players?


Probably. Montevideo and Acra also have a lot though.


This must've taken a ton of time, nice job OP! It's fun and I think I'll keep coming back to it to find new players each time haha


TIL Guus til was born in Zambia


One person born in Iran but not representing Iran. One person born outside of Iran representing Iran. A nice balance.


Who tf was born in Tromsø in Northern Norway but represents another country? On mobile and cant see if it says the name. Really cant think of who that would be


That would be Sebastian Tounekti who represents Tunisia.


Ah yeah that makes sense I suppose. Forgot he got some mins for Tunisia.


Why is a guy called Daniel Schmidt, who's born in the US, playing for Japan? 2. Mainz and Berlin have the same amount of players


He has a German dad, and a Japanese mom. He also moved to Japan at the age of 2.


Full name = Daniel Yuji Yabuki Schmidt 😆


Isnt his Dad German?


It’s truly a global game


Shoutout to Mahmoud Dahoud, born near Batman.


I expected fewer Qatar-born players on their national team. Looks like FIFA did something right regarding eligibility.


Qatar pumped a ton of money and effort into their "Aspire Academy". 70% of the players they brought to the 2019 AFC Asian Cup (which they won) had graduated from that Academy.


Qatar did have one Brazilian playing for them but that was a few years ago - last cap was 2013. The UAE’s current main striker is Brazilian born. China also ‘bought’ a few Brazilians for the national team but I don’t think those players have appeared for China recently.


What's your point?


Qatar invested heavily in their domestic football and sports in general many years ago, with a lot of the current generation coming out of the famed Aspire Academy. While they still have foreign players, they rely almost entirely on local players these days. The senior NT still has a few (Khoukhi, Pedro, Boudiaf for example) but majority grew up in Qatar.


I appreciate the effort you put into this! Never knew about the Tunisian guy from North Norway!


There are a few shocking ones on there that I would have never guessed. One of the more shocking of which was that it appears the entirety of the Brazilian NT was only Brazilian Born (would have guessed at least a few Portuguese born)


Wonder where the data is from because it's disputed online whether Gio Reyna was born in Sunderland or Durham


Yeah on ones where it was disputed I kinda just made a judgement call. For Reyna my logic was basically that it seemed more likely to me that he was born in Durham, and people incorrectly said that he was born in Sunderland since his dad played for Sunderland than vice versa. Like, it felt probable that someone somewhere thought "oh, his dad played for Sunderland, therefore he was born in Sunderland" even if that wasn't actually the case. It's not the strongest logic, but at the end of the day I had to pick one so thats what I went with.


It's possible he was born in either with both cities being so close. Pretty impossible to know unless he or his family come out and say it so fair enough. Not even Wikipedia and Transfermarket agree


This is awesome. Great work OP


Paris has a lot of countries represented in it, there's a rainbow circle around the center with players for all sorts of countries there. Also shoutout to the one Tunisian in way north Norway


Now how do I remove this shit from my Google Maps app?


I've had this issue before as well, if you click on one of dots, go to more info, then view map legend, theres a close button you can hit to get rid of it.


Hargreaves and now Tomori both born in Calgary is pretty funny


calgary secretly an english colony


Why were none of them born in Madagascar


Because he solely put the birthplace of players from countries who qualified for World Cup...


The best Sudanese player in the world plays for Qatar lol


This is sick


The state of Sinaloa sure produces a lot of footballers for Mexico




Yeah if you try and take it in all at once it is a bit of a mess I'll admit. It's easier if you zoom into a specific section, or filter by confederation to clean it up a bit.