He will stay at Barcelona


But that won't be 100% confirmed until we're all bored to death of this saga!


So far the sources I've seen have been AS and ESPN so yeah I'm not convinced by these articles.


I still doubt that Frenkie would want to join a team without CL football


There are many transfers lately where it seems that playing EPL is a bigger pull than playing UCL.


Still not sure how we bought Coutinho, Boubacar Kamara, Diego Carlos (and maybe now Luis Suarez) in this window. As you said, I think it has to be the PL factor.


Diego Carlos probably gets paid more then in Sevilla, Coutinho wants to play in the WC and sitting on Barca bench he wont get called up.


For real, it's not just "premier league pull" lol, it's more that Villa are willing to splash some cash on fringe level CL quality players. Coutinho is 29, Diego Carlos is 29, Luis Suarez is 35 (and if you read the other thread literally every single PL flair is dumping on Suarez as washed up) So arguably 3 out of those 4 players named are past their prime looking for a solid payout and/or playtime in the lead up to a World Cup.


This was a totally fine take until you suggested that 29 years old is "past their prime". This isn't FM, 29 is their prime. Now whether Coutinho has been playing like it the last few years is a diff story


In the case of Diego Carlos? Maybe I spoke out of turn, perhaps he'll join the PL at age 29 and adapt flawlessly to the speed and physicality. In the case of 29 year old (30 by the time the season starts) Coutinho? I feel confident saying his peak/prime years are behind him.


29 isn’t even old enough to have seen physical decline in most players. Whether Carlos succeeds or not him being 29 is nothing to do with it, Thiago Silva was what 35?


Thiago Silva who was a top 5 CB in the world for a decade? The guy with 100+ caps for Brazil? Who went to a system with 3 CBs at the back when he was 35? Silva is an all time great CB, it's an interesting comparison to make here.


And Silva was playing for Chelsea not Villa. No one expects Carlos to be as good as Silva, people just expect him to be as good as he was at Sevilla. You seem to think he’s about to fall of a cliff once he hits 30.


Being a good 29 year old most be the worst age in terms of the market. You're too old for a team to want to pay your peak price and offer the usual 4 year contract while you're too good to let go on the cheap. This is literally why somebody like Diego Carlos ends up at Aston Villa.


Oh for sure, if [this](https://salarysport.com/football/la-liga/sevilla/) is accurate I expect we've just doubled his salary. Coutinho could have played for so many other clubs though, I guess that's where we credit Gerrard for being his mate.


He could have. But how many went for him? I don't think many did


WC is special for Brazil players.


Kinda special for everybody lol


Or maybe its just the ridiculous wages PL teams are willing to pay compared to teams in other leagues for players who services are limited


Agree with what your saying but then look at PSG what they just paid Mbappe sort of contradicts the argument


Thats one club. PL top 6 spend more than any other league, have a higher wage bill than 99% of other leagues. But we wanna pretend like that doesnt happen bc it doesnt fit the “PL is the best league in the world” no its just the league that can pay the best for the least amount of skill


Least amount of skill come on I’m not having that if that’s was the case then why is the premier league contesting all the European finals with two English clubs - last year I do get what your saying but premier league is definitely the best league in the world if not what is?


There is no 'EPL pull' for South Americans. No Brazilian dreams of playing for Aston Villa or living in Birmingham. It's the money.


That's also part of the pull


That and ofc, the PL wages.


Yes, that's part of the pull


all the signs of the last few years say United is a garbage club for your career


tbh i think its just a question of time when will united get good again and if you go there as a player right now you cant really disappoint because the expectations are close to none. plus they pay you well. ​ this year they were absolute garbage yet finished 6th. i know reddit comedians wont believe this but they cant really get any worse from now on.


So, from United point of view, how do we change that? We sacked Woodward, sacked our two top scouts, sacked our main negotiator. We’ve gone for an up and coming manager, rather than the big name. So what’s the next step for us? Put the cliche jokes aside for a second, The reality is we have a shit tone of money to put behind the project if we pick the correct manager, and bring in a back room staff that’s more competent (which wouldn’t be hard). Surely, the next step is convincing the likes of DeJong that we are taking the project seriously, and having just appointed a manager he’s gotten along well with and who is likely going to tell him we will build the team around him, it’s stupid and lazy to say there’s not some level of appeal to our project if done right. Which isn’t ignoring the fact this is the start of yet another project. But is it really so hard to believe that we could convince players a new day is dawning, and the club has ambitions to actually get back on top?


Everyone involved from top to fans should commit to a long term project that could ultimately take up to 4 seasons. Just follow Rangnik's advice and stick to it. But just don't expect to be there within 2 seasons.


Who? Ragnick? He's been contracted for two years, isn't he?


He is, he's a only a consultant he doesn't need to be there the entirety of the project.


It's okay, according to /r/soccer we should just lie down, give up on trying and die.


Everyone loves the fall of giants, after all.


>Everyone loves the fall of giants, after all. I want that written on my gravestone when I die


...will people be happy when you die?


Maybe he’s a giant


It really is the vibe you get sometimes, isn't it?


I mean... I'm not gonna lie to you.


They just won't relegate themselves like we keep telling them to.


That's not exclusive to r/soccer. Any one who's not a United fan who had to deal with our success in the 90s and 00s would love us to roll over and die. Lol


I'm still bitter about the disallowed goal from Pedro mendes in 2005 haha


It's just an example of Roy Carroll's underrated abilities that he was able to save a shot that far over the line. I can't recall many other keepers who have been able to succeed with that type of save.


it’s a compliment, they’re worried about us becoming good again


Yeah, we’re all shaking in our boots over here.


I mean you’re about to lose Mané and Salah, Klopps new contract gives you an expiry date, I’d enjoy it while it lasts


Don’t worry, we are.


I would like this, yes


Sounds like a good plan for United to me.


Those comments weren't about Manchester United. They were about De Jong. You aren't the center of the universe (hard to grasp, it seems). Of course your club should do what it can to improve. The issue isn't why De Jong should go there. The issue is why should he go to ***any club*** without CL matches. Hope this helps.


Right. Of course in a thread about de Jong potentially going to United, the comments are about why de Jong will not go to Brighton (no offence Brighton).


Brighton are the better team to be fair


If by the winter transfer window ETH shows that he can form a cohesive team (not saying they need to be top of the table, just looking like a team rather 11 assholes in red) I think ManU would be fairly attractive again. But this is a "Fool me ~~once~~ five times" scenario at this point. It's incumbent upon ManU to show they are stable rather than players joining to make it stable. If that makes sense


I think the approach needs to be the opposite. Give Ten Haag multiple windows to recruit players, clear out deadwood, and teach his system. Looking to short term fixes by only giving him til January is what got United into this mess in the first place.


I agree with you for the most part. We've made a ton of changes at the executive level on recruitment and dedicated planning. Hopefully its a sign we are actually committing to a project instead of the foot half in half out sort of ideology that's got is where we're at in the first place. With the wages we were willing to pay I have no idea why the board didn't just commit to managers in the first place. And if its because they didn't fully believe in them then why did they hire them? Like van Gaal and Mourinho both got a pick'n'mix of players they wanted and players the board wanted. Ole got players Mourinho identified. Moyes got Feillani.


The last time we had a seasoned manager was under Jose and that squad sure played as a cohesive team, albeit a defensive one. He was just an asshole and didn’t know how to train attacking play beyond a counter. The recruitment has been a shit show mostly and it looks like all the moves have been made to try and fix that process by getting football people involved instead of business people. Add a competent coach and it really isn’t far fetched to have optimism as long as the leadership back the project in money and time.


The first step is to actually make your dressing room an exciting place for other players to want to be involved in. And to do that, you need a complete clear out and rebuilding of the squad. That doesn't start with buying golden boys, but rather, clearing out your deadwood and rebalancing the squad with decent enough players you can improve on with the intention to reset the dresser. However, I could see Frenkie joining United, if the intention is for Ten Hag to build the entire squad around him. For Frenkie to be the star player, not Ronaldo or Fernandes or Sancho. In which place, yes, he needs his key man to initiate the process. Having said that, going back to my earlier statement, it's fine to get Frenkie, but it will be impossible to get the players you need without a complete overhaul of your squad first.


This summer Matic, Mata, Cavani, Pogba and Lingard are leaving due to contract expirations. Looks like Dean Henderson could go, plus other fringe players who are on loan/sidelines like Andreas Pereira, Phil Jones, Eric Bailly could also leave. I understand United are also willing to part with Wan Bissaka. That's a pretty significant clear out, by any standard. United need to reinforce across the starting XI, with midfield being a key area. The only downside to FDJ is that he seems expensive and it's clear United need a number of players to be able to compete next season.


Have Ten Hag build the side like Ajax did in recent years, but now can keep those players when they demand big contracts and add key veterans to that core.


Correction, Woodward stepped down from his position - not sacked IIRC. But honestly, I still think it’s way too early as it is to be convincing top players like De Jong to join United right now while they’re still cleaning the house, if attracting players to a potentially good project is what you’re getting at. There’s no way for us to know whether Ten Hag or the (new) technical team will deliver even with all their past accolades or experience, because they just joined the club and we have no objective way of evaluating them until at least they have completed one or few seasons with United. If things go right in the next few seasons, then there could be a chance for United to be a valuable proposition for good players. I’m certain that the club will be consistently contending in the UCL once again, it’s just a question of when really. But of course, if United are willing to pay a lot to make up for the difference then who am I to say otherwise (like Varane’s transfer to United).


wait, you think ETH isnt a big name manager? Lol.


Compared to a Jose or a Conte, a Pep or a Klopp? No. Id put him a tier below the top level managers as it stands. That doesn't mean it's a binary and he's an utter no namer. But while he has been great for Ajax, I wouldn't say he's proven himself to have been in the European elite managers. I, obviously, have high hopes he can prove it with us. But I think he's a manager who had been rising his stock for years now and on the verge of being "a big name". As opposed to a Jose or a Conte with multiple top level trophies to their name.


He's an up and coming ..... 52 year old.


Not everything is to do with age. I meant in terms of his rising stock. His career is on an upwards trajectory for several years, hence up and coming.


52 Isn’t that old for a manager really is it?


We don’t have a « shit ton of money ». We’re starting to lose money, our debt is growing. Every club is catching up on our commercial revenues. Our fanbase is declining, our social media growth is stalling compared to other big clubs. Our stadium is rotting, our scouting network is inexistant, our academy is dying, our wage bill is out of control. We’re still surfing on past glory, but our brand is definitely becoming more and more fragile. Soon, sponsors will stop overpaying to be associated with the circus. The next generation of fans know us as a meme club. This is what 2 decades of being owned by parasites looks like. Unless we get extremely lucky or strike gold, like finding the new Beckham or the new SAF, we’re fucked. In 5-10 years, I think bankruptcy (which comes with relegation) would not be completely out of the question.


Ok your last paragraph is sensationalist nonsense. You really think if we carry on as we are we’ll be relegated and go bankrupt within 5 years? Are you insane? The worst that would realistically happen (over a longer period) is we’d downsize to more like an Everton level, but even that is unlikely.


The problem is your "new day is dawning" since the last decade, whereas some so called bankrupt clubs have started recovering and are already on a new start. Thing is your culture isn't what it used to be.


A lot of the players responsible for that culture are finally being allowed to leave though. Our biggest problem was re-upping players on massive wages who should have been sold years ago because Woodward was obsessed with resale values. A lot of the frauds in the club hierarchy are gone now too. Trying to manage my expectations but we've already done more to actually change things than we did in previous "new starts."


>So, from United point of view, how do we change that? United fans are so fragile. You reply to a post about FRENKIE'S perspective, not your club's perspective. Your reply reads like a neckbeard moaning that he started changing his life around but the hot girl still doesn't want him. You have to consider what other side wants, you are not the center of the universe.


Man your reading comprehension sucks like a fucking black hole.


that sounded oddly specific mate, do you wanna talk about it?


All the signs of the last few years also say that CL football isn't a factor when it comes to signing for United


flair up then


lmao have you seen that guy's comment history? every post in r/soccer is his chance to diss United. Probably needs therapy or something.


genuinely hilarious living rent free inside so many fans’ heads despite our season


especially if you’re a young developing player.


The counterpoint to that is that De Jong looked at his best under Ten Hag.


He had no problems playing for such s team in the last 6 months


Bit different when it's his dream club


Exactly, I think leaving his dream club is a bigger issue than not playing CL football.


Well, you guys made sure his dream club isn't Barca anymore the way he's being pushed out. New dreams for Frenkie?


I doubt it. I'm sure he'd be more than happy to stay


He's still under contract. What do you expect him to say? But Laporta and Xavi made it clear that anyone with enough cash can come pick him up. Must feel really great for him, being treated like that. He's learning real quick what we all know. Loyalty doesn't mean shit in football.


Xavi's not pushing him out.


>What do you expect him to say? I assume you're referring to his second to last insta post because he hasn't said anything? Anyway the answer is nothing. I expect him to say nothing And he mostly has said nothing. Other than that insta post that he didn't have to make at all >He's learning real quick what we all know That the club is in a very bad financial state... And he's the only one with value? Its a tough situation but an understandable one. >Loyalty doesn't mean shit in football. I mean yeah fair enough


Well, it is what it is. He'll get over it in the end.


... you just played in the Europa League lmfao


After playing in the CL, and have qualified for the CL again, 2nd place in the league.


For the first time since 03/04 and yet we're back on the CL next season despite being still in reconstruction, "PL title contenders" on the other hand are missing out on the CL yet again and are going on reconstruction for like the 5th time.


hmm but he knows how hard is it to win the europe league maybe he wants to prove that he can win it


Better than the dumpster fire that Barca is, with Laporta in charge. (Yes, man United is in a better situation)


Calm down Barto


we’re definitely not, we only have more money than them


ok good luck for UCL, don't ask which UCL though


It seems odd that the first thing United would do in their learning-from-the-past rebuild is make a big money signing who doesn't want to be there. I don't think they're that stupid.


But this isn't the club forcing Van De Beek or Ronaldo on a manager who may not want them. I'm sure it's Ten Hag saying "Get me De Jong". Entirely different situation.




Doesn’t United desperately need a CDM? Because i’m telling you now de jong isn’t a CDM


We desperately need 2 midfielders. We were in a weird position of having 5 midfielders on the books and none of them really excelled at anything. Of course Pogba can pick a pass but he never dictated a game. Fred and McTominay are like dogs who chase cars but havnt a fucking clue what to do when the catch it. Matic was neat and tidy but again was just past his shelf life. We 100% need a CDM but we also desperately need someone who is comfortable on the ball, forward thinking. Iv only seen a few Ajax games and a handful of Barce games. What does De Jong bring to your team?


He has insane ball retention and is immune to being pressed. He does need a different kind of midfielder next to him to get the best out of him though imo. At Ajax he had Lasse Schöne and in the Netherlands team it's somebody like De Roon, Koopmeiners, Gravenberch or Wijnaldum


Imo he could be pretty good alongside Fred


I agree, with Fernandes and Van de Beek in front of him


The worry with that is that we remain open defensively


It's basically how Ajax played in their CL semifinal year.


Fred isn't a defensive midfielder. He's best playing further up the pitch.


That's cool because Gravenberch, Wijnaldum, Koopmeiners and Schöne aren't either.


He is really press resistant and he is world class at ball progression especially because his dribbling is really smooth and effective. Something he has also improved on a lot is his runs into the box. If you get him Ten Hag will definitely use FDJ in a double pivot in which he excels at but you definitely need to have a solid DM next to him so he gets the freedom to push up and attack


Comparing Fred to McTominay is extremely unfair. Fred has performed well for us when allowed to do what he does best, and he does that role excellently for Brazil where he’s first choice alongside Casemiro.


Think of a position, United need it. But if they come out of the window without a new starting midfield pair ETH is going to have some real issues.


They have like 3 or 4 midfielders leaving currently so they do need a cdm but they also need midfielders in general too


I'd argue United need 2-3 CDMs because there isn't a natural one in the squad. Fred started out as a deep lying playmaker/attacking midfielder. McTominay was a centre forward throughout his youth career. They both look unconvincing in the role.


> Ten Hag saying "Get me De Jong luuk de jong?


Have you considered maybe Ten Hag himself wants the player? Because he trusts him? But no, just dismiss it all as yet another Hollywood signing with no substance, that's easier for /r/soccer.


I wouldn't be surprised if he does want De Jong but that's not what I'm saying. I'm talking De Jong pretty openly wanting to stay at Barca.


He's a professional, if Barcelona force him out i doubt he'll down tools the second he comes here. Especially not under a coach he has a previous good relationship with.


Do you have a RM flair with a sword? :O


It’s an rm flair in a bandwagon. It means he’s supporting you guys and so am I Hala Madrid _till Sunday morning_




Oh that's no sword :(


But then where does he go? The void? If he’s being sold he’s being sold. If he hates the idea of Manchester it’s a different story but if he’s like “well I’d rather stay and I’m a bit upset but I like Erik so maybe this could be the start of something good” then it’s all good.




It's nothing like Di Maria. De Jong isn't a Spanish speaking South American who's lived under sunny skies his whole life nor is he joining a manager playing a system completely alien to him. Quite the opposite. Honestly this whole fucking attitude that they've made big money signings who've failed therefore they should stop making big money signings is ludicrous. It's not that De Jong doesn't want to join United specifically but more that he's happy at Barcelona, that could change if they're encouraging him to go.


Add to the fact that di Maria wanted PSG over United but there was an issue with that transfer so he had nowhere to go but United iirc. de Jong hasn't said he wants to join a specific club rather than he would prefer to stay. Very different scenarios imo.


100% this. Apart from the bit about United not being that stupid.


I guess you haven't talked with many mancs..


There’s literally no substance behind this rumor apart from that nonsense “95% done” stuff from Gerard Romero, who seems to be back to his clown days. This transfer won’t happen.


Xavi himself hasn’t been very convincing with his quotes. He always says something like “we like Frankie, but our financial situation is important too”


That was before the CVC deal was reported though. If it goes though there will be enough cash.


!Remindme 2 months


Is Frenkie pushing to leave or does the club need to sell him? Where did this rumor begin?


Club needs money and Frenkie is their most sellable asset


Why isn't PGS all over this? They have the worst midfield of any top team. It's just Verratti, especially now that Paredes is set to leave.


Does Mbappe want him though?


They don't do semi sensible transfers apparently


I really want Frenkie to thrive again. Maybe Ten Hag could be his best bet


doubt he will join Man Utd, he wants CL football I beleive he already said it before


*The gang at Barca drops to the EL again*


The gang at Red Devils drop to conference..first time.


I don't understand this reason. He can help the club get cl football the next season so he'll be missing out for 1 season potentially.


you dont understand why top players would want to be playing the best competition football has to offer ?


He’s not going to wolves is he? United suck but I doubt they’ll be out of the CL for long.


The point is they are out of CL, and there is no guarantee they get CL next year, all of these are factors he needs to consider


You don't understand my point, yes they were out of ucl for next season but literally this season utd played ucl. Its not crazy to think utd will play ucl in the near future is all I'm saying.


well looking at united recent history im not very surprised personally lol. you don't know if united will miss 1 season of CL football, they could miss 3 seasons.


We have never missed CL two seasons in a row not to mention 3. So what do you mean “recent history”


oh yeah ill admit i was wrong lol but still united's recent UCL record isn't that great if you wanna win. sure they play ucl football but every couple years they don't and they barely make it past the group stage. 21/22 round of 16 20/21 group stage 19/20 didn't make it 18/19 quarter finals 17/18 round of 16 16/17 didn't make it 15/16 group stage 14/15 didnt make it. So if de jong is forced to leave, why wouldn't he go to a club which for sure plays always in the knockout round and have a chance of winning.


Why would he want to play for a club whose biggest ambition is top 4?


So I realize yes he wants to play Cl, but Barca have no chance to win it in my opinion, so maybe he goes somewhere there is a chance to win the EL. Granted not as glamorous but if it is the best for 2/3 parties, it should influence his decision making.


He’ll be much better for Xavi than for United. United is still a dumpster fire


He is thriving under Xavi.


Translation by DeepL: Manchester United will try to loosen Frenkie de Jong at FC Barcelona, sources tell ESPN. The English club wants to strengthen with a midfielder this summer and has ended up with the Dutchman, who played under Erik ten Hag at Ajax. De Jong is in the interest of more big European clubs, but the interest from Manchester is the biggest. Barcelona would like to see about ninety million euros for the Dutch midfielder. However, the financial situation of the Catalan club leaves room for negotiation.


sounds a lot less certain than that headline


Pretty much summarising what's been said the past few weeks. I was hoping there was a breakthrough but it's just recycled news for clicks.


Welcome to silly season


80 last week now 90 😆


By next week, only emir Mbappe would be able to sanction FDJ's move.


Would still be cheap


For that price you get 2 mids (with luck 3) in Portugal who will do more for the squad. Splashing big money in one player is everything they need to not do.


Who do you recommend? Vitinha looks class


For United? Depends on the strategy. I think United needs a destroyer, thats Palhinha which is a very cheap alternative to Declan Rice. I don't understand how they will let him escape to Wolves, 25/30m he would be gone. They need an 8, depends on what you are looking for, if you want a Valverde type of player than you go with Matheus Nunes that probably City will snatch him for sure and the rest of the league will beat themselves up for not buying him first. If you're looking for the Modric type of player than Vitinha is your guy, he's amazing. I think Vitinha and Bruno together won't work because none of them defend effectively and they are too offensive. You would still have Fábio Vieira which is brilliant or Weigl who is also a very safe option. I love Frenkie but if we're being honest he hasn't shown in Barcelona (consistently) what he showed at Ajax so one can say that he hasn't proved himself in a top league as the rest of the guys I've mentioned didn't. Also, he would cost 80M/90M+Signing Bonus+High Wages. Frenkie De Jong = 85-100M + High Wages Palhinha+Matheus Nunes = 65-70M + Low Wages Palhinha+Matheus Nunes+Vitinha = 95-100M + Low Wages It's a no brainer for me, for the same money you solve all your center midfield problems while keeping the wage's low and getting 2 wonderkids.


You're right and that's just from one league, in case Ten Hag does not want to create groups in the squad (like portugese vs. english players). There are a whole lotta better options than 1 big name signing & pray. United fans, myself included wanna think the old ways are gone since a lotta staff has moved on and new blood is in, but the main decision makers, the board, are still the same. And they don't strike like the kind of people that change their minds, no matter the unrest. Ten Hag already said "this team finished 2nd last season so there is potential" which would imply there won't be the desired overhaul, just add another big name to make up for Pogbumerang and another 1,2 lesser signings and "let the coach work his magic" all over again.


No, you absolutely don’t. De Jong under Ten Hag was one of the absolute best in the world and unique. There’s no player with his skillset.


Not doubting his skills. I love De Jong but they need 10 players. Splashing 100m on just one is not good business.




I don't trust anything Laporta says. He obviously is trying the best for the club, but don't bank on his promises.


Wait that flair exists? Imma try it on lol


Think this is a good move by utd right? They want to build up a squad able to challenge the likes of liverpool and city. They’ll need some world class players and with de Jong and Ronaldo you have players that will help them seduce other world class players and show that they’re taking it seriously. Ten Hag has shown he is quite able at Ajax, although what we’ve seen in the past is that non PL managers sometimes have a difficult time transitioning. Due to the difference is size of the clubs the role they have as manager is quite different from what they’ll be used to at clubs like Ajax where the coaching staff simply isn’t as big and they’re a lot closer to the players. Let’s hope that Ten Hag has enough experience in that regard from his time at munich. The most important gap they have to fill seems to be their defence, without more capable full backs they’re going to have a difficult time in build up, which means any talent up front won’t be able to add anything of value since they won’t have a chance to actually get the ball to the lads up front. Shame that Bayern signed Mazraoui since I think that, especially with Ten Hag at utd, they could’ve really used him. But let’s wait and see what they manage. I’d rather have them not sign anyone at all than some B-list players.


Would be a perfect signing for them and exactly the type of midfielder they need.


They need a destroyer DM to help relieve pressure from the CBs more. But Man U realistically need reinforcements on every area of the pitch, he would be an improvement without a doubt.


They also need someone to progress the ball better. De Jong does that. He has the ability to get out of tough situations infront of goal as well. They will still need a DM like casemiro


I actually believe that the biggest issue in Uniteds midfield is the lack of progressive play. Far too often the build up breaks down and McFred or Bruno loses the ball on their own half, leading to a goal. Like Aston Villas goal last weekend.


Agreed. It's also what's making Maguire look so bad


We need everything unfortunately. Ideally we'd get a ball winner to play alongside Frenkie, with a solid CB pairing. But that's a lot of bloody money.


Surely Maguire and Varane look heaps better with a decent midfield in front of them


No he isn't lmao they desperately need a proper DM to ease the pressure on their CBs to step out, it's been the glaring hole in that squad for years


They don't need just 1 midfielder ;) They need to increase individual quality, passing quality, vision, intelligence, pressure resistance, and decision making to that midfield in order to implement Ten Hag's playstyle, and De Jong is perfect for that. Plus he came up under that coach at Ajax.


Under ETH de Jong used to drop into the backline, push one cb wide, the fullback further up/inside and be the one the progress from there


I’m a Man Utd fan through and through and I hate say it probably get slaughtered for it but….. we will never know what Mourinho could of done if the board backed him - best finish since Ferguson 2nd and won 2 cups in his first season


Please make this happen. I’ve loved watching Frenkie play since 2018.


I'm the only one who thinks sms would be better fit for similar price?


CL is a pull, but not big enough of one to stop a player joining the most famous club In English history, with the biggest stadium & chance to be a hero if you turn them around.


Why would he want to go to a europa league team when he is gonna play under Xavi Hernandez in arguably the most famous club in the world.


Imagine joining a Europa league club


No flair and shitting on United lmao name a more iconic duo


too scared to show that they support citeh


In fairness they are a new fan only just a week or so ago!


Imagine joining a club so massive, with worldwide recognition and adulation, and to find yourself being in the position to contribute in taking them back to the top. Funny how we could always choose a positive spin out of a negative situation. Remember, nothing remains the same. Change is constant. United will be back.


I mean....you could say the same about his situation at Barcelona like....


That doesn’t suit my narrative.


Fair enough


People are so pressed Man Utd can still attract top talent even though the club has been in a rut for a few years 😂


I really enjoy the giddy early days of the new United manager Only 2/3 years till we get to go through it again


Who could tell, they'll probably be back next year or another 10 years, or even 20 years. FDJ has too much potential to take that risk.


I dont think its a risk, I think regardless of how ManU’s situation unfolds he’ll at least perform as good as at barca where I have heard many are regretting signing him because he has been underwhelming relative to initial expectations. Worst case he fails horribly at ManU and transfers to another big club after two years where he gets another chance to prove himself, best case, like mentioned above, he’s one of the players that brings ManU back towards the top, which will undoubtedly massively boost his career and will make many football fans appreciate the great talent that he once showcased at Ajax but was unable to do at Barca. Als ten Hag being the manager makes it a lot less of a risk, I think he probably understands better than anyone how to make Frenkie’s talents shine on the pitch


Frenkie already said he wants CL football so I doubt he wants to join you guys, Eventho Barca wouldnt mind him gone he already said before that he likes Barca and want to stay


Here is to remind the world the only European trophy that city had ever won in their history was a cup winner’s cup in 1970.


To be fair if we get a 80m+ offer I'd be happy to sell. Although Frenkie is great but we could use this money to get Lewandowski and a centerback (maybe Koulibaly)?


I thought we were done signing these big marquee signing names and putting them on mega wages? But what do I know...