A year ago, I would have accepted the 6 million without thinking. Today I am quite sad about his transfer


6M is not a lot definitely. i agree. however he is just an average 24 year old player. nothing special. altho still worth a bit more than 6m


Mach et joot, Salih! really sad about this


I have the feeling him and Schlotti will be fan favorites here in no time. Both are exactly the type of player who will be beloved. Now if the club would only hire a coach. The uncertainty about Terzic is killing me.


Let’s wait to see how he‘ll do under a different coach. Baumgart has so far been the only one to get these kind performances out of him


It looks like he may share responsibilities with Can, so I hope there won‘t be too much pressure on him. Of course, no one knows how he will fit it in – especially now that almost half of the team is new – but he has made a huge step in his overall play with you.


The transfer price was so low for him. I don't think anyone really expects too much from him. He will be a good depth option for the midfield and if he performs there should be a spot for him in the starting 11.


if Can is his pressure ....it won't be too much


Özcan is a great guy, very down to earth and a "warrior" on the pitch I hope that he can carry on with these impressive performances that he had especially in the second half of the season. Happy for him that we were all wrong because most of us thought he'd never be anything more than a midtable 2 Bundesliga player incredible what a proper manager can do to a players career


Terzic loves Dortmund. I think he’ll be excellent as a development coach


> The uncertainty about Terzic is killing me. If youre talking about the uncertainty about him taking the job or not, thats sorted. Reports just 1h ago that its announced today or tomorrow.


Born in Cologne, rose through all the youth teams as captain. Could've been a legend for us but I guess when the money is calling it's *Echte Liebe*. Apparently he was on 1.1m with us and we offered him 2m. BVB offered 5m.


Every single one of us would change their job without a second thought for a 150% pay raise. Although we probably all like to romanticize the game, for the players it is first and foremost a job. But yeah, I remember how I felt when the Götze transfer was announced.


Don't get me wrong I completely understand it but him and the club now releasing hertbroken statements about him being a real Kölsche Jung who just wants to take the next step grinds my gears. Very predictable and very fake. If he'd just posted "Money Money nom nom nom" I'd have a lot more respect for him.


I mean he is going from Köln to Dortmund, there is obviously a huge sporting difference aswell! We play regulary championsleague, we somehow try to fight for a title. He isnt going from Köln to Wolfsburg, so its not money money money exclusively. You make it sound like köln and dortmund are the same sport-wise lol


That Koln are much more massive than we could dream of?


I mean just look at the cathedral. Its 157 meters tall, where as the Dortmund U is just 70 meters tall. Clearly cologne is bigger.


big if true


Probably bigger in sheer size, too. From Chorweiler to the center it takes what? 30 Minutes with the S-Bahn ? If you start at Dortmund HBF and drive 30 minutes with the S-Bahn you are in Bochum.




The difference is just to how he positioned himself before. > What if he has just outgrown the club (and its potential)? This was his first season where he was a starter. We were *en route* to finally start to fulfill our immense potential - he could've been of that while continuing to develop himself. > No sensible person would gimp himself so hard because of sentimentalities To quote you: What a dumb take. Players like Totti and Hector exist. He isn't one of them and from now on his history with the club doesn't matter, he's an opposing player.




> no reason to discuss this any further. Yes because you're a master in backpaddling and there's apparently no sense in talking to you. You say nO pLaYer gImP hImSeLF hard yada yada. I name two players and suddenly it's something else entirely with the both of them. Totti too good and Hector too bad? Of course, Totti was world-class and Hector is only class but what difference does it make in comparison to Özcan? Both had amazing other offers from the top 3 clubs of the world and not from fucking Dortmund. Sorry man Dortmund is no big step up. It's tinpot and small club mentality to think otherwise.


> The difference is just to how he positioned himself before. My guy, he was about to leave on a free when Baumgart came in and convinced him to stay a bit with a release clause.


Don't my guy me, my guy. Especially when you have the facts wrong. He was about to leave on a free. Baumgart convinced him to stay but also nobody else wanted him. The release clause was written in his contract so he would accept a salary cut to 1.1m per year.


> Don't my guy me, my guy. Especially when you have the facts wrong. My brother in Christ you just told me that everything I said was right.


Nope. You said he was convinced by the clause but the clause was for lowering the pay. You said he was about to leave on a free but nobody wanted him on a free. On top of it, the positioning thing was exactly meant for his demeanour regarding the extension or to be more specific when it was made public he signed. Worst thing it's not "just" it was 4 hours ago. The Ruhrpott stereotype writes itself, for christ's sakes get a job man.


>Every single one of us would change their job without a second thought for a 150% pay raise. That's hardly comparable. You don't start working for a company at the age of 10, nor are the emotions invested in a company even close to similar to what you feel towards your childhood club.


lmao acting like the only difference between BVB and you is money. And good to know you never sign players from other clubs.


> And good to know you never sign players from other clubs. Where did I say BVB can't sign him? They obviously did. They can do whatever the fuck they want doesn't mean I have to like it. If I were BVB I would've bought him myself for that joke amount. For 5.5m he can't really be a flop.


I'm depressed now. I try hard to like BVB (Fanfreundschaft and shit) but man it's a toxic relationship.


Ask Nürnberg supporters how they felt about their friendship with Schalke the last couple of years. They've basically been poaching players for years until recently


We can be friends and agree that the modern professional football landscape is slowly killing the sport.


Lulz imagine if we had offered the Dortmund version of PSG's offer to Mbappe to Haaland. Erling, you can choose the manager and tell us who you want us to get to play with you. We will buy you a farm nearby that you can ride a tractor on and you never have to go to training.


yeah I like the player but I'm not really a fan of raiding teams that I have sympathies for either. I'd have zero problems with buying Gladbachs entire team every single window but Cologne hurts a little bit


>(Fanfreundschaft and shit) When did that happen? I know there is no real rivalry and Dortmund has a tendency to fan friendship with the whole world in their history but I never heard of that one. Maybe with the younger (Ultra) guys?


It started as a friendship of Desperados Dortmund and Boyz Köln, intensified after Köln helped us to win the league in 2011 and nowadays is pretty widely accepted.


Desperados can get fucked though. And yes, same for the clientel at my club as well.


Our ultras were also a bit unlucky when brains were distributed..


TBF most ultras at every club lost that handout.


Ozcan, Sule, Schlotterbeck, Adeyemi BVB doing some very sensible transfers.


I like all transfers but Adeyemi. They need another striker IMO


As far as the current rumours go, I think the plan is still to sign Haller once the Akanji transfer goes through. I guess we'll see how much more we're willing to spend this summer considering a left back is still needed though


Not saying Adeyemi is bad, but i think it was a big overpay. You said another LB, will Rapha leave?


That's definitely possible, honestly I haven't seen him play enough to make a judgement on him yet. 30 mio. is definitely a lot for us to spend on a player at this stage of his career. A large portion of the fan base is in favor of signing a more defensive oriented lb, which would basically require Rapha to be sold. I'd really find it difficult to see him go, but if we find the right player then i'd be in favor of finally solidifying the defense, at least in theory lol.


Porque no los dos? If we get a defensive LB AND keep Rapha, we'd probably be more flexible and can set up the left as the game demands. Three in the back, four in the back, even moving Rapha to a left midfield position would all be options if we had a solid defender on left.


I mean this would be my ideal situation, but i'm just not sure how much we're planning on spending after Haller. The ideal rest of the transfer window for me would be: sell Akanji, buy Haller, offload Schulz, buy a left back. I think we'll still try to offload some more dead weight as well though before the window closes


> Porque no los dos? Dinero.


The boring, but probably true answer. *sigh*


Don’t think he’s good enough to start for you, but as a backup Paqarada would be a really good option for you. He was excellent with Pauli last season and will most likely leave


We at Chelsea have a player for you, his names Timo and he can do it in the bundesliga for the low low price of €55m


Where to is Akanji rumoured to go?


Juventus. I think Timber going to manchester united would cancel out any prior Akanji rumours


If you keep making a push with these transfers I can see you lot totally competing head-to-head for the title; I guess we'll have to see how Terzic (or whom is going to be de HC?) lands at first Well, all this pending another tiny, but likely condition: Lewandowski leaving


Still way behind Bayern. And so many changes might require time to figure things out. Loosing games in the beginning against Bayern already costs you a title.


We paid a little more for Adeyemi than most would like, but we desperately needed some pace on the wings. Hazard is probably our closest thing to a winger and he doesn’t have blistering speed by any means. Reus, Brandt, Malen, and Gio have sort of been makeshift wingers that have mixed results. Malen is pretty quick, but I still feel like Rose was never really sure if he should play him centrally or wide for a while.


Why? Didn't they have the second most goals in the League? Wouldn't say that it's all due to Haaland.


But Haaland created so so much space for the others, since they had to cover him with at least 2 players often.


True.. we will see how it will play out for you!


going to be the most exciting 2nd place ever


you guys manage to stay up for a few years first and then you can talk


Bremen fan giving BVB shit for coming second lmaao


Great signing. Oh and obviously buying good players from opponents /s


That's a great signing


Just 5m, great signing!


A midfield containing of him and Bellingham? Yeah, thats pure filth. Will miss him a lot.


Good luck and thanks for everything!


An insane bargain


Any rumours on who their manager will be next season. Good signings so far but they need a proper manager imo.


Terzic announcement today or tomorrow


That's a bit risky but we'll see


While I agree with you. He won more trophies in 6 month than Favre and Rose did in 3 and a half years. So maybe he just works better for us.


Anyone you could realistically get would be a risk, Terzic is actually the least risky option imo since you at least know he understands the squad


The current word is, that Terzic will take over as coach. He was interim coach last season and arguably only had to leave because Dormund were able to get Rose. His main assistant is poised to be Peter Hermann, who famously was also the assistant for Jupp Heynckes at Leverkusen and Bayern!


Dortmund know how to run The market. He will be worth 30m after 2 years.


He's worth around that now tbh....


Let's not get ahead of ourselves. He had one good season so far.


He's better than Messi and probably your father




GOAT opinion


Wait I thought Bayern were the ones who were ruining the Bundesliga by buying everyone from there


This sub is so boring everyone keeps commenting the same shit


That's so hypocritical lmao


Dortmund fans were the first people to complain about Bayern's transfer policy in the past. Very vocal about it too. Now that you do it instead you complain people get repetitive?


Ok, I usually don't get involved in this nonsense, but this is just 100% complete horseshit. In no way we're we the first, there was Leverkusen, Bremen, and Stuttgart getting their title winning (or nearly winning) squads torn apart by Bayern long before us.


The first as in the most present, not chronologically first.


>The first as in the most present, not chronologically first. Jesse, What The Fuck are you talking about?


[Meaning of first](https://gyazo.com/9341e93d6782af5dbd615f0a7367d511) ​ "before all others in order, time, amount, quality or importance". The BVB fans were before all others in amount, not in time. I know not everyone's primary language is english (mine isn't either) but you can fact check, you know?


>The first as in the most present, not chronologically first




damn bro someone really hurt you … Hope you have a good day still


You realize it‘s just people dunking on BVB fans who are saying this shit about Bayern since a decade?


no dortmund fan does that anymore. only dumb social media muppets do.


Watzke and Zorc have been parrotting that shit every single year, are they just social Media Muppets?


Honestly have not seen them mention it in years, you mind linking me source?


no they dont


tun sie schon lange nicht mehr, seit jahren liest du solche lustigen kommentare nur noch von bayern-kunden, die geknuddelt werden möchten


FB is way, WAY worse when it comes to football.


So Skhiri is staying ?


Forward potato in fm 18