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>It is scandalous that a club like PSG, **which last season lost more than 220 million euros, after accumulating losses of 700 million euros in recent seasons (even after declaring income from sponsorships of very dubious amount) with a cost of sports staff around 650 million euros for this season 21/22**, can afford an agreement of these characteristics while those clubs that could assume the arrival of the player without compromising their wage bill, are left without being able to sign him. >For all of the above, LaLiga **will file a complaint against PSG before UEFA, administrative and fiscal authorities in France and before the competent bodies of the European Union**, in order to continue defending the economic ecosystem of European soccer and its sustainability.


You thought the Mbappé saga was over? You were wrong


This is well over. At least for me. Tebas didn't get the memo yet it looks like.


How about the rest of the states?


I’m sure Tennessee and Kentucky still have something to say about this


Has someone asked Ja Rule what he thinks yet?


Please god, make sense of this! WHERE IS JAAAAA?!


He's still on fyre fest island with no bars on his phone


KFC Comunicado Oficial: The Colonel is not pleased with the on-going turmoil going on surrounding Mbappe. Starting immediately, Real Madrid, PSG, and the Mbappe entourage will receive 1 less secret herb/spice with their meals until a peaceful resolution is found. KFC does not condone and will neither allow such foolery to continue unpunished.


The kid’s 23. We have about 10-15 more years of this.


Season 2 just started


Objection. Hearsay.


















Do you know what that word means?


I think he has a tenuous grasp on the English language itself


Let’s just see how good PSG’s bird law specialty’s are


Well I think I’ll regress because I feel like I’ve made myself perfectly redundant


Look we all want to get back to our hot plates


He'll adapt.


He'll adapt to reading?


I'm pleading the fifth


nobody knows what that word means but its provocative. IT GETS THE PEOPLE GOING


No, but it's provocative.


It gets the people going


Sounds like an American burgir


Yeah, he doesn’t even, like, get us, man…


Mega pint


A mega pint?


Sustained. Madrid signs Mboopi


Mega contract


Objection: I'll update the autopsy report


Camille <3


Dr Shannon Curry for me <3


Why not both?


A man of culture right here. Same


Next level shithousery haha


Peak Tebas.


Surely he will fold anytime soon.




I legit laughed out loud ahahahah


He can decide if Barcelona can contract someone or not but if Madrid proud is touched they'll sue other leagues lmao


An absolutely unbiased president La Liga has in Tebas, very fair




Most hilarious part in this is reporting to french authorities. Isnt there a rumor that macron was also somehow involved in this deal to convince mbappe. So if they are going to complain about PSG to french authorities that would be fun conversation


Spain and France have gone to war over less


Less than a turtle?




You forgot the much more significant war against Napoleon?


If we want to get technical, France and Spain started the war on the same side, and the forced Abdications of Bayonne meant the de jure leaders of Spain were still on France's side, although the vast majority of Spanish citizens, as well as the army, were against Napoleon.


It's more than just rumors and it's not even recent news, he's said he wanted him to stay in Ligue 1 many months ago.


How does this mean he got involved though?


French justice is independent from Macron. If there's something wrong they could still act.




Sadly for Tebas, France doesn't give a shit about him and what he wants*


La Liga leadership really is the most petty one around


And it's not even close. That embarrassing but honestly funny


Why are they even doing this? Shouldn't Real be the one to do this as they are the ones who affected by it? It makes La Liga look like a entitled parent who can't take no for an answer and who embarrasses their kid every time they open their mouth.


Why would we do this ? We are too big for the shit. He choosed them fair we got played we move. The club has bigger priority right now.


I'm not saying Real should (or needs to) do it but asking why La Liga (of all entities) is the one who's doing this? It's like a parent complaining to the college because their kid got a bad grade. The student is an adult and should deal with their own problems how they see fit (including not making a big deal out of this) and it's not the parents' job to pull stunts like this. I wouldn't even know how such a complaint would look like but of all the affected entities, La Liga is the one who's the least impacted by this and only in an indirect way (by not having him play in the league thus maybe lowering their marketability or something like that).


I think Madrid is into something. I don’t think this is petty. State own clubs are bullshit. I think your analogy is more like a parent complaining their kid didn’t get into the school they wanted because another rich parent payed for their child to get in.


They’re probably worried that all their stars are getting old now and the best players seem to be gravitating toward the prem.


Bro this is too juicy


Lmao wtf is this transfer saga


This is Mbappe's world. We're just living in it. Seriously, how has a transfer for a single player managed to cause this much commotion? Completely insane.


A transfer that never even happened, to boot


Games gone


...to the courthouse.


First time?


Certainly won't be the last.


I think the underlying argument is: this is what happens when you let countries own football clubs and spend whatever they want. They’re not wrong, they’re just whiny as fuck because it happens to have hurt them.


I mean yeah but surely PSG coming in with a 220m offer for Neymar a few years ago should have set off the same reaction no?


I think that transfer just shocked everyone. Now that it has become the norm and isn’t shocking it’s just annoying




it did. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/transfers/neymar-transfer-latest-psg-barcelona-la-liga-financial-fair-play-paris-saint-germain-world-record-a7872426.html%3famp Same guy. Nothing happened


That's what happens when you let nation states throw their oil money around, what can you do?


Babe wake up new Mbappe transfer drama has started


All I know is we're getting a lot of wonderful reactions from entitled people who aren't doing such a great job of dealing with not getting their way.


Looks like they're panicking since Messi and Ronaldo left, next TV rights deal will be worth a lot less. Tebas fucked it by making the covid year financials count, La Liga lost Messi because of it


He insisted the La Liga wage limits was the reason Messi left. Just to make Barca to sign cvc.


Tebas once again embarrassing Spanish football




Mbappe and Haaland are the 2 next mega stars apparently and they won't even be playing in the same league :(


he only put this message out because it affected real. Barca got fucked with neymar and messi left because tebas tried to force them to get a percentage of barca tv rights


With Messi he was opportunistic and probably thought Barca would cave to signing the CVC deal, but with Neymar leaving there was no gain and he was actually very much against Neymar leaving. When Neymar tried to deposit the buyout money which he got from a **totally-not-PSG-related** source and which would not burden PSG's books, Tebas refused to accept it and threatened to report them for FFP fuckery, so then against procedure the money instead was deposited straight to Barca(which Barto accepted) As for what punishment PSG got out of that, fuck knows, there was no follow up, everything was silent, not helped that Barto did not protest it formally to FFP, that was a lot of money which he could work with against keeping a Neymar who did not want to stay... and we all know how that turned out.


If i recall correctly tebas was against the neymar sale, tried to stop it too.


He was


it's just tebas being tebas. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/transfers/neymar-transfer-latest-psg-barcelona-la-liga-financial-fair-play-paris-saint-germain-world-record-a7872426.html%3famp


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Tebas is an Idiot, but PSG is committing crime, Juventus owners also have shitload of money but they can't spend like this simply because the business need to make sense, and even if they decided to go full "Sheikh Agnelli" mode, we'll probably be fucked by FFP. Every other club beside City and New Castle should fight against this, PSG must be banned from the champions league next year.


Hey I’m on board. I hope the Prem joins in.


> PSG must be banned from the champions league next year. LOL will never happen, UEFA calls PSG's owner daddy when sucking his cock in bed Why do you think people call FFP the "applicable to AC Milan only" rule?


Faced with Kylian Mbappé's possible announcement of remaining at Paris Saint-Germain, LaLiga wishes to state that this type of agreement threatens the economic sustainability of European football, putting hundreds of thousands of jobs and sporting integrity at risk in the medium term, not only from European competitions, but also from our domestic leagues. It is scandalous that a club like PSG, which last season lost more than 220 million euros, after having accumulated losses of 700 million euros in recent seasons (even declaring sponsorship income of a very dubious amount) with a cost of sports staff around 650 million for this 21/22 season, can face an agreement of these characteristics while those clubs that could accept the arrival of the player without seeing their wage bill compromised, are left without being able to sign him. For all of the above, LaLiga is going to file a complaint against PSG before UEFA, administrative and tax authorities in France and before the competent bodies of the European Union, to continue defending the economic ecosystem of European football and its sustainability. . On previous occasions, LaLiga has already filed complaints against PSG for non-compliance with UEFA's financial fair play as a result of which UEFA harshly sanctioned PSG, although the CAS revoked them in a strange resolution. LaLiga and many European football institutions were hopeful that with the entry of the PSG president, Mr. Nasser Al-Khelaifi, into European football management bodies such as the former UEFA or the ECA Presidency, he would refrain from carrying out these practices knowing the serious damage they cause, but it has not been like that, quite the opposite. PSG being with unacceptable salary masses, with large economic losses in previous seasons, assumes an impossible investment in this situation, which undoubtedly implies non-compliance with the current economic control regulations not only of UEFA, but of French football itself. . These behaviors denote even more that the state clubs do not respect or want to respect the rules of an economic sector as important as football, key to the sustainability of hundreds of thousands of jobs. This type of behavior led by Nasser Al-Khelaifi, president of PSG, due to his status as a member of the former UEFA, president of the ECA, is a danger to European football at the same level as the Super League.


Seems reasonable tbh. Maybe doing the right thing for the wrong reason


They’re not wrong, but it’s pretty weird it’s coming from La Liga and not Madrid.


Not really, that's what governing bodies are for. La Liga would have gained a lot with the addition of Mbappe to the league.


But the only sanction UEFA can impose is to ban PSG from European competition. How would that action directly benefit La Liga? It's a purely domestic league. It's PSG's rivals in the Champions league, such as Real Madrid, who might have a valid complaint here.


“Benefit” is the wrong word, it’s about levelling the field. PSG is dismantling the core values of football and it’s breaking a bunch of rules while doing so. They are unregulated with virtually infinite money to throw at their problems. Mbappe is the biggest example so far.


By banning PSG from competing in CL If Mbappe does after all come to Madrid then it's a win for them


Good, nothing wrong with questioning FFP and Al-Khelaifi's position in the UEFA


To me this just reinforces the picture that everybody already had of UEFA. If a person like Al-Khelaifi was able to be part of UEFA, it's just more proof that they're a cesspool of greed. Not like we didn't already know all this, but doesn't make it any better.


Not only is not not wrong- it is absolutely necessary and its sad how many people are making fun of this just because its Tebas saying it. People dont seem to understand the magnitude of what is happening here. There are entire countries with agendas taking over football's key institutions. This isnt Roman Abramovich pouring some money into Chelsea, its an entirely different dynamic. First of all, nation-states have *far* more money than any individual billionaire or club. More importantly nation-states have political power. If they embed themselves into governing bodies like UEFA there is no telling what they might use that power for. FFP can be weaponized to beat other clubs into submission while allowing PSG/City/Newcastle etc to do whatever they want (take note of what happened to AC Milan compared to PSG/City for FFP violations...). This is exactly what Tebas is talking about in the last sentence of his statement. But it can easily go beyond that. What happens when they make UEFA move UCL games to Saudi Arabia and Qatar? Or when the TV deals and revenues for the UCL suddenly start being distributed in strange new ways? People will laugh at that, then in 10 years when it starts to happen theyll wonder how it happened. This isnt Roman Abramovich spending some of his billions on transfers for Chelsea. This isnt Florentino Perez buying Zizou. People need to stop making those false equivalences and actually take into consideration the difference between a rich club buying expensive players and a nation-state taking over a football institution. But instead of having serious conversations about this of course this entire thread is "hurr durr Tebas is so dumb" and "haha Madrid can no longer get whoever they want". Its disappointing.


At last Some fucking SANITY And yes, its horribly dissapointing. Most people here are turning this into banter. They're activelly getting behind the utter and ultimate corruption of the sport. And when you try to state it, a brigade of imbeciles and halfwits go "lmao u madrid fan lollolol".


Said it perfectly


Amen. And also, is he not correct that this might very well breach with comptetition laws at the EU level? While I’m nowhere near a lawyer or competent, it is the case afaik that state favorization of "their own" companies are illegal under EU law. So it is nice to get that tested once and for all.


you are so right i wanna give you head. the football world should all be hating on PSG instead of taking the piss out of us. we’re footballing bad guys, PSG owners are real life bad guys and no one seems to mind how uefa’s rules dont apply to them.


Whilst I do agree there nothing wrong with questioning ffp but the dubious sponsorship declaring tendencies/ misrepresenting finances case went very well against City. Wasnt it just a slap on a wrist and some fine? To top it off Nasser is like best beds with the UEFA chief. Nothing is going to come out of this . Even if it does it will be a marginal fine considering their financial strength.


If all the regularly run clubs come together on this they can't get away with it. I mean it's not only that it's personal for Madrid now, it's fucking up the whole European football. Every decent player will compare his wage to Mbappe now, which ist isn't a sustainable wage. He's getting paid more than he could ever give back. All the other players on their squad will want more money at their next negotiations. It's gonna reach the other big leagues too obviously, the same way that premier league transfer fees reached the other leagues. But the PL made a good deal for TV rights, this is just unsustainable money that comes from nowhere and only the sheikh clubs can compete with this. I really hope the big clubs like Bayern, Madrid, barca, Juve, Liverpool, manu etc. come together on this and stop UEFA from completely ridiculing itself.


Honest question if this even works would Flo even sign him if PSG legally cant offer him what was agreed? Cause I cant seen him ever leaving PSG after this


There is no way UEFA stops this from happening. And if somehow that even happened, Flo will not sign him and I think he's in the right for doing that.


Zero percent he would sign him now or ever


Who on earth would hold a grudge over a player choosing 600 MILLION FUCKING EUROS. Like jesus fucking christ he can buy a state in the US.


I dont think anyone is hating on the outcome (from his pov) but I think the way it was achieved could have been better


Every club in Europe that is forced to abide by FFP. Why should the oil clubs be exempt?


Quite evidently Madrid. More than a club doesn't just apply to Barcelona, you know. There is no player bigger than Real Madrid. No chance Mbappe will ever play for Real.


That is Tebas not flo tebas hate Psg more than he wants Mbappe on his league. He always talk shit about them


Oh im aware Im just stating would Flo even sign him if PSG can’t offer him what they’re offering


That will convince him im sure


Mbappe just got a ticket to Madrid via Ryanair due to having to take a lower salary, emotional stuff.


It's more about having them investigate and punish them rather than force them to sell


For UEFA to Punish the UEFA ambassador? Wont happen. He got the UEFA ambassador title after bribing all of them. Both UEFA and FIFA got bribed to Oblivion by Qatar. They can simply report everything and UEFA will face real lawsuits. Hence UEFA will always back PSG/Qatar


Like thats ever gonna happen. But I admire their attempt and hope they succeed.


I guess at least it's on record. Nothing will come of it though, this is psg's world. As much as I'm happy Madrid didn't get Mbappe, PSG really is a stain on football


El Seum


You called?


For you it's Seumland.


La Liga just pissed they’re missing out on Haaland and Mbappe.


Lol, Neymar transfer still hurt Tebas i think


He is a clown but this is technically his job, his league is weakening every year. He's gotta show teeth but I think this is a little cringe statement




He didn't care about messi. He made barca chose between messi or giving up a percentage of tv rights for 50 years


La Liga bosses really have some psycho issues it seems


I wholeheartedly agree with that. I remember Tebas did the same when Neymar went to PSG he lost his mind. This on Tebas not Real Madrid. He probably hate PSG more than any other club. He often talk shit about them.


I won’t be surprised if Tebas has an FT account like UtdTrey


Normally this would sound tinpot if it came from a league. But La Liga has been very consistent about this issue for years now. They also happen to have member owned clubs that cannot compete against oil hence it is an important issue for them. Also the disaster called Malaga.




La Liga had two of the greatest footballers of all time for years. Let it go Tebas






Didn’t the Man City situation basically kill FFP?


If FFP actually worked, UEFA's biggest milking cows wouldn't be competing in UCL


I'm all for laughing at madrid and even Tebas but kinda suprised everyone is kinda taking PSG's side here. They've disregard the rules so many times surely you would want someone to try and hold them accountable seeing as UEFA would never do that.


Yeah I'm shocked to see the responses here if I'm honest.


Reddit loves to be contrarian and root against the big guys, even when they're clearly rooting for a far greater evil.


People have lost their minds, they are actually supportive of a nation-state making a complete mockery of FFP just because Tebas and Madrid arent likable. Its so embarrassing to see supporters of other clubs that are inevitably going to be hurt by PSG's increasingly insane financial advantage siding with PSG. Like, if youre a Bayern fan supporting a well-managed but financially constrained club, you should be happy that someone is actively challenging PSG's actions. Yea Tebas is doing it for selfish and hypocritical reasons. So what? Its better that someone pushes back rather than no one at all. And no, this is not like what Madrid, Barca, Bayern have been doing for years, and its not even like what Chelsea did 20 years ago. People that use that argument dont understand the magnitude of what just occurred at PSG and the fact that without FFP action its the beginning of a completely unconstrained influx of state money into PSG. But yea lets just laugh at Tebas because he is a hypocrite, sure.


This exact comment here… the amount of But gAlAcTiCoS… and not understanding that Madrid was spending money they had and generated to make those purchases not an infinite amount of state run oil money. Especially now they just gave a player more money than the record transfer amount in just a sign on bonus. It’s really the end for teams like Bayern, Juve, Madrid, Barca etc like yes they are massive clubs and yes they previously could outspend their competitors but they have a limit on what they could spend. PSG has basically just open the doors to clubs like City, Newcastle etc to just use their unlimited financial power unchecked




Clown show


Why is everybody making fun of this action? I think that it’s great that someone finally questions PSGs ridiculous spending


Yeah This place loves to cry about Oil money then when someone wants to sue it, they call it cringe I honestly think more so than anything, the first upvoted comments in a thread will often determine the overall opinion, such a hive mind


Couldn’t agere more.


It’s pathetic. They only care to question it now that they lost out on a cash cow


Probably because he's not doing it for the good of European football, he's doing it because Mbappe chose not to go to Madrid. Personally I find it kinda funny this is happening in the name of Spanish clubs. Madrid had the Galacticos ffs, how can they moan about clubs spending stupid amounts of money?


Correct me if I’m wrong but did Real spend significantly more money than they were making at the time? They were just really successful both financially and on the field, and able to attract any player they wanted at a reasonable fee


Nothing wrong with asking the question but it's not like this is a crusade for good after only just realising the issue, it's because it's a sulk.


Why? It only hurts G14 clubs who thought they had a divine right to win.


What a shit show. Absolutely love it.


shit is hilarious honestly


lmao this is where the most entertaining part of the saga begins


Thank you Tebas, you make life so entertaining


Business speak for: 'We make the rules, and we want in on that money too'


Mmmmm..... more drama


Sour grapes?


I'll say it once. As a madrid fan. don't hate the player. hate the game. European football is corrupt, and PSG is simply playing the game at this point. Using loopholes others have been using finance-wise.


La Liga know what this means. No super league. They fucked.




Lmao what is this


Wait this is actually the official website lmao


just like the neymar transfer, this should be a benchmark in fucking up football. the fact that neymar went for 222 hiked up prices, now that a player will get paid 500m euros for 3 seasons, stuff thats unheard of in the footballing world, you’ll see salaries start to rise and only oil clubs being able to afford the best of the best. PSG are football terrorists and just because tepas is the one complaining people are taking the piss, in 10 years time you’ll realize they were just as bad as the superleague since they’re so in bed with UEFA its not fair.


La Liga is desperate to get a global superstar back in their league. Won't work I bet.








The same guy who didn't loosen the rules because of Covid like every other big league did and caused Messi to not be able to be renewed is crying because Madrid can't sign someone, a Facist and a Madridista.


Its not Real Madrid, but Laliga. Keep us out of it. Also you know Tebas was indeed waiting for Mbappe to come to Spain.


Tinpot league behaviour tbh


Disgraceful league.


La Liga really think they're entitled to anything they want smh




Laliga OFFICIAL page releases a briefing about a foreign player signing with his club, BEFORE they themselves announced it. WOW


but what will the ektraklasa do about mbappe renewing with his current club?


This lot thought they had the next superstar and it's gone up in smoke. Suing a club cos they've renewed their player lmao.


Perez is going to be even more hell bent on the Super League now.


This is the second time tebas will do this (first was neymar saga)


Damn Tebas is one salty motherfucker.


Man, it would be very nice if countries couldn't own football teams.


Can someone explain to me why La Liga is perusing legal action here? What do they seek to gain and do they have a leg to stand on? PSG money aside, seems like Mbappe made a choice; what circumstances led to a foreign league to seek Legal action here?


The levels of 🧂 worldwide are amazing today.