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Tuchel must be absolutely befuddled how this is happening literally the day before a cup final.


Holy shit, I had no idea the Cup Final was tomorrow. It has flown very much under the radar. I’m old enough to remember when the build up would be all week long! Cup Final songs on Top Of The Pops and all that. This has completely passed me by


> I’m old enough to remember when the build up would be all week long! To be fair, it's hard to have a week long build up when the teams themselves don't even have a week to prepare for the game.


Very true. I’m annoyed at myself for picking up an extra shift at work tomorrow without realising it’s the Cup Final


Fortunately, that’s what DVR and streaming full match replays are for!


Soccercatch is your friend.


I've been looking for a place to watch games that I miss. Gonna check this website out, thanks very much.


You can also try replaymatches. Those two are my favourite sites


What a legend! 🐐🤲


Which cup? FA?




The cup usually comes after the end of the season is why. You're probably more worried about Newcastle, as am I haha. There's usually a weekend between the end of the season and the champions league final. Since it's the only football on, that's what we focus on.


You mentioned top of the pops and i instantly thought of jimmy saville and got so disgusted.. While there's a lot of other animals that did just as terrible shit, somehow he's my no 1 gut wrenching character of all time rn simply because of how hidden in plain sight it was for 65 years or whatever. Now I'm sick to my stomach right before bed, fuck.


Shit, I’m sorry bro. Completely understand the disdain, it wasn’t my intention


Feel bad for Tuchel. The guy has gone through a lot of stuff in his one and half year period tenure as Chelsea manager


sure. but at the same time, chelsea is notoriously chaotic. supporters have even embraced that.


There's our usual level of chaos and then there's whatever the fuck this season has been.


Got Tuchel last year, proceeded to have one of the best defensive runs I've ever seen in the CL. Win the thing. Panic?


The worse you think Chelsea are at the start of the season, the better they'll be. The reverse is also true.


Can confirm, lived through this little thing called 2015-16.


Chelsea, tis a silly club.


Only time was 2014-15 somehow everyone just knew we were winning the league


With your core of Courtois, Terry, Ivanovic, Matic, Fabregas, Hazard and Costa and Mou in his second season I was never more confident predicting a PL winner before the season.


If we aren't in a crisis, we aren't winning things Difference is this season there were "expectations"


Chaos is a laddah..


He is probably used to it from his time at PSG.


Mate, we're next level chaotic. For this season only, Tuchel has gone through the following: - His 100m player, putting out a completely unexpected, negative interview about how he's being missed, disrespecting manager and club - First choice fullbacks out simultaneously, one for the season - 3 first choice midfielders out simultaneosly - A divorce with his wife of 12 years - Russia waging literal war against Ukraine, which causes our owner to get sanctioned - Chelsea searching for new owners - Chelsea finding new owners - Being a politician/manager/spokesperson for the club during this period - Controversial League Cup loss to Liverpool - Both Madrid legs - 4 of our defenders being likely to leave (Rudiger, Christensen, Alonso and Azpilicueta). The latter 3 have had notable drops in form too. Honestly, there are still a few more plot twists left in our season.


When you put it like that, I wouldn't be surprised if when tuchel leaves the job like he's served two terms in the oval office.


He actually put out a statement where he said he's committed to the club despite everything that's happened this season.


I know. I meant that when he does leave he'll have aged from the stress of running a club in such chaos.


Bet a before and after pic for this season shows the stress😅


You forgot covid and how most teams got their games postponed when they had squad members out but Chelsea didn't. Also, injuries around that same time forced Tuchel to play Pulisic as a wingback and a CF for almost a month straight.


>Christensen, Alonso and Azpilicueta). The latter 3 have had notable drops in form too. And we keep getting linked to them😔


Azpi and Alonso are obviously well past there prime but with them both being Spanish, i think they would bring a much needed experience to the otherwise young team. Christensen will have his ups and downs but he is exactly the kind of defender you want if you intend to play tiki taka football. Very clean on the ball, but will easily get bullied by stronger players.


In other words, not EXACTLY the kind of defender even a tiki taka club would want haha


Azpi is a model professional and he’ll play very well for you, Alonso is slow and very one dimensional but usually tries very hard. Christensen is shite, I doubt he makes your first team.


Yeah I'm excited to see what Azpi does especially in terms of leadership since Busi and Pique could be gone soon from our dressing room, and although I don't have anything against Alonso, his signing just doesn't make a lot of sense to me if we are planning to focus mostly on youth. Grimaldo, Gaya, etc. would be much more preferable. And although I have seen Christensen play several times, still don't have a concrete opinion on him.


I, on the other hand, have a lot against Alonso.


you forgot the whole defence leaving


Oh yes, 4 players who have been here for years leaving at once, I'll add that now


>- Controversial League Cup loss to Liverpool > Controversial how exactly??


I think he might be talking about the Lukaku offside call by VAR? I personally don’t think it’s controversial. Stupid? Yes. Very. But VAR has been frequently ridiculous and it’s just par for course at this point.


Forgetting Super League mate.


Tbf media respects him a lot as well for how he conducted himself throughout the whole ownership getting sanctioned arc.


What hurt him most was the injuries. There were always new injuries on key players. The Chillwell injury was so bad and the timing of it also was bad. Whatever happens in FA Cup l just hope that the season ends ASAP with 3rd place finish.


The Pogba classic. At least he said it himself and didn't have his agent and every member of his family talk shit.


It’s Chelsea so we just assume all the players hate each other anyway. And it’s Lukaku so it’s hardly a surprise to see mad shit on his socials.


>I kept my mouth shut Did you though?


"Fucking take me back to Inter, mate" - Romelu


Don’t forget the “but I also have four other dream clubs” part


He didn't keep his mouth shut and on top of that he's literally paying that guy a fortune to speak in his name so that part is total bullshit as well.


Incoming off season two hour podcast with Rom and Josh Hart. Couple more n bombs this time around for some spice.


RL: Keep my fucking name, out of your fucking mouth


im imagining Rom bitch slapping himself in front of a mirror now. thanks for the mental image.


"Never ever will I let someone speak for me" -Lukaku's social media manager


Also the standard PR line about "keeping my mouth shut", when in reality he chats the most shit.


It's weird how the players who don't chat shit never have to say stuff like that


I hate drama


i love drama when it’s not my team


Don't chat shit, don't get banged


If this is the work of a social media manager, idk what to say.


Right on time before a Cup Final


Legend, liverpool legend


Well considering he’s played for our 3 biggest rivals, not sure about that one


It's a joke, basically him creating drama right before Chelsea biggest game of the season, causing unrest in the dressing room


I know what you meant, just funny that he’s played for Everton, United and Chelsea and you say that


Man must hate Liverpool ... Let's be real though, if given the chance to sign for you I bet he'd regale us all with tales of how much he's always loved the club.


Was about to say the same thing. Can't wait to see what badge he kisses next season.


Lukaku wasn't going to play anyway so who cares?


He's been decent in the last couple of matches, very much in contention to start. Not sure after this tho.


Decent against leeds meaning he should be benched


Wait, why wouldn't he?


Lukaku goals against the big 6 are pretty woeful, he's a flat track bully


Typical tweets from our Lads: Mason Mount: great win today! Big ups to the fans for the support! Reece James: after a long two months out great feeling to be back out there competing again! Romelu Lukaku: THĒ ĒÑĒM¥ Š₽ĒÅKŠ KÏÑDŁ¥ ÅÑD ÇÅRRÏĒŠ Å KÑÏFĒ


I’m pretty sure Lukaku also speaks in parseltongue


“The master commended the dishonest manager because he had acted shrewdly. For the people of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their own kind than are the people of the light". Luke 16:8


Romelu Cam Newton Lukaku


why this sudden story? any context behind this?


His agent was interviewed and in there was a hint of a move to one of the Milan clubs(and named them both).


>(and named them both) lmao the banter is reality


Everytime he is on form shit happen


Scores against 10 man Leeds who are headed to relegation and thinks he has proven everyone wrong


Tbf he's so in form I could easily see him put 3 past San Marino.




He was the fastest man on the pitch, and has the records to prove it


It's no coincidence, he and his agent wait for him to have a couple of good games in order to start talking shit, just so they don't look completely ridiculous.


Jesus Christ this makes so much sense now


his IG statements are basically: "hey look at me I scored a goal."


-I keep my mouth shut Romelu lukaku In a statement Before a big game


Main character syndrome


Mate... I can't get my head round it


The Lukaku Paradox.


I will behave professionally and that is why I am posting this long rant on social media whining like a baby.


Another episode of "my agent is a madman that speaks nonsense without consulting me I swear"


"How could I fire such a mentally troubled individual?"


God, I'm soo happy Bale is gone this season.


United fans have watched too many episodes of this series


Isn't his agent a bit, um, deceased at the moment?


Nah he fired Raiola sometime ago


Ah okay, I didn't realize.


Yeah, I think they parted way when he was still in United.


It’s Roc Nation now. Owned by some Jay-Z..


He did fire his agent once


This man just can't shut the fuck up


Never and always picks wrong timing. He’s a natural at it.


speaks like 17 languages but always says the wrong thing


Equally dumb in every language.


In fairness, at least this time it seems he is focused on the task at hand. His agent appears to be the one who's blabbing now.


Bro, we are in 2022 and people still believe agents go against their clients here? This is Lukaku.


Wait till you hear about Ali Abdelaziz


Yep, true.




In this instance he seems to actually be supporting the club right? And speaking against his agent 😂


I'd rather he not say anything for now as this directly contradicts his actions earlier this year. I haven't forgotten.


who do you think tells the agent what to say?


I mean, he says he kept his mouth shut, meanwhile not even 2 months ago he was running around telling every reporter he wanted to get back to Inter.


For sure it's super hypocritical (which makes it very funny), but I don't think it's as absurd as some people on this thread are making out. Taking a look on the Chelsea sub a lot of them seem ok with it.


Always after a few goals too


>I kept my mouth shut You literally never do romelu


I don't want to be generalizing, but this generation of belgians (which is the only famous one in my lifespan) are very open with their interviews and media posts. They don't care about what seems traditionally appropriate. I've seen it with thibaut, kdb, meunier, and lukaku Is this something cultural or just this bunch? Most of them played for the same teams so it could be just how they behaved growing up


They are more Dutch than current Dutch team


1. There is little to no distance between journalists and players in Belgium, as many journalists are former Belgian internationals. Has always been like that, basically mates just having a chat, with little regard to media training. This has never been a problem until Belgians started playing at the most elite clubs in the world and international press started to follow Belgian media. This is where the "Belgian international break chaos" meme comes from. 2. Belgian players also still have that small country mentality. They are superstars but seem to forget that they are and will thus forget to weigh their words. This is the opposite with English/German/Spanish/French/Italian players.


I genuinely can't see the problem with this honestly, maybe I'm too Belgian


I dont think its a problem either, just unusually open and honest and wanted to see why this group specifically


feels like someone from the belgian nt says something every single international break


>I don't want to be generalizing >immediately generalizes


I asked a question about this specific group and if it generalizes to their culture before I actually generalize If i were generalizing I would assume all belgians are idiots because of people like you


Alright that's a fair point.


I genuinely dislike Courtois for one of the pettiest things, he said something against Martial in an interview like he isn’t world class or something like that, just so fucking unprofessional even if it is true


The exceptional case where "stick to football" might be justified.


Even when he's telling the world how well he has managed to shut the fuck up lol


Gotta keep them Big Bruhkaku Moments coming after all


fire your agent then


Imagine if All or Nothing was on Chelsea this season? Would have needed about 300 episodes one for each day of the season


Could’ve been great honestly, 4 finals of varying importance, Madrid second leg was pretty insane, sometimes great sometimes shit in the league, Lukaku, and most of all the club getting sold because of a fucking war Would never want that kind of shit revealed about my team but would be quality


If you are looking for drama on all or nothing this season, I think you will be satisfied 🫠


If Arsenal get top 4 though it'll be a happy ending and I don't want to watch that.


“I am breaking my silence…to tell everyone that I will remain silent. Further statements about my silence will follow.”


Imagine if he didn't keep his mouth shut




To be fair that’s like the definition of not letting anyone speak for him. Maybe he should let others speak for him.


Well he certainly was speaking for himself there lol


You weren’t so focused on helping the team when you went behind their back and did an interview expressing your desire to return to Inter. Clown


Isn’t that his point? He’s kept his mouth shut since the incident and has kept his head down and played. Why are you so angry? He’s condemning his agent making issues


If he doesn’t fire his agent, then I’m going to assume this was all a carefully coordinated PR stunt


Everything this dude is a PR stunt. But it got him this far and this much money so why stop now


It is a PR stunt, otherwise he would fire the agent THEN make this post. Actions before words? Truth Words hinting possible action? Lies


After all the abuse United fans had to endure because we were happy he was gone I can't tell you how satisfying it is to see another group of supporters finally see what we saw.




Except for Inter


Love the flairs of all three of yours


They walk into a pub..


Not so much 'except for Inter' but more of 'Inter realised his bullshit just as he was gone but also did get a quick buck out of him' hence the less complaints from inter fans


…I’d probably have him back though. Even his current 15 goals in 42 games would make him our top scorer this season


Still genuinely do not understand why so many United fans seem to hate him with a passion. It didn't work out, and we parted ways.


Yes, this absolutely is the Lukaku I know


You lot just hatin to hate and piling on. Done naught wrong in this instance


For better or worse, the things we do and say have a cumulative effect. If this was Kante saying something, it would be taken a lot differently, and honestly, as well it should. So, for me, I don't think people are hating just to hate. They're hating because he really needs to just take a major beat and stop talking.


he's simply saying people shouldnt be assuming stuff based on what his agent is saying, he's literally trying to just keep his head down and play. Idk what people want, ignore this? then he'll get shit for not condemning anything pastorello is spreading and that its true. I understand it to a degree after the interview, that stuff lingers and the fans can be understandably still be upset. Damned if u do damned if u dont for him i guess


People are acting like he's being a prima dona with this statement. It's gotten to the point where people see "Lukaku" and "statement" and jump to conclusions. The fact is that Lukaku's agent JUST came out and said they'll be speaking to the club about the summer, implying a move away. The agent mentioned the Milan clubs in his statement. Then, Lukaku wrote this to try and dispel the gossip about his agent's statement. He is trying to douse the flame and say he's thinking about the club and working hard. People are equating Lukaku's Instagram story to THE interview, which is batshit crazy. An even worse thing to do would be to say nothing at all in light of the agent's statement. Yet people are like "LOL TyPiCAl LuKaKA."


Right? I was so confused by all the comments here. I thought I'd read the wrong text.


This comment section was confusing me because he was basically saying “I’m focused on Chelsea, if it didn’t come directly from me don’t believe it”. How people are twisting this to shit on him is beyond me.


People don't read on here


If this was the first Lukaku story then you would be right.


Brudda you did an interview after shit performances, thrashing the club you just joined for 100mil and had just won the CL. Don't think that was keeping your mouth shut or helping the team.


Honestly it must be a nightmare, someone could just make up something you allegedly said and it gains traction and more people believe it and everyone will think it's true unless you speak out publicly about it


This thread is the definition of overreacting. The circlejerk around Lukaku on this sub is weird


I'm reading these comments wondering what the hell did he do wrong by posting this haha


I’m so out of the loop with lukaku situation at Chelsea. I thought he came in, scored some goals, he got injured and that was the story. Can someone explain what the drama is?


When Lukaku came, he scored three goals in his first two games. He gave few more good performances but got injured against Malmo and came back after a month. In December he got Covid and was out for the majority of the month, he only came back for the last two games of the year against Villa and Brighton and scored two goals. Then the interview released where he said Tuchel is not playing him the right way and tried to rekindle his relationship with the Inter fans. But it backfired on him, both Chelsea fans and Inter fans got angry with him. I think he pretty much lost the confidence after that incident because he gave some poor performances. Havertz replaced him in that position and started playing well and was tracking back, getting involved etc. and Lukaku was not doing that when he played In April, the rumours started coming that if Milan gets new owners, they will be interested in buying Lukaku and even Inter is linked with him. But Lukaku gave some good performances in the last few matches. This week, Lukaku's agent gave an interview where he said that when Chelsea's new owners come, he will have a talk with them regarding Lukaku's future. The above Instagram post is him basically saying that his agent doesn't speak for him.


And somehow people say he's in the wrong for doing that ? His first interview is totally on him but in this case it seems like he's doing the right move of shutting his dumb agent.


I agree, he shouldn't have done the first interview but he is doing the right thing here




Have a [read.](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.skysports.com/amp/football/news/11668/12506740/romelu-lukaku-chelsea-striker-says-he-turned-down-manchester-city-move-in-2020-from-inter-milan)


Love that from Rom, too many journos out here trying to create unnecessary drama


Wait, why is getting bashed in this thread for clearing up false rumours about him? If anything this is a good statement, no?








What's the shit saga now? Sorry, I slept on it.


This guy needs to shut up. The amount of theatrics and drama he brings is disappointing


Bro can this man shut up for once, just when he looked like actually trying to convince the fans again. A day before the FA Cup Final as well. Can‘t get rid quick enough, I swear.


I kept my mouth shut.. right after I did a 20 page interview slamming my club


This guy’s constant need to be involved in drama is so pathetic


Whats the drama?


*Never a good idea to start airing grievances about you on your individual social media pages.* \- PR professionals everywhere.


Romelu Lukaku: post something to his story that he clearly wrote Also Romelu Lukaku: adds his initials at the end




To be fair with Lukaku, after that interview he hasn’t caused additional problems, he just performed bad. His agent conducting interviews speaking on his client is something that shouldn’t have happened as it’s cause his client more distraction after a couple decent performances to get him back on the right track




"I kept my mouth shut"


“I kept my mouth shut” Sure, mate. Sure.