[@VarskySports] Ronaldo Nazario: "The World Cup calendar was established 100 years ago. The World has changed completely: 4 years is too much time. In the year 2000 I had a very bad injury. If I hadn't recovered in time I would have had to wait 8 years since France '98."

[@VarskySports] Ronaldo Nazario: "The World Cup calendar was established 100 years ago. The World has changed completely: 4 years is too much time. In the year 2000 I had a very bad injury. If I hadn't recovered in time I would have had to wait 8 years since France '98."


don't agree with his argument but I understand it tbf


Which is how it should be. I think part of the reason the comments section is taking his opinion reasonably fairly is that it's given by someone as respected as him. If this was an English pundit giving that take, the comments section would be filled with people bashing him or explaining how dumb his take actually is.


I'm not going to lie, as a fan of a lesser international team, I'm really supportive of a 2y WC schedule. While yes, it will diminish club games, the bigger nations have more players available to them and heck they can rotate if they want to. For us one or two injuries completely derails our campaign and ends the hopes of a multi-year window. I know people will say "oh but the prestige of the tournament will be affected". But if they tweak the format so there is more knockout elements, and less games I'm 100% in favour. Imagine all the amazing narratives that will come out of this. + moving the tournament around will make it more likely one will be hosted near you, which is an experience like no other.


I don’t think your points are bad, but the narratives and the opportunity to go to World Cup games IS what makes it so amazing. If we just increase the frequency then more things will happen at a faster pace, so big surprising things won’t seem as crazy or unique after a while.


2 Years are still a huge amount of time


Not really when you consider there’s regional national tournaments in between (EUROS,Copa America….)


No it isn't.


okay chef if you say so


I mean, we’re in a thread discussing Ronaldo’s statement that 2 years is better because it’s not a huge amount of time. You’re the outlier here.


I meant that 2 years are still enough to make those events feel special but obviously I'm in the wrong for thinking so


Christ, what a child.


Genuinely can't believe im getting downvoted for saying that 2 years are a huge amount of time as if the world cup would be held every day then. It's still a giant time span and it still wouldn't feel as if it happens every now and then without any hype


Unless you want to get rid of continental tournaments, it would mean that there's a major tournament every single year. Not only would the qualification schedule get insane, it would absolutely make these tournaments feel a lot less special.


Ok how about we meet in the middle and have a WC every 3 yrs?


I've actually been kind of afraid to ask if that's an option


The only arguments I see are 1. Increasing the frequency makes it less valuable. While this has some validity 2 years is a long time still. 4 years is too long honestly in this modern world, and while we should guard against too much of a good thing I see no reason to stop us from experiencing a good thing slightly more often when it is feasible. 2. Players already play too many games: This is very true and I’m not sure how best to fix this. One immediate idea is to just drop extra cup games (carabao cup for example). More leagues could take up the 18 team league to reduce the number of league matches (although this would not be taken well). One potential argument is that more frequent WCs might necessitate less extensive qualifying (especially since the WC is expanding)


It’s still two years though. Because you have Euros, you have CONCAF, etc… so in the end this gives you a great tournament inside your own continent every 4 years and then World cup every 4. So you still have a major tournament every 2 years.


What about Olympics? Is 4 years too much? There's still the euros in the middle as well (and Copa and CAN) so from s practical point of view you have a big tournament every 2 years already


Someone needs to explain this "too long in the modern world" argument to me because I am young and perfectly fine with waiting four years. Am I just in the minority? I haven't spoken to anyone who particularly wants two years. It just feels like another super league situation except this time its FIFAs turn.


Another argument is environmental concerns - 48 teams plus their fans jetting off around the world every 2 years instead of 4 is, well, double the emissions.


If they can make 2 yr WC with the same or less games played overall, I wouldn’t mind.


It’s kinda like it being every 4 years is what gave it so much value that if you miss one then it’s devastating.


It really does give it value, I remember world cups in relation to where I stand in life, from early mornings watching WC 2002 in primary school to drunken evenings watching 2014 while at Uni. Having it more often would definitely lessen the novelty of it.


I can remember my life with World cup and Euros, I was a 8yo kid during 98, I'm a grown ass man in last world cup at 28yo and also the last time I cried, I remember 2010 fiasco when I was in university etc...


Aw, same. First WC I have a proper memory of is 2002. I really do remember distinctly what life was like for me during every World Cup (and Euros tbf) too. Makes me so nostalgic, love the World Cup when the whole country is just buzzing, atmosphere is pure good vibes (until we crash out of the runnings anyway). Good times. I can’t really see that general feeling changing massively with a bi-yearly World Cup tbh, but also I still think it does take away from the exclusivity of the WC and I kinda love that they are few and far between.


first time I watched world cup was 94, I remember little from it, aside from pictures. 98 was nostalgic, it was the time when you and your mates believed you will become football stars one day and start replicating the tricks you saw on the telly after the games to kickabout


2006 was the first time I ever watched soccer. Watched USA lose to those Italian Fuckers while sitting on my friends floor.


Join the club! Each World Cup has memories and rites of passage attached to it for me. From being a 5 year old in Italia 90 (who could only just about remember a few England games), childhood watching USA 94 (without England in it, it was very muted), adolescence watching France 98, through watching matches at sixth form in 2002, leaving Uni in 2006, working long hours amidst Brazil 2014, and drunken evenings watching Russia 2018. Coming soon, watching Qatar 2022 in my very own flat as I enter midlife. Having the World Cup every four years is like a grown mans version of a childhood Christmas. Think about it, if you are 30 years old, four years is the same amount of time in your life time as a year as a seven year old…


Exactly, that's the main appeal! The stakes are so high precisely because it's every 4 years. Now if you lose you year, oh well, let's try again in 2 years. The Americanization of the sport is going to be its undoing. Wait a bit and we'll have Soccer Superbowl XIX with 60 goals per game.


The Americanization? 🤣




What is American about this French proposal?


Maximum profit with no regard to the players?


Lol the players in America have far better scheduled playing time than those in Europe. What is this nonsense? Players in America get a 4-6 month break always whereas you crabs are complaining about over working players. Nothing American about wengers proposal. It’s funny how you make blatantly wrong statements but are still supported by the idiots who can’t seem to get America out of their mouths


You could have made a point without being hostile


I’ll be hostile to anyone that spouts nonsense about my country just for internet points. I don’t need to be nice to discriminatory people


You’re just a moron.


I’d be okay with it if it meant club football didn’t get interrupted constantly like it does now tbh, pretty selfish but I love watching my team every weekend.


And I love watching my country play


Ronaldo is part of the very small list of players to have won two world cups. It is a massive achievement that will elude even the world's biggest players but that's also what I love about it: It's a competition built to defy even generations, and many of the greatest teams assembled have struggled to maintain a quality across two or more World Cups. I might sound like an old fuck for defending it on a premise of prestige, but that's always been why the World Cup is special to me. That all goes away if we have it every two years.


Nah i think most people agree with you, the World Cup, euros, etc are special because very few teams and players manage to win them. Having a World Cup every two years would make it feel less special, just look at the copa America having like three tournaments in five years, it didn’t feel that special


>just look at the copa America having like three tournaments in five years It would've been four in six years if corona hadn't delayed the most recent one. 2015, 2016 Centenario, 2019, 2020 (which became 2021).


Jesus Christ only missed two years


Between death and resurrection?


And the reason it didn't happen in those two years? 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup and 2018 FIFA World Cup.


That's because of two reasons, the 100 year anniversary and the desire to make it a quadriennial tournament. The next one will be in 2024. That said I think it was definitely special for the countries that won them.


> just look at the copa America having like three tournaments in five years, it didn’t feel that special it will never happen like that again, they just want to push Messi to win one before he retires, now he had won it everything will be back to normal


I agree except the last sentence. It would still feel special for the country who will win just look at Argentina fans and players reactions it was verry special for all those people


Of course if will always be special for the team that wins, but having three tournaments in five years certainly reduced enthusiasm behind the cup


Honestly this year I didn’t even realize it was going until that later stages


If it was ao special why were numbers down on viewership across the board?


Tbf he played 0 minutes in the 94 win


He was still Ronaldinho in 94. Doesn’t mean he didn’t show up each day and train every bit as hard as Romario and Bebeto! He was like 17 or 18 then


And now he is Ronaldao!


Is his 3 stage Pokémon evolution complete?


Only one player in history has won three, that’s just absolutely insane


He’s doing this to protect his own legacy: push the every two year World Cup, then when there’s another 2x winner, “well when I won two world cups, we had to wait 4 years between them” lol. 4D chess from the big man


So weird that a player who gets invited by FIFA to Doha to discuss this project, and is part of the FIFA legends programme, and also retired so he doesnt have to play all those games, likes this new format. Cant put my finger on why that would be tbh.


I reckon a lot of retired/older players who haven't won the World Cup feel the same way.


And that is because the generations before them played the WC every 4 years so it really meant something. Every 2 years and not only will more players win one but those wins will mean much less.


Noo he’s really worried about injured players missing games I’m sure of it


Likely could be both


Everyone is motivated by their own experiences. Just because someone says something that you disagree with doesn’t mean they have ulterior motives. And he’s one of the best to have played the game, it’s certainly not outside the realms of possibility that he would > gets invited by FIFA to Doha to discuss this project, and is part of the FIFA legends programme


Self interest maybe lol, just wait 20 years from now and we’ll hear from him “it is a great accomplishment that {insert player name here} has won two world cups in a row, but when we won in the 90’s and 00’s it was much more impressive because the tournament was happening just once every 4 years”


Attack the argument, not the person. His argument is that it sucks missing one due to injury.


it sucks missing one but say if a player starts playing in his 20s and ends career at 35, they still have 3-4 WC to play and prove something. This is more than what most Olympians get. Many Olympic sports like gymnasts, swimmimg etc might only be able to compete in 2 Olympics with how physiology and age affects the results in these sports. And in case of Olympic athletes, outside of probably Olympics and IAAF, they don't have many worldwide stage to prove their talents and skills and win big awards. Whereas footballers have continental competitions and club games and competitions. If you ask me, there are a lot of BS cups and games and at most the players should get maybe 2-3 games a week. Bi-annual WC is just FIFA execs wanting more opportunities for bribes and sponsorship money to enrich themselves.


Not many players competing in WCs at 35


that still gives 3 WC to prove your talent plus a youth player also has opportunity for under 20 WC and Olympics.


Sucks being part of a shit team if you are quality aswell


Im not attacking the person, Im attacking the background of the person and the circumstances he makes the statement. He is, without it being shady or something, on FIFAs payrole in the role as FIFA legend, so its natural that he doesnt say something which would set their project back. I just want to give people the necessary context to see why he says what he says.


You didn't provide context, you provided your personal guess about the context. Just because you disagree with him doesn't mean he's being manipulated by nefarious actors. He literally expressed a reasonable opinion, why go full r/conspiracy?


How on earth can he ever come to the conclusion that the FIFA has something to do with corruption and manipulation? I can see why missing the WC due to injury is bad for the player. But many players miss the WC entirely like lets say Ryan Giggs. Just because hes from a nation which basically auto-qualifies he can make such a statement. Hes damn right that its not 1930 anymore, because we have way more games than back then where some nations didnt even participate in the WC because they couldnt afford the flight. Nowadays, everyone is eager to ensure their part of the cake is as big as possible. The leagues have as much games as they can fit in, so does UEFA and so does FIFA. Ceferin is a hypocrite when he says, WC every 2 years will hurt the players too much. Who decided to enlargen the CL campaign by two games for every team? Obviously hes afraid of his assetthe Euros, which is together ith the Copa the only world wide watched continental tournament.


How is that a personal guess? Was it a FIFA conferencein Doha where he got invited to? Yes. Was the main topic the new wc? Yes. Is Ronaldo part of the FIFA legends programme? Yes. Is he getting paid to be part of the FIFA legends? Yes. Was the media round he was giving his support part of this conference, where FIFA wanted to gather support for the new wc? Yes. Where there negative opinions about the new concept at this media event? At least no reports about that. How can you think this wasnt a FIFA lead push to sway fan opinion? And also: Is he an active player, speaking for active players? No. Is he negatively impacted by a even more tight calendar? No.


I didn't say this isn't FIFA propaganda, it obviously is. I'm saying that it's reasonable to believe that Ronaldo is sharing his real opinion. FIFA just found guys like him who happen to agree about the WCs


> I didn't say this isn't FIFA propaganda, it obviously is. If you agree with that, then why do you have an issue with what i wrote in the beginning? I literally laid out why he would like it in my original comment (he is getting paid for it, he isnt an active player anymore + the argument he gave himself). All I did was point out that its a media push by FIFA.


Because your original comment implies that he is lying


How? I never said he didn't act according to his own interest, I just said that his interests include being on FIFAs good side.


Because he can have an opinion that’s different than yours.


So repeatedly injured players like Reus could miss more WCs in the future. Great!


Love ronaldo, but I certainly don’t love this take of his


There's nothing wrong with his take. There's just more to consider about the issue than this aspect of it.


Exactly. Using Ronaldo's logic, why not have a WC annually? The reason is that injury bad luck is part of the sport and the logistical demands of organising the tournament on all players is just of greater importance.


Annually? Let's have it every month. Then someone with a twisted ankle will be able to make the one in a couple of weeks!


This is logic is so flawed i don’t even know where to begin. Using your logic, you could argue that individuals should eat 16 bottles of water every day, exercise 10 hours a day, sleep 20 hours. There is such a thing as balance




They are different arguments. Arguing that there is too little international football is not the same as arguing that increasing it indefinitely is the way to go. In other words, he is arguing a straw man.


Im not arguing anything, I'm making a clearly hyperbolic joke.


Apologies then


To be honest, i think there are too many games, but I don’t think the failt lies with international football. Perhaps there should be fewer club games. Reduce the number of clubs in leagues. Or maybe florentino is right, and the game should be only 60 minutes.


Or we could cut things like the nations league and the number of international friendlies. I think that reducing league games is gonna be a tough sell, although some leagues could benefit from it, like serie A


Yeah, we can also cut the endless amount of mickey mouse cups, and reduce the number of clubs in leagues so that there would be fewer games and less strain. There are a lot of ways to approach the problem, but I don’t think less international football is the starting point to change the balance.


I just don’t think that reducing the number of teams in leagues is realistic in most countries, I don’t see the PL, La Liga or other leagues agreeing to it


The bundesliga has only 18 clubs, I don’t see why others could not follow its example. I’m not necessarily saying this is what should happen. I feel most solutions to reduce the amount of strains footballers go through would be controversial. I’m more surprised to how everyone’s solution to the stress is to gradually remove international football. Especially since it suffers a lot given how they don’t have time to practice to get to an elite level. Italy was unique in the euros since it was able to perform at club level despite being an international side. I see two situations. 1. It is not unreasonable for people to want more international football, since it definitely has its fans, and it is already neglected in the current environment. 2. Players do go through a lot of games a year, and the physical strain is strong.


There’s a lot wrong with his take lol. ‘Hey I had long term injury near career ending injury that almost made me miss rare event, let’s have more rare events!’


For those who are telling him not to voice his opinion because he's retired, I hope all is going well in your active professional career but you should focus on training instead of Reddit.


Neither 4 nor 2, lets do 3 years.


So what? That's sport. Some great players never even make a world cup, never mind worrying about having to wait 8 years for another appearance.


Also if the world cup is held every 2 years there's more of a chance that the earlier winners will win it. For eg spain were still in prime in 2012 and if the world cup was held in 2012 chances are they would've won it again. But by 2014 their prime years were over and they went out in group stage, likewise for germany and even now next year we can definitely say france wouldn't have to win because they won in 2018. A lot of things can change in 4 years it might be the most unexpected club that can shine and the favourites go out easily. That us the beauty of the world cup.


I disagree but I understand his point of view he talking from personal experience. Others players will also have differents opinions. Personally I dislike the idea of a world cup every two years the calendar is already charged enough and the prestige won't be the same.


Prob the first decent argument in favor of it. I still don't want it but I get his angle.


The only positive thing I can think of is that it would be a lot easier to boycott the World Cup when it's placed in countries like Qatar if it's played every two years


The only risk is that it will diminish the importance of club football. r/soccer is club over country so can't have that


Or rather: That is the only risk you are willing to acknowledge. Because there is a whole lot more.


This ^. I’m country over club but having more world cups would mean that all the trophies my country won before would mean less, much like how copa america is completely meaningless here since every country has 10 of them. I’d rather have some sort of worldwide nations league or the confederations cup back


It risk confederation tournaments


As someone who is from a stateless minority, international football can fuck right off.


anecdotal take i sleep


Ronaldo would have been unbeatable if there was a World Cup in 1996. But then with his history of injuries he might also have burnt out sooner if he was playing the World Cup every two years


Don't approve, but kind of understand where he is coming from. Ronaldo after his prime years has been a caricature if whether he's fat or is he fit, he'd understandably appreciate more chances. And he's probably one of the luckier ones, there's guys like Nesta with their luck with world cups.imo this is a very valid opinion, but really doesn't win in this matter. Most players are money making machines to federations, and this proposal would exploit them further.


I understand this view from non-Europeans. The Euros is huge for us so it’s not like a wait for the World Cup. The World Cup is cheapened by it being 2 years.


Genuine question, are Copa America and AFCON not considered big to the continents involved?


I’m not sure to be honest, I’d have to ask someone from that area. I’m sure it means everything to them so I don’t know how this would work.


African here, mostly to the older generation. It’s nice to win the afcon but personally I think the hype has dropped off somewhat. There was a time in Nigeria, a country with multiple daily blackouts, where the power agency would ensure there was electricity during AFCON matches and you can hear the screams and groans all round the neighborhood.


…but if he got injured in 2000, and didn’t recover in time for 2002 he would have missed two world cups and waited 6 years in the end. It’d be a lose-lose situation for him regardless.


I guess this is the feeling in non-european places.


It's not the feeling anywhere


Says the omnipotent u/1000smackaroos




https://twitter.com/tariqpanja/status/1435943002787229696 He is in Doha to talk about this with FIFA, and apparently a part of that was a media round to spread some positive opinions. Pretty certain he said exactly this.


You're missing OP's point. This is clearly a paid "opinion", him being invited to this event to say exactly this. Money is behind everything FIFA does, and especially when we bring middle Eastern countries into it.


Is it really such a crazy thought that players want to play in the most prestigious and popular tournament in the world. If you get unlucky once its possible youll never play in one


looking forward to all the professional international footballers on /r/soccer explaining why he’s wrong


Surely you shouldn't have to be a professional footballer to disagree with this, or even have an opinion right? I totally get where he is coming from the standpoint of his career but there are plenty of reasons why a WC every 2 years is just not feasible


Also at the end of the day the World Cup is an event for football fans, if we’re the ones making fifa money why wouldn’t we have opinions


Drug dealers dont ask crackheads for their opinion


I think we are different than crackheads


We would watch football just the same as crackheads would keep buying crack


Yes they do though


Well if a crackhead starts consuming less product and doesn't enjoy it as much, then their opinions are valid as they hurt everyone or whatever lol


Thats the magic of crackheads tho, they cant consume less


he’s just looking out for talented and driven players who get unlucky with injuries because he was almost in that situation himself. don’t think that deserves a violent reaction


Yeah definitely that and he got paid, probably mostly the paid thing.


And other footballers disagree with him, just because he’s a football player doesn’t mean he’s gonna be right about everything or that we shouldn’t disagree with him


He's saying it from his own perspective of injuries. Which we all know he has a lot of experience in


And that’s horrible for players that get injured, doesn’t mean we have to ruin the biggest football tournament in the world, sadly it’s part of the sport


> He's saying it from his own perspective of *increasing the number of zeros on his bank account.


not saying he’s right or wrong just saying this seems like a valid take from someone who was more intimately involved with the game than any of us


"The only valid takes are the ones I agree with" -every r/soccer user


And also by someone who directly gets paid by FIFA to be their media face. Not so much weight behind it then, is there?


you’ve said this 3x in this thread within 5 minutes we get it


I can say it again if you want to, its pretty important to be aware of this concerted media effort by FIFA to sway public opinion, isnt it? Gives some context.


you people take /r/soccer so seriously, it’s bizarre lol


I take football pretty serious, as I like my hobby. Not wanting people to just eat up an opinion campaign to turn the sport for the worse (imo) should be worth 5 minutes of my time I feel.


hmmm or maybe it could just be that ronaldo is saying what he thinks. no surely he is paid by fifa to say this because i disagree and have also never kicked a ball


In fairness one doesn't even need to explain, it's *that* wrong.


Stop asking ex players. They are obviously more interested in the money than football at this point. Some legends are even close to being bankrupt so they'll say any shit FIFA tells them to


Ronaldo isn’t close to being bankrupt and this seems like a genuine opinion to me.


Jesus these comments are cancer. Ronaldo has no need for money


More World Cups will mean players will burn out faster, get injured more and might not make it to any World Cups at all


I'd like a world cup every two years but I don't know how the logistics of it would work with qualifiers and stuff. We'd also need shorter club seasons to make it feasible without working international players to death. It's very hard to believe that FIFA would think about the long term consequences for player's health with this schedule though


I get it, but there are some things in life that are better because of its scarcity. The anticipation is part of the value. IMO, in a world of yearly iPhone releases like a FIFA franchise, how about a little delayed gratification? And I hear what he's saying about missing a world cup, but to be succinct, tough shit. Life happens.


Ronaldo cr7 took over any other ronaldo, in the past we didn't need to write ronaldo nazario


Love you Ronaldo but just shut up, you don't even play anymore. 20 years ago you could have pushed for the World cup being every 2 years but truth be told, your words on this topic today are irrelevant. Majority of active players today don't want this change.


I don’t agree with him, but I don’t see how him not playing is relevant


When active players are against it or saying there are too many matches being played nowadays and things like that, it's relevant. The football calendar has already changed to include more fixtures in recent years, so arguably he doesn't have the perspective of a player anymore.


I agree, I just don’t think that retired footballers opinions don’t count, they can have good and bad opinions. If Ronaldinho came tomorrow saying the opposite we wouldn’t throw out his opinion because of that


>If Ronaldinho came tomorrow saying the opposite we wouldn’t throw out his opinion because of that Exactly, because he'd be saying what we all believe! I've noticed that footy fans are incapable of accepting it when someone has a different opinion than they do. I don't watch and regurgitate the same pundits as most people, so my opinions often get attacked just for being different


Reduce club matches then. Why the clubs need to play an ICC cup or intertoto cup or whatever it is. If the clubs and UEFA wants to be greedy so will Fifa


I would agree that club matches should probably need to be reduced, too. I think there is other reasons to keep the World Cup every four years, and there should be less matches in general. No one, neither FIFA, nor UEFA or whoever should be looking to make money at the expense of player's health.


Read my post again. He's rambling about his injury 20+ years ago, it's irrelevant today. If he feels so strongly about the World Cup being every 2 years he should have talked about it back when he was playing.


20 years ago fifa didn’t propose having a WC every two years, how would Ronaldo push for something that isn’t even a plan. He’s talking about any player who’s injured and would miss a world cup , this hasn’t changed in 20 years


> He’s talking about any player who’s injured and would miss a world cup So be it. 99% of all active footballers will never get to experience playing in the World cup. While we're at it, let's expand the World cup to 211 teams, then more players get the chance to play at the World cup.


I agree with you that having a wc every two years is bad, I just don’t agree with your reasoning behind why Ronaldo’s opinion is invalid


Because it's not the fans to decide, i mean we can discuss it but our opinions are irrelevant and ultimately it's the players who should decide.


If it's that fucked up people would have mentioned it before the last couple of months. In 4 decades of following the sport, not once have I heard a player (or anyone) mention that the World Cup doesn't come around often enough. Including Ronaldo. If it were even a slight issue, we'd have heard about it before. It ain't broke, it don't need fixing.


Whataboutism at its finest.


Wasn’t burnout and coming back too quickly from injury a big issue in his career?


Don’t think there was a relation tbh. He just had shit knees.


He got targeted pretty hard too. And hyperthyroidism.


Burnout didn't make his knee explode


You can argue that the top players earn millions. But no money in the world can help your body rest, regenerate and heal faster. To simplify: more games, more injuries.


Isn’t this apparently not going to result in more games?


Maybe someone will actually defend their WC title aswell


it's easier to defend your title because you can more easily keep the core of a team intact over 2 years rather than 4.


brazil have already done that


What? Did he mean 2002?


If he missed 2002, it would have been 8 years between 98 and 2006.


He is basically giving a middle finger to the continental cups. If only he considered Copa America, Euros in the same light as the World Cup.


I don't see how this helps the football calendar. They're going to be playing qualifiers every month.


4 years is what makes the WC so special


The only reason I want it to to stay at 4 is because most world's cup in other sports are 4 years if they're not annual.


Saddens me to see so many comments almost changing opinion on it now. I'm Irish and I hope it stays at 4 years. WTF is going on with everyone. Is there demand for more money insatiable? There was even talk about the Olympics becoming every 2 years, Gary Lineker was supporting the idea.


If I remember correctly, the main reason they even chose the World cup to be four years was that when the World cup first started, Olympic football was still considered a big deal and arguably on the same level as the World cup, so technically there was going to be a World cup tournament every two years anyway.


Playing this much your knee would have lasted what, couple of seasons?


I personally think this is the best argument for it from a sporting perspective. If the World Cup falls right in the middle of a players prime and they miss it that may mean they never get to be watched at or close to their best at a World Cup, the biggest stage in football. Not that I agree with a biannual World Cup.


would'nt hate it being every 3 years, 2 years is too quick


It's specifically because it's every 4 years, which is a very long time, that it's such a glorious event. Scarce and memorable, there's nothing 'routine' to it and I would prefer to keep it that way.


That’s what makes it so special though. That’s why the pressure is so high.


UEFA and CONMEBOL have already said, that they will boycott the WC if it is to be every second year. So have fun with a world cup without southamerican and european teams. It's going to be a great final between Nepal and Oman.


Having a prestigious international tournament every other year is sufficient. Having AFCON, EUROS, COPA , a year break then the world Cup, then a year break, then those tournaments again, then a year break then a world Cup is fine. Raise the profile of other international tournaments and the standards of other leagues.


I have a question, why aren't they considering 3 years? 3 years calendar for both continental cups and world cup


Or WC every two years would have been better in that old era of football where players didn't play too many games. It will be a disaster for it to be implemented now.


considering Ronaldo’s injury history and his level of professionalism (parties all the time) I wouldn’t be surprised if WC every 2 years ended his career much sooner.


FIFA knows the real WC is the EURO these days. This is FIFA desperately trying to counter that, knowing that Latam/Rest of the world football can’t keep up with the increasing gap. This also depresses me. WCs still trigger me much more than EURO or UCL and I miss looking at Brazil and Argentina as serious contenders but this is not the solution on an already crowded schedule.


Shit take