[Derek Rae] Well aware some don’t like this approach but it has always been my approach as a mark of respect. Thanks to everyone who watched #HUNPOR & hopefully we were able to shine a light on how some of the Hungarian and Portuguese players pronounce their own names. Enjoyable as always.

[Derek Rae] Well aware some don’t like this approach but it has always been my approach as a mark of respect. Thanks to everyone who watched #HUNPOR & hopefully we were able to shine a light on how some of the Hungarian and Portuguese players pronounce their own names. Enjoyable as always.


One of my favourite parts of the tournament so far is it feels like the commentators have actually done their research and are knowledgeable about the team they are covering. This is a stark contrast to, for example, the BT coverage of the EL final where the pundits didn't know anything about Villareal.


Whereas on the Irish coverage of Scotland v Czech Republic Ronnie Whelan referred to Scotland as Celtic no less than 3 times.


And Liam Brady said he doesn't know anything about Austria because most of their players are in the bundesliga and he doesn't watch it. Cheers Liam.


Imagine gettting paid insane money to say you are horrendous at the job you are getting paid insane amounts for AND STILL facing no consequences Fuck this stupid earth


Imagine getting paid insane money just to watch football


And still being bad at it Mental


Imagine getting insane money to watch football and not doing it.


Exactly. Nobody cares if the commentators have bad takes or shit opinions, but straight up being ignorant and not knowing any info about the game is unforgiveable


I’ve also seen a clip of them saying robertson came to Liverpool from dundee united


Well he did, just stopped at hull along the way


I don’t know what the over/under was on it, but Taylor Twellman did his best on the US broadcast of the France/Germany match to describe German players as “efficient” as often as possible.


I smell a drinking game.


Drinking is the only way to somewhat tolerate his commentary during matches.


I fucking hate taylor twellman as a commentstor so much. I'm not even going to go back and capitalize his name, as much as that pains me. He was asked a question by the play by play commentstor and he responded "You know i don't do any research about these games"


I used to have time for Ronnie Whelan as a commentator, but my God he's been getting on my nerves quite a bit this tournament.


They keep asking why the linesmen are flagging so late too, it’s been over a year of VAR how can they not know how it works.


They know, they just don't like it so they point it out at every opportunity to try and get it changed


meh there was the commentator on either BBC/itv that said Levante are in the spanish 2nd tier in reference to a North Macedonian player. I get that some of the players might be somewhat unknown but I can't understand how a football commentator doesn't keep up with the 1st tier of the top 4 leagues...


Bardhi right? I was surprised when he said that as he looked like a really sharp player. Looked it up and thought it was crazy he got that wrong. Remembered his name as it sounds like Vardy.


Yes his turns were spot on and he got out of the press multiple times. Very good showing from him


Levante have some proper footballers, if you ever get the chance to see them play it’s well worth it. Like a Spanish Brighton but with better finishing from El Comandante and the gang


I’ve caught a few Levante matches and can only say that he is class


The "2nd tier" team that took 8 points off Atleti, Real Madrid and Barcelona this season.


They’ve been good but I’ve also heard them say that Iniesta is playing in China.


The occasional faux pas is passable in a competition with so many teams I think, but it comes across so ignorant in big games where the British pundits don't know anything about the foreign teams. Obviously, in an ideal world they would make no errors but their is bound to be a few slips when you're talking continuously for nearly 2 hours.


My only bug bear has been how they've pronounced Bruno Fernandes, which is usually very low on the list of priorities for BT so they're definitely doing something right lol


How do you pronounce Fernandes? Fer-nan-desh? I have a few Portuguese friends and I am always embarrassed at how far my pronunciation of Portuguese names is off


I try to pronounce it how he does at the start of this video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5xRMCgLxfJ4. Derek Rae explains it quite well here https://youtu.be/QDwRwfL3zEI (it starts at 10:37)


Went to watch the Bruno part and ended up watching the rest haha, actually quite interesting, thanks for sharing.


I did the same thing. Love learning that type of stuff for some reason


As did I when I came across it lol


This was super enlightening, thanks!




The ESPN coverage in the States has been the exact opposite. The color commentator is taking the spray and pray approach to pronunciations, where if he pronounces one name like 10 different ways, one of them is bound to be correct, right? It’s awful.


Much respect to Derek Rae - a man who really puts his all into his commentary Whacked this in the match thread yesterday but the Ranks FC pod did a great [episode with him on his life as a commentator](https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9yc3MuYWNhc3QuY29tL2RzbGY/episode/NjJhNmM5NTQtMzBjZC00YTM2LWIzMTAtOGNkMTg3YTBmNjgx?sa=X&ved=0CA0QkfYCahcKEwiQlsiYjZrxAhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQAQ) \- it's all worth a listen imo but there's a specific section on pronunciation at 25.50


Derek Rae is the best in the business.


Good for him, I’d rather hear correct pronounciantions even if they sound awkward in an English speaking broadcast




I think the trick would be to teach them by hearing. They sound pretty easy. Once you see the letters, you start thinking and you're doomed.


The problem is that there is no equivalent to our ę or ą sounds so Szczęsny will remain Chezny


Teaching new sounds is the moment when it gets both hard and sometimes sounds ridiculous when foreigners try too hard. Kuba was a smart man to pick a nice nickname instead of having to listen to German commentators to butcher Błaszczykowski all the time.


Kuba is easy. But I also have no idea how to pronounce for example Wojciech.




Could easily be wrong but I think it's Voy-yek.


Voy-cheh (you pronounce the last h here- so like hhh)


the ę is LITERALLY the least of our worries about that name LMAO It's the Szcz, and the surname having literally no vowels at all.


They could get the shch (in English) sound right and the second s and the soft ending. So at least something like shchesnyh (I know that looks dumb but I'm trying to get the English pronunciation across)


I love that V doesn't exist in Polish orthography. W is used for the sound of 'v' as in 'visit' and ł is used for the sound of 'w' as in 'week'. Oh and in Hungarian orthography 'sz' is used for the sound of 's' as in 'sell' while 's' is used for the sound of 'sh' as in 'show'.


ITV commentary was weird. The main guy went all-in on getting Felix's name right but then pronounced Fernandes as Fer-nan-dez for the entire match


They’re hit and miss with other games too. They were pronouncing Souček and Coufal correctly in the Czech game, but were butchering Bořil


Tbf Czech pronunciation is fucking brutal. I studied basic Czech and never did figure out ř. I would copy the way a local said a word, as far as I'm concerned perfectly, and folk would still not have a clue what I was saying when I tried to use it. There's some nuance with some of the letters I could just never pick up on.


Same I taught myself some basic Czech over 4 months, and the ř is notoriously hard. They were still way off though, they were practically saying Boreal, when they could just say something like Bohrzhil even if they don’t properly get the sound.


Probably because they play for West Ham so they know them better


to be fair that's probably because Fernandes said incorrectly is ingrained in English football culture at this point, whereas Felix isn't and so you can more "get away" with deviating from that


Yeah, and because for Spanish players it is Fernandes (or Fernandez?) and with them being foreign languages it's hard for us English speakers to know the differences between the languages. What I do find strange however is the unwillingness to change, I remember having a friend that would pronounce Dzeko like duh-zeko and it drove me crazy lmao.


Spanish would more likely be with the z. I grew up in America around a lot of people from Lusophone countries (including my family) and all of the names are anglicized to a ridiculous amount. Applying that pronunciation to lusophone players has always led me astray This is really off-topic now but [here’s](https://www.loc.gov/rr/hispanic/portam/names.html) a good run-down of that.


Duh zeko sounds like they were trolling you to be honest!


Wait thats a wrong pronunciation?


Fernandes? Yeah, as I understand it the correct one is somewhere close to "Fuh-nandsch"


Not Fuh, Fur would be closer




how he says it in FIFA is the pronunciation


I had literally never heard that before now. I've been to Portugal a few times. I thought my accent was OK for an obvious Englishman. Now I worry I'm walking around like the Good Moaning guy from 'Ello Ello. Which is fun, as that whole character was a multilevel joke about how the English cant language for shit.


Wait, this dude is getting shit for attempting to pronounce names correctly? Is this for fucking real? I FEEL LIKE I'M TAKING CRAZY PILLS


Not only that but there's people in the thread defending mispronouncing names in different languages. Britain in particular, from my limited experience anyway, is pretty bad for this. Its pretty entitled of people to joke around that they can't pronounce your name when they've barely even tried. It's a pretty sore topic for me because I'm from a Pakistani background and I hate how so many of our names have had their pronunciations so butchered just to make them more palatable for the English tongue, like Ta-ric instead of Tah Riq. Even worse is when our own people do it, and it's almost always that generation who grew up in the 70/80/90s, when racism against us was at its peak and this was probably just one way of defending themselves. I have a pretty unconventional name even by my own cultures standards, and I have a nickname that's only two syllables, and isn't difficult at all for British people to say if they try, but many don't wanna make the effort, and I've genuinely had people asking if they can call me houmous or something else stupid. It definitely doesn't "break the flow" of speaking English to say my name considering my friends seemed to manage just fine.


England is pretty bad for this, not Britain. Welsh people have tried to get them to pronounce Welsh places for centuries without success


Fwiw I agree and I wanted to specifically say the English, but I didn't think it would go down well. And yeah, I have seen English make a fuss over the name Sian which, honestly, you'd think they'd be able to pronounce that now without issue after being exposed to it for centuries


if people "don't like" the approach of pronouncing names accurately, then that's their problem. It's so much more watchable when commentators do. Absolutely sick of league matches where commentators mispronounce players they talk about every single week - Firmino has played in England for 5 years and a significant number still call him Firmin-io


The one that comes up every Spurs game is Re-gee-yon. Which is just so wrong.


The thing is (and I’m saying this as someone that speaks two languages with very different pronunciation for a lot of words) it sometimes doesn’t work to pronounce a surname/name/place name the “correct” way in the native language when speaking another language. It just doesn’t flow and sounds awkward (trust me, I’ve tried) so I understand people saying Fernandes (for example) the way they do because they’re commentators for a predominantly English audience and it’s easier to say it the “wrong” way. To pick an easy example, you don’t go around saying Moskva all the time do you? No, you’d write/say Moscow. That’s not the “correct” way to say it but it’s how it is pronounced in English.


Names are different to places though, it's a matter of respect to the individual. You wouldn't say Roberto Carlos as "Robert Charles".


No, but I don't think I've heard an english speaker pronounce Roberto Carlos not in an anglicised way, either. I've always heard it pronounced as row-burr-toe car-loss when it's more like roo-bear-too car-loosh. This applies to pretty much every other portuguese name I hear pronounced.


True, but then Carlos is a lot easier to say in English than some of the proper pronunciations of Portuguese players. It’s all about whether it disrupts the flow of the sentence really and Carlos just doesn’t. But I guarantee that Roberto will be said without the rolled second R.


"sorry johann, your name doesn't fit into the flow of what i'm trying to say right now so i'm gonna call you fred, that okay? thanks fred, anyway"


I mean that’s not what I said at all but you go and be ridiculous if you want, I won’t stop you.


That is a great response lol


I’m not even sure how I can respond when he’s set up a false equivalence that I never said.


You bring up a great point but also how dare you bring nuance to a topic being discussed! Blasphemous!


I actually never knew Moscow was pronounced any other way. But I think that's different. As another commenter put it, in English it's Germany and in Spanish it's Alemania. But that isn't the english or Spanish pronunciation of the word, it's an entirely different word. Which is different than the Spanish for the United States which is a translation of the English words into Spanish, Estados Unidos. I think it's acceptable in to call Deutschland it's English name of Germany. That doesn't get into local pronunciation things. It's entirely different to call Charles Leclrec, Char-rels instead of Shawl, which is how he pronounces his own name.




Precisely. English is English with its own pronunciations for things and that applies to names (sometimes, it’s complicated).


I don't know about English or other languages but in Portuguese I was always taught that the names of cities and countries are translated because they're Portuguese words for a foreign place, but people's names are not translated because a person's name is not a translatable word, it's pretty much just a collection of sounds, and out of respect one should try to pronounce it like originally intended.


Well yes, but a surprising number of people are just not very good at pronouncing things in another language (especially in England because the levels of people speaking another language are lower compared to other countries). So then the “wrong” version gets stuck in your target audience’s minds and saying it the “right” way just confuses people. To give a non football example, I’m currently doing work where our clients are in Russia so naturally I have to speak Russian to them and English to our side. When I’m speaking English, I’ll use the English way of pronouncing things and the Russian way when speaking that (even if I know the Russian pronunciation is “wrong” because it’s an English word/phrase). In this case it’s a lot easier and quicker to intentionally mispronounce stuff.


I get what you're saying and even though I try to use the correct pronunciation, I also avoid correcting clients in a professional setting. But I still believe that it is better to try and educate people than it is to purposefully misinform them for fear of confusing some people.


Well yes and no. It’s a natural process (take Azpilicueta, his surname was always mispronounced but it got a lot better as time went on). It will happen naturally (as all things with language) and trying to police it usually ends up backfiring anyway.


Azpilicueta is indeed a hard name to pronounce for an English speaker, but in my opinion the announcers, commentators and pundits have a responsibility to inform and are the ones that should be trying to pronounce the names correctly, seeing as it is their job to know the game, instead of perpetuating the wrong pronunciation, like they do with Firmino (Firminio) and Bruno Fernandes (Fernandez). As long as they keep thinking that they should make things easier because it's too confusing for the average viewer, then things will never change. I say this as someone who constantly has to correct people on the spelling and pronunciation of my name in my own language (it's not a hard name, just a bit out of the ordinary). It's a bit off-putting when people don't even bother to try to say it and just butcher it.


Oh I was the same with mine but I’ve just got used to it. Fact is, people are just like that.


No one in English says Pareee for Paris. No one says München for Munich And even for names, I don't pronounce my own surname "properly" in English as it sounds wrong when I say it the "proper" way. I pronounce my first name differently in the three languages I (partially)speak as well.


That's where it gets weird, imo. We (English) do say Paree San German, and Ayax, because we have managed to learn a little bit since the 70s when Cruyff\* definitely played for a bathroom cleaning brand. So, as with everything in English, there is a mixed bag of results when it comes down to it. You are absolutely right that we don't say Bayern München, but after a generation or two or we should at least be able to say Lewandowski without pronouncing those Ws as anything other than Vs. \* a name that deserves its own topic in this thread, based entirely on Martin Tyler's pronunciation vs the rest of Britain.


Yeah, as long as they're consistent with their pronunciations so you know who they're talking about, it really isn't a big deal whatsoever. I have a German last name which is hard to pronounce for a lot of people who try, living in America, and I'm 95% sure my family simplified the pronunciation of it over the last 100 years.


Exactly, it just sounds weird when I do it. Language is primarily just transfer of information (or it is for commentary) and if the intended audience gets the information then that’s all that matters. Sure, I might recognise the bits where they get it wrong (especially for names/languages I’d know about) but that’s not too much of an issue where saying it “properly” would disrupt the flow of the sentence.


My name is a a really bog standard English name as well. One everyone has heard and knows. I *still* don't pronounce it the same in all the languages I speak as it just doesn't flow. If I was speaking French, I would find it hard to say *Manshesteh* in place of the "proper" pronunciation, but I wouldn't ever get annoyed with how people pronounce something like that. Our names are derived from the way we speak and there is no intrinsic right (IMO) to have my own name pronounced as I would demand it to be.


What's interesting is, what happens when you go out of the Indo-European family of languages into something with clicks like in Xhosa. I am curious if there have been players with Xhosa names with clicks or something similar in the Premier League and such?


I can’t think of any off the top of my head (unsurprising really, it is me) but that would be an interesting one.


It doesn't even have to be a perfect pronunciation. I mean at least get the closest pronunciation in your language that reflects the original one. And of course if you are able to just pronounce the names correctly and fluently, please go ahead. For example, I don't now how many years I have spent hearing Neuer being pronounced by some Spanish broadcasters as /'neuer/, when it is pronounced /ˈnɔʏ.ɐ/ in Standard German. I get that we in Spanish don't have /ɔ, ʏ, ɐ/ vowel sounds, but at least try to make it something similar, like /'noja/, don't fucking pronounce it as if it were Spanish. And if some English speaking people don't understand why is that important, imagine tuning in for a Spanish broadcast and hearing Bale being pronounced as /'bale/ instead of the English /'beɪ̯l/. After 15 minutes hearing it your ears will probably start bleeding from the slaughter being committed to your language and rightfully so.


I can't imagine tuning in to a Spanish broadcast and getting insulted by how they pronounced English surnames. I definitely can't imagine getting all arsey about it on the internet afterward.


Ive literally never heard him being called that


You must not listen to much commentary or punditry then, happens all the time


I’ve literally never heard a commentator pronounce it correctly lol


who has said his name and added an extra i at the end though? I get not pronouncing his name completely correctly, but who has called him Firminio?


Macca does it all the time, and calls Fabinho Fabino


Pretty sure Carragher does too, which is extra funny since I’d imagine he’s met him in person at least a few times


The most baffling mispronounce for me is Eden Hazard. He has been a star for years and no single English language commentator or pundit has bothered to pronounce both his names correctly.


Seriously? I think they get it wrong more than they get it right lol. Tbh usually the commentators get it right, it's just the co-commentator/pundit who gets it wrong.


I've literally heard both!!!!


The one that gets me is Joelinton. Even on the more “intellectual” podcasts like the Totally Football Show, they’ll insist on pronouncing it “Joel Linton” even when they literally have a Brazilian on the show who has been correctly pronouncing it in the same conversation. Drives me crazy.


> Firmino has played in England for 5 years and a significant number still call him Firmin-io I've never noticed this aha where did the 'h' go? At Rangers you would get pulled up for pronouncing the captains name, Tavernier, the French way. Ignorant (imo) fans decided it was pronounced "Tav-er-neer" instead of what I think it should be "Tav-er-nee-ay", and now everyone just calls him Tav for fear of some union-jack clad bigot taking offence at the French pronunciation.


Shout-out to our german commentator Béla Réthy for always trying to be as accurate as possible with original names, bet he had a field day yesterday for that game


I like this sort of thing. Sometimes we're close enough, but sometimes we're just saying things completely wrong.


Great initiative by them. This was the first time I ever heard Sanches pronounced as it should be.


I like this a lot, I totally support it. We shouldn't butcher people's names for our own convenience but should strive to be as faithful to the original as possible. It's simply a mark of respect to the player and their own language.


Meanwhile our "meme" state TV commentator is still saying things like "a goal is necessary for a win" at the 70th minute.


I much prefer this approach. I've been learning European Portuguese over the last year or so and constantly hearing "Fuh-nan-dez" and "Dee-azz" makes me think I'm going crazy Edit: Also, question for any helpful EU Portuguese speakers: shouldn't the first syllable in 'Rúben' be a throaty H sound (like the rs in arroz) instead of 'roo'?


>Edit: Also, question for any helpful EU Portuguese speakers: shouldn't the first syllable in 'Rúben' be a throaty H sound (like the rs in arroz) instead of 'roo'? Yup, it is.




Yeah, if the word starts with an R you read it the same way as a "rr" in the middle of a word. See "rosa", "rotunda" and many more. I don't think there are any exceptions but don't take my word for it, I wasn't a great Portuguese student lol


Yeah that sounds right based on what I've learned, just wasn't sure if it was different because it's a name and because I've never heard an English commentator pronounce it any differently.


Fernandsh, Diash, Pep, Sansch, he even got the Hungarian names correct. Man done his job, unlike other commentators


I prefer this approach. I'd like it even more if they stopped saying Fer-nan-des though.


Sounds refreshing, especially after watching Portugal's games on French TV. *Bruno Fernandez, Ruben Diaz, Renato Sanchez...* smh my head


How are there name pronounced ?sorry for the ignorance


I'm far from a native speaker but I know a lot of words ending in s are supposed to be a 'sh' sound. So instead of Fernandes ending in a 'dez' sound, it's more like a "dsh" sound.


Like in FIFA the commentator says Bruno Fernandsh


Fernandesh, Diash, Sanches. Someone from Portugal please correct if iam wrong.


I don't *know* if you're wrong, but Darek Rae was pronouncing Bruno Fernandez name like: "Fernainchz". Maybe he was just speaking quickly and smashing syllables together though.


This is a pretty good phonetic representation. Portuguese names have that last syllable end very quickly, for lack of a better term.


Speaking quickly and smashing syllables together is an accurate description of portugeez soooooo




Tbf their primeira liga games are broadcasted by a luso french guy who nails them all


This is something i've noticed on Tiktok with this guy called Fcwonderkid: people mock him for pronnouncing portuguese players names correctly. Absolutely mindblowing. Surely you can't think that the way you pronnounce names like "João", "Fernandes" and Dias is the correct way? Surely?


No they genuinely think Fernandes is pronounced as Fernandez and Pepe as peppay


How is Pepe pronounced? I’ve heard Fernandes pronounced as Fer-nanj before




The real bald fraud.


There have been two of them all along.


How are Fernandes and Sanches pronounced in Portuguese? While I certainly don't think it's pronounced Fernandez, I was under the impression that it wasn't Fernanch or Sanch.


Fernandsh or fernange and sanshs


Okay, so Derek Rae just butchered it even more, then, cheers. I've heard something like Fernand-sh/esh a bunch. Thanks.


Eh it was much much closer than Fernandez tho, Fernandsh is fine


It's closer, certainly, to Fernand-sh, but I guess I look at it differently not being a native Portuguese speaker. For me, Fernanch is trying to sound like you're pronouncing it properly and enlightening the viewers, but just being wrong, whereas something like Bruno Fernandez is just being unaware and maybe not trying.


better to try and get it wrong than to not try at all.


He had it right you are wrong


The Portuguese user above agreed that Fernanch or Sanch were incorrect. I'm unsure of what you're trying to say.


It ends with a soft sh Derek Rae was right


Imo, there was no soft sh at the end in his pronunciation.


By the same token I bet Portuguese can't pronounce all anglo names correctly either. idk why anyone really cares about this tbh


But we're expected to and try to and get mocked for getting it wrong. Case in point, despite him being spanish, Unai Emery and "good ebening".


I'd say that's an outlier, there are so many foreign managers/players, and I've never heard anyone else mocked like emery. I think it was just a combination of him being with arsenal, and the fact it was something he said a lot. I think most English native English speakers are used to many regional and foreign accents, so there is more acceptance of "incorrect" English, whereas most other languages have many fewer foreign speakers so they are not used to hearing their language spoken in a different way. Also it's "case in point" fyi.


People also mocked Roy Hodgson for years over his speech impediment. Generally speaking, if you pronounce things wrong in England, you will be mocked relentlessly for it, regardless of whether you're foreign or have a medical condition.


You dont think a manager should /try/ to speak the language of the country they are going to manage a team in?


Actually, generally, Portuguese people pronounce English names much better than English speaking people pronounce Portuguese names, because, well, we have to learn English in school.


I studied Portuguese and my pronunciation of Portugal's players is still off, since I learned it in the Americas and thus was taught the Brazilian dialect.




Yeah, honestly we dont care much either, we are used to portuguese names being difficult to pronounce for other languages. Our commentarors do often butcher the names of other nationalities as well (Germans especially), but the English ones they do often get right. I think they pronounced every England player's name (basically) correctly in the England v Croatia match, even though they often get the "r" sound a bit wrong and end up sounding a tad American.


Exactly. Do non-English people actually think they pronounce all our names correctly? We just don’t give a shit because we know you’re not a native speaker so why would we.


Isn’t Fcwonderkid portoguese? and if there’s anyone that knows how to pronounce portoguese names it’s him lol. I don’t know about Tiktok but on youtube a lot of people seem to like him for that reason alone.


People think he "overdoes it" or "tries to show off", honestly some weirdos about


I think it's because those pronunciations are more similar to BR Portuguese and Spanish, which are a lot more popular. It did surprise me to find out just how much Portuguese names were pronounced incorrectly in football, especially considering how influencial Portugal is as a footballing nation.


Too bad Whoreland isn't playing in this tournament.


My gf is Portuguese so she’s been teaching me how to pronounce their names properly - one cool thing so far is when we got to Jota she pointed out that’s likely not going to be his actual name because ‘jota’ is ‘J’ in Portuguese. Sure enough she was right 😊


It’s become a meme for the kids to make fun of player names being pronounced correctly now. The Portuguese TikTok guy gets some weird hate for saying Ruben Dias and Nuno Mendes how they’re actually meant to be said.


Honestly I bet if EA put the phonetic spelling of the names in FIFA, all of that would go away.


I remember when bruno came to united and got popular on FIFA, there were a lot of posts on /r/fifa about how weird his name was pronounced


The double standards on this is wild. Imagine how much of a cunt you'd come across if you pronounced David De Gea's name as it would be pronounced in English


Im sorry is his name not David the Gay?


Have definitely heard Scholesy say that haha


I don't know if it's strictly a uniquely British thing but it's something I experience daily in Ireland. Most of our place names in English are bad pronunciations of the Irish names because the English colonisers couldn't pronounce them. Dubh Linn becoming Dublin, Baile an Chollaigh becoming Ballincollig etc. I think the English language just lacks a lot of sounds used in other languages that can make it sound awkward when English speakers try to pronounce things correctly


People don’t like names being pronounced as they should be? but i’m guessing these are English mostly


I'm pretty sure he called Mark Clattenburg as "Marsh", is that even correct?


why are people downvoting? i sure laughed.


Always thought we should also call countries by the names they call themselves too! So Magyarorszag Vs Portugal in this instance.


David Dee-Gey-a Georginio Weej-nal-dum Why anyone would have a problem with commentators calling players how they should be pronounced is beyond me. They are professionals that do their research, it's weird that people make fun of them.


He was the voice of Scottish football for so long. Strange to see him associated with the international game.


Shouldn't this just be good manners? If someone told me how to pronounce their name, I'd at least try to get it right. I might not always nail it, but it bothers me that some commentators don't seem to try/ people make fun of those that make the attempt.


Was he saying Bernard Silva? Is that the correct way to pronounce?


It's Bernardoo with the O sound being similar to "food", but very muted, so it could be heard as Bernard.


Are you guys seriously discussing the minutae of portuguese proper pronounciation when it comes to british commentators? We're talking about the british. They are right next to france, they used to speak french and have a bazillion french players and can't even be bothered to stress french names on the right syllable. "NIcolas AnElka". It's a miracle they even bothered to learn to say Thierry Henry correctly.


Is there a video of him saying the player names?


Imo the correct pronunciation is part of what makes him a great commentator


This guy tries too hard to impress the audience with his pronounce. Always looking for opportunities to tells us how to pronounce Leverkusen, Union Berlin correctly. His schtick is that he calls the local consulates to find out how correctly pronounce players names. Same guy who refers to Leroy Sane as (Zahnay) which is the German pronounce but the correct pronounce is actually Sahnay like everyone else calls it because it is a Senegalese/Gambian name and not German. And Derek Rae it sounds like you have not been talking to the Brazilian consulate to know that the Man United player is not Fred as you still refer to him but (Frehjee).


> This guy tries ~~too~~ hard to ~~impress the audience with his pronounce~~ do his job well. ftfy


Getting downvoted on Reddit is always a badge of honor. Always means you are talking some sense.


Was annoying me that they were calling pepe pep


That’s how it’s pronounced though


The Canadian TSN broadcast had them calling Pepe “Pep” and Bernardo Silva “Bernat” lol


Which is how you’re supposed to say it…


Not Bernat tho...


Fair enough, I’ve never heard that but good to know!


Doesn’t help when EA completely removed Martin Tyler and Alan Smith from Fifa 21. It gets quite repetitive after 1000 games hearing: double bubble Derek. Bruno fernansh. Etc. No issue with Derek, only EA.


Derek says it right though


Yeah, every single time. It gets tiring.


should he butcher it and say fernandez instead?


Nah, but I’d like to have the option to use a different commentary team. Like the last Fifa game had. Nothing against Derek. Just prefer the former commentary team.