UPDATES BECAUSE MODS DELETING: Messi will not attend the PCR testing and then training. His decision is final. [@Alfremartinezz](https://twitter.com/Alfremartinezz) Although the clause in Messi's contract to leave expired in May, his lawyers believe that it can extended due to the season being postponed. \[tyc\] Messi wants to activate the clause to leave Barcelona immediatly. Barcelona position is still clear: Messi has a €700M release clause, the "free clause" has expired in June. [@FabrizioRomano](https://twitter.com/FabrizioRomano) Respeto y admiración, Leo. Todo mi apoyo, amigo. [https://twitter.com/Carles5puyol/status/129831593659279769](https://twitter.com/Carles5puyol/status/1298315936592797697) LUIS SUAREZ respond to PUYOL[https://twitter.com/LuisSuarez9/status/1298326342476468226](https://twitter.com/LuisSuarez9/status/1298326342476468226) Messi had already decided he wanted to leave when he spoke to Koeman. But still, he wanted to rethink and be completely sure about such a humongous decision. [@tjuanmarti](https://twitter.com/tjuanmarti) The President of the Generalitat de Catalunya, effectively saying goodbye to Messi [https://twitter.com/QuimTorraiPla/status/1298327109459378179](https://twitter.com/QuimTorraiPla/status/1298327109459378179) The urgent meeting of the board of directors is over. Some directors have already resigned, while others have proposed a motion of no confidence against Bartomeu. [@GerGarciaGrova](https://twitter.com/GerGarciaGrova) Barcelona responds to Messi with another bureau-fax, where they tell him that they want him to continue and end his career at Barcelona. [@SiqueRodriguez](https://twitter.com/SiqueRodriguez) Barça are aware they can't keep Messi against his will. They would be accepting of an offer below his 700 million release clause. They will not let him go for free. \[rac1\] Bartomeu is seriously considering on resigning. [@Benayadachraf](https://twitter.com/Benayadachraf) For Messi there is no way back. He considers to have fulfilled a cycle in Barcelona. There are contacts over a move to Manchester City. [@verobrunati](https://twitter.com/verobrunati)[https://twitter.com/verobrunati/status/1298370466361597956](https://twitter.com/verobrunati/status/1298370466361597956) Messi wants to leave because: • He does not trust the directive • He does not see them competent to reverse the situation • He sees them unable to assemble a competitive team • He did not like the treatment of some colleagues. [@partidazocope](https://twitter.com/partidazocope) Pep Guardiola has spoken with Messi and has been very interested in the Argentine being the icing on the cake for Manchester City. Messi is now looking for an ambitious project and he could find it together with Pep Guardiola. [@Alfremartinezz](https://twitter.com/Alfremartinezz) Messi is relying on a special FIFA doctrine that would allow the Argentine to leave for free this transfer window. \[el país\][https://twitter.com/rbesac/status/1298537701050810368](https://twitter.com/rbesac/status/1298537701050810368) ​ Messi has made an irrevocable decision. Not even Bartomeu’s resignation would stop Messi from leaving. He will not wear the Barcelona shirt again. [https://twitter.com/Alfremartinezz/status/1298580265950904329](https://twitter.com/Alfremartinezz/status/1298580265950904329) ​ THIS ONE IS HUGE TIER 0.5 - "Messi contacted Pep Guardiola a few days ago. He wants a winning project. Manchester City have 300 million euros to spend for transfers." [https://twitter.com/ClubMitjanit/status/1298367902677180422](https://twitter.com/ClubMitjanit/status/1298367902677180422) Marcelobechler [https://www.instagram.com/p/CEVdGXJp-zY/?igshid=quoe0r99cvc4](https://www.instagram.com/p/CEVdGXJp-zY/?igshid=quoe0r99cvc4)


**Carles Puyol**@Carles5puyol · 3mRespeto y admiración, Leo. Todo mi apoyo, amigo.




that just made it real for me. Good lord, end of an era...


Suarez in support too so seems highly likely.






This is the end.


Uff this is even going to be a legal battle? Bruh. When is the training supposed to start? 2 weeks?


The spirit of the contract clearly means the end of the season but the letter of the contract may not provide for a season extension so it'll be interesting if Messi has any legal ground to stand on. On one hand Barca might just want to honor the spirit of the contract, on the other hand Barto is kind of a dickhead so I doubt that'll happen. I really don't see an upside to sticking it to Messi and forcing him to play/sit a year - nobody will actually pay the $700M release clause.


Barca can't really win this even if it ends up being judged in their favor. Let's assume Messi rally goes through with this. That means they are working under the assumption that he can leave for free. So he will have no shortage of teams willing to pay whatever he wants salary-wise. So he leaves. So what does Barcelona do now? Do the sue for breach of contract? Sounds like an easy yes. But what does that get them? It won't bring Messi back and it will piss him off even more. Suing your biggest legend is probably not a great way to attract new fans and maintain existing fans (a lot of whom are more Messi fans than Barca fans). Best it could get them is a large jury award for damages. An award they will have a lot of trouble collecting from somebody who has left the country and is willing to go above and beyond to shaft them after feeling betrayed. Their only hope would be if UEFA barred another team from registering him until this dispute is resolved.


>So what does Barcelona do now? Do the sue for breach of contract? Sounds like an easy yes. But what does that get them? It won't bring Messi back and it will piss him off even more. Suing your biggest legend is probably not a great way to attract new fans and maintain existing fans (a lot of whom are more Messi fans than Barca fans). Best it could get them is a large jury award for damages. An award they will have a lot of trouble collecting from somebody who has left the country. They sue for breach of contract, since technically he was still Barca's player the other club is forced to pay the transfer value (or settle) which in this case could be the full release clause. Anyhow, it's not Messi that ends up paying. A similar case happened to Sporting Lisbon.


Not that I feel confident about whether Barca will or won’t sue, but I imagine the press would be ruthlessly negative for the club if they did.


God damn, Messi really tryna get into the Real Madrid squad. Alright, I'll allow it.




He could easily form a militia of Madrid ultras to protect him for free if that happened lol.


Just Ramos


Wow, is the source reliable?




It’s happening!! What do I do with my hands?!


I don't believe it. But we all said the same thing with the Ronaldo/Neymar transfers...


This is a level beyond either of those, Messi has been with barcelona his entire career. Not to mention that with the other two there was a need for a transfer fee on top of salary, Messi would be more "affordable" as a free agent than either, so the scramble for his signature would be legendary




Spam F for Barcelona.


Serious? Is it possible they are just bullshitting? Cause this transfer window is gonna be very spicy.


tier 1. reported the same [https://twitter.com/Alfremartinezz/status/1298304817706737665](https://twitter.com/Alfremartinezz/status/1298304817706737665)


Didn’t that clause expire in June?


We don't know. Maybe they extended it some time in between. Or else he fucked up.


I suppose the wording may be, the end of the season and not a specific month, and due to COVID the season just ended


Yea I feel it would be dumb if it was based on a date and not a season. Your explanation makes perfect sense imo.


I think the date is 10th of June, which normally by then the season has already ended. This year didn’t happen like that so I guess that he is trying to justify this with the exceptional covid situation. In any case is not like Barça has any power over him, imagine the scenes if they force him to stay against his will.


> imagine the scenes if they force him to stay against his will. That'd be so damn stupid...they just may try!


A lot of deals this season have come into similar debate, like with clubs playing the remainder of the season in next season’s kits because of dates on contracts.


Although the clause in Messi's contract to leave expired in May, his lawyers believe that it can extended due to the season being postponed. \[tyc\] [https://twitter.com/JPVarsky/status/1298308596296331265](https://twitter.com/JPVarsky/status/1298308596296331265)


Guess there's something r/soccer doesn't know


Thank you for the Twitter compilations Ziyech, but it's time to go


Juve should just go yolo mode and sign him. The possibility of arguably the two best players of all time playing together is to good to at least not be considered..


That would be full godgeta


If I was Bartomeu and a player like Messi ends up leaving the club directly because of me, I'd fear for my life.


I honestly can't believe he's not willing to sacrifice himself and resign to keep Messi there. There's no way he's a Barca fan. What a joke of a man.


People have been saying something that the directors are on the hook for any transfer imbalances. Maybe if he leaves it's a personal hit to his wealth? I don't understand it any other way. Can someone with better understanding explain


Pride would be the best explanation. He thinks that he can save Barca.


Save Barca from being good?


If so he been saving them for years


Not transfer imbalance, but the club's finance as a whole. Basically, if over a presidential term the club registers losses, they have to be pocketed by the board of directors OR the president (don't remember exactly). At least that's the rule for Madrid, and I'd expect it to be the same for barcelona since they have the same legal status. That's why every madrid president needs to bring a big fat check with him as "guarantee" that he can indeed support the club's eventual losses.


It is the same for Barca. It’s why the Arthur Pjanic deal happened, and it’s why the Cillessen Neto deal happened.


Man the guy wouldn't be able to live in Barcelona anymore.


He'll just go live in Madrid


>A player like Messi


Don't mind me i will be crying in the corner


You and me brother


Luis Figo will no longer be the most hated man in Barça’s history if Bartomeu actually lets this happen...


Oh I assure you he no longer is for about an year now...


Shit got real


>real I wouldn't complain


Messi to Real Sociedad confirmed




I remember thinking, "Naw... it can't happen" when rumours of CR7 leaving were getting more frequent. This is the same. I can't believe it. And then it happens.


U guys won the CL and got 100m for him tho lol. This is much more chaotic


We got an humiliation and nothing else, not that bad. I just can’t believe that his last game will be an 8-2 lose in CL and his last season will be trophyless


With his last 3 CL campaigns ending 3-0, 4-0 and 8-2 .....


I wanna start crying rn 🤧


This is even more bizarre, considering he has been with Barcelona since he was 14.


It's barely even the same thing. Ronaldo has always seemed a player that wants to push himself and try new things, whereas Messi's always seemed Barca through and through, and completely content with his career. This is new realms of shocking.


Maguire found guilty in court, Messi leaving Barcelona - today has been batshit crazy.


Tupac found living & selling bananas in Djibouti. Could this day get anymore crazier.






Romano just tweeted that he found out via his sources where the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is. Medicals ongoing. Here-we-go soon. 🙏🏻 🔵 🔵


jesus christ


The Maguire news is completely dwarfed by this let's be honest. Messi playing for someone other than barca is going to be a surreal sight


Unless it is just a powerplay to get Bartomeu out.


Here we go: Messi and Suarez to Ajax. His agent told LeftLeftRightRight sports that Lionel is very excited to play high level games such as RKC Waalwijk away.


Why do you hurt me in this way. Edit: Thanks for the award, it does ease my suffering a bit :)


They were the first that came to mind. I like RKC. My grandma lived in Waalwijk and we went to a lot of games when I was younger and we could also hear the stadium from where she lived. In short I actually really love RKC and hope they do great this season. It's looking promising.


I have lived almost my entire life next to the stadium, small world. But you are right that RKC Waalwijk away isn't high level play. Last year was a rare moment. We have a history of being trouble to Feyenoord or PSV but never Ajax. I hope we can do something nice this season, but i'm not getting my hopes up. half our team consists of youth players that are barely can play KKD let alone eredivisie. Just hope that Anita and van der Wiel kan bring a solid defense cause we are still heavily lacking in offense.


Never how I’d imagined it. I thought Messi’s last game for Barcelona would be an emotional farewell at the Camp Nou, where he’d play for one final time, put on a show, and leave the audience in tears as he exited. What a shame


To be fair Barca fans were definitely in tears watching his last match


Oh man, please


Imagine Messi and De Bruyne creating hundreds of chances for Sterling to miss them.


Can’t wait for Mendy/Zinchenko to whip in crosses to a frontline that’s all ~170cm


The Napoli Special


insigne to callejon back post


As much i hate to see it, it would be pure gold


They'll win 4-2 instead of 9-2 then Messi and KdB is literal cheat mode...


Yeah, joking aside, having the two best playmakers in world football is absolute overkill.


Leaving his favourite club, Mid 30s, having a crisis. I can smell Everton


The ultimate timeline


We might just get 5th next year with this transfer


I realised that he is good friend with Suarez now. Messi must be looking at Suarez treatment and thinking... “alright, I’ll screw them back”


I wouldn't be surprised if the straw which broke the camel's back for Messi was the board's attempt to force Suárez out and terminate his contract.


I'm thinking the same. Why would he show loyalty to a club when the board treats it's players the way they did Suarez.


Messi to korman, "Sorry, you're not in my plans for next season."


uh oh




“Friendship ended with Suarez, now Agüero is my best friend.. again” Someone make the meme


Honestly, I think the way Barca dumped Suarez might have played a major role in him deciding to leave. Why show loyalty to a club when the board has shown it has no loyalty to the players.






Still doesn't feel remotely real. I don't think I'll believe it until I see him playing in another kit. Even then I don't know. This could be one of the craziest sporting moments of my life.


Im a Barça fan and im about to cry but im laughing because of the confussion. dear god


I can't believe being thrashed 8-2 is how it ends for Messi at Barcelona. He deserves a better exit than that. Still, his choice though.


Worst thing is his last games for Barca would have been in front of no fans


I think it would've been worse if fans were there for the 8-2


I am not a Juventus fan but jesus christ please go there so we can have a season of Ronaldo + Messi, never again will we see something like that happen


Has that period not expired this year to activate that?


Considering the clusterfuck that was this season wouldn’t surprise me if it meant that he’s able to leave in a transfer window rather than just June.


supposedly this is the case [https://twitter.com/RafaelH117/status/1298309412357013504](https://twitter.com/RafaelH117/status/1298309412357013504) no idea how reliable a source that is tho


From what I gather his lawyers intend to argue that the expiration date should be relative to the end of the 19/20 season, which is months later than it was scheduled due to corona.


I think that is honestly a fair thing to claim, no?


Messi to Inazuma eleven confirmed


:( 2020 is terrible


End of a whole fucking Era for real.


No, for Barcelona.




Pjanic! at the Isco


That is terrible. I love it.


It'd be cool if he went to Juve and joined Cristiano, although City would be more likely. The City vs Stoke match thread will be the highest ever up voted lmao.


Stoke unfortunately are in the championship and not getting to the PL anytime soon Maybe a cup game


No FA Cup possibility? Let's hope it rains omg.


Imagine if he has a bad game. That would be the greatest prediction ever from Andy Gray.


On a fucking Tuesday


League Cup would fit the meme better as it would be on a Tuesday or Wednesday night.


would be more likely to fall on a tuesday night too


Juventus would be a dream. Other than that if it can't be my club then I would want it to be a random arse club like Leeds




Can’t wait to bottle a final with those two


United should be absolutely all over this. Slave work Woodward into getting 100 ramen sponsorships if necessary


120m for 2 years of his wages instead of worrying bout Sancho. HERE WE GO!


2 years of messi could potentially be greater than 120 million for Sancho. He's messi after all.


Messi would instantly make us title contenders. Fuck, he'd instantly make any of the top6 or top8 title contenders IMO.


He'd make you UCL contenders too. It's fucking Lionel Messi after all.


It's too good to be true, though. **IF** he leaves Barca IMO he'll go to Italy or PSG, and if he chooses England it'll be City because of Pep and Txiki


Or Leeds and Bielsa, we can dream




I hope our board doesn't try to act even more delusional by trying to chase Messi all summer. He will never come here, he's only leaving Barcelona because he wants a better club, and we're not.


Adidas should be frothing at the mouth for this. Their biggest player with one of their biggest brands.


Holy fuck! This actually may happen


If it happens, Bartomeu better leave the city for good, he'll never be allowed to have any peace there again.


Ah so that's why we didn't sign Sancho /s


I want this so bad, but there's no chance.


Only team ever to have the big 3 play for you; Messi, Ronaldo and Phil Jones


Fuck this board, FUCK Bartomeu, fuck everything


To be fair you can't rely on Lionel forever. Time to build something new.


You are right, but I am angry that it had to happen after multiple UCL humiliations.


Just in time to save Newell's Old Boys from relegation.


Commenting just in case this turns out to be true


Replying to you in the hopes you've wasted your time


replying to you in the hopes you're wrong


replying because I'm bored


Replying because i have a test tomorrow but I'm wasting my time on reddit


he sent it by fax. Clear indication he's headed to Real Madrid or Manchester United. Have the fax machine ready Ed/Flo.


Realistically where could he go? City — Pep factor and money to boot United — can afford him but does he want to play for Ole? Juventus — Doubt they can afford both him and Ronaldo PSG — Would they have any issues with FFP? Also would he want to spend possibly his last spell in French League? Inter — Do they have the money? Although it would be a very very fun Serie A with both Ronaldo and Messi. Chelsea — Maybe already spent too much? I’m leaving out the Spanish teams of course. [Edit] Forgot Bayern -- Good option TBH. With Messi, Bayern would just be unstoppable.


Has to be City out of these and it's not just Pep, there is Aguero and also Messi's former la masia coach who is assistant to Pep.


Not to mention Txiki Begiristain, the former director of football of Barcelona and the current director of football for Manchester City.




Dude just buy a bunch of Jeeps.


Basing on how 2020 looks so far, let's keep our fingers crossed that Messi joins Madrid.


I think this would actually push Catalonia to secede.


no shit, I can see this being start of riots for independence


it will be the Anime Betrayal to end all Anime Betrayals


Pig farmers sold out of heads for the next few years.


Messi making sure EU meets its emission target earlier than expected by culling live stock all over Europe


It'll be Man City or PSG. Kill me


Missed sancho? No problem LM7. Woodward masterclass




Lol as if we would not want to pay Messi's wages. But this fantasy is totally ignoring the fact he would want to upgrade on Barcelona and not downgrade by going to us. He's City or PSG bound.




We are in the Endgame boys!




Yup, plenty of them running down the faces of Barca supporters after hearing this news.


Thank you for making me laugh during these trying times


tier 1 [https://twitter.com/Alfremartinezz/status/1298304817706737665](https://twitter.com/Alfremartinezz/status/1298304817706737665)




2020 can fuck off I suffered enouph


De Jong in shambles


This whole saga eerily reminds me of dysfunctional relationships. In the end it is for the best, Barca can now enter a post-Messi era in earnest and make most of the talent they have (and the talent they will continue to entice) without having to bend over backwards to keep an insidiously fragile and imbalanced dynamic out on the pitch and in their managerial structure—which despite having the capability to compete at high levels, I think it was pretty clear internally people weren’t in the same page at all. As for Messi, this doesn’t change the broad picture of his legacy in my opinion. He will always be about Barca, he has given everything he possibly could for the club he loves, some would argue even to the point of undermining some of his potential to be more dominant at the collective level (which I don’t think is fair--moving to a different club has its own challenges, like Ronaldo and Neymar have experienced). And of course this is his childhood club, the city he loves, where his kids are growing up… there is an undeniable romantic notion in him being with the club through hell or high water. But if we earnestly look at his career, what more is there for him to prove? The Barca he inherited in Rijkaard’s and Ronaldinho’s wake had its own set of issues, and while the club was undeniably in an upward trend, this extent of European dominance Barca has enjoyed has been built on the back of h im (and of course the genius of that golden generation + Pep). I prefer to think that the calamitous fall against Bayern is also a kind of romantic ending, upsetting and bitter, but also candid and real. \` Barca fans should take heart. Messi will always be linked to the club and city he loves, moving somewhere else won’t change that. Once his playing career is over, who is to say he won’t come back to the club in some (less overbearing) capacity? And it may be a challenge for Barcelona in the immediate future, but they have the heritage, talent, and devotion of people waiting in the wings, once Barto leaves, to see things through


I agree. It would've been nice for him to play out with Barça, but the end was going to come sooner than later, and there are far worse ways for a career with a football club to end, e.g. career-ending injury, just giving up and partying all the time, felony imprisonment, etc.


Hahaha we are fucked


Imagine how Pjanic must feel right now. ​ July 2020: "Yay, I get to go to Barca and play with Messi!" August 2020: * Barca got thrashed 8-2 * Pjanic got Covid * Messi left Barca


Bartomeu is legitimately a terrorist.


If it happens, Bartomeu will have to fear for his life. And, a lot of people will celebrate.


Puyol's tweet a few minutes ago. This is as real as it gets [https://twitter.com/Carles5puyol/status/1298315936592797697](https://twitter.com/Carles5puyol/status/1298315936592797697)


this makes it real. Puyol doesn't speak lightly


Shit is about to go down.


Is it safe to say Man City is the most likely scenario?


He is only going to join a team that can win it all, so: Bayern, Real, City, PSG and Liverpool. City and PSG are throwing the most money around, it's prolly City tho - they have pep and a good system Bayern doesn't need him and he really doesn't fit their transfer policy, idk if they can even afford him but it's fucking Messi who knows. Not seeing him at Liverpool either. I could see Real going all in for him because it would be an absolute banger signing for them and Messi + family could stay in spain... Imo it's City>>> PSG >>>> Real>>>>>>>>>>>>Bayern and Liverpool It's prolly the biggest signing in football history, if it actually happens


Tbf the list of teams that can win it all is a lot longer than that once Messi is in their lineup.




All those people shouting "Pep can't win without Messi" will have their wishes granted.


Worthy sacrifice


I know a few that would sacrifice their first born to see Messi kick a ball in their colours.


luckily for me ive already seen him kick a ball in our colours




KDB+Aguero+Messi is too much Sauce


Plus, by uniting with Aguero at City he can finally form the sort of telepathic partnership that will allow Argentina to contest the World Cup


So this is why we haven't signed any backup wingerd yet.


this is why we didnt spend anything in the last two years. We were tapping Messi in blackpool