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This is ridiculous - the mismanagement and negligence of Lim's era at the club is exactly the sort of thing La Liga should be actively fighting. But it won't put Tebas on headlines. And it's election year.


Maybe Tebas should not be in charge if he can't do multiple things at once. Imagine owning a club like that and not being proud of it


If I could own a club like that... or even a club at all, I would be out there painting the stadium myself out of sheer excitement. You couldn't get me to leave.


Last part also true for Lim Sadly.


Ngl I read that at first as you calling him “Lim Shady”


Will the real Lim Shady please stand up?


All you other Lim Shadys are just Limitating


may I have ur attention, please


_mom's paella_


So it wasn't just me.


Maybe that's what Lim did as well but he just wasn't a very good painter


Man has no time for these minor problems, he still has to do 20 interviews about Barcelona not being able to sign a new groundskeeper...


I mean the club was badly mismanaged way before him. That's why it got sold to him really.


It was. But despite that, the team competed season after season. Those in charge had the common sense to maintain a reasonably competitive squad. There was a good blend of youth and experience. Players were familiar with the league. Coaches had a longer stint. All of it resulted in team finishing in or closer to European spots. A bad season would mean finishing mid table or below. But since Lim, its been disaster. Total chaos. Authoratarian style of leadership from a person who has very little knowledge of the game. And constant meddling by a notorious Portuguese agent


Or maybe he could do more than one thing.


Tebas can't even do 1 thing TBH


He did make the TV deal collective which to this day was a landmark moment in Spanish football history and saved the future of every other club apart from Madrid and Barca Having said that, it's becoming harder and harder to hold on to that with all the bullshit he is getting up to


But how can he focus on that if he has to deal with whether Gavi wears number 30 or 6.


What should the league be doing against Peter Lim?


How about the similar measure they've taken against Barcelona - can't register any new players without presenting a coherent business plan of how they're wanting to pay off short-term debts and invest into infrastructure?


It is not La Liga's job to stop teams from relegation...Valencia are not in a similar situation to Barca at all. Self inflicted relegation is not breaking any rules. Registering players above the salary limit set by the league actually is


No club is forced to invest into infrastructure. It's quite the opposite. Cutting costs in infrastructure is usually done to recover from debt and get the balance sheet in the green again.


They are actually under the conditions of the CVC deal. It stipulates that a majority of the money(like two thirds or more) has to be invested in infrastructure and can not go to paying debts or easing the salary cap Considering that Valencia took that deal, they are obligated to make big infrastructure investments in the future


There are very different types of infrastructure. Youth department, pitches, club office, all that can be counted as infrastructure.


Well, they've been cutting that cost since 2007. Nou Mestalla will soon hit 20 years since the works have started so perhaps the league should start acting.


There's no doubt that Tebas has personal grievances with Barcelona which isn't professional behaviour, but come on the reason for these measures against them is because their finances are/were a dumpster fire They aren't some innocent victim which is being bullied, their club was mismanaged to the brink of bankrupcy. Out of La Liga's total financial losses during covid, 60%+ came from only Barcelona.. That's just insane


And where did I say that the measure was unfair or a grievance?




Legally? Nothing.


And he can spend CVC’s money on this btw


Did he ever used that CVC money? That money is supposed to be used in infrastructure like this


Only the part that could be used to pay debt and sign players


CVC money its probably in Lims or Jorge Mendes bank account already


I need to stop reading that as Cameron Carter Vickers


You certainly do, CGB.


it's not cameron varter cickers though


Not just that, he is *forced* to spend CVC's money on this no? It is stipulated in the contract that a vast majority of the money needs to be spent on infrastructure Surely this has to be a breach of contract?


Yup, around 80M€. It should be for the new stadium, but it’s not enough money to build it and Lim won’t spend any money so I don’t think it will be done


Doesnt have to be the stadium though


He’s clearly Mike Ashleying it … is Lim the same guy with his fingers in Salford?


The same guy. It’s how Gary Neville got a job *in Valencia


Some of those pictures are identical to how SJP looked after 14 years of Ashley. Just simple, little jobs that are a quick fix were ignored to cut costs. Great story was our training ground where Benitez was promised a summer revamp with these alterations and they literally repainted one wall by his office and that was it...


My best mates a Geordie and cried watching the video of the Gallowgate end windows (?) being cleaned as it seemingly washed away the contempt Ashley has for the place


I hate the Saudi ownership, but as an outsider, Toon deserves success after putting up with that tracksuit selling cunt's neglect


Remember when it was "The Sports Direct Arena" and literally every commentator had complete contempt for it, and still insisted on calling it SJP?


Tracksuit selling cunt 🤌🏼 love it. They always deserved better than Ashley - urban myth has always been that Freddie Shepherd didn’t trust the group who bought Citeh but did trust Ashley. They deserve success after Ashley but I still don’t like the Sauds’ sportswashing.


There's no more deserving fan base in the UK of a few major trophies.


Old Trafford a similar situation, most of the stands are complete shit, went on the tour 4 months ago and considering the size of club the stadium is a complete shit show. ​ Its things like this that the shit owners get away with, little jobs that get cut to save money only to spiral into bigger costs and slowly kill the clubs.


Ya I was there on the weekend and I was surprised by how grubby it looks. The team is flowing in cash yet they can't keep their home in check. They've seriously sundamaged seats that in no way should be there. The inside didn't look great either, espeically when you compare it to the likes of Anfield which looks so much more professional inside.


I was in Manchester late last year and did a tour of both Old Trafford and the Etihad. Obviously the Etihad is newer but the difference in quality is stark, Old Trafford has a ton of history behind it but jesus christ it's really crappy and out of date. One part of the roof was straight up leaking water into a bucket for fuck's sake. Even the club museum was pretty terrible compared to City's and United obviously has a shitload more history.


Honestly the whole thing is so shit, changing room is tiny yet they seemed very proud of the fact that it is been doubled in size recently (which means it was literally like the size of my living room), museum itself is much worse than it could be, even the trophy room has just one or two of each trophies on display. I’ve been to both Chelsea and Barcelonas stadium tours, both have better museums, much nicer changing rooms and Barcelona I believe has this one massive corridor/entrance with all of the trophies on display. I’m hoping our new owners just tear the whole thing down and start from scratch giving the opportunity to improve both those areas. Only thing I hope they keep is the brick dugouts and the entranceway that was pet of the original stadium.


What does he get out of mismanaging the club? Does the club actually gain value? It doesn't make sense.


Rich people things I assume. A lot of these billionaires will happily drop a few million/hundred million just to establish connections and under-the-table deals with other rich people, or to gain some kind of influence.


Lim is laundering money via Valencia with Jorge Mendes help. That's what he gets most likely.


Why does legitimate billionaire Peter Lim need to launder money through Valencia? Could you explain how they are laundering money?


It's the go-to thing on reddit with the rich... "why is rich person doing x?" "money laundering" "how?" "..."


Trust me bro


Tax evasion bro


More like anything tax... most people on Reddit doesn't even know the difference between income tax and capital gains tax.


Most people on reddit aren’t old enough to do their taxes


And then they write off the money laundering as a business expense through a shell company so they actually make a profit on their losses.


Naturally, they then tick the "loss due to money laundering" box on their tax return for the benefit. They then launder the tax credit to make profit off of losses. It's how you make infinite money, few know about this one trick billionaires do.


I would also like to understand how/why they would launder money through the club...


Well, the club has laundry facilities.


It's the world class washing machines themselves... Literally money laundering. It's still illegitimate, but it smells amazing!


I saw a documentary on this sort of thing. There's probably a meth lab built underneath.


Players are the easiest (we think player is worth x but we will pay you 3x to cover some backdoor dealings), other way is politicians way. Own a catering company, hotel, all the service type companies. Then have your club “hire” those companies. “The Clubs” money goes out to “legit” companies in “legit” expenses, but it’s all overpriced and way to move to cash. Not saying Valencia is doing this but that’s kinda where the high end laundering/bribery stuff goes on at


I don't doubt there's some aspect of deal making and favorable contracts, but money laundering has a very specific definition where "dirty" financial assets are set up in a way where they can be used outside of the illegal activity that created the money; basically finding a way to legitimize money generated from criminal activities. How does that apply here?


But it's Football. The prices of player transfers are well documented and public knowledge, so we could tell if players were going for more than they should. Furthermore, European Football is under FFP, so you've got the eyes of UEFA looking too. Seriously, money laundering with something flashy and attention-grabbing like sports is just asking to get caught. Meanwhile, you're not going to have an outsized view on your potential dodgy dealings with some boring trucking company or something.


I always cringe when I see Reddit mention money laundering


Yeah it’s obviously a ponzu scam.


its clearly a Pyramid Scheme, They sell Valencia Oranges door to door. Lim's got a whole team on his downline making him rich


Way to many people in this post that do not know what money laundering is.


you'd think he'd be able to launder more if there were visible renovations and investment to use as a cover...


I think he bought Valencia pretty cheap back then, now all he wants is to reap the benefits, money, connection, etc, and reaping the benefits means not doing fuck all. Edit: also I don't know if it's true or not, but there are reports saying that Lim bought Valencia the same way Glazers bought United (leverage buyout), not only he bought Valencia for a cheap price but also not his money, Valencia denied that report tho.


The same Valencia that is owned by Lim denied that report? Truly shocking, I say.


"We have found we did nothing wrong"


The damn glazers at least appointed Woodward to “build the Brand” for United and commercially boost it. Yes it’s to make them more money from dividends too but it helps the club. Lim? Fuckers intentionally say they can do whatever they want with the club and just watch them.


The question is what does he GAIN from keeping the stadium in tiptop shape? The answer is not much. We have a similar situation with old Trafford. Locals at big football institutions will always fill those seats so there's no real price for owners to pay when they neglect club infrastructure like this. All they care about is the sponsorship deals.


This is the real answer. It's quite simple. Lim is a cheapskate and the cosmetic upgrades to the stadium will cost a lot of money for no tangible benefit.


Initially, he wanted to use Valencia (the club) to make connections to take advantage of the port of Valencia (Sagunt) which the government historically shunned over Barcelona's. Unfortunately for Valencia's fans, the government did not come through (the rail line between Sagunt and Zaragoza is still hilariously slow) and Lim lost interest. Then his daughter came to "manage the club" only to enter into a series of stupid feuds with fans. As to why he doesn't sell it, well, elections are just around the corner and a revamped port and rail connections (with government money) would be a sweet, sweet deal up for grabs.


Nothing. The point here is that contrary to popular belief the man is far friom stupid or dumb. Fans wan to hate on him for not looking after they beloved club because they are emotionally invested. But most fail to understand that Lim is a business man that bought a club and it's debt when nobody else wanted to for the sole purpose of makng money. He didn't make money with Valencia FC and he knows better than any of us that he made a bad business decision by buying it. Most likely he is trying to not lose more money with Valencia that what he already lost


Rich people do usually invest in things in order to not lose the value due to inflation. It could be that.


But surely the value of Valencia must have gone down due to the decline that the mismanagement has caused? If they go down to Segunda it will drop even more.


Investment isn’t only a rich people thing


I struggle to understand what Lim's endgame is with Valencia. What does he gain by running the club into the ground.


He's a Levante fan in disguise


hasn't he extracted money from the club? I thought it was straightforward private equity style "pay me and my family/friends as much as possible until we've squeezed all we can squeeze"


Has he really done profits?


not sure tbh, I just figured since it's the only explanation I can think of


God what a horrible fucking prick he is


Peter Lim is one of the most rotten owners out there


Maybe in this [video](https://twitter.com/tribunavcf/status/1637801216968196097?s=46&t=6wxlW7BntEw1cfzUNaiaIw) you see better the state of the stadium


This is a much better depiction of the conditions of the stadium. Es una puta lastima que un club de la talla del Valencia esté en estas condiciones. Fuera Lim!


I feel for you man


I still remember that crazy breakthrough of Valencia in the UCL with Santi Cañizares and a young Pablo Aimar. Sports legacy is a beautiful thing. What a shame to see it waning into nothingness. I suppose the fans must be feeling like they’re watching a part of themselves die to a prolonged illness. Anyways, happy Monday ya’ll!


Valencia reached the UCL final two years in a row.


And then won La Liga twice in 3 years following that under Rafa Benitez and the UEFA cup in 2004. The ucl finals were under Hector Cuper


Really great team those years.


Those were the good old days. I'm glad I was there to experience some of it.


It wasn't long ago that Mestalla was a stadium to be feared, it's the place other teams' hopes went to die. I don't think anyone worries about playing Valencia these days.


That was because of the intimidating steep stands so close to the pitch, filled with fervent fans. The atmosphere at Mestalla was truly something else. Nowadays, most fans are more or less disillusioned. Paradoxically, the stadium was supposed to be demolished by now, replaced by Nou Mestalla, which is another story entirely… I'm glad it's still around, it was my church when I lived in Valencia.


Always had a soft spot for Valencia because of the stadium. With the steep stands and atmosphere it reminds me of the Kuip (Feyenoord stadium, my team). And like Valencia, Feyenoord has been wanting to build a new stadium, like Nou Mestalle called Nieuwe (new) Kuip, for ages. At least like 15 years or something, but happy the plans have been aborted for now. We are doing amazing now after many terrible year, hopefully Valencia can also return to glory. Not a fan of the other big Spanish clubs.


My advice, from hard earned experience: don't build a new stadium. Do like Barcelona and upgrade your already wonderful stadium. Good to hear that Feyenoord is doing well! I've always liked watching them in European competitions.


I was following Valencia at that time. Great team!


Is Tebas doing anything about this? Or even said anything about Lim. He will talk about Barca non stop due its various issues. But Valencia has been completely run to the ground and is in a far worse state. Yet I don't see anything being done to help the club.


Lim is his partner, LaLiga opened an office in Singapore thanks to him


Pretty sure he supports Lim


fuck Peter Lim and his family


You do it and take one for the team


I have done worse


Fuck this guy. I don't at all understand how complete mismanagement and asset stripping the club benefits him. If its purely down to incompetence, then its breathtaking levels of it. The recent video of local journalists tearing into club officials with questions, including Lim's daughter, was tremendous. But won't change anything. Fucking hell do I feel for these fans. Won't even be a La Liga club by next season.


Link to video?


As a Newcastle fan who had to endure the destruction of my football club under Mike Ashley. I have total sympathy for the Valencia fans. I hope their nightmare comes to an end soon. The pics remind me of the roof at St.James Park.


I’d criticize him more for not getting the Nou Mestalla finished than not spending on the old stadium.


There are more people to blame on that one sadly


Juan Bautista Soler to be specific


Hope he steps on legos


Is it Valencia or a different club that have a half built stadium just untouched for years?


Yep, that's Valencia and their Nou Mestalla. Building works started in 2007.


“Absolutely ridiculous, Barca must be punished for this”-Tebas


He sees Nou and then sees red


This is the type of thing that Tebas should be doing to prevent, but constantly picking fight with Barca is the priority I guess


This is sad to see, I hope Valencia manage to bounce back. Sad to see such a famous club going down to relegation.


As a Singaporean, I'm ashamed of him . Valencia was always my Spanish team during Rafa's era and was hoping he'd show the world how to beat the likes of Barca's and real success. Nah this guy is the scummiest of the scum. It's not a surprise really. Bought land in Malaysia and Indonesia and grew palm oil while killing off natural flora and fauna just so they could make a quick buck. I hope he ends up losing everything with Valencia and we never hear of this cunt again.


absolute shame, always liked Valencia


I am sure Baraja has his hands tied behind his back in what he can say publicly. But have the likes of Ayala, Canizares, Aimar, Vicente, Marchena, Villa, Mata, Silva, Joaquin, etc spoken out about the state of the club? I know things didn't end well with them and the old hierarchy, but Hector Cuper and Rafa would surely help and speak out, bring attention about the crisis at the club if the fan groups got in touch with them? It really feels they'll go the way of Zaragoga, Depor and Santader if they'rer elegated, but a much bigger club than those three. In La Liga 2 and the tier below limbo if he doesn't GTFO.


I believe you, but these pictures don’t really show me much.


Why does peter lim hate valencia though ??


Valencia have a pretty outspoken fanbase (not that they're at all wrong about him) and so they weren't shy about criticising some of his mistakes, his ego, his general arrogance and incompetence (getting involved in transfers and tactics, firing a successful manager because he wasn't making the subs he wanted, hiring and promoting his unqualified and unpopular friends, etc.). As is often the case, he responded by throwing several rich guy tantrums and making everything worse. There's a lot more to it, but that's basically how things went from incompetence to malice.




This kills me; I loved the Valencia of Rafa, Mendieta, Claudio Lopez et al. this smacks of the neglect that we went through under Mine Ashley, this was the bit that the media never saw. The lack of pride in simple things, the paint work, the toilet facilities, the training ground - FFS we had blue wheelie bins and were parodied on Ted Lasso!!! Christ, even cleaning the windows brought a tear to my eye. u/Carlos-shady, I leave you with a quote from Kevin Keegan that got us through those dark times (just replace Newcastle for Valencia): Don't ever give up on your club, keep supporting it, it’s your club and trust me, one day you will get your club back and it will be everything you wanted it to be. Newcastle United is bigger than anyone, it hurts I know but just keep coming back. he is only one man, we are a city, a whole population trust me.


Thank you mate ❤️


Do you, as a Newcastle fan, feel you have got your club back or are you still waiting for that day too?


This collection of pictures show essentially nothing.


It shows that you can adjust the colour balance of photos


Essentially shows that some cladding has lost its colour in the 9 years since the photo was taken


Yeah, Lim's a disaster but lack of fresh paint is hardly the way to show it


How expensive is it to paint a stadium? Surely a team in LaLiga should have enough money to paint at least the outer parts of their stadium.


doesnt even show that, the old pictures were taken with a filter on lol


Yes, but before 2014 it was there as well, and you don’t usually see that level of degradation in stadiums of Europe’s top teams


The stadium was newly refurbished in 2014, it [didn't have those colors before that](https://espanaestadios.com/2018/07/31/valencia-mestalla/).


I feel like a Man Utd fan of all people should sympathize with how much it sucks to have a poorly-maintained stadium


At the very least it shows that stadium maintenance hasn't been a priority: - 2014: https://i.redd.it/2imhbmx79xoa1.jpg - 2023: https://i.redd.it/s2nq4mx79xoa1.jpg Unless rusty panels are nothing? (I'm not a fan or have ever been to their stadium, just commenting on the pictures.)


Wtf am I supposed to see here? Banners are missing and one pic is at 150% saturation with boosted contrast while the other one undersaturated...shows literally nothing


The stadium was also [refurbished](https://espanaestadios.com/2018/07/31/valencia-mestalla/) in 2014. It's probably overdue for a repaint, but most stadiums will look like shit when comparing unsaturated cloudy photos to extremely oversaturated photos of a newly refurbished stadium.


Also one picture taken at the height of summer or spring with better lighting conditions for photography whilst the other is taken on a winter’s day


Aren't the white panels full of rust in the 2023 picture? Or am I seeing things?


Nah, bro you see, stadium going to shits is not really a big deal for a football club, because who needs stadiums for a most popular club in the third biggest city in Spain?


Thank you, I was wondering what I was missing. "Building looks older 10 years later" isn't news.


I remember driving by it during my trip there and thinking how cool it was.. especially since it was smack dab in the middle (from what i remember imbw) sad to see that especially since its such a great city.




Really hope Valencia don't get relegated. One of my favorite La Lia clubs


I'm gonna need proof that the color saturation wasn't brought all the fuck up for the 2014 ones, or down for now. Liek don't get me wrong, he is obviously running the club into the ground, but this is a very questionable way to "show" it.


Deep seated urban decay, Deep seated urban decay.


Does Lim already need personal protection in Valencia?


He doesn't go to Valencia lol. Hasn't been in about 3 or 4 years. Managers and directors have to fly to Singapore to meet with him on Valencia matters


I think he would be shot directly at the airport


I absolutely despise what is going on at Valencia since Lim took over. As an Arsenal fan, I've always looked at the club as the Spanish Arsenal, and I really sympathise with their poor fans.


*Fuck Lim, dude fired Marcelino for winning the Copa Del Rey*


Is his daughter still religiously defending her father and insulting any Valencia fan criticising him?


I saw a video where his daughter was disrespecting valencia's supporters saying "We own the club we can do anything we want with it." Sadly, it is true. I dont think she is defending it.


Wasnt a video, it was an ig story


Rotten fuck, feel for Valencia fans


so sad, such a big club in Europe, what a team they had in the 2000 s with some great players, competing at highest level for many years to be mismanaged like that, fuck Lim.


looks like a standard italian stadium


so i was Extremely fortunate to be able to watch my team Stoke play Valencia at The Mestalla Stadium in a Europa league knock out game (lucky because stoke aren't getting back to that level in my lifetime again) I remember at the Stadium some staff at Valencia excitingly telling me they were having a brand new stadium just across the way and they and it was going to be the envy of Barca and Real, he said it wont be long until they are moved... this was 2012! Although we lost, Valencia has given me my most found and cherished memory supporting my club.


Interesting how Gary Neville spends his whole life criticising the glazers but never mentions this


I contributed with bully her devil daughter in her IG.


Tebas’ narrow minded hatred of Barca allows shithead owners like Lim to go unchecked.


Damn. looks really poor judging from Valencia’s standard. That’s why fans looks so glad when King of Johor (state in Malaysia) want to buy the club.


Could someone explain to me why Gattuso got sacked? Now they are in a much worse position


Feel for the Valencia fans. You just think of if this would be happening to your club.


Despicable ownership


Dude if I owned a pro club, I would be there helping paint, letting construction workers in etc… amazing what money does to people.


That post from his daughter talking about how the club belongs to her family and they can do whatever and the fans can't complain still boils my blood to this day


Is he still a shareholder in Salford?


Just recently went and it seemed incredibly grungy. Shame to see really


The real destruction of Valencia started in 1993 though




This is Gary Neville friends doing


Bring back Gary Neville!


Old Trafford looks similar.


Watch how Tebas will do nothing about something as serious as this but will not stop running his mouth about Barca. Both these clowns need to stop existing in the league


Valencia deserves better Wonder what Gary Neville has to say about this? Probably just go on about how Boelhy for some reason. What a hypocrite


Mestalla is such a wonderful stadium, it’s a shame the situation of the club


Shockingly painful. It's incredible how football authorities allow this sort of thing to happen Peter Lim, Glazers, Mike Ashley It's difficult but I imagine unless you affect their profits they don't give a shit


Valencia is losing money every year.


I think you could do that with most stadiums over a 10 year period....


I can only sympathize with Valencia fans. Hoping they don't go down to Segunda.


Know that feeling all too well


So it needs a paint job?


Really needs to hire some photographers to mess with the color balance of their images and take shots in more flattering light like the folks in 2014 did.


The Mestalla was crumbling way before Lim got involved with Valencia.


True. The paint job was lipstick on the pig, but at least it looked pretty. Mestalla definitely needs some love. IMO, it should be restaurated back into shape, not demolished. There's no other stadium like it.


Very similar to reports of old Trafford under glazers. Really a shame owners can't understand what a football club means to the city.


Hurts my eyes, goddamn. Can't he buy Leipzig or something instead.


The media would rather have owners like this running clubs to the ground than a Sheikh Mansour who actually invests in the club he owns.