Wrong subreddit


He thought r/snes stood for Sixty-four-bit Nintendo Enjoyment Subreddit


Nah I was loaded. Good excuse though lol




I may have had a 12 pack in me


Well then you got close enough


Wrong 90s Nintendo subreddit. You monster! Jk you reminded me I need to hook up my 64 and drink some beers too


Went to a friend's house for Poker night, we invited about 15 people Hoping someone show up at least 6.... every one got busy tired had work etc so I brought the 64 as back up. We watched hockey game and then got into some bond ibonly brought a 6 pack but host man kept them coming after


Fuck I must've been drunk still when I wrote this comment too. I talked to my buddy and apparently we drank far more than I thought lol


While I love this game forever, I think you might wanna post this over at r/n64 This is the Super Nintendo subreddit


I shall fire up something iconic on my snes and post a picture haha....I did some drinking


I posted this to the proper subreddit just for you.


Love that first level. Never forget the feeling of discovering the underground tunnels as a kid after a couple of playthroughs


00? Be real


Super real. Condition is decent to good. Indont buy repros I have a bunch of games from friends thatvi borrowed as they lost interest....when I ask many friends if they have their 64....i get the "mom gave it away when I went to college or shit no I sold it for ps2 games" so I keep lots of the old forgot games. I worked at a recycling plant once too that ground up anything with a board in it to collect gold and copper. I used to cry watching loads of old games go through the shredder. We'd all try to save so many.


I also spend outlandish dollars for in CIB games sometimes when I get drinking and nostalgic and just love when the games come with all their stuff and extras like game guides and posters. Losing an eBay battle for one specific title like that created a monster of me and if I bid I gotta have unless it goes to a silly number...which in some cases I think the other guy will bid once more saving me and not I'm into it for a buck more that the other


Never knew GoldenEye was ported to the SNES.


It's nuts downscaled to 16 bit


I just donated a copy of Goldeneye to a museum if you can believe that!


Which museum that's cool. Some of my fondest memories as a child are from visits to various museums. Side note...my friends 8 year looks at n64 controller and says "what the heck is this dude" ...his friend of the same age is over says "friend it's a controller for n64 it's like the greatest ever it's way better tha ps3 and ps4" and the boy just laughs as he picks up a n64 tetris and mario cart and laughs ... he literally held us in disbelief it was a game until I took out 3 stiff sticked controllers and turned the system on (I of course cranked the volume beforehand with the stereo on and proceeded to blow his little mind with cart 64 lol. It was truly an experience of lifetime. He was so enthralled and so hyped.... had to tell him he'd need to use a worn out controller if he was going to be violent with the stick lol


Digital Retropark in Germany, they have CRTs with consoles from all eras set up for you to play it’s awesome


That's wicked! I need to dig out my crt tv and make thr experience authentic.


Why not play the cancelled but leaked xbox 360 version instead? edit: through emulation I mean


Forgot about that!


Wrong sub fam


I can hear this picture.


This sir is a snes subreddit


This is running off emulation, not an N64. You don't have to lie to kick it.


https://preview.redd.it/advywdbtixz91.jpeg?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=5b355a8c8652dd92d922400d062e5c77a747e77f Check out my emulator


My pc is in the living room and I'd be playing on the 75 inch....this is on my bedroom TV attached to my 64. ...I kick old school. My nes and snes are upstairs.