i love snails because they’re so friendly. just little guys doing little things without a care in the world. i love that they don’t have a social hierarchy like we see in many animal species, so they aren’t trying to compete for resources. they’re so gentle and kind. they’re the best.


Well said man 🐌❤🌟


They are just sweet little dudes doing their thing, and that thing is hopefully having snacks. They have the same super chill personalities of like…. Capybaras. Just vibing and being adorable


Yessss, capybaras is a perfect comparison ( also watch encanto for an excellent capybara cameo)


I find them so grounding, I love that they have the same type of blood as vulcans, I love that they are so different to me. Of bugs, they're the most cuddly. I love that they do maths with their shells. I love that they have such expressive faces. I love that they are everywhere. I love that they smell through their eyes.


m o i s t m o v e m e n t


I love watching them snail around just doing their thing. It’s super zen and grounding. I love listening to them munch on veggies giving off perfect ASMR sounds. I love that I can tell them apart based on personalities (I didn’t believe this at first, but now I am a firm believer) I love how social they are without saying anything. (This I didn’t believe at first either, now nobody can convince me otherwise) I love that the slower breeds teach me patience, while the faster ones (and babies) teach me to be very aware of my surroundings. I love how they are so resilient and adaptable that they live in almost any environment (even lava!) I love their mating rituals/snuggling. It’s so adorable to watch my milk snails just rub against each other for hours. It doesn’t even have to end in snex. They are just so incredibly physically affectionate and I never expected that from a small slimey animal.


As you said, i agree on that. But they can be very hungry too sometimes, and i can understand why some ppl don't like them. I love them because they are 99% of time non-hostile to everyone. They are so clumsy, derpy, and make silly faces, and if more people could recognise their faces, the people would love them too. They are also so majestic when standing up and move like a queen. r/SnailsStandingUp And they care for each other, and kiss, and cuddle ♡


I find all animals, no matter how simple have their own little personality quirks. Some are more curious than others, always trying to pop out the top if the lid is off. Some are more cautious, hiding if they so much as detect any change in air pressure. They have different parts of the tank they prefer and may be found in the vicinity of particular other snails more or less exclusively. Just lots of little things like that.


i love snails because it's so soothing to watch them do their thing. they're curious yet not pushy, they're slow yet not boring, they're so soft and their little mouths are so cute!




i think the fact that they’re detritivores is super cool and that they’ve evolved to eat almost anything out in the wild :)


I love how different each breed is. Most people and even me. Before i got other breeds. Think that a snail is just a snail, no matter the size, shape or colour. After owning many different breeds they all have their unique quirks with their breed. Tigers are lazy and skittish but the most patient. Pomatia don't hang around like the tigers and soon wonder off. They are extremely friendly. Ovum and suturalis are in the middle. Will sit in your hand for a small time then try to wonder off. They can be skittish but nowhere near as much as the tigers, and the list goes on. It really helps each breed stand a part and makes owning each breed a whole new experience. I adore this about snails.


Their cute smushy smush faces. And they're very peaceful and calming. I have aquatic snails so watching them glide is very zen. And their kindness also.


I love that they are noisy eaters. So amazing to hear such a small, squidgy creature crunching away from the other side of the garden. First time I heard it, I thought it was mice! And they are surprisingly fast, too. Also slugs. The right treat will have them galloping across the garden like little exocet missiles.


I love them because they are just so tiny and innocent and sweet. They have these fantastic personalities that most people dont see. And they help me to take care of myself, because I have to take care of myself to take care of them. Does that make sense?


i was shocked that they all have little personalities. i have 69, and each one acts just a little different. i got them as a dorm pet (because they were free and low maintenance) but they have brought me so much joy


I love their faces and eyes..


i love them. i had my first 2 when i was 8. i am now 15 raising some as my own now! i have little baby ones growing up so i can release them once they are bigger! snails are one of my favorite little animals. :D


How slow they are