What's your favorite move in the Smash Bros games?

It can be from any of them. Doesn't just have to be effectiveness, it can just be because it looks cool or funny.

Example: Dark Pit's down special, because he says 'Go away'. Not sure why, but it's hilarious.


And for Joker’s neutral special, he wields a **G U N** The amount of fun I have shooting Mario with a gun is unreal.


Yeah but consider Kirby wielding a gun.


The knee. Style? Check. Disrespect? Maybe. Effectiveness? Double fucking check. A massive visual so there can be no mistake what just fucking hit you like a truck? Big fucking check. This move is so goddam satisfying and it’s been making your opponent want to say “that shit hurted” out loud for over a decade. I love it.


rest, giving a light character a 60% kill move is both hilarious and functional. I love it


Falcon punch, I just wish it had the super armor of Warlock punch. It's so satisfying when you hit with it.


They gave Mii brawler armor on his falcon kick but didn’t give falcon armor :(


I also wish it could turn around better, like focus


Eh, Falcon Punch is fast enough that it doesn't need super armor. It's best used as a hard read to punish a bad airdodge or something like that, not to tank through attacks.


PK thunder 2. People's faces when they realize that it's too late and they're about to die at 40% is pretty satisfying.


I've been hit with it trying to disrespect a dead ness, needless to say I died at 0 and lost the game


Mario forward air. Not a Mario main but damn that shit good with a magnifying glass.


DeeDeeDee dtilt. Just this lazy penguin rolling around. I love it.


Alolan Whip. Soooo satisfying to use when I get the hit.


Sometimes I forget that it has a name




The hammer is strong as hell too. I only wish the explosion was better. And that he could airdodge out of it, why did they make this the only state in the game where you can do a neutral airdodge but not a directional.




Oh I skipped 4 so that’s quite possible. Hammer kills are still super satisfying in this game though. And I mean, any character with float would be broken as hell lmfao, it’s probably the best mechanic in the game.


Might be a hot take but I love Palutena up smash. A smash attack being able to reach the top platform of battlefield is just hilarious to me, and it's slow and predictable enough that you aren't really going to be able to hit someone with it until they forget about it and let their guard down. It's so satisfying to see someone drifting into that sweet spot and just letting it rip.


Palu up smash is absolutely my guilty pleasure!


Villager dash attack or side smash. Both are the swaggiest moves in the roster imo.


Four words. Show Me Your Moves.


Honestly? Roy's Up-Special! Blazer is just a lot of fun and its unique to Roy alone😊


Mewtwo down special is great... When you land it. If only it worked in the air ! I love DDD hammer


Clouds finishing touch feels so good when you clip them at 65% an they just die


Love me some spikes but from all spikes I like isabelles the most. This always happy dog that could do no harm just jumps offstage, still smiling while she wips out some turnips to smash you down into the abyss like a psychopath with a big "GET OF MY STAGE" But most satisfying has to be the luigi down taunt spike and a good ol' last stock wario into the face waft.


Landing a thoron makes the pain that comes with playing robin all worth it.


Lucario's Force Palm. Immensely satisfying to land. And it's a very effective mixup when someone is in shield scared of Back Air or Aura Sphere.


PK Fire, PK Thunder, it ZSS boost kick


My favourite move is Dedede’s down tilt. Just gonna roll all over ya while clobbering that Kirbeh!


Mario's Spike and Falcon's Knee




Incineroar's back throw. Dropping fools on their necks will never not be fun.


bouncy fish (sheik down-special) is my favorite move. looks janky as hell, super good tool in neutral, cool particle effects, it's on my favorite character, etc. ​ Other than that, duckhunt's can is a close second. it's like a puppet but it's actually just a can of trash!


Thunder, not even a contest. How has nobody said this yet? This electrifying move can spike, edge guard by putting up a wall, get you out of combos, and kill people at 40% with the large hitbox around our favorite mouse. Besides.. DOUBLE magnifying glass from cloud spike into big hitbox is so satisfying. PIKA!!!


I just realized that there are two moves in the game named “Thunder”. The Robin main in me was wondering why you liked Thunder that much until I read further.


Heel Stomp.


Solar beam




Vine whip


What if I say ness pk fire? But truthfully I love jigglypuffs rest. Not exactly the best for actual play but it’s so fun to land


Wolf Flash


waft, bouncing fish, or snake utilt lol


The classic Forward Air from Mario and Dr Mario. Though, the Docs down air is super fun to land


Rest. One of the top 10 cutest moves in the game, does 0 damage in the source game, and yet somehow it's a powerful KO move to the point of being borderline meta-defining in Melee these days


C Falcons Up-tilt I mean spiking someone with your heel while just casually standing there is just too satisfying


Shine. Shine combos are sick. Waveshining is sick. The sound effect is sick. Everything about it is just so fucking cool. I literally play spacies for shine. It's a pity it isn't as useful in Ultimate, but I still use shine anyway far more than I actually should just because it's cool.


Piranha plant neutral B. I fight a lot of projectile spammers in elite smash (his neutral B takes priority) or people that try to recover high/spam jump in battle arenas (it's an anti-air move as well). On top of all of this, this move has the abilty to kill.




I absolutely love Lucas’s PSI Magnet for both functional and aesthetic reasons. It looks fucking sick shooting someone across the screen with the force, and using it to stall or reverse yourself midair makes me feel like a true wizard boi.


King K rool’s gun. It’s just so fun to use lol and can be quite effective if used right.


Marths downair


Browser's fireball in P+. Roy's PM back air. K. Rool's back air.