I say Pika and Fox since they’ve been in all 5 games. Pika was #1 in 64 and high tier in everything else. Same with Fox except #1 in melee


Brawl Fox kinda sucks tho no? He's like mid tier in a game where brawl meta knigth exists


Funny thing about brawl Fox is he doesn't even feel that bad against metaknight and snake tho. Pika ICs and Falco fuck him pretty hard tho.


Doesn't Sheik also have an infinite or something like that on him?




brawl's weird though because it was horrendously balanced for a competitive atmosphere. it was counterpick hell


Brawl Fox is really fun but I feel like the lack of hitstun hurts him so much, every natural fox thing is at best a 50-50 in that game


Most people just opted for Falco though.


Brawl was well-balanced except for Meta Knight. If you ban him there are like 13 viable characters.


I feel like being forced to counterpick makes for a more interesting game. Idk, it just gets boring for me seeing the pro players pick their same main character over and over


Brawl Fox is commonly ranked in the teens. He's still got good mobility and potent kill options, but Ice Climbers and Pikachu have brutal chaingrabs on him and he doesn't shut down anyone important either. He's in the same category that Wolf's in: reasonably good neutral game but doesn't have the same hard punishes or camping ability that most of the Top Tiers have. Wolf trades a better matchup against Climbers for worse ones against Wario and D3 since their weight-based chaingrabs work on him.


Yeah but since MK is SOOO much better than everyone, it really doesn't matter whether a character was mid tier, low tier or #5 on the tier list really. They were all equally worthless.


Upvoted for putting Ult Pika in high.


Pika is pretty darn mid in melee.


Pikas got a major W in melee but not brawl though.


Pika doesn't have a major W in Smash 4 either.


Pika has a lot of really good stuff. They have one of the worst grabs which really hurts but (imo) the best recovery in the game and some of the best edge guard tools. Also a great chain grab on spacies on FD. Most people probably have pika low A or high B tier


I never said Pikachu was bad or didn't have good stuff, but just because they aren't bad and have good stuff doesn't mean they're high tier. Very few people (Pika mains mainly) think Pika is high tier. "Most people probably have Pika low A or High B" is a disingenuous statement. It's true, but only because most people probably have him in high B, which is mid, and was my statement. Not many people have him in A. I would say most people have him in B though, not high B. Pika loses to Falco, Fox, Marth, Sheik, Puff, Falcon, Peach, and you are arguing against my claim that they're mid tier. Kinda wild tbh.




> "Most people probably have Pika low A or High B" is a disingenuous statement. It's true, but only because most people probably have him in high B, which is mid, and was my statement. Not many people have him in A. Bro you're just rambling. "your statement is disingenuous, but true, but only because most people agree with it, except my specific criteria that is somehow universal now." In what word is B "mid" dude. In the words of HMW, unplug your controller dawg


It's pretty simple logic my friend.


He’s eight at best eleventh at worst. That’s pretty mid


I thought Kirby was #1


Pika has been considered #1 since like 2008-2009, but for more casual play Kirby is easily the best and most simple character.


With a 3 game minimum I believe it’s Pika > Fox > Diddy > Marth


this is the correct answer with some possible honorable mentions to sheik and/or zss


ZSS is alright, she's consistently lower-high tier but was Top in smash 4, but even then she was maybe 5th or so. I think Sonic is a better answer tbh


I agree but idk if marth should close out the list cause he had two bad games while the rest are almost never below high tier. Edit: I was wrong i thought he was bad in brawl cause the only set I saw with marth in grand finals of a major was the Evo ken lost with items on, but turns out Marth was considered better than snake at the end so my B.


What bad games? The only one you could say is ultimate and I wouldn’t say he’s “bad” you can definitely win with him.


Was he not bad in brawl, I thought no one played him


Everyone was bad compared to Mets knight but if you ignore that character, marth was good.


> Mets knight Lmao. Best auto correct I’ve seen a while


It’s all about the Mets baby, let’s go Mets


He was considered high tier in Brawl, in a game where 1 character dominated the meta, that's pretty impressive.


He was the 5th best behind Diddy/Olimar and ahead of Snake/Falco. Very much a top tier


Marth was a quite competent high tier; he’s no Icies or MK but he certainly saw success.


I guess you’re counting Ult as bad for Marth (disagree) but besides that what could possibly be his other one? In Brawl and 4 he’s high tier


He is definitely top tier in S4 by its end. I could make a case for him being top 10.


That’s why he’s at the bottom of the 4, I guess maybe Falco would be arguable there instead? I don’t think Falcon or Peach are close


Its Pikachu, Fox, and Diddy Pikachu has been top 1, top tier in Ult, and has 3 high tiers (debatably upper mid in melee) Fox has been top 1, 2 top tiers in 4/Ult, high tier in 64, and upper mid in brawl Diddy has been top, top, and high. Hes never been the best but hasnt had the "lows" that the other two had Marth would be in the convo if not for Ultimate


I still think people are overly harsh on Marth's actual performance. Lucina out classes him, making learning him not worth the effort, but he's still very much a High Tier character. Just not one that pays off to learn because there's another character too close to him in design whose better.


As a marth main, he’ll never be a high tier without a usable kill throw


Lol, yeah, give lucina one too. It'll be fine...


Did I mention Lucina at all


Yeah, sorry, it’ll be a tipper kill throw. My mistake


Echoes don’t need to be exactly the same in every way? That’s not a requirement?


Can't Marth and Lucina kill with up-throw at like 160%? Or am I thinking of someone else?


closer to 180, which really stretches the definition of "kill throw"






Leo used Lucina to win super majors, he used Marth to win 1 set


> MKLeo plays Marth over Lucina for a reason. It really isn't because he thinks Marth is better if that's what you're getting at. The guy loves Marth and considers Lucina to be boring to play. He also thinks Lucina's just better btw.


I'm surprised no one so far has brought up Peach. she's probably pretty dang close to pika in terms of average tier placement. she's won majors in both melee and ultimate, and she hasn't been bad in any of the games.


Peach has only been considered a potential Top Tier in one game: Ultimate. Meanwhile, Diddy is considered Top 4 in Brawl, Top 3 in Sm4sh, and has a better average placing in Ultimate compared to Peach in both Brawl and Sm4sh. Diddy feels like the benchmark for this topic since he's been well above average in all of his smash appearances. Peach can't quite make that same claim, and she doesn't have the #1 spots that Pikachu and Fox have to make a case against Diddy.


I mean, Peach won 30 majors in melee. Saying that she's not top tier is like saying that Puff isn't top tier in melee.


Even when Aramda was on top people didn’t put Peach in the top 5 because Armada needed Fox for quite a few of Peach’s bad MUs


Even during Armada’s dominance, most people still had Peach outside of the Top 5.


Who said the top tier cut off was at 5?


Most Melee Tier lists have the Top Tier as Fox, Marth, Sheik, Puff, and Falco. Peach loses to 4 of those characters and Captain Falcon. I don't see how she could be a Top Tier in Melee with her matchup spread being 5 losing matchups (only even against Falco) against the other 6 most relevant characters in the game.


The amount of objectivity and evidence in any discussion involving "losing matchups" is the equivalent of anecdotes from senile seniors. Peach is a much more unpopular character than spacies, but the proportion of representation at high level play to the number of players is likely the same as or higher than for spacies. I mean you can keep saying that Peach loses every MU all you want, but that doesn't change the fact that Llod takes a break from medical school to stomp all the active top Fox and Falco players. Armada can switch characters all he wants, but Llod, Polish, Trif, Ryobeat, and more have shown the MUs are doable by beating the top level Puff threats.


Depending on how people do tiers, Melee either has one giant top tier with basically all the top 7 or 8 characters, or it typically has a top 3 with like Fox/Marth/Puff (or sometimes Falco) The latter seems more common imo. So usually Peach is high tier and not top tier. Also, Peach is like unanimously considered worse than Puff by a decent margin. Even Armada relied on dodging Hbox to be able to *ever* win with solo Peach. By the end of his career, there were a decent number of players that he *needed* a secondary for, something that's never been true for Puff.


People usually put 3 characters in "S" tier, but top tier is still usually the first 2 tiers. So Peach is still a top tier like Sheik and Falcon.


I feel like I almost always hear a second tier referred to as just high tier ngl. And like ICs/Pika/Samus are right below that tier and are typically called mid tiers


Fox, pikachu, marth Their worst showing is being mid tier and they are high/top every other game


Definitely Pikachu who was never bad


Pikachu and it’s not up for debate Diddy and fox are good too Ig


I'd give credit to Diddy. Top 4 in Brawl, Top 3 in Sm4sh, and currently climbing in Ultimate while Pikachu is slipping and Fox is hovering just outside the Top 10.


Pika, Fox, Cloud, Diddy, Marth


Like other people have said, the contenders are Fox, Pikachu, Marth, and Diddy Diddy is probably the answer, but missed out on 2 smash games. If you count Lucina as "Marth" in Ultimate then I'd say he's the answer after that. If not then he's also out. So it's between Fox and Pika, and I think the answer is fairly obviously Fox Even if you think Pikachu is better than fox in all of 64, Brawl, and Ultimate, the only game where the gap isn't close between them is Brawl. Meanwhile in Smash 4 and Melee Fox is better by a lot compared to Pikachu.


ZSS might be up there, never being outside of high tier in any game and always a very big meta thread. The top 3 would have to be pika, fox and diddy regardless though. If you count marth/lucina as interchangable due to being echoes than they would also be very high, always being near top tier aside from brawl.


Diddy outranks ZSS in all 3 installments. I agree that she's high on the overall list, but I can't argue for her at #1 when Diddy is more consistent.


Yeah, was more talking about some other characters that havent been mentioned as much. I think the top 3 is basically undisputed unless im forgetting someone.


I did a statistical list combining tier lists across games. Top 5 was Cloud, Fox, Pika, Diddy, Marth Bottom 3 were Ganon, Zelda, and Mac.


Yoshi wouldn’t be the top but would have a solid placing if not for Brawl.


I'd say Fox or Diddy. Fox: \-Really good in 64 \-Best or tied for best in Melee \-Underated in Brawl imo, even with the cancer that is Brawl Icies. Also some said that he did better than expected vs MK \-Very good in 4 despite Cloud, Bayo, and Ryu \-Also very good in Ult despite powercreep by DLC with Steve, Joker, and Aegis Diddy: \-Absurd in Brawl, no explanation needed \-Absurd in 4, even post nerfs \-Very strong in Ult. Helped by the fact that some of his bad matchups like Hero or Villager are not really common chars. Also does very well vs Joker and Aegis


There is no “tied for best” for Fox, he is far and away the best character. It’s not as insane as Bayo or Cloud in 4, but regardless, anyone claiming another character is better would be considered insane


This is not true lmao people have been seriously been saying other characters for years comparing it to bayo or other smash #1 chars is rly disingenuous


He’s saying fox is far away the best in melee, not across all smash games


Fox is not “far away the best character in melee” people have been saying falco or marth for years and years. M2K used to say jigglypuff back in the day. Idk why you think it’s so one sided when it’s clearly not


Armada, Plup, and Leffen all also seriously considered Puff at least tying for #1 at one point as well.


I think puff would ruin the game if she wasn't so boring to play. I seriously wonder if hbox loses tournaments on purpose to avoid killing the game.


That's still an incredibly debated take. Zain has been destroying spacies for years, and before him it was M2K - Marth has been debated as being #1 for a while now. And he is not far and away, all the top tiers are very close. Highest skill ceiling? Sure.


>it’s not as insane as Bayo or Cloud in 4


People, including top players, argue about whether or other characters could tie Fox or just be better all the time lol I've seen Plup, Leffen, Mang0, Armada, M2K, Fiction, and Ginger all say they believe that a character other than Fox could be the best at one point




I think this somewhat depends on how good you think Pikachu is in Ultimate. If you’re me, then yeah the answer is clearly Pikachu.


Fox, Diddy, Pika I think Olimar and Peach should be mentioned, I don’t think they’ve ever been bad


Olimar was considered pretty average in Smash 4 if I remember correctly


Fox, brawl is the only game where he’s bad and even then he was still mid tier I believe


He's mid tier, but only because his fall speed means he gets fucked by chain grabs. If it wasn't for that he would be easy high tier.


And there's only 1 chain-grab (Pikachu) that destroys Fox. Ice Climbers have chain-grabs vs everyone, but Fox has a very hard time separating them in Brawl and they often just beat him in the neutral. That's why that matchup sucks.




Fox Pikachu doesn't have the results in Ultimate (or Smash 4) to justify being called the best in the game. Results > theorycrafting everytime.


Probably Fox, maybe Pikachu. Depends on how heavily you view Pikachu in Ultimate tbh and whether you think he's overrated or not.


(At least 3 games) Top 5 is probably Pika, Fox, Diddy, then i think Marth and Peach are somewhat interchangable, HMs to Wario, Olimar, Sonic, and ZSS




Diddy Kong top tier in brawl sm4sh and Ultimate


diddy, pikachu and fox are the top 3 to me, with characters like marth / zss following pretty close behind rob/olimar are relatively consistent too


My brutha Fox be wildin




Came here to say this. He's been arguably the best character in the game for every game in the series he's been in so far.


Marth is not good enough in Ult to be in the running.


Then brawl fox would disqualify him Or melee pika to a lesser degree


Every character has at least one installment in which they're somewhat middling, but Marth has the worst overall placement compared to Pikachu, Fox, Diddy, ZSS, etc.


Melee: Top Tier Brawl: Top Tier at best, High Tier at worst Smash 4: Top Tier at best, High Tier at worst Ultimate: High Tier at best, Mid Tier at worst Now for Fox Smash 64: High Tier Melee: Top Tier Brawl: Mid Tier Smash 4: High Tier Ultimate: Top Tier at best, High Tier at worst In comparison, they're literally about the same averagely. Although Fox has an undeniable mid tier rating for Brawl while for Marth he's seen as High to Mid for Ultimate which is his worst rating ever. Marth has 1 game he is undeniably Top Tier but 2 other games he is arguably Top Tier. Fox has 1 game he is undeniably Top Tier but only 1 other game he is arguably Top Tier.


Marthzilla for me. Always been good , consistent gameplay characteristics (the most damage being at the tip of the blade , opposed to Roy’s damage max output being at the middle of his sword), consistently light , fast, and faster frames on counter IIRC


My ignorant guess says Fox.




??? The only game GnW is good in is ult


He's passable in Brawl too, but Melee GnW takes him out of the running immediately. Character is straight up unfinished.


you haven’t heard of Qerb


I have, but it doesn’t change the facts that he can’t L-cancel several aerials and his shield is the size of an M&M


this question gets asked way too often, and the answers are always the same. mods pls




Well, joker has been top tier in every game he’s in


I feel like Meta Knight might be underrated for this, but also a heavy case of needing character specialists after Brawl.


MK was pretty solid in Smash 4, but he's probably in the bottom half of the cast in Ult. His Brawl version being the strongest character in the series does of course count for something, but solo maining him hasn't been a viable way to compete for majors since then. Diddy and ZSS are definitely more consistent when it comes to Brawl veterans, maybe Olimar as well.


Yeah. I was thinking about MKLeo and Abadongo both solo maining Meta Knight for good periods in Smash 4, with MKLeo surprising us by breaking him out against Zero to win that big invitational I'm forgetting the name of. I can't remember the tournament either, with quick searches failing me, but I thought Meta Knight won a major in the last few months in Ultimate, but I can't find the tournament. Could have sworn it was a western major. Regardless, that is what I had in mind when posting Meta Knight, strong results in Smash 4 but strongest with players like MKLeo or Abandongo, and then with a handful of results in Smash Ultimate.


Abadango *almost* won Kagaribi 8 with Meta Knight past July, but ended up finishing 2nd and largely went Palu in grands. I'm pretty sure that's MK's best result in Ultimate though, especially considering the players Abadango beat (Kameme, Yoshidora, Proto, Ken and Shuton). Not sure about a western major, but that might just be me drawing a blank.


Since 64 Fox and Pikachu, Since melee Marth and Peach, since Brawl Diddy, Snake, and Olimar, since S4 Cloud


Pika and Fox definitely. Falco is a good runner up. Marth kinda fell by the wayside in Ultimate but counts if you consider Lucina as part of the package.


Absolutely not Falco, he was dogshit in Smash 4 and isn't top tier in Ultimate. Diddy is more likely to be put as a runner up then Falco because he's just about top tier in every game he's in.


I’d probably say Pikachu because he’s been good in just about every game.


Captain falcon




Fox has always been a high or top tier I believe. I would say he's the most consistent


Easily Pika and Fox. I did not play enough Diddy for Brawl but I’d say they have their place from S4 and Ultimate alone if so


Fox is top 3 in 64, best in melee, mid tier in brawl, high tier in 4, and top tier in ultimate Pikachu is best in 64, upper mid tier in melee, high tier in brawl, upper mid tier in 4, and top tier in ultimate Definitely fox and pikachu


If its across all Smash games wouldnt that disqualify Marth; due to Marth not being in Smash 64?   Given the circumstances of **ALL** Smash games, I feel as though the correct answer has to be Pikachu.


Gotta be Fox. He's never been a bad character, and is really good in 4/5 Smash games.


i'm a melee player who mains pika, which is his worst placing on the competitive tier list, and he's super servicable and still a threat (in my bias opinion). i've picked up ultimate to play with some of my best friends from high school and was pleasantly surprised how amazing he was in ultimate as an S tier character. i'm very aware that he's the undisputed best char in smash 64, so i have no doubt that he's consistently the best character across all smash games.


Fox , Pikachu or Sheik. They all had at least one game where they weren't OP (Fox In brawl, Sheik in Ultimate) but in every other game they were top tier. * In 64, Fox is Top 5, Pikachu is #1. * In Melee, Fox is #1, Pikachu is Top 10, Sheik is Top 5. * In Brawl, Fox is Top 15 (His worst placement), Pikachu is Top 10, Sheik is in the Bottom 15 (Her worst placement by far) * In Sm4sh, Fox is Top 10, Pikachu is Top 15 (His worst placement), Sheik is Top 5. * In Ultimate, Fox is *arguably* Top 10, Pikachu is Top 5, Sheik is at least Top 30 (potentially higher). So I guess Pikachu has consistently been the best character;. I would argue Fox 2nd, and Sheik 3rd.


Pikachu, Fox, and Diddy


Given a 3 game minimum, who’s the worst? I only really know melee but I feel like bowser would be impossible to make good unless they completely changed his moveset




Fox, Pikachu, Peach and Diddy Kong




Mario and Lucas.




Fox is pretty solid overall. Not as much as Pikachu but I feel he has higher peaks in Melee, Smash 4 and Ultimate




Fox has been one of the best characters in every Smash game. His weakest showing was Brawl but... That was Brawl. Being small and fast with a good toolkit just transfers.


Fox edges Pikachu out from how he fared in Brawl and 4, but both are up there. The latter can say that he fearmongered ultimate rankings for many years. Lowkey it might be Diddy Kong overall. Outranks both of them in Brawl/Smash and despite a lower placing ultimate he still has strong matchups into them and various other higher tiered characters.


There's a lot of characters you could list here; Pikachu, Fox, Marth, ZSS, Sheik, Diddy Kong, even Sonic. If I'm picking characters that have been in EVERY smash game, it's gotta be Pikachu or Fox. I would say across all games, Pikachu is slightly more consistent. His worst tier was in Melee, and he's still a pretty dang good character that can delete stocks. Fox's worst tier was in brawl, and he was a serviceable character but gets HARD countered by certain characters (including Pikachu, I'm pretty sure). If we're adding characters that aren't in the original lineup, I'm gonna say Sonic or Diddy Kong. Diddy Kong was a menace in brawl and Sm4sh, and is still a good character in Ultimate even after patches. Sonic on the other hand has always been a polarizing character, but in all three games he's very hard to deal with and has tools to compete with the top tiers in those games respectively. Honestly i would probably give the edge to Sonic between him and Diddy.