I am a professional napper. Jk not really but I do nap every day for the last 10 years. In my opinion that’s probably too long and would affect my sleep. I usually keep my naps from 20 minutes to 1 hour and it doesn’t seem to mess with my sleep pattern. I still get 8.5-9 hours of sleep a day.


how?! even if i nap for 20 min i get sooo tired and can't get up


Maybe you’re not getting enough sleep at night? I do wake up from naps sometimes feeling like I could sleep for hours more but I just get up and I’m good to go in about 5-10 minutes.


I love napping. I'm a naps pro as well :)


Definitely get 8 hours at night and cut caffeine after 2:00


well i slept for those 4 hours and woke up 5 min ago, which was 9:30. I was just kinda curious if naps count towards any of your sleep at night whatsoever or not.


That’s not a nap dude. That’s a sleep.


I'm really a fan of naps, but they have to be done the right way. I read somewhere that there was a study done by NASA which showed that taking a 27min nap was the sweet spot for naps. There are definitely some [secrets to the power nap](https://mudita.com/pl/community/blog/nap-like-a-pro-the-secret-of-the-power-nap/). One thing is to make sure you don't nap too late in the day, cuz it can throw off whole sleep cycle.


I’ve read recommendations like that. How is one supposed to know they’ve been asleep for 27 minutes? It takes me a different amount of time to fall asleep every time. Lol


I try not to go over 30min. I have this [alarm clock](https://store.mudita.com/mudita-harmony-power-adapter-your-healthy-bedtime-habits) that lets you set the DURATION of your power nap, rather than what time you want to wake up. It literally has a POWER NAP function LOL I set it for 30min- because I know it takes me like 3-5 min to fall asleep. This way I know that my nap will be around 25-27 min.


Dang!!! I wish it only took me that long to fall asleep when I actually want to sleep. But any other time I am basically dying wanting to sleep so bad…like at work, relaxing on the couch, etc lol


That's not a nap, that's biphasic sleep.


Yeah I've been having to do this


My sleep therapist (CBTI) said that naps were fine, ideally half an hour after you’ve been up for 8-10 hours. But yeah if balanced naps are a-ok!


Damn I am wayyyyyy over-napping!


If it’s not hurting your sleep don’t worry! (He also said that if I’ve been up all night a 90 minute nap is best since you get a whole sleep cycle on that time)


Napping before sleep is like snacking before a meal. It ruins your appetite for sleep (something called homeostatic pressure). If you are going nap, try to do it as early in your waking hours as possible and keep them short—ideally 20 minutes or 90 if you miss that window.


Have you ever thought of doing Yoga Nidras to help with you wanting to catch up on rest?


You can go back to bed and relax, you’ll probably just wake up hella early ready to get on with the day. That’s what happens to me, I nap frequently and bc I go to bed around the same time it doesn’t really affect my bedtime.