Damn. I do this too. Just discovered I have sleep apnea. I’ve heard sleeping with the cpap can give me more energy but I’ve only been using it a few days. I think it does make me feel better but my sleep is still spotty.


I second the sleep apnea thing, I came here to say it.


I do that too, but I’ve been diagnosed with depression and PTSD.


This is a bit much, but it's easy to overdo it with naps. I'm a HUGE fan of naps but try to limit it to 30min. I have this trick which I got from an article about tips on [Power Naps](https://mudita.com/pl/community/blog/nap-like-a-pro-the-secret-of-the-power-nap/) Right before I take my nap, I have a shot of espresso (if you're caffeine sensitive- this may not work). For me (everyone is different)- the caffeine kicks in about 15-20min. So, when I wake up from the nap, I'm seriously ready to go. I also make a point not to nap after 3pm, because that can throw off my whole cycle. Hope this helps.


12 hours is too much sleep


That's not a nap ma man. Adults past their 20s need about 6 hours of sleep. You just slept 2 times. No that's not healthy.