Whiterun always feels like home


Same, despite Breezehome being tiny


Breeze home is my curated shack of stuff. Every playthrough I use the same dressers and cabinets to store the same stuff and late in the game I try and take all of it to one of the new fancy houses that I buy but I forget where everything is now since I'm so used to the breeze home.


Same! Everything is exactly the same every time: Cabinet on the left of the cooking pot when you enter is for foods. Sometimes I also place keys in here. Bookshelf on the right is for papers (like bounties) and books I think are cool. Kitchen cabinet and barrel I leave as is. In the apothecary room I use the satchel for my ingredients, the chest for my potions, and the bookshelf for skill enhancement books. Upstairs I leave Lydia's room (that's what it's called right) to herself cause homegirl needs some privacy. The cabinet to the right when walking up the stairs is my "don't leave home without it" cabinet where I put my gold, lockpicks, necessary potions/equips when I want to "clean house" so they don't get mixed up with other stuff. Plus it also allowed me to run around nekkie. The chest in the room is for either weapons/armor or crafting materials. Whatever I don't use it for, I put in the dresser right next to it. The other dresser in the room is then used for "junk" like random plates and cups I pick up but are still in my inventory when I get to the house.


I enjoy Breezehome, feels cozy to me.


Breezehome is my favorite, but I hate that top step.


Breezehome = my 1st home


Yeah but there’s nazeem


*saves game*


He doesn’t deserve a save.


But if you don't save first, you can only murder him once. Hacking down his zombie isn't the same.


Use console to resurrect them, so canonically, he is dying several painful deaths (like the priest of Boethiah in The House Of Horrors)


*F5s with malicious intent*


I like my lake house near Falkreath. But I am a fan of forest living.


Came here to say this. Love Lakeview manor and will always do all the quests in falkreath to become Thane there.


The other homestead options are kind shit. Ones in a swamp and the other is in the snow. The snow one might be neat if you could see the snow from indoors, giving you that cozy snowed in feeling, but no such luck there. So the lake front home is by far the best choice.


Windstad Manor (in Morthal) is perfect for a mage/alchemist though.


Agreed; the fish hatchery makes it awesome!


Or argonian players


Gotta disagree. Winstad wins IMO because of the fishery you get. The marsh is already an alchemist’s dream, having your own private fishery makes it doubly so. It’s by far the most useful unique add-on. Plus Winstad has 3 hold capitals close by, and serves as a nice place to stop and rest between Solitude and Dawnstar/Morthal.


I like the snow one; makes me feel like my family and I are but simple farmers, living on the very outskirts of Whiterun instead of millionaire dragonborn heros. Also there aren't wolves and bandits constantly trying to eat and murder my wife.


I love Heljarchen Hall as well, but while there may not be bandits and wolves trying to eat your wife, every so often a giant from the nearby camp will wander in and beat your wife up for no reason.


That's one of those cases where your choice of spouse matters. If you marry someone like Aela or Mjoll, you can generally trust them to take care of themselves, but if it's a playthrough where I go with Muiri, we're staying in Markarth where she'll be safe.


Uh safe and markarth...


Wait could you tell me which the others are? I've not seen the swamp or snow ones


They’re in Morthal and Dawnsyar, respectively. The one in Morthal is pretty close to Solitude, and the one in Dawnstar is very close to Whiterun. You can practically see Dragonsreach from that one.


The swamp one is Windstad Manor, you can buy the plot of land in Morthal. After building it, you can find it Northeast to the abandoned shack where Astrid takes you. It's not exactly in the swamp, but if you cross the small river near the house, you're in the swampy area. The snowy one is Heljarchen Hall, which you can get in Dawnstar. The house is pretty close to Whiterun (closer to it than to Dawnstar), you can build it where the road north of Whiterun gets snowy (near the giant camp).


All of the expanded falkreaths are awesome.


Wait, expanded Falkreaths? To Google!


Mods that expand and add more detail to the cities/towns, Falkreath always ends up feeling like the 6th city, it's great


I know what it meant, but as someone who largely mods to add quests and story (and grow the museum) I haven't done any expanded cities. All I ever see of expanded cities is wooded Whiterun, which makes no sense, so I just leave it off.


Whiterun easily has the most but fakreath and solitude have some really crazy ones too.


I have to be careful with Solitude... can't fuck with the museum. But I love Riften, so expanding that could be fun... this character is only level 140-something so I'm not ready to start over.




Legacy of the Dragonborn


I mean yeah I like it too but some people might have an issue with the necromancer next door


I think Falkreath is the most peaceful. Middle of the woods, seems like a great place to drink coffee in the morning and mead in the evening.


And also get mauled by some bears while going on a walk with your family, or getting attacked by some spriggans. What a lovely place <3


100 sneak my guy


Excellent plan. Sneak out as your family gets mauled by a bear.


Life in skyrim is hard but at least ill have a wife untill she gets mauled by a bear.


Still better than real life


Also death and corpses puns only add to the experience.


As long as it’s not a full moon evening!


I'm gonna say it - Falkreath is a natural disaster waiting to happen. Whoever decided to establish a town there was dumb and should feel bad about themself. Falkreath town is almost at the lowest point in the entire hold. There is no water drainage in that town - and it's always raining there! The road above DB hideout forms a dam. It's just dumb. Pretty sure the Night Mother wants to send the whole DB to Sithis if she led them to build a sanctuary there. How is that place not permanently flooded? Above Falkreath town is Lake Ilinalta - if Lake Ilinalta's water level rises too much, water will escape and probably cause erosion around Half-Moon Mill, overflow Spriggan pond, flood the valley and probably the town with it. But that's not the worst part. The whole of southern Falkreath is snowy mountainous area. When that snow starts melting, the road down to Helgen and then from Helgen to Falkreath will be a river. And where will the water go? Right through the town of Falkreath. If you're gonna hang out in Falkreath, take swimming gear.


I still don't think that that's the most confusing thing about falkreath, to me the weirdest thing about it's surrounded by natural resources, sitting on quite possibly the most important trade route in skyrim, sitting between the historically richest holds in the region and being in what was one of the most prosperous countries in the Empire for at least 2 centuries (before the civil war) And yet it's still one of the smallest towns in skyrim with nothing there but some huts.


Or mead in the morning, afternoon, evening and night.


Or get chased by a solitude guard the entire way there after killing the emperor


Eh I always get creepy vibes from falkreath. (Though I like the town) Werewolves and dark brotherhood all about


Riften, my home town. Only place where beast races seems to be tolerated, at least.


Pretty much honestly, as long as you don't touch the sewers or piss off a black briar


I'm gonna do a thieves guild run and intentionally screw up every mission


I did this on a playthrough. It was part of my “do everything I possibly can to screw with maven” run Of course mods were involved-but I destroyed the dark brotherhood, burned all the beehives, killed all her children, poisoned ALL of the honningbreq mead, didn’t poison the rats nest, messed up every other thieves guild quest I could (still got guildmaster though wtf) made her watch as I was made guildmaster, then got her appointed Jarl of riften (season unending) just so I could invade with the storm cloaks and banish her to solitude, then took solitude from the imperials… Then I found her again and ripped out her heart. I’m sure there’s even better ways to mess her up but I had a lot of fun


“Even better ways to mess her up” sir you destroyed her business, killed her entire family, politically humiliated her, did it again, and then brutally killed her. Not much more you can do.


lol I’m fairly sure you can get more in depth with it


You killed her which ended her suffering, should have Princess bride-ed it by going "To the pain" brutal mutilation to the point even Molag Bal be like "Dude, Chill" followed by enslavement to do hard labor, not sure what mods are needed to pull this off but somewhere in the infinite combination of Skyrim's millions of mods it should be possible Edit: people keep commenting mods that let you send Maven to the silver mines, the enslaving is the easy part. The part that I figured would be the hard part would be the controlled "To-the-pain" mutilation


Maybe a few years in the silver mine, just to the point she's about to break. Then, a glimmer of hope. Guard comes down and yells "Blackbriar! Time's up, you're free to go." She can't believe it. Is her personal hell finally over? All the prisoners watch and applaud as she ascends. Turns out her time in Markarth gave a new clarity of life. She became a decent person, helping the other prisoners, finding ways to make the guards less harsh on everyone, etc. She's become a hero to the masses, a champion of justice. An honorable person. As she makes her way up, she sheds a single tear of relief and gives a weak but sincere laugh. She's finally free. She can't wait to begin her new, modest life. She plans to travel to every corner of Tamriel. She'll give up her life of privilege and influence for clarity and peace. As she exits the mine, the sunlight above is blinding, but warm against her skin. She closes her eyes and breathes in the fresh air. And while she stands unawares, there you are, black soul gem in one hand, soul trap dagger in the other. She has no time to cry out as she feels the cool blade slip between her shoulders, for soon her essence is now spiralling down to the damning depths deep within the Soul Cairn. When she regains focus and rises, she hears the voice of your last victim, who has been tasked with following her for all eternity: "Do you get to the cloud district very often? Oh, what am I saying. Of course you don't..."


Well done sir


High King of Skyrim allows you to send people to work in the mines.


"Maven Black-Briar tried to have me assassinated by the Dark Brotherhood. Unfortunately, I am the High King of Skyrim..."


lol you are correct-I had to end the playthrough somehow as I’d done basically everything by that point


I love this


there’s a loooong list of ways you can fuck over maven somewhere on Reddit and I didn’t even do all of them lol-I think it ended with soul trapping her, enchanting an iron dagger and reverse pickpocketing it onto one of the many npcs she has bad blood with




Not sure [destroying the Thieves Guild](https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/43244) would be more effective than your sabotage, but that is another option!


“drewbilly251… the man who killed my father, raped and murdered my sister, burned my ranch, shot my dog, and STOLE MY BIBLE!” -Maven Blackbriar, probably




I wish I could say, I was intentionally screwing it up.


Riften has always had a special place in my heart. Not even because of the guild either, just a beautiful, respectful city. With murder.


I’d live there just for Sapphire


So upset she wasn’t an original marriage candidate. She might be with Mods now (I’m on Xbox doing a “clean play thorough”) but the shear fact she wasn’t thought of is a shame. Then again they left out a lot of other good people to marry.


She should be with mods. Has the same voice actor as Senna who is a marriage candidate. Also Eola (potential steward) is the same actor which means Senna (and Sapphire) should have the spouse dialogue about the kids. I'm more upset that none of the thieves guild are followers. I've always wanted to take Sapphire on a murderfest (starting with Vipir) across Skyrim and then finishing up in Raven Rock beating the crap out of Glover.


Thieves guild follower and marriage mods are a must! Normally dont so much of that questline, but now have an itching for a sneaky mage or a swashbuckler swordsman with light fingers


Also, it’d just make sense. She’s already semi flirty with the Dragonborn, and she’s a member of the faction. You can marry Aela, so why wouldn’t Sapphire be a candidate as well? Makes no sense.


She might not want to marry someone on account of that time she was abducted and sexually abused by a pack of bandits for months.


Yup, and I love Honeyside. Sitting out on that back deck is perfection.


Solitude. It's the most beautiful.


It is. The arch is awesome. Shops are high class (lots to steal). The architecture is great, both outside and inside. Buildings actually have WINDOWS (wiith ENB the player has incredible lighting coming in). It's got a sweet palace, with a spooky wing nobody is allowed to enter. It's got a nice chapel, complete with an incredible crypt (and quest to go with it). Overall, it has this really pleasing juxtaposition of cold and warmth. And finally: Solitude's housecarl, Jordis the Sword-Maiden.


For me, a downside is that you actually have to enter most of the shops and have more screen loading time compared to riften and windhelm. But you also have more shops overall so it kinda evens out I think


hmp lonely cicero could tell you a thing or two about SOLITUDE


Poor Cicero is a lady.


i think its tied with Markarth as the most beautiful/stunning. Markrarth also has the advantage of the beauty of the reach


I'd appreciate Markarth more if it had some guard rails or something


And because of their banner which is obviously just the Danish flag with af wolf on.




And home of the empire!!!


Can I take a second to say I wish the scale of the towns felt bigger in skyrim, something I really hope they improve on in ES6 is towns and cities. They just don’t seem to have a good scale and feel empty a lot of the time. Solitude is probably one of the better ones but I want to see huge bustling cities and stuff in the next ES


I hope vanilla ES6 looks like the equivalent of a heavily modded Skyrim


Just Thomas the Tank Engines fucking everywhere


Thomases doing what everywhere?


Yeah take note from something like the Witcher 3. The scale of the cities feel so much larger. You can get lost walking the streets, no problem.


Or TES4. Oblivion was great.


The city design in oblivion was excellent. The cities are quite small but the design makes them look large




I was an orc on my first playthrough and i loved being able to take advantage of instant access to the strongholds, easy way to max out smithing too


I’m being a spell sword orc in my current play through


What magic school do you sepcialize in?


I tend to use heavy armor with an enchantment that takes less magics to use conjuration spells so I can use bound sword with my electric or fire spells


orsinium in tes6 when


Orsinium in eso is pretty cool


Riften is my eternal autumn dream. Whiterun has nazeem. While solitude is pretty pristine, wind helm has that wannabe king. Markarth is super old but better than winterhold’s blistering cold. While falkreath dawnstar and morthal aren’t too exciting. They’re the best when a dragon flies in fighting.


That’s awesome


Falkreath It’s out in the country like where I grew up Plus it’s close to the brotherhood which is my favorite faction


I do love the forests around the city too. Same reason I love Riften, it's such a pretty area.


Yes it is


lmao for a sec I thought u meant the brotherhood of steel haahah


Close to whats left of the brotherhood, they move to dawnstar when they regain their strength


I know 🖐


‘What is the color of the sky?’


Sanguine, my brother


Welcome, home.


What is the companion of propane?


Hank Hill, my brother.


Love the forest vibes


Dawnstar and not because of the cheat chest I like it because it actually looks like the city is running and npcs aren't just standing around doing nothing also the fact the whole city is centered on the dock is really pleasing for me


Same dude, too many of the towns feel static, where as Dawnstar has people working in a clear/readable little economic ecosystem. I really miss the detailed schedules of NPCs in Oblivion


I'm with you. I like the water.


Solitude. Skyrim is a harsh place always trying to kill you at least here you can charter a boat back to civilization.


“So where in Skyrim do you want to live?” “I want to get the fuck out of Skyrim.”


Dragons you say? Nope, not fucking with that.


Glad there's some love for one of the big cities of skyrim!


I would totally live in Whiterun. Drink with Brenuin and Sam Guevenne, chit chat with Carlotta, buy skooma from Ysolda, make fun of Nazeem...it's a dream come true!


And don’t forget to share a drink with thewhiterunguard!


Only if they don't threaten to bust me for lollygaggin


Sam is random


He's going to be in the first tavern after you reach level 14. So not random but optional


Yep, but I met him in Winterhold so I kinda associate him with that town. So every walkthrough is unique in this regard.


I always forget where he is and have to travel tavern to tavern. But he's usually in Whiterun because it's the city I spend most time in


Get to the cloud district often… oh what am I saying of course you don’t


I may not get to the Cloud District often but at least I actually have a house and my wife isn't sleeping with a priest.


I tried murdering him in daylight but he managed to beat me with jank. I'd kill him quickly, then the guards would come. I used the thane excuse which worked. As soon as dialogue ended, the same guard just backhanded me with his shield and killed me instantly. The second time, the guard did an insta kill animation on me *while* starting the arrest dialogue. The third time, dialogue started again and two guards just kept shooting me with arrows during it. I gave up. He gets to live. For now. Edit: I killed him. Snuck into his room, waited for him, killed him with an axe. [He's ded](https://i.imgur.com/s0eHxJ9.jpg)


Obligatory: "But Nazeem's lines were written with the expectation of there being other areas in Whiterun. Those areas were eventually cut (but not Nazeem's dialogue). " In reality, with so much other content left of the cutting room floor, and with the frequency one sees & hears Nazeem, it's a shame that his dialogue is broken.


Just…uhh…show him the Soul Cairn, he should get used to seeing it…


Guy left out the best part about living in Whiterun: decking Nazeem in the schnoz every single day


I killed and robbed Nazeem, he’s dummy annoying


I killed him but I waited until they buried him before looting his remains.


Morthal, i like swamps and the jarl is super chill.


For me Morthal always feels like the underdog city. A town that is nearly deserted because of the uncertainty of war and the stop on the trade because of it. Ravished by vampires and no clear commercial opportunities. I always try to RP my dragonborn as someone that is going to help Morthal out. Also because the people are really friendly. But I also have a special place in my heart for darkwater crossing. I live in Falkreath however and that will be my home town. The area is lush and gorgeous and beautifully situated near Lake Ilinata.


I really want whatever that jarl smokes tbh


Morthal is my no.2. I pick winterhold because of the college. But I actually LIVE in morthal every time. And yeah love the jarl there too.


White run for the nostalgia of it


Breezehome is home.




Ah, those comfy stone beds.


And cozy houses carved out of mountain


Safer too. I’d feel safer from dragons living in the mountain. However an earthquake can probably fuck it up and crush the people at home.


Fun fact. Blackreach isn't really as small as it seems to be in elder scrolls 5: Skyrim. It has just caved in over the centuries, leaving only that part accessible. Blackreach actually runs all the way under Markarth too.... And due to the recent instability from the eruption of the Red Mountain, it could mean that, theoretically, Markarth could be swallowed up by Blackreach at any moment. ...Just like Arkngthamz was. It is mentioned that it stood right above blackreach. Before most of the city collapsed.


Damn good to know! One of my favourite playthroughs, i used an alternate start mod and woke up level 1 in a tiny single room house in the middle of blackreach. Fighting and finding equiptment and escaping blackreach such a fun twist. Character fell a little flat after i did escape and did more normal skyrim stuff, but ill never forget how fun it was, scavenged leather boots and falmer bow, finding a single pair of bracers off a human slave, finally finding a set of armor (the falmer one) and an elevator to take me up. Perfection, and a really great start to a character


Sounds like a sick 1 off, rp as an escaping falmer slave


I love anything abandoned (Factories, Military Bases, Cities) so Dwemer ruins and their lore immediately resonated well with me. So Markarth all the way for me as well xD


i agree, love the aesthetics


Markarth has excellent aesthetics, but awful navigability. 10/10 architecture but 1/10 civil engineering and city planning.


You just haven't lived there long enough


I love Dwemer architecture but absolutely hate those Dwemer ruins


Yesss. Markath has that cool, ancient civlization aesthetic and feels fairly unique from the other major cities.




I love the snowy comfy feel of Windhelm


cant believe i had to scroll so far down to find someone who also loves windhelm. it just has such a cozy vibe


Not a city, but I LOVE Riverwood


Riften. I like how half the town is basically hidden beneath ground level, and I love the river that runs through the middle, reminds me of Lake Town


Whiterun because of the view outside. The mountains, the Throat of the World, and the weather that is usually better than in the northern part of the map.


> and the weather As Dragonborn you can fix the weather in a jiffy...


I like Windheld because that is what I imagine a city in frozen Skyrim would look like. It is especially immersive with the survival mode on, nothing better than to arrive after a long day of adventuring hungry, tired and cold to the inn and sit by the fire, read some books picked up while adventuring and listen to the bard before going to bed ready for what the next day brings. Whiterun to retire to though...


As a travel photographer in real life, I like Riften. But I would prefer living in Solitude.


Solitude, . Pretty place . Pivotal Point in most ingame questlines . Strategic importance. . Wide range of vendors and sellers ​ Whiterun, . First Hold the player visits in the game . First available purchasable property . Vast array of available followers . Starting point of most quests ​ Winterhold, . Another pivotal point of most questlines . Vast amount of lore . Mysterious ambience and story


Riften. I love the market area


Whiterun because I don’t feel suicidal trying to find everything


Sounds like we feel the same way about Markarth. I’m sure if I spent more time there I’d remember where things are. Eventually.


Solitude, it’s the only one my spouse doesn’t bitch about


Always end up as Whiterun being my home base it has everything you need.


And being at the center of Skyrim that you could access easily


Same. I feel so at peace in Whiterun.


Yh same. I have a connection with it cause its the first city u visit


Love Whiterun. Would love to work alongside Danica as a healer if it was possible.


riften cuz my homies in the thieves guild live there and cuz my man inigo likes it there.


Whiterun and Solitude feel like places I’ve actually lived


Markarth represent!


Yeah, there should be more love for markarth - most important surely for all players, it's the safest place from dragons as made of stone! - best house imo - cool history / lore with the storm cloaks and men of the reach - cool architecture and with a quest the depths below are guarded by automatons, falmer? more like no-more-mer! - tough city for my tough son of a b character


I use markarth as my man cave and solitude as a family house.but overall I think breezehome the best.


Whiterun is a classic and I love it but beyond whiterun I'd say Markarth orrrrrr Riften as they are both gorgeous


marky markarth and the funky forsworn


Why does no one like Falkreath, in my professional opinion it looks the best and is very peaceful.


Falkreath is the prettiest hold, but the town itself is just a dreary version of Riverwood.


I had never visited Falkreath before my current playthrough, and my first thought was "damn, discount Riverwood". Glad I'm not alone in that!


Ironic given that Riverwood is simply a town under Whiterun's jurisdiction while Falkreath is a hold capital.


I absolutely love Falkreath’s vibe. Not everyone enjoys the vibe though


Falkreath is currently like 85% of the top answers so I think you just needed to wait a bit for the sentiment to settle and be reflected


Falkreath Hold is mine. The town itself, not so much. But combined with Lakeview Manor and Riverwood? That’s the best place to live, even if Siddgeir is a little punk.


Riverwood is Part of Whiterun Hold, not Falkreath Hold. Helgen was part of that one.


I love it, especially when it’s raining.


I like it. It's...quaint. There isn't a whole lot going on in the town itself, but it's a nice enough place in its own right.


Whiterun. Layout is simple and easy to maneuver. Incredibly safe and other than nazeem and braith everyone's pretty nice. And your kids even say they won't play with braith because she's mean


Really unpopular opinion but I've always loved Dawnstar. There doesn't really seem to be any of the political problems, just people up there mining and surviving


Winterhold, because I love snow and the College.


Raven Rock all the way. Get to see Netchs all the time.


Riften is my favorite city & the Rift is my favorite hold. I love how Riften has the lake running through the town to form a sort of canal system, similar to Lake Town from the Hobbit. I also really like the marketplace & some of the citizens there. I also really liked fishing when I was younger, so being able to work at the fishery would be nice. The Rift is my favorite hold because, in my opinion, it has some of the best scenery there is in the game. The fall colors of the foliage is so beautiful & I especially like when it is sunrise/sunset in this area as the colors really shine more bright during those times. Honestly, the only thing that would hold me back would be the Thieves Guild, but I wouldn’t even mind joining up with them if given the chance to tell you the truth lol.


Unpopular opinion, but I've always held a soft spot for Falkreath, it's honestly so calm and peaceful. Sure, it has its issues and problems, but the city itself and the forest around it has always been my go to place to just relax and listen to the rain or thunder if I've ever been playing and feeling a bit down. It gives me really comfortable vibes and it's always where I end up building my house with the Hearthfire DLC.


I’ve always loved Falkreath as well! The sigil is so beautiful, and the surrounding terrain is great. I really wish the city had been fleshed out more.


Unpopular? Literally the top comment lmao


Solitude looks amazing with most ENBs and that arch is dope.