My longest air time is listed as somewhere around 8 seconds and i'm perpetually confused as to how that happened given the 5 second air timer haha. I guess it could've been a big gap where i bonked something halfway through, resetting the reset timer but continuing the air time but still, 8 seconds is a long time 😅 Having said that, my game stopped counting time played at like 145 hours and that was a good couple thousand hours ago at this point, so maybe my game's just a bit confused lmao


Same man, I have a 10.63s air time and I’m not sure how. My guess is like yours that I hit something mid air like a rock wall that resets time since ground touch but at over 10 seconds, I would have tapped twice?


Oh that's true! Over 10 seconds is such a long time too lmao, that's absolutely *huge* air 😅


I’ve noticed my game only seems to add playtime when I engage in a spot or do a challenge or something. Free skating or career without actually having the game “save” (the blue loading circle) doesn’t seem to accrue time, for whatever reason


Yeah you have to save. When I’m done sessions I’ll change my characters deck setup so it’ll save. My stats get updated but not my playtime.


Mine stopped at around 145 years ago too yet I certainly have 1000s


You’ve never skitched?


Every time I post my numbers this comes up. 1000+ hours played. Never skitched.