How does Glenn become a worse coach with better players?


He actually has to try to coach when our stars are out. When Embiid and/or Harden are in, his game plan can just be “give him the ball and let him cook,” which is…not working so well for us


As a person who sometimes cooks I can tell you that it is often helpful to have a recipe.


I really don't think this is it. We have really solid depth on this team in actuality. When stars are hurt and guys get their chance, they do very well. I imagine there was actually *less* coaching and scheming around Shake Milton and Paul Reed than there is with Harden and Joel - Shake and co could just go out there and hoop. This roster has flaws for sure but at the end of the day I still think it could work with the right scheming and rotations. We can't iso by default, we need bread and butter plays. And we can't have more than 2 slow unathletic guys on the floor at once. And we need to have at least a single guy who's capable of guarding NBA guards on the floor at all times.


maybe because harden is washed


Not sure why you’re being downvoted. It’s becoming more and more noticeable the longer he keeps playing


he just came off of a major hamstring injury, finally had an off season to rest, came back looking like 90% of Brooklyn Harden, then got injured again and just played his first game in a month. it's still too early to definitely say he's washed. has he declined? absolutely. but he's not definitely washed


not washed, but will never be remotely close to 2018 harden and that’s what we bought into essentially


2018 Harden was never what we tried to buy into imo. we bought into 2020 Brooklyn Harden and needed exactly what Brooklyn Harden offered as a floor general


he can’t even make a pass to the corner rn dude


i was just throwing it out there, it’s not like i want to believe it’s true


You could mean it, I would like that. Then 76s can trade harden away like to Minnesota instead Gobert. I'm not a fan of harden with embiid. Because harden like to play fast, embiid like slow. Harden+giannis vs Curry+embiid would dream match.


Harden definitely doesnt like to play fast


He always play fast before philly. The previous two of his coachs were mike d-antoni and Nash.


shooting early in the shot clock does not mean playing fast


D’Antoni also just didn’t run the 7 seconds or less offense with Harden. That person is full of shit


That almost is the definition of play fast. Move fast isn't play fast though. Harden didn't run fast but he make play fast, especially in motion, that was what he did in first year in Houston too. They played the fast pace in the NBA under machale with Jeremy Lin and Parsons. Remember the famous small ball match of rockets vs warriors? How can they play small if they were slow ? 🙃


You never watched him before and it couldn’t be more obvious with this comment


I have been rockets fan for 20 years. 😎


As desperately as I want a championship I got like zero connection to our team anymore outside of Joel and longer term, Maxey. I don’t even know how it would feel


Yeah I feel so disconnected from this team. They play boring basketball even when they do win. Reminds me of the Horford team where you knew the ceiling was maybe a 2nd round exit and it was just joyless. I’m checked out


this team feels exactly like Brett's last year. People are just waiting for it to end. But now we're even more without options


I hate to say it, but the most enjoyment I had this season was watching the games when all our stars were out. Actually enjoyable basketball.


seriously. most of this team just feels like a bunch of randos in Sixers jerseys. I loved the dudes on some of the previous teams, but when there’s this much roster turnover after year it gets kind of impersonal


I went to that Hawks game and that was a blast. I love Harden on paper, but maybe Embiid and friends is the answer. I was having more fun watching the bench lineup the last two weeks than I am now watching iso-fest 2005. I feel like Harden for all the offense be brings is a sieve on defense.


We lost because Rivers refused to limit James Harden's minutes coming off an injury.


To be fair, James Harden was pretty terrible tonight. He was not the 2nd best player on the team, that was Tobi. Harden was just along for the ride, shooting up bricks.


the turnover at the end where he missed the guy in the corner by a lot especially stands out


Harden's best contribution this season was getting injured, he's been ass because he's old and done




Dude I don't know what games you have been watching but he is still pretty damn good. Safe for last night, he was averaging a triple double. His FG% could use a little help but don't hold one game against him. He was a major reason we lost last night, especially with those turnovers at the end, but he is also a major reason we have won when he's been in.


> Safe for last night, he was averaging a triple double lol, having to go into Westbrook territory to defend a guy isnt good.. FG% and 3P% both pretty ass this season, and the Sixers are the no 1 defense when he doesnt play and just an average defense when he plays..


In a parallel universe: “We lost because Rivers refused to play James Harden more minutes”


Glenns biggest fan^ Harden didn’t look good tonight, and is coming off a month long injury. nobody would have complained if he played 25-30 minutes.


I want him gone too…


Thank god I stopped watching at half. First game I’ve tuned into for a minute as well - and I have league pass just for the sixers! This team is absolutely pathetic. Incredible roster + depth but potentially the worst coached team I have ever seen. They don’t play team basketball! Always with the hero shit and that will never win you a title. I cannot believe they haven’t gotten rid of Glenn yet. It’s true institutional malpractice at this point.


They were playing team basketball when they were limited though. Now that Harden and Embiid are back, it’s the iso heavy no movement offense again.


Yes dude - that is the entire fucking point. A real head coach makes sure this does NOT happen. A real head coach puts his/her players in the best possible positions to succeed. A real head coach schemes beautiful sideline-inbounds plays and nails them into his/her players heads at practice so come game-time, execution is flawless. A real head coach practices various rotations throughout the regular season until he/she figures out what works so the team is prepared for the playoffs. Like I’ve said 57 times throughout the last 4 months - we have a DEEP fucking team. We have a TALENTED fucking team. So many of our pieces fit so well together - we could probably throw out 5-7 different productive lineups. But glenn refuses to adapt and he refuses to make his star players play team basketball. It’s been the same story since the beginning of his tenure here, and we are literally playing the same brand of basketball we were playing at the end of last season when we got harden. IF IT’S BROKE, FIX IT - god damnit. SO frustrating being a sixer fan this year.


Preach. I'm still convinced there's a version of this team that'll work but it'll take a lot of effort to unearth it. I don't know if guys in the locker room are headstrong or if Doc is just terrified of disgruntling them. But cmon, we can't let Joel and Harden iso 10 times per quarter each, nor can we play PJ legitimate starter minutes like he's 26 years old. Obviously he had no problem being cut throat with Harrell or House so keep that same energy with the rest of the team.


Who remembers the Fire Glenn billboard idea by the stadiums and who’s still down to chip in with me for it?


Is it possible to pin a fundraiser at the top of the sub? Idk how mods would feel but that would get funded in like 2 days


Clean house


Draws up a play for a 30-foot buzzer beater in a tie game... just Glenn Rivers doing his thing.


We sacrificed the Sixers for the Phillies to make the World Series


And we sacrificed the Phillies for the Eagles Super Bowl win 🤞


And Trea Turner worth it.


Why get all the way to x2 OT to play your bench at the end?


Biid fouled out, Maxey out hurt, Niang out hurt, harden first game back playong nearly 40. Who else do you think should.have been out there?


Fire his ass. Also everyone who called for Brett to be fired, I blame you.


Brett was out of his depth too. Now our fault they hired someone worse.




That’s my sole issue with the fire Doc crowd. 75% of the users who spam that are just Brett stans using this an opportunity to pretend like Brett didn’t completely lose the locker room and actively tell the team staff and players he didn’t want to coach Jimmy. Like the leash you all give Doc is 1/20th the length you gave Brett. Reality is Doc is frustrating but look at his track record. Watched Ben piss himself and have a mental breakdown that has been brewing for over a decade. Ben shoots 40% from the line and we win that series. Best team in the East that year. Then he gets Embiid hit in the face and out the first two games against Miami. All in a much harder conference now. Like I’d be up for objective talks about Doc’s weaknesses but they’re not available. It’s mostly Brett stans with literal brain dead takes. You can spam fire Doc all you want but mention Tobias and it’s vitriol. This fanbase is too obsessed with their original guys. It’s the biggest weakness in the process from a fanbase perspective.


So here's the thing with Doc/Brett. With Brett, we tried running a Motion Offense without any guards. Right now, with guys like Harden/Maxey, etc I'd kill for a Motion Offense.(whether Harden would actually execute it or not is a different story, but he's a high quality guard so it could work.) With Doc, his kryptonite and what makes him a terrible head coach is purely his lineups. So let's go back to the Hawks series, which he had more of a hand in then people think. We're up by 26 and 18. And in that game 5 in particular, we go on a run with George Hill, Tyrese Maxey and Ben Simmons. We were running and gunning on the Hawks headed into half time. You'd never see that particular lineup for the rest of the series, even though there was clearly something there. Speed kills and it could've killed the hawks. And the Embiid injury? You're up by 30+, game 6, you're up 3-2. 8 minutes to go in the 4th. It's over. Take Joel out, and none of that happens. Doc just isn't able to utilize lineups, he isn't able to develop the young talent that you had, you waived it for no reason. He's worse than Brett. What Doc has lived on for his whole coaching career is getting to coach superstars to regular season wins, only to fall short every year. Well now he's falling shorter than ever, enough is enough.


I don’t necessarily disagree with you on a lot. Honestly, our weakness is sad cause it’s a hard truth. It’s hard to win in 2022/2023 with running a offense through your center.


I don't think it's a build around thing. You put Joel on the block for example, and 27 of 30 NBA teams are going to come calling. The Sixers would be able to get the dream haul that the Nets wanted to get for Durant, honestly at this point it's a serious discussion that has to be had upstairs if you think you can't fix things. From a Joel/Harden standpoint, it's a 'want to' thing. Does Joel want to set hard screens and do the little things as a center? Or does he just want the big highlight numbers and stuff like that? Harden is the same thing with his dribble-iso package, when honestly any half-way competent PG can do the job. It's a shame we missed the opportunity when we had the chance, but De'Aaron Fox while being a flawed player in ways is exactly what the doctor ordered. Chaos and speed, and playmaking. Can you imagine a Fox/Maxey back-court. Transition scoring would actually be a strength. Maybe kind of steal Quickley from the Knicks or something. Find some hungry dudes at the deadline.


Bucks, Lakers, Nuggets, do it, no reason why the sixers can't. Embiid is supposed to be the best center in the NBA.


I love brett brown and I have no doubt he’d have this team playing better while having developed far more young talent. But he was a mediocre X’s and O’s coach (besides ATO’s) and was slow to adjust. Sixers went from a middle of the road coach to a legitimate bottom 3 coach.


It’s not a coincidence that Brett is not a coach in the NBA anymore.


He’s an assistant coach with the Spurs. He’ll probably take over for Pop when he retires. It’s probably his dream gig.


Lmfao if you think he takes over for Pop


How’s Doc working out for you?


We were still paying him until this year. I'd take a 2 year multimillion dollar vacation too


Fire Daryl. Fire Elton.


They all need to go.


Clean house. If you believe this is all on Glenn, you’re an idiot.


Bro Maxey still to this day would not get any playtime if Ben was still in Philly. Glen is the coach, you know, the guy that the team practices with? How can he not know the best rotations for the team? We blow two 30 point leads to the Hawks in a playoff series and because of Hack-A-Ben. The logical thing to do would play Maxey in the last few minutes? Right, if your being logical, your now a better coach than Doc. Didn’t the MVP Jokic sit in last few minutes in playoff series because he can’t defend?


I told myself, well at least there's no mention of jokic in this thread lol.


Probably the best thing to happen so far this year is our backups getting a chance to show they aren't scrubs that Doc is unable to play. We know this team has depth and loads of top tier star talent. It's the chemistry, rotations and play calling (or lack thereof) that is killing this team. Yes there are severe flaws, such as lack of athleticism, speed and rebounding. That wasn't as much of a problem when our backups were playing the majority of the game and playing inspired defense and hustling their asses off. Shake needs to get regular minutes that aren't all over the place to be effective, and that's not happening under Doc. Likewise, Tobi is most effective when he is featured with the backups and doesn't have PJ next to him. So of course, Doc plays Tobi the majority of his minutes with PJ, and as a third option behind Harden and Embiid. It just makes no sense, Tobi is another iso heavy star who needs the ball in his hands, and can't play next to another slow small forward since he's way too slow himself. None of Doc's rotation decisions make sense, and that's before you get to the god awful iso centric offense - that's another essay worth of misery.


Daryl can go too


When Maxey comes back from injury and gives us a win. "OTHER GAMES DON’T COUNT, OUR SEASON STARTED TONIGHT"


Truly is a bum


https://youtu.be/H_TebKQudhs This but Glenn Rivers


Same excuse for every loss. Making ourselves look pathetic. Go out and beat the lesser opponents that's the game


Harris/Tucker/Embiid doesn’t work. Too slow. Yet they open and close games together. Doc might be able to take these guys in a foot race.


So my bet of over 51.5 is done right :(


There's no team basketball culture rn. That's easily Glenn's fault


A coach with NO offensive plans at all. Please just fire him right now!


Fuck that dude


Does Goc Rivers shoot 4-19 in the game?


No, he has many more misses than that


Fire Glenn but also fire Morey. Who thought it was a good idea to go all in on PJ Tucker with a 3 year deal? He had one alright year with the Heat and now they’re stuck with him like they were with Horford.