“I’m just here for the SR” *proceeds to dive bomb and wreck half of the field on T1


The ones that don't really like racing, only winning


People who come straight out the pits full throttle miss the braking points of every corner, couldn’t reach an apex with a 30 foot pole and use other cars as their brakes. Coz that’s how they learned on gran turismo


The angry racers.


The ones that put their bumper just inside your car and don’t yield for the corner even though they are no where near going to pass you and cause an accident, goofs.


People who want to thunderdome 2 man enter 1 man leave every corner, you'll find them randomly about to be lapped by you because they already 50/50'd on 5 corners with people and lost.


The ones that enter and quit because they spun out....and cant win. The ones that babble and chat on the com's during the race! (talkin bout you AC discord leagues)


Those that treat sim-racing as real racing in terms of ambitions and willing get dirty to get victory and those that treat real driving as sim-racing in terms of “I did it in a video game, I can pull it off in real life with a first attempt”.


The "Oh it was netcode bro" type of sim racers, they make excuses to avoid put under fire for their own actions on track.


the "it's a SimUlaTIoN not a game" racers


“Immersion, I am an f1 driver!”


That's because Papyrus marketed it as a "simulator" not a game..


Dive bombers and dirty bastards


Divers for sure


The „I turn ABS off on GT3 cars“-type


The ones you don’t know yet. I’ve come across very few people I’d peg as “bad people” in sim racing. Like any hobby or interest there will be bad apples, but for the most part it’s been overwhelmingly filled with good people. That interaction goes both ways.


"Bro I'm so much quicker than you, stfu" as they miss every apex, out break themselves and have 3x as many off tracks as completed laps.


People who spend thousands on a sim rig and a PC that can run sims but then complain about the costs of some sims. Like you've spent the annual income of citizens in some countries on a hobby and then you complain about the costs to use it to its potential.


​ 1. I'd rather have a Fanatec CSL Elite or CSL DD and play ACC, AMS2 and RFactor2 than have a Logitec G29 or TM150 and play IRacing \[Mid-Range Sim Racers\] 2. There's a difference between value for money and objective price. Paying 200 quid for good Load Cell pedals or getting an expensive motion rig for thousands is worth it. Paying 100 quid a year to play not just a sim, but a sim with a sub-par grip and physics model, and paying 10 quid per car when there are DLC packs for other sims with average costs per car of £2.3 (GT3 Pack RFactor2), £1.7 (GT4 Pack ACC), and even £1.2 (GT3 Pack RRRE), just simply does not make sense for me. The amount of money I could spend on Iracing for a year of GT3 on the main tracks (Spa, Monza, Nurburgring Nord and Laguna Seca) with the most popular GT3 Cars (911 GT3, Ferrari 488, Lamborghini Huracan EVO, Audi R8, BMW M4 GT3, M6 GT3, AMG GT3, McClaren 720 GT3) combined with an annual subscription gives me enough money to buy a new Fanatec wheel or to upgrade from CS standard to CS Inverted pedals.


Iracing's physics model is far superior and forget about the competitive aspect. There's no comparison.


Some people don't like iRacing, you really need to get over that!


So basically those who complain about the Iracing business model?


To be fair iracing has a very crappy business model


It's a subscription based model that pays for the servers and protest system along with future development. It costs me about 80 dollars a year. That's the same as a months TV and internet.


Sure $80 a year if you don’t buy a single car or track and sit out on several races due to it. If you have the money to enjoy the game then good on you, but it doesn’t change it being a predatory business model.


Most people after a year or so have pretty much all the cars and tracks they run for each season. Fuck off. Predatory. What a load of shit. Look if you can't afford it. Don't feel it's value for money or whatever your reason then that's fair enough that's your decision but iracing including all the content is a rounding error when compared to what I have spent on sim racing and for me it's easily the best value in terms of time to money spent of anything I pay for. My issues with iracing are numerous (although it's still the best) but cost isn't one of them and it's the same for anyone who actually plays it regularly.


That may be but it’s also the most popular multi player sim. So clearly enough people don’t mind it.


Which the market clearly agrees that the business model is fine given its popularity.


I think it’s more the fact that there aren’t really many other racing sims on pc that have an actual good online racing matchmaking system.


I mean that's more of a black mark on all the other sims. iRacing has existed for nearly 15 years at this point. Multiple sims have released new versions and haven't even tried to address the most glaring deficiency of "racing against others". It would be one thing if iRacing came out of nowhere with their structure but there are genuinely iRacers that are younger than iRacing.




Blind people. It’s tough to nail the apex when you can’t see it.


As a half-blind guy, I will have you know I hit approximately 52% of my apexes.


Thems some pretty good odds in my book


My race was ruined, & suddenly I don’t know what a blue flag means. These people ^


XYZ cars are too easy to drive. It should be harder and more on edge.


Forza. Week 1. Turn 1.


T-cam users


dudes who never heard of sim racing until the lockdowns, went out and bought all the top dollar gear, act like experts and get routinely mad that they're 7 seconds off the pace


The ones that leave their nose in and intentionally wreck you just because they you didn't leave them space when they think you should have. Especially when they are wrong.


Aliens. You can't catch em.


the people who race in carx