Do you agree with the rankings? (Source: GLITCHWAVE)

Do you agree with the rankings? (Source: GLITCHWAVE)


I would put dead space or dead space 2 over soma but yeah not bad


Sh4 gets no love


I love it. It's arguably better than the games after 4. Shatter Memories is okay.


I like sh 4 more than 3.....


I really like both of them, but in different ways. SH 1-4, I love each one of these games


Same!! I've never seen anyone say this.


Me too


sh4 is held back by repetiveness and that damn water puzzle. even WITH a guide i was ready to quit. still enjoyed it but wouldn't call it a GOAT




The first half of Silent Hill 4 is excellent, but once it turns into an escort mission where you constantly get swarmed with nearly unkillable ghosts, it's a bummer.


I was actually surprised by how good Eileen took care of herself tho, she'd beat the shit out of the monsters most of the time without taking much damage. It's a shame she couldn't keep up most of the time, but since she could fight and actually translated those writtings for me I didn't hate her. Just had to save up on some candles to cure her poop sweat a little bit and it was good, got the good ending. The escort in SH2 was absolute ass tho, it's pretty short fortunately, but I made the mistake of playing that game on hard mode once...oh boy...Maria walking in front of me right when I'm about to shoot a monster with the shotgun and getting killed immediately was frustrating as all hell.


I feel the opposite. Maria’s AI didn’t bother me, but Eileen annoyed the living piss out of me. I would keep trying to run from enemies I didn’t need to fight and Eileen would run right toward them and start fighting. Even with enemies that couldn’t be killed. And for some reason she couldn’t be bothered to just run by a threat, so I had to keep going back over and over and taking damage just to get her through a freaking door. Really frustrating. I’m sure their AI are equally bad but there’s not nearly as many threats with Maria and you can basically take out all the ones in SH2. Eileen will literally try to scrap with ghosts and wall monsters I’m like “tf you doing??” Lol


I think if you unequip her weapon she ignores monsters and stay close to you, I didn't actually know this when I played but in retrospect it makes sense. I figure I didn't have much trouble with escorting her because I'd usually fight monsters, aside from ghosts and dogs, and so I didn't have to deal with the frustration of her not keeping up with me and she'd actually help me, it turns out the combat system in SH4 is actually pretty easy when you figure it out, enemies can't damage you when you use a "power attack", using melee weapons would save up a lot of ammo and I'd usually keep a gun with at least ten bullets just in case. Also, maybe I got lucky she didn't fuck up that much when I played, maybe the AI in the pc version is different from the ps2 version, I dunno, but to this day I still think she was one of the less shitty companions I had to babysit in a video game


Huh yeah idk. I played the PC version and her AI was really frustrating, but maybe just for my playing style. I actually thought Ashley from RE4 was way less painful but I hate babysitting missions in general. I didn’t view it as a problem in SH2 bc it’s such a small part of the game.


Why Soma is top 10 is beyond me. It’s a great game I’ll give it that, but it’s primary strength is in its existential philosophy. It just feels miscategorized is all


It's a psychological horror game hiding under a bunch of unnecessary action. Still its one of my favorite games of all time.


both amnesia and soma are, pretty much every game from that company


Idk, Soma just hits different and I absolutely loved it. Can't say the same about Amnesia.


Unnecessary action? Can you explain why you feel that way?


The monsters are very poorly explained and are the weakest point of the game


Fair, they could’ve been done better. And I’m a fan of Soma and it’s monsters


How so? The game explains what the WAU is in detail multiple times, and that basically explains where the monsters come from.


Well I mean things like how some monsters are sensitive to light or sound or line-of-sight. I also felt as though you're never going to appreciate the full context of the story just by playing it, because so many things go unsaid (things like how >!Simon basically got stuffed into the body of Reed just to power up the site!<), but that just makes reading theories around it that much more interesting I suppose


Well, SOMA got to me so bad I had chest pains one night, had to put the game down after that. No movie or game has done that before, not even Subnautica.


Right? I remember only a few sequences of Soma that seemed scary at all. Creepy atmosphere and good storytelling but not really scary.


I know the monsters got cricism for this game, but I actually found the game scarier than many other horror titles I have played, in part because the story and world building was so strong. The level of immersion I experienced made everything in the world more 'real' to me and thus, scarier for me at least.


Idk. Soma was way too predictable.


Tbh I would personally add: Extermination, Silent Hill 4, Obscure, Fatal Frame 1, Dead Space, and Siren.


I see you are also a man of culture.


This rankings only shows that whoever made this is a fan of SH and Resi. It’s a shame no The Evil Within 1, Eternal Darkness, or Amnesia. But opinions are overrated anyways


eternal darkness is easily one of the most underrated horror masterpieces, I wish it was released on other platforms


Eternal darkness is easily in my top 10. But The Evil Within..... I despise that game.


Why do you despise The Evil Within can I ask?


It's just my opinion, really. The gameplay is not really my thing - the zoom in when aiming. It gave me motion sickness. I think the way they handle the difficulty is kinda unblanced as well. That aside, the story-telling at time feels like they're unsure of where to go, and the writing is just horrible. Don't get me wrong, I am a die-hard fans of survival horror, and Resident Evil and Silent Hill is my all times favourites, as well as games like Forbidden Siren, Fatal frame and etc. But something about this game just didn't click with me. I still remember I was trying so hard to finish the game after halfway through the game. I enjoyed TEW2 better than the first one. What about you? What's your opinion about the game?


It's supposed to be a little whacky and you're not really supposed to take it completely seriously. It's a homage to the bizzarist action of certain Res titles and the arcade Survival Horror of days gone in Japan.


Yeah, it's pretty spot-on. I would probably put Fatal Frame II over Soma and RE1 over Alien: Isolation (and of course, SH1 over RE1make), but other than that, it's a solid ranking.


I’d swap Soma and Alien Isolation, then trade Alien for either Siren or Rule of Rose.


forbidden siren \\m/


I was thinking the same. Or Haunted Ground.


Silent Hill 2 Is one of my favorite games ever, but didnt scare me as the xenomophorb did in Alien Isolation


From an objective point, yeah looks about right. For me personally… SH3 is and always will be number one!


It’s impossible for rankings like these to be objective.




It's number 2 for me, even though it's the game that got me into the series


What the fuck does an objective standpoint mean, and how can you look through it. You develop some kinda third eye or something?


An objective standpoint on a non objective ranking like this is to take into account what the majority of people would think. Meaning I can acknowledge hat SH2 is the most profound game in this ranking for most people. When taking my emotions and personal biases aside I can see why and acknowledge that this holds true. Personally I can still disagree or simply like something else more. Shouldn't be that hard to comprehend ;-)


No Fatal Frame (PS1)?


Fatal Frame was never on PS1 Fatal Frame II is on this list though


Oh yeah my bad lol. Yeah PS2, the very first one. Super scary…


Silent Hill 1 should be above Resident Evil (Remake?), hell I’d put SH1 above SH2 to be honest. Still, third place for the best SH game isn’t as big a crime as I’ve seen before.


I would replace sh1 with 4 and move it under three, and replace alien isolation with haunting ground but thats just me


Haunting ground?! Didn't even know it's a game. Imma check it out.


Yeah its kind of in the same vain as rule of rose where you arent going to play it outside of an emulator for less than 700 USD but i love it


Idk which duo I love more, Fiona and Hewie or Jennifer and Brown


I loved Alien Isolation tho


Thats fine, i just thought it was okay but im glad you enjoyed it. It had a good atmosphere i just thought there was too much locker hiding


I prefer SH3 over SH2. Story isn’t as complex, but I prefer the gameplay. SH2 is way too easy, and the frame rate tanks when more than 3 enemies are on screen on the PS2 hard difficulty


I mean i like Silent Hill 2 a lot and it’s the most famous one but I don’t know… it gets boring with it’s backtracking. Silent Hill 3 should probably have first place. I noticed the people that at least I know who love Silent Hill 2 just like it cause it makes every top 10 list or a video essay they watched talked about the story.


Darkwood tho, the atmosphere is crazy


Darkwood is like a top 3 horror game for me and I have like 65 hours into it, but it’s super hard to get into. Still if easily call it the best indie horror game made, it’s just so good.


I'm really agree!!


I’m just glad Soma is being mentioned and ranked well, it’s an incredible game and science fiction story.


Didn't care for Soma at all (and it's definitely not survival horror), and I don't feel RE3 was good enough to be on any top 10 list, but otherwise not a bad list. ​ It's missing Eternal Darkness, though. Some people mention Siren, and while it's one of my favorite games, it definitely requires some commitment to get full enjoyment out of it.


Resident evil 3 is way better than alien isolation I like it but hot damn that game drags on


I'd do a bit of rearranging, I also have never played fatal frame 2 or the original resident evil, so I think I'll take those out of my list if I've ever made one, I also only got to play the hd version of silent hill 2, so I haven't got to experience the original silent hill 2 yet.


I would add Amnesia: The dark descent


Never played that one either, I need pc right, I'm hoping to get it one day, I know nothing about it and I really want to play it horror is my favorite game genre


Fatal Frame II is definitely one of the greats, although it probably helps to have an affinity for Japanese mythology and culture going into it. Pretty sure Amnesia is on all the systems these days, so it's not PC exclusive.


Good to know for amnesia, and one day I hope to play fatal frame 2, but it's pretty expensive, I preordered the remastered version coming to ps4, so at least I'll be able to play that, it'll be my first experience with the fatal frame franchise, and hopefully not the last


Do be aware that Maiden of the Black Water (FF5) does heavily draw back to the characters and story of the first game, so you might want to just go Wiki that since you’re going to be spoiled anyway. Otherwise, things are going to seem weirder than they’re going to seem anyway… God I love Fatal Frame. Shame on this list.


Well I did play silent hill 3 before 1, so I don't think I have much of a problem playing maiden of black water before the first 1, I'll most likely probably be confused but I think I'll be fine


I don't think Amnesia counts as survival horror, though, just regular horror. I'm probably splitting hairs, though.


Agree but replace 2 with silent hill 3 for me


Seeing that RE4 isn't on this list, no. Also for as much as I love SH2, it the least scary Team Silent game, so I would put SH3 over it with it barely beating out the orignal.


RE4 isn't a survival horror game so it wouldn't be on this list.


if #2 is re remake I would remove that from the list and put original re in its place and I'd also put silent hill 3 at #2 but otherwise yeah decent list.


Nostalgia may be blinding me but I think my top 5 are 1. Silent Hill 3 2. Silent Hill 2 3. Resident Evil 2 4. Fatal Frame 2 5. Haunting Ground


dead space should definitely be on here


I'd put Dead Space, or Amnesia over SOMA and Alien


Subnautica should half somewhat seriously be ranked on this list, I wish more games tackled fear of the unknown.


Hot take I think visage should be on this list


LMAO at placing Soma above Fatal Frame II, Alien Isolation and the OG RE1 and RE3.


If Soma is anything like Amnesia, I'd throw it out of the list. That's the only one I can really comment on. Besides that, it looks like a solid 10! I'd heard so much about how amnesia was creepy and scary. I delayed playing it for ages, then when I did and the first monster appeared and got me...I then realised they never respawned and that killed all atmosphere. At worst, you die once, then creepiness over until the next monster is supposed to appear. I'd replace Soma with a Penumbra game. Same dev I know, but those games I really did find creepy/scary.


I could never get into Amnesia, and I really tried. Too much time spent in darkness unable to tell what the hell I'm looking at onscreen, and too much time waiting for monsters to go away so I can get back to getting lost. I get that darkness is the point, but I just could not suffer through it any further than the mines/prison/whatever in both of my playthroughs.


The monsters dont always despawn on the first death in Amnesia. Sometimes the game lights some torchs, makes the monster spawn someplace else, etc.


Where the hell is silent hill 4 hello?


Omg I agree 200% with this ranking


Wish Amnesia: The Dark Descent was there


Everyone talked this one up and IDK by the end I was tired of it. The monsters are all essentially the same (just run and hide) and it’s kinda cut and paste (go to point A and get this item so you can make this potion). I didn’t bother finishing it. Plus the “insanity” effects made me nauseous


I like Amnesia but it’s very overrated. It’s a combination of it being a streamer bait game plus it releasing when there was only action horror games being made.


I have to agree. As said in this thread, there was a degree of luck of it coming out when no other successful games were doing what it was doing. I think it had a few strong moments, but I'm not sure how many people actually finished the full game, vs people who watched streamers or played the earlier segments of it. It really became a chore for me to get through by the ending, for example. Its strongest moments I feel like are midway through, and it goes downhill from there.


I’m glad I got the full series for $3.


Silent hill 2 is best horror game ever, absolutely!


Sh4 first place then Sh1.


I would put SH4 in top 10


1. Resident Evil 2 Dualshock - 2 protagonists with different sets of weaponry/ story branch


I really need to play Resident Evil series. I have only played RE 4 and I loved it.


The original first Resident Evil probably doesn't hold up too well today if you didn't already enjoy it back in the day, but RE2 should still be a solid game for any newcomers (as long as you don't hate tank controls).


disclosure: I have both RE2 & Silent Hill in my phone (ePSXe)


Noted. I played Silent Hill on my phone as well. Time to get RE2.


I would like SH4 in this rank, but is a good one


SH2 and REmake are tied for first for me and then I would switch RE2 and SH1. Other than that, I’d agree with this list


Soma shouldn’t be in the top 10. It’s good but it’s more like amnesia than a survival horror game like resident evil or silent hill


wheres re7


Exactly, feel like it matches the original in the horror aspect


Nah, SH2 isn't even the best SH game. 3 annihilates it in every way. Soundtrack, monster design, level (area?) design


Im not sure if Alien Isolation deserves to be on this list, it has an amazing first half but it gets legitimately easy once you get it. Like, after the two hour mark I didn't die once, on the hardest NG difficulty.


A:I is amazing survival horror. How is it easy? On Hard it’s pretty freaking hard. I didn’t die a ton but definitely had plenty of oops I hit this bucket and now a xenomorph is putting its tail through my chest


Idk, maybe I had crazy luck or something but I felt like I had the xenomorph down to a science just using that motion sensor and lockers lol, I never used the crafting or flamethrower cause it was unnecessary


Soma sucked that game was boring and not scarynat all. Really. Soma sucked.


i disagree with REmake being 2nd and above re2


SOMA would be at the top of the list for me. I really love that game.


Fatal Frame 2 and Resident Evil should swap places


SH3 > SH But I guess 3 can't exist without 1. I just know I've replayed 3 WAYYYY more than 1.


SH: best psychological horror RE: Best video game FF(or PZ): Scariest Just my opinion


I honestly think Soma is deserves to be top 10. Maybe not a 6 but I loved that game.


Sorta. And its mostly semantics. Id remove SOMA for Amnesia Or Penumbra), Remove RE2 For FF1 or Dreadout, Remove RE1(Slot 2) for FEAR or STALKER, Remove RE3(Though it pains me to do so) for Deadspace 1 or 2. After those changes, id have to reorder the list. ​ I would also add a runner up #11 - Subnautica


For me number 1 has to be Resident Evil 7. That game is a masterpiece.


Drop Soma and RE3, bring in SH4 and probably RE7. One is a tedious walking simulator and the other is a fairly fun action game.


Wtf is fatal frame 2?


The lukewarm reception to Soma makes me sad. The ending of that game hit me in the feels harder than SH2 did.


I understand the GameCube resident evil is different (in a good way) from the original but why put the directors cut as just resident evil.


I don't think Director's Cut is on this list, and it's typically regarded as slightly worse than the original because of the character redesigns and the awful music.


It’s under Alien Isolation. And yea it is worse so I have no idea why it’s here Edit: there are 2 covers with the generic army guy and I confused it with the directors cut


I'm guessing they meant the original version then and mixed up the covers?


I wish some modern game could be in this top 10. It's been a while since P.T was released...


Re1 just a bit under sh3 imo


yeah i'd say its about right. good on alien being there. i havent gotten to 4 yet but im sure it deserves to be here tho


I’d put re3 before redx


This is the worst ranking i ever saw, sh2 works as psychological horror but not survival at all, a better example would be alien isolation as number 1 and sh4 as two cause it is genuinely amazing it makes you feel isolated afraid without ever going to silent hill


This is possibly the first ranked list of anything I've agreed with! Soma, man! What a game. And while I am one of the people who loves SH4, it just isn't a top 10 of the genre. 20 maybe, 50 definitely, but top 10, no, there's far too much wrong with its gameplay.


Pretty close to my list. While Fatal Frame 1 is really good, it's not as good as the second one.


I didn't know alien isolation was pretty great




I really love silent hill,really,but when it comes from horror I feel that it fits more as an aesthetic,only silent hill who scared me was 1,a good game but still a idea in developement(played only up to 3),I praise the story like a god and if you say pshcological horror,yeah I agree and SH2 will forever be at the top 3 games of all time no matter what,but survival horror,gotta give to resident evil and also darkwood,when resources are actualy a worry,unless you consider the busted hard mode on silent hill 2 but it just makes thing frustating and defineitly not the best experience,also I really don't scare easy maybe I am just broken inside(still deeply love silenf hill don't cancel me)


Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. YES!


Id put resident evil 2 at #2


SH2 will always be my favourite but I'd have FF2 at second. I could never play it for more than 30mn at a time (and only during daytime), it absolutely terrified me.


Silent Hill 2 never scared me one bit at all, that should be way lower on the list. None of those games scared me more than the first Silent Hill, so that's number one, probably SH3 after that, REmake, RE3 scares me a little more than RE2 because of the random factor, RE1, SH2, haven't played the others. EDIT: Oh yeah, Alien: Isolation scared me at first, then just got frustrating and I never finished it, so towards the bottom with that one, though I do still appreciate a lot of things about it.


somewhat yes




I definitely think a Clock Tower game should be in here somewhere. I’d vote for the Super Nintendo one, but the 3rd one is a trip too.


I'd put SH3 above SH1 (and honestly tied with SH2), and kind of weird RE3 is below RE original to me but that's opinion. Soma shouldn't be on this list though, great game, it's not survival horror


Never played fatal frame. That should be Sonys next big remake! I hear TLOU is being remastered again. Why? Is it just for PS5? The remaster on PS4 is great!


It really depends on whether you’re ranking on what games are the best survival horrors or which is the best game that happens to be a survival horror


i'd put SH4 in SH3's place but thats my personal opinion :p


Solid, I don’t think SOMA is top 10, I also think SH1 and SH3 are above REmake. There are a couple other things I disagree with, but nothing too major that I want to go in depth with.


change soma and alien isolation with "Dead Space"


Replace one of the RE1s with dead space and we’re good.


Where are the Siren games. The first and second one


I personally like 3 better then the rest


Amnesia should have been on there. Either way, I'm just happy Outlast didn't make it, such an overrated casual game. Jump scares and loud music *eyeroll*


I'm playing silent Hill 2 on my PS2 for the first time, and it deserves the top spot


😎 we at the top baby


i’d definitely put SH3 and RE2 higher.


where tf is dead space?!


Not at all, I think the only part of this list I maybe agree with is Silent Hill 2 at the top, but if we're judging it based on how good they are as survival horror games, I might rank it lower


Glad to see Fatal Frame II getting some love! I'm into more cult stuff like White Day, some of the Clocktower games, and Dr. Hauser.


Just replace Soma with Dead Space and it's a competent list.


Low key hated SOMA tbh. I’m not sure why people rate it so high nor why it would even have a leg to stand on against RE and SH.




Also Outlast should’ve at least gotten a spot on this list over SOMA .


Alien Isoation but no amnesia?


I don’t know about alien isolation and soma but the rest is about right in no particular order… -forest gump


I have a PS4. And an upcoming bday. Where should o start? I have A:I, as well as RE:Code Veronica for Wii, and RE: Nemesis (not a fan). Also have SH: Shattered Memories


I was hoping to see haunting grounds on that list!


Yeah, I feel like Dead Space deserves a ranking, and Alien Isolation should go before Soma. Otherwise I like the list, just don't agree necessarily with the order. But games represented are good :). I really liked Prey and Village a lot too, just saying xD. Oh shit and Until Dawn was decent AF for survival horror. What about Dead by Daylight? Lol it's very short survival sprints xD but still hahah.


Where is resi7? It may not be the greatest r:e game but it’s one of the best in terms of spookiness


Outlast or Outlast 2 could probably replace soma


I don't disagree.




As long as SH2 is in first place im happy.


Resident Evil 3 Nemesis deserves to be higher up, also prefer silent hill 3 over the first one


I would swich soma with Amnesia, and Fatal Frame with The Evil Within.


Also in terms of scaryness I think both SH1 and SH3 is scarier than 3.


Not even close, where is Bubsy 3D?


Soma shouldnt be above alien isolation its a walking sim.


By faaar Silent hill 4 the room is number 1 for me


I was actually considering giving Soma a try tbh


I'd argue that Soma is not a survival horror game at all.


I would have had deadspace and eternal darkness somewhere in there


No. Silent hill 2 P.T Silent hill 1 Soma Silent hill Shattered memories


Sh4 deserves a spot here


I’d put REmake at the same level of silent hill 2, for the rest I agree


Sh3 > 1 and other than that I can't say much because I haven't played most of the other games (although og Re I don't think belongs on that list)


Where is dead space? Soma is great so far and I just stated amnesia not sure how I feel just yet…


Nope. Dead Space and The Evil Within aren't on there. Personally I hold Silent Hill 2 as the best survival horror game ever made. Then Resident Evil 2. After that....it doesn't matter to me. Those are all good games on that list but it's definitely not my ranking.


No, we'd need to swap SH1 with SH2. (SH2 is overrated, great game, but poorer controls than 1 & 3 and an offshoot storyline). Swap RE1 with RE2 or RE1 remake. And after SH3 put Alone In The Dark 4: The New Nightmare. Now it's fixed!


I’d personally put no.2 as silent hill 3,and then no.3 as Resident Evil REmake…other than that everything seems somewhat right


I don't think SOMA is scary at all.


I’m surprised Resident Evil 4 is on here at all, you could say it’s action, but there are undoubtedly many survival horror aspects, the ganados are pretty off putting the whole mob mentality and the Regenerators in general are creepy asf


The fixed angle 2d background ps1 RE games will Never be on my top list


this is one of the worst lists I've ever seen, silent hill 2 will always be 1, nobody denies that, but the rest of the list is dumb as hell, how is re1 above silent hill 1, when even silent hill 1 (only scary factor, everything else is better in silent hill 2) is scarier than silent hill 2, soma should disappear from that list and add either forbidden siren 1/2 or clock tower, alien isolation is fine, also, how is re1 twice in the list?