I talked to my self from another reality through my hand one time


I feel like if all is one, particularly in the spiritual sense (and I disagree with the whole spiritual vs material thing because again, all is one) then an entity isn’t really a distinct thing It’s a manifestation, a corporealization of something within that hasn’t been united with the whole


So no


My gf says she talked to one her first time when. I was the sober babysitter and it was creepy for me to see. She was having a normal ass conversation with a being that said it was bored and had been there 1000s of years. She got annoyed at it and told it to go away.


An Aztec visited me during a trip once. He looked through the house and looked at my clothes and seemed impressed but told me that he was in fact a god and that I should have the place a little cleaner for his next visit. He politely commanded respect


Are you Hispanic


Yes but from many generations ago. My family is originally from Spain so an Aztec god isn't going to be too thrilled with a decendant of conquistadors. I'll never forget how I felt that I was connected and he came to visit through me. Specifically through me personally. He was as wild and as dangerous as a panther. That was a good trip where I may have taken to much lol. But it connected me to something ancient and something wild from the earth. I'll never forget it. I should tidy up and do it again soon.


Not till after I broke thru on dmt. Now I get em almost every mushroom trip.


You have to be formally introduced my guy!


I haven't but have heard that it can happen. Non-physical entities that you can "sense" when you're tripping due to the heightened awareness that the mushies allow. I'm determined to experience it myself.


don’t be determined you’re forcing it then every time you take them just sit back and float away ride those waves and ride that trip because each trip is a new story and if you ride it and let it create the whole story it will come to you one day ❤️ safe tripping fellow astronaut


Haha, nice man. You are totally right and I appreciate it. Safe travels out there.


great travels my friend


Had sort of a telepathic conversation with one on acid


Lol that sound awesome


Yeah that night I was no longer an atheist. Next day got the lsd molecule tattood on my arm.. saved my life. In other ways than just that.. the entity helped me to see what I would look like(dead) if I kept going down the road I was. It shocked me to my core but I changed my life around. I now have a house, wife/kids, and good job instead of selling and doing drugs.




I often get the yawns and get sleepy on the come up. I always wondered what would happen if I took a nap during a trip.


I did see some shadows out of the corner of my eye a few times but it was only at my old apartment. I tripped at my new one never seen a thing ever again so odd to me.


Oh yeah. I’ve been in the cosmos with them. It’s incredible. I’ve had breakthrough experiences on some wood lovers. It’s now what I seek.


When I take shrooms I think of the mushrooms as an entity. Like an alien kind of. When I trip I think of it as the shroom god.


I can see where it may be more possible to encounter one, I’ve seen the life force of trees and plants similar to an aura.. telepathically communicated with nature and have had internal monologue without me controlling it answering questions or commenting on concerns I’ve had.


Once while I was admiring my close-eyed visuals I began to see a forest of giant mushrooms and hiding between the stems were a bunch of Gnomes that were looking back at me with happy faces. Not sure if that counts as an “entity” but it definitely felt like I was being watched lol


I fell into a gray digital room and this bald entity flashed into my view, grilled me on "what I knew!" "What do you know?!!" Me: Nothing!!! The question was asked three times. It was if it was attacking my arrogance I have towards aspects in life. After I answered, fearfully, the room burst into ocean and green island type fractals with the most beautiful feeling and sight I've ever felt and saw. It was like I passed a test in an interrogation room. The first time actually having a real vivid experience with an entity. Amazing stuff, really.




Did they tell you anything ?


read Colossians chapter 3 and i didnt


thats the last comprehensible thing i remember


Yes I experienced this. Absolutely crazy saw it in front of me trying to get inside my body after about an hour I had insane clarity of who it was


I swear I saw aliens one night off a few tabs and a couple lines, and maybe a few beers lol. Never saw anybody on shrooms but 100% on dmt full sized people standing in my room with me.


Yes I regularly see entities with CEVs on 3.5 to 5 gs


Whenever I trip on shrooms it feels like someone else is there with me but its not an entity i see just an entity i feel


Yes, I saw them, they saw me and they were NOT happy that I saw them.


What happened next?


Not much. I paced back and forth through my house having a bit of a breakdown about immenent climate catastrophy and how fucked everything is. Not one if my better trips.


Just your mom


Friend said he saw gods when he took too much shrooms


He was texting me freaking out. He was somewhat coherent so i was like cool maybe i could help then he sends a voice message “broo idk whats happening idk whats going on, idk who i am, im seeing everything, colors, heeeelp meeee” soooooobbbbing and i was like oohhhh shit. Friend ended up driving to him to give him a xanax from his stash. He came back to the party like it never happened. He was neither barred nor trippen. Told me he saw the water god and was praying to it to end and saw other gods and bunch of other shit


Lol noo wayy I had a similar experience like that too my first time 😂


On LSD I had a long conversation with my subconscious, and it was fantastic.


One came to me the other night and showed me Babylon


Sup rastaman! Have you tripped listening to Mike Love?


I managed to have a chat with "jesus" while on my first lemon tek. I don't believe in god or jesus an awful lot so that was interesting


I huge Sikh goddess belly dancer lady made of kalidascope. Her body was evolving like her face would split open and another face come out of it. She was flirting with me and blowing me kisses. Made me cry


I saw two Shaman one time on 5g they told me I was in the presence of others who have not revealed themselves to me.


The best part of my trip I could see these cute colourful protogens, bobbing their head and tail in time with the music. It was a magical experience


I had a telepathic conversation with dennis mckenna on one occasion and a conversation with alan watts on another.


Not sure honestly.


A couple times for me. In the form of a maternal figure






Yes after 12 grams of dried Z strain


None that could be proven by others or when sober xD