ok so im at work rn but i took 4 grams of shrooms so i think im going to get fired

ok so im at work rn but i took 4 grams of shrooms so i think im going to get fired


Did I just see you said you think they're azurescens? Wow good luck dude lol. If you really have to to not get fired just say you shit your pants. No employer will ever even question it or say you can't go home. Personally I've never had to use that one but it's always in my back pocket. No pun intended


I gotta admit, that sounds like a pretty fool proof plan 😂


Until your boss asks for a picture of the 'disqualification' in your shorts. I was asked years ago, so he got the legitimate pic. But it did actually happen. I have Crohn's and I get a flair up from ingesting shrooms (ironic I know) sometimes.


That's pretty fucked up that we even live in a time where an employer wants picture evidence of shit in their employees pants. Just why


You are asking this question literally under the discussion about what to lie to your boss after taking shrooms.


Yeah but this dude just regularly shit his pants undrugged. So...


Do you smoke weed? And if you do do you find that it helps the Crohns?


Not the person you are responding to but also have crohns. Personally I wouldn’t say it helps (as in reduces inflammation) but it definitely helps with pain management and appetite.


Thank you for your input! That’s good, I’m surprised it doesn’t help with the inflammation, maybe a higher cbd strain would help better with that?


Try cbd oil if you can get it.


Exactly this. I take 150-200mg edibles daily for anxiety, appetite, and insomnia. Those things contribute to more Crohn's issues so thc and cbd helps that. I rarely smoke, as that makes my upper digestive tract more irritated and coughing in general is painful.


That's such a weird request. Either the dude has a fetish or a seriously fucked up idea of boss employee power dynamic. If an employer ever asked me to show them my soiled underwear I'd be telling them to suck my dick.


Saying this would likely give them power in the situation. If you really wanna fuck um up, just say “you’re making be very uncomfortable, is this sexual?” And then the tables have turntabled. Nailed it.


That’s when you realize your boss sucks and you look for a new job.


That's pretty fucked up that we even live in a time where an employer wants picture evidence of shit in their employees pants. Just why


Just smear Nutella in your undies if dude really wanna see a pic


I envy people on this Reddit lol, I have Ibs and taking shrooms fucks me up on the come up, can’t imagine doing them at work.


Yeah there's no way I will ever trip anywhere far from my own personal bathroom. Because I have made some pretty horrendous messes that I have to own and clean up sometimes. I'd say that's my only bad trip times. It can ruin the rest of the trip too.


I can confirm this works I sent an employee home no questions when he told me😂


Lmao this fuckin guy! Can i ask were you able to smell it? Or you think he was just shitting you?


He said it was just a shart fortunately could not smell it


I dig your username\mm/


I dig your username\mm/


Works like a charm, can't help feeling shitty for lying though!


This wouldn’t work for me as a nurse, they’d find me a change of clothes lol


This. Especially if you work in food service or handling, vomitting and diarrhea are the magnum opus of I-dont-want-to-be-here excuses


If Dock Ellis could pitch a no-hitter high on LSD, you can flip the fuck out of these burgers. You got this shit, kid, you’re gonna be a fucking legend come tomorrow.


hype rn thanks


You’re fine man! Just don’t talk about crazy shit!


It's not crazy to say that everything is everything. Them's just the facts


Whoa! Total mind blow 🤯


It's tommorow. Can we get an update it your a legend now or not?


How's it amigo?


This guy hypes.


Love your energy 🫀


A tab vs 4 grams of shrooms are vastly different experiences lol. I like your positive reinforcement though!


Idk, one of the best trips I've ever had was from just a tab, you never really know how high the dose is till you take it


Buy the ticket. Take the ride.


You ever read Kitchen Confidential? If Anthony Bourdain (RIP), one of the greatest chefs and minds of our time can work the line at a French restaurant in NYC on coke, heroin, or LSD you can do this brother


I loved Anthony Bourdain so much. I still feel upset about his death.


And if bill walton can trip all day everyday of his life we all can


Hell yeah.


That has to be a great feeling🔥




And if bill walton can trip all day everyday of his life we all can


Hell yeah nice comment !! And I’ve watched that documentary of him pitching a no hitter !! Awesome


You should be a hype coach bro. I was all thinking he should leave but now you got me wanting to take some myself and go flip and trip burgers with OP.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG2SPjcKM4M Todd Snider wrote a great song about this




ong homie


at some point tonight, you will figure out why the ice cream machine is always broken and fix it. 🤣


Because it's built to fail because repairing the machines makes more money than selling the machines. Recently there was a legal case between the company that makes them and a company that makes an add on that makes them easier to repair without calling in a technician


We will watch your career with great interest ...


My friend used to work at a Taco Bell where everybody was fucked up all the time so nobody have a shit, and he took 3.5 on his walk to work. (this was like his second time). He made it about halfway through his shift then he went for a cigarette break, wandered off, and the next thing he remembers is snapping out of a daze in the woods lying in the snow still tripping balls about 2 hours later and just went home after that. No memory of how he got there. the best part is, he lives in the city so he had to walk like a good couple miles just to find any significant woods 😭this was last December and he kept working at the same taco bell for a couple more months after that. He said it was an amazing trip tho 🥴


I think your friend was visited by something


Expand, what makes you think so?


Idk why you got downvoted. I’d like to know what he’s talking about too lol


3.5 grams is considered a high dose, especially for someone doing them for their second time. When you take that much, you can have mystical experiences. I think he was suggesting that OP’s friend was maybe visited by a spirit who guided him to the woods or something like that lol


Oh i see thanks for the clarification!




He’s lucky to be alive. DAMN.


i think they azurescens


Just say you’re sick, works in my country. If not just enjoy yourself as much as possible, otherwise its a waste of a job and a trip. Atleast enjoy the trip id say


This is the way. A lot of employers can’t tell the difference between delirium from drugs or being sick.


Hahaha you just reminded me of my DXM days. I used to do it the night before work and sometimes I’d still be feeling it at work. I would just tell my co-workers I was sleep deprived and they thought I was hilarious cos I was acting really weird. DXM is fucked lmao don’t do that shit at work


i used to do that shit at school all the time, shits fucked


Bro that made me laugh so hard reading the title. I love it. Be careful and good luck man. Got any music back there too? I hope it's been an enjoyable experience! I took a gram or so today for work. Welding and mushrooms are a fun combo lmao


THIS. Only thing I’m scared about while welding is the UV frying my eyes Bc of big pupils


Wear both your safety glasses, **and** your auto-darkening hood homie(so you don’t forget to flip the lid), and it’s all square, turn it up a shade or so if you need to see better with those expanded pupils. Sure does make me more consistent and my hand more stable when laying a bead. The sharper vision helps me see the puddle better too.


i went to work and took 1.5g on shift (busboy) no one found out lol idk about 4 tho..


I can barely put together a coherent sentence off 4 lol


I can't connect how my hands are connected to my body in 4.


Das tuff


Right, shit your pants, I was a manager at bk an that was my go to resource when I HAD to dip, No questions asked. Go enjoy you're trip instead that stress. Make sure you tell all you're co workers about the poo, best part about a lie being believable is an embarrassing details. Boom they may never let you live it down, but at least your spiritual experience is yours.


How many times did you tell your boss you shit your pants?


My boss:GO to a Doctor


what’s your job


i fucking flip the patty in mcdonalds🤣


that’s doable you got it man


no i on a smoke break rn but my throat wont let me inhale the ciggarette smoke


That’s the shrooms given you a sign my man. Put down the cig, drink some h2o.


Literally though. The only time I had ever quit smoking was after my body rejected them on shrooms.


Shrooms kept telling me to quit smoking (weed) but it was an LSD trip that convinced me. I think it’s cause I was smoking so much around that time that I had no choice but to listen that time around, but it’s magnificent how anti-unhealthy shit psychedelics can be.


Shrooms made me dislike alcohol a lot more than I used to, and I’m very thankful for that because it’s been a destructive substance in my past. Weed on the other hand, I still loooove smoking weed, especially while tripping. To your point, it is wild how shrooms can get you to quit unhealthy habits. It’s one of my favorite qualities about them


Don’t get me wrong, I still love weed, I actually haven’t been perfect at quitting and scraped my grinder a few times since. But I’d definitely been using way more often than I needed to be, and I’ve been looking to have a better relationship with the herb. Ideally I’d just be eating edibles.


After tripping, my fiancé and I hate drinking now… it’s great but sucks because our friend group drinks a bunch.


Yeah I love eating junk food, and meat, but on psychedelics the only thing I can stomach is fruit and vegetables. Anything else disgusts me and even hurts my stomach because I become hyper aware of digestion.


Shrooms told me to switch to edibles.


Fr after several acid trips and my first shroom trip after those I literally can’t eat fast food or junk food anymore, my fridge is literally just Trader Joe’s produce/healthy snacks now


That would be ideal, honestly I’m more interested in doing that than quitting forever.


Hey same! I was a smoker for ten years, but quit after one shroom trip. Not my first time getting shroomy, either, nor did I go into it expecting to quit/having any sort of intention to. I just remember reaching for them, and my entire body felt this vivid wave of nausea. The idea alone of smoking made me feel like retching. I didn't smoke at all for the rest of that night, or from there on out. Wild. I cannot explain it other than the mushies somehow rewired my brain and made my body reject cigarettes. Have been a non-smoker now for almost five years!


That’s incredible. Congratulations!


Same, stopped smoking shortly after first trip and never looked back… weird but amazing


that’s so cool! Congrats on quitting. Longtime smoker here. Sadly, I still smoke but actively conscious of trying to quit. I think it might be time for another shroom trip for me…lol.


If they ask about your pupils tell them you went to the eye doc and they put some drops in them for a test and you’ll be Gucci


or you can say youre prescribed adderal




I went to work at McDonald's tripping on acid one day, you got this!


then youre the most sober one there


While you're in the stars can you please ask those patties what they are actually made of? You may get an answer... Bro 4g of Az's doing ANYTHING IS A LOT. I really want to hear how this all went down tomorrow.


Remind me tomorrow!


You got this




not fun xD


😳😳Keep us updated brotha


i will the flame on the grill is fucking neon 😭


You can do it! I'm sending my good vibes to you for your positive energy spirit bomb.


apreaciate it folk


Post is 5 hours old, I can’t wait to hear an update.


I once dropped 3 gel tabs and then got a call from my manager that I was gonna get fired if I didn’t show up (forgot I had work). I didn’t wanna get fired so I showed up and worked as a cashier for 4 hours. I was TRIPPIN DAWG shit was wild all the customers were looking at me and I was tryna do math and it just wasn’t working in my brain so I kept messing up. I bet they thought I was one of the disabled ppl. You’ll be fine just be low key and have fun, I sure did


1.5 hits acid as a pizza delivery driver back in the day. Too weird for words, but I made it through. Got tipped pretty well. Definitely DO NOT drive while high. I was a dumb teenager.


I feel like a fucking hero battling my mind as I do basic coordinated tasks...like driving, cooking, or squeezing mustard out on a hotdog lol all on pretty low doses, so I have no idea how people go to work taken multiple grams of normal potency stuff.


So did you mean to take them at work or got called to come in while you were already tripping? 🤔


I shut my phone off before tripping. I once answered a call from my mother while coming up. I told her I was feeling really sick and wanted to end there, but no, you know moms when their offspring claims they're sick. I'm not sure how long we talked but she said I talked 3 times faster at times and extended O sounds. Like "heymomsorryifeelreallysicklikeimgonnathrooooooowup" yeah never again.


If a mans gotta be flipping bubgers he should at least be vibing while doing so -Socrates




Came here for this


This greatly hinges on whether you have light or dark eyes. My bright green eyes do not mesh with giant pupils in public.


You will be fine bro, I working as a chef for years and did that shit on all kinds of crap… drunk, high, tripping balls, molly, coke.. a mix of it all 😂😂 just enjoy, try to talk to as little amount of people as possible you will be good 👍🏻


This guy knows what's up. At least half of the employees in the food industry working tonight are fucked up on something.


Unpopular opinion: taking shrooms and going to school/work/something that requires responsibility and attention should stop being glorified. It defeats the purpose of it seeing as you could get in trouble/lose a source of income.


Facts. Tripping at work sounds like an awful idea. I’d enjoy the trip so much more after work lmao and not in that scenario


I feel like since shrooms can amplify feelings id have a mental break down at work lol


Who here is glorifying it doggie dog? All I've seen are people telling him to say he shit his pants. One guy said that if he worked at mcdick's he'd go to work tripping too, which isn't exactly "glorifying" it


You just proceeded to say a popular opinion


No ones glorifying it... except me, its fuckin great you just gotta be responsible with dosage


I can’t believe how much disrespect some people show psychedelics.


Either way you’ll be fine. Enjoy the ride!


either try and get out of it or just relax into it and try and have a nice time! no reason it can't be fun, it's literally all about your mentality. work sucks esp mcdonalds but if you put that aside and try to be mindful, enjoy some visuals and do some thinking while muscle memory takes over you can have a good one bro. worst case scenario though come back here and tell us if it ain't going good, we gotchu bud 😂


You got this! Just act natural and question others lol. Like, you okay Dave? Answer: psh yea! You? You got that mushroom confidence baby🤙🏼😎 Avoid direct eye contact lol. Maybe rub your eyes often lol. Shit that meeting with the boss will be tough. Wish you well friend. Don't panic! You are the master of your world


About 3-4 years ago I worked at Subway(one of the busiest in our area due to its location). The night before I had to work I decided to do about 500ug of L. I did the L at around 10 PM and had work the next day around 9:00 AM. Enough time to sober up right? Wrong. After being up all night I had to take on a lunch rush that went out the door(These rushes lasted around 2ish hours, 100+ sandwiches out the door). If it weren't for my muscle memory(I had been working here for about 10 months) and my ability to keep a straight face pretty sure I would have gotten caught. It was also super sketchy because I had no idea how dilated my pupils were so I just kept my head down and tried to avoid as much eye contact as possible. ​ You got dis!


Depends on your job. Grocery store? Probably okay. Surgeon? HAHAHA


If you were on a full 4g of good ones on my job, I'd personally walk you off the jobsite, call you a moron and tell you to come back the next morning with all your marbles.


Forgot about getting fired. I'm not sure how one could handle the ego death while at work.


I've always learned that the best way to solve any human related dilemma when in an inebriated state is to vomit profusely at the first sign of a tense situation 🙂


Lmao who gave this a wholesome award


I recon next time don’t take mushrooms before work


You good now fam? Did you get fired?


Yeah same


Fuck bro I took a weaker tab of acid at work and had to just tough it out in a meat cutter and was tripping out getting slight visuals and felt hella unsafe just had to hide in the bathroom occasionally


i might have to


You’ll be alright homie


Sooo....then what happened? You can't leave us at a cliff hanger I wanna know how much fun it was


Tell them you are sick and go home.


Lmfao did you make it though my man?


If somebody tb u high or sum punch they shit out so you don’t have nun to worry bout


Why would you think this was a good idea


you are not gonna be able to enjoy that. why did you do it??? you couldnt possibly wait until you were home?


Obviously that was my initial thought too but c’mon dude pointing that out isn’t gonna help anything haha, that made me anxious to read and I’m neither at work or tripping


I get it though, sometimes you just want to hop on a roller-coaster but add new stops😁


Yeah, but then you realize the roller-coaster is a snake and you’re a bug riding on its back, and Valhalla is real, and you forgot to drop the fries.


Right, I had anxiety just reading that and I'm just high. No nice.


To be fair, if I worked at mcdonalds I'd also go to work tripping.


If I worked at McDonalds I wouldn’t go to work not tripping.


I mean shrooms are gentle enough I think you could work just fine Edit: Wow you and nu hippies are upset. Sorry I don't think mushrooms are as debilitating as you guys do


on 4g? aint no way op could concentrate


He also said he ate azurescens. So Thats basically like eating 10 gs of cubes. I kind of think he's trolling. I can't understand why someone would do this. Even if I worked at McDonald's. Doesn't sound like fun to me.


Oh I didn't realize he said azurescens, that is a bit. But I mean overall what do they do put patterns on shit I mean I love shrooms. But they're not that crazy


They can be. I've also wasted trips trying to maintain so a random neighbor I ran into wouldn't realize I'm tripping. If he can somehow accept that he wasted shrooms and will be stuck at McD's through the whole trip, then OP will be okay.




If you make it through those shrooms weren’t shit lol


I worked at an Albertsons bakery accidentally high on pcp laced weed. Nobody said a thing. You’ll be ok.


So how was it? Probably learned a lot about yourself.


Nah, trust its definitely possible. If employers could tell when everybody's high then they wouldn't have anyone working for them. Definitely popped a couple beans to get through a shift before, so 8 think you're chilling.


“It’s all in your mind. Stay calm. Try to ignore this terrible drug” - HST


Tell us how its ends!!


If you were on a full 4g of good ones on my job, I'd personally walk you off the jobsite, call you a moron and tell you to come back the next morning with all your marbles.


I used to microdose when I worked at a dog daycare like once a week lol. Hope everything is going well friend


So, are you a pilot, or what?


How’s it going mate?


Hopefully you're a astronaut


Yeah. No fucking shit.


I’ll be watching for ya in r/tooktoomuch , have fun 😂


I need an update


So what happened


Play stupid games...


Y’all abuse mushrooms on this subreddit. I couldn’t imagine taking 4g and heading to mcdonald’s to work, I would get so fucking depressed at my position in life I know that shit would spiral out of control if it was me. Good luck.


Hey man you don't know his feelings on his position in life. It's all relative


I didn’t say he would react like that. I said that’s how I would react.


Either way I wonder if he finished his shift lol


Used to roof house in a factory. A friend and I took a hit and a half of acid each and were unstoppable that day lmaooo who the fuck knows


Is this a flex ?


When I was 15 years old I took an eighth of shrooms at work bussing tables at an Italian restaurant. It was before a Saturday night dinner rush in the summertime of a beach town. Was it a good idea? No. Did I regret it the next day? Absolutely fucking not. You got this, kid. Make Terry McKenna proud!


Holy shit! That’s exactly how my 1st time eating shrooms went except it wasn’t an Italian restaurant but my friend and I were toasted. If we didn’t work there for a year and I have to say we were the best busboys ever so that was a huge benefit, like seriously if there was an Olympic competition we’d gold medal in every event! I’ll never forget wiping tables and crumbs flying everywhere, bouncing off people’s backs, the trails of our blue wash cloths and white dry cloths on dark wood tables was mesmerizing. We split an 1/8 at the start of our shift at 5pm, 30 minutes later we split the other 1/2 of 1/8 and by the time the waiting list started we were wrecked. Now on a typical Saturday night we’d seat over 500 people on about 75 tables inside and outside on the deck, make our own setups with folding silverware inside cloth napkins and by closing time we felt like we just won a championship because we tripped our balls off and only a few people we told knew because we were so busy but laughed our asses off all night even though that wasn’t abnormal it’s just the shrooms brought it up 10 levels!


Jobs are replaceable, I hope you’re having a great time


Honestly I think you will be fine depending on where you work…they probably won’t notice. I know a lot of tech and biotech execs openly consume psychs at company retreats…


Lol you deserved to be


This kind of stuff is lame. Don't be lame.


I think most people working at McDonald’s are tripping on something:)


Makes me think of the time I ate 15 hits of acid before q third shift drive-thru shift at taco hell years ago. It wasn't fun.




ur an idiot looking for attention


Well, you made a stupid decision. Getting fired may be the right thing.


Idiots like this just love seeing their comments blow up. Otherwise they'd give y'all an update. Who knows..maybe OP was dumb enough and mixed other substances into his situation and freaked out. Maybe they're currently in a padded room


Probably deserve it Edit: If you’re tripping balls at work you deserve to be fired you dumbshits


I mean I wouldn’t usually disagree but does anyone really deserve to get fired from Mc’ds? Like, they probably have more OSHA violations than illegal boxing leagues do so idk if they get to have standards at all when it comes to employees. I worked at another fast-food joint in my teens and some people would smoke crack and do dabs all the time before work. I didn’t partake in the drugs but we did get an adult employee to buy us alcohol and we’d use the slush or machine to make alcohol slushies and drink during our shifts (evening, after the manager left). I was in an upper-middle-class suburb too lmao