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Did you buy it or make it?


I bought the all in one grow bag from Amazon and the spore syringe from spore works. I've done three or four now with zero issues. All in One Mushroom Grow Bag https://a.co/d/cOw9hEB


Any tips on using the grow bags? I put my spores in a week ago and I have some nice mycelium on the bottom of the bag starting to move up a bit. I still have tops folded down. What point should I mix it in the bag and when should I pull the top up? Also what’s the best way to fruit them once the whole bag is full? Sorry for all the questions but it’s my first time. Any tips are super appreciated!


Check out my previous posts. I posted a total grow timeline with step by step description of what i did. The grows have been super simple. Obviously not as quick or as much yield as the more complicated set ups but for personal use it's just fine. Plus way less chance of contamination and other common issues


If the mycelium is spreading in the substrate a lot mix it