Damn it sucks being short

Damn it sucks being short


Im 5'4" and 32 now and life is amazing. I live in the netherlands were men have an average height of 6'2" so I definitely stand out along with my asian features. Extra leg room would be one of my favorite things especially when travelling.


Bro chill, Jared leto is 5'9 trust me Ur fine


I'm 17 almost 18 and I'm 5'2. I'm not here to shit on your parade or anything, but to me I think being 5'8 is infact tall and I don't really see a big issue with it. I've come to accept my height, as there's nothing I can really do to randomly become 6ft, but being short isn't even that bad in all honesty. I get mistaken for being a girl cuz of my height and my long curly hair, but to me I just find it funny and I play into it. Might aswell get some enjoyment out of it. But I can see how it can make you feel like that and I just wanted to say, that try not focusing on your height and be you my guy. You already seem to be pretty cool, especially being able to skate, I suck ass at skating haha so I wouldn't be too hard on yourself.


5’8 is perfectly normal


Your height seems pretty average. Remember there are plenty of guys shorter than 5'4. I myself am 5'2 and I don't feel bad in any way.