That’s great, I’m so happy for you! Would you mind sharing what method you did to get into the void state?


i listened to this: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYxXNOwhp5c](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYxXNOwhp5c) i just ignored when she started affirming DR stuff and kept repeating in my mind: "I am pure consciousness" i've used this before but it never worked until I started focusing on my breath tho!


Just a sidenote for anyone not aware of it, this guided meditation is also available on spotify! It's so helpful.


CONGRATULATIONS! This is the only guided meditation that I have a lot of symptoms getting to the void by listening (the yt video you shared in the first comment) but I'm always distracted abt the DR affirmations. I was wondering how can you ignore her other affs and focus on one affirmation without getting distracted? And also, how does it feels like getting into the void state?


by the time she was saying the DR affirmations, I had pretty heavy symptoms (including dizziness/spinning) so I just kinda stopped listening for the moment. but it's hard to ignore sometimes, so I would just think: "after I get into the void, I'm going to my DR. I'm going to the void first, then my DR," then go back to my original affirmation. A part of being in the void is letting thoughts pass without judgement (or so I heard), so I kinda just went with the flow. a lot of people say that the void feels like pitch black, but for me it was pure white light (maybe because it was bright outside when I tried? idk). even though I was only there for a few seconds, it basically just felt like I was a part of a solid white screen saver if that makes sense? i also felt super calm and neutral most of all, I knew that I was in the void. when people say, "you'll know when you're in the void," it's actually true!


Amazing! Since going into the void and affirming results is 100% guaranteed immediate manifestation, did yours manifests after coming out the void after rapping your desires in the void?


That is amazing! I will definitely try what you did! Thank you for sharing you experience!


Void is pure darkness while being conscious like floating in deep space? If so i unintentionally always had this and always wake up terrified


That is not the void, it's a place of perfect peace and ultimate bliss. You have no body, no thoughts, nothing. You're nothing but the voice in your head and you ALWAYS get out of it feeling an unexplainably good feeling.


Did you feel your body or did you feel just like pure consciousness?


I did it before & you don’t feel your body at all. You can’t feel, you’re just pure awareness


I agree.


How were you saying affirmations and feeling your heart beat in the void state? Your mind should not be aware of your body at all.


yeah i wasn’t until i got too excited abt it and got kicked out