First they copy our intellectual property Now they copy our social injustices


Looks good to me. This is just the dutiful public servant of the CCP helping this distressed individual make sure his mask is securely affixed to his face. Thank goodness. It might seem a bit harsh, but these are the things we must do to beat Covid. It’s worth being imprisoned, starved, beaten, observed by drones, and unlawfully detained without due process, because if we stand together it’s worth it if we save even one life from covid.


Gave me a good laugh on my 43rd day of detainment.


What are you in for? I think I’m detained because one time I ran on a zebra crossing because some old lady almost hit me with her moped.


I'm detained because someone a block away got covid. Two weeks ago.


I am detained because my compound hasn't had a case of covid, but we live on the wrong side of town.


That 3-zone designation thing is working out great isn't it?


I flew too close to the sun by asking for basic human rights.


Why are you, and all of the other people in your “block,” not organizing and rebelling right now? Like every single one of you, get whatever you can to defend yourself and take to the streets. How has this not happened yet? 43 days? When will you decide to do something? Tomorrow? The day after? Will you just accept your confinement indefinitely until you are granted permission to leave?


It's really strange and gaslighting because everyone is acting like it is fine and normal, and we should just make cracks about it and "shanghai jiayou", it will get better. And it will. But that doesn't make this okay. There was a protest down the street but only to avoid a quarantine camp opening in the school across from them. I think most protests are just against the neighborhood committees (or max the Shanghai gov) rather than the CCP, and most people are more scared of covid than the party. That makes it very hard to start something. Also, Chinese people don't take well to foreigners telling them how to run things and would not listen to me anyway, rebellion has to be incited by people who are undeniably Chinese or it will be twisted against us and quickly put out. So in the next few days before my flight (I was planning to leave in July anyway but moved it up), I just don't want to get turned in for being a foreign spy trying to take down the CCP. Which is maybe selfish, but idk how to start a rebellion when everyone is just chilling compliantly saying shanghai jiayou and posting pictures of their hoarded food on their WeChat moments.


> Also, Chinese people don't take well to foreigners telling them how to run things and would not listen to me anyway, rebellion has to be incited by people who are undeniably Chinese or it will be twisted against us and quickly put out. A fuc*ing men. We need more of the sensibility on display here in this sub, even if it is a direct cause in your case of getting the [email protected] out of Dodge.


Holy shit. My condolences.


I don't know if you have any idea what kind of control the government has over people here. You couldn't get this of the ground before they'd take you away. Especially as a foreigner, you stand zero chance. We are guests here, not equals. Any person you'd include in a conspiracy can report you and you will never see the light of day again. It would take much worse hunger and starvation across the whole country to have the numbers to overcome the power of the government. Most likely the state would have to implode like the USSR and you would need the military to switch sides. All very unlikely for what most Chinese don't consider as bad as foreigners like to think.


You'd get deported, not disappeared. It's the locals who are in a giant demonstration of the prisoners' dilemma.


> organizing and rebelling right now? you first.




Don’t forget that also includes people dying from other diseases that stems out from this chaos. I’ve been hearing that a lot of residents are having water issues because of the sanitizing of the streets, rotten waste not being disposed of correctly etc. I think it’ll be hilarious if they create some other nonsense virus by locking the whole city down


The hilarious thing in your post is that you expected the CCP to have any kind of regard for human life and entitlement to any kind of human rights. Lmao.


> observed by drones The Panopticon comes to you.


Are you actually believing the bs that just came out your mouth ?


I think he's mocking CCP


Oh true. Didn't see it that way


Its sad we live In a world where some people actually probably do believe what I just said. This is what happens when the public is disarmed, physically and mentally. Majority brainwashed and the rest powerless, and the result is Winnie the Pooh running unchecked.


Lol it’s Reddit - people just don’t get it! Lol


[Poe's Law](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe%27s_law)


my chinese co-teachers mocked the US and the George Floyd situation... how the tables have turned... Guess China isn't so perfect after all


My Wechat is STILL full of George floyd stuff. I guess that this picture won't make it to wechat for long.




He is a cheater, but not deserved to die


I remember attending a client event earlier this year where one of the guest speakers was a popular financial/economics commentator in China. Partway through his talk, the guy invariably got onto the subject of the US and then somehow about George Floyd. He said Floyd would never have died in China because barely anyone uses cash here now.


We get mocked for having firearms too.


As you should, you psycho.


My access to firearms permits me to watch Winnie the Pooh without fear


Those are two of the most ridiculuous thing we see from europe #CurrentThings and #2ndAmendment. Yep. They go along. Your probems and solutions are untranslatable anywhere in the planet. Neither Italy, Nor China. And my grandad was going around with an handgranade to solve his post WW2 stall in Italy. We called him the deranged, funnily lovely violent man. Easy with his hands, quarrelling much. I can recognize violent deranged people from the way they speak and what they hold in their hand. My grandad was one of those of the 2nd amendment category. He would always get things his way though, eh. I grant that. But here in China is a completely different dystopia than the US with completely different absurdities and even more absurd people than americans, in a completely different way. You don't get people taking their concealed weapon off but might be taken equally arbitrarily away by unarmed but outnumbering police. And the survelliance on citizens is on par if not superior to the US.


Can you say more about in which way "absurd" people in china are compared to americans? And are such people widespread in the way that they seemingly are in america? I'm from Europe and don't have a lot of knowledge about China.


They aren't widespread in America. They just get promoted and broadcast, like the media tried to do with promoting Trump as a way to help Hillary. Similarly, we talk through our racial issues but [whites in the Deep South are somewhere between 3-10x more accepting of interracial relationships](https://news.gallup.com/poll/354638/approval-interracial-marriage-new-high.aspx) these days [than Germans](https://brilliantmaps.com/europe-relationships/). Politically speaking, assuming you take Trump & his clones as very successful grifters rather than anyone articulating a coherent plan of action, no one in the US is remotely as absurd in absolute terms as European neofascists or monarchists. China has 4.3x as many people as US, so it has more absurd people quantitatively and qualitatively. The ones considered antisocial/unharmonious don't get bullhorns, though. It's a black swan event if something like the _Voices of April_ really takes off. The nuts who get broadcast will be _fenqing_ angry nationalist youth, but even there the gov't usually keeps a muzzle on them unless they think there's political hay to be made against Japan, Australia, &c. Oh, and plenty of Chinese are almost painfully sexually repressed, with sex education consisting of bootlegged Japanese AVs. So that doesn't help, [as far as absurdities](https://i.redd.it/uq4w8aqj4nv81.jpg).


Sorry I guess my question was a little vague. When I think absurd, I think in the lines of people believing in QAnon and the like. Which I would say is far more widespread than it ought to be. But I was not so much interested in the comparison as to finding out what the mass crazyness in China might exist...


Those categories makes no sense to me. I would not answer to such a retarded questionnaire. That's so stupid I can only imagine a detached bureaucrat might have come up with something so ethnographically out of place. A geographical location, an arbitrary color, one expanding religion, and a conservative etnoreligion all asked with certain mistakes in translation or WORSE asked in English to a non representative subset of people not even getting it, pushing randomly crafted racist categories made in place far away like the US to justify the existence of their job/wage. Asians is ok colloquially, like black, jew and muslism. But there aren't such people. There are French second generation Moroccan atheist with their muslim conservative father and so on categories.


You never know who is a squeaker here. And so everyone is cautious to publicly say anything controversial.


I mean, they’re not really comparable. This is sad and stupid, but it’s very unlikely that the person on the ground in this image is about to be murdered. It’s also not something that systematically occurs on a regular basis to a specific group of people.


Just as likely to die as any other person. It just depends on a person's health to turn this into a "murder"


I think you completely missed the point of my comment. Either that or you completely misunderstood the events around Floyd


Paging Hua "*unthinkable in China*" Chunying and Zhao "*just have a good chuckle*" Lijian for comment!


Boom !! A nice size 6 boot on your head. This is first time this security guard has felt joy and warmth in his heart.


Been seeing a lot more of these Zhou Floyd pics lately


“For their safety “ from Covid though right?


fact:you Chinese? nobody cares


If he can yell I can’t breathe; he can breathe. /s


A normal day in China


welcome to hell my friend


Am I the only one who found this picture looks weird? What looks like a face but I can't see anything other than a blob of color


Pretty sure none of their cops are at risk of being prosecuted if a citizen dies as a result. One of the joys of living in an autocracy.


They are not policemen just security guards Shanghai security guards are shit


They will always "put the boot in" via a kick, stepping on the hand or head or whatever of anyone they manage to get to the ground too. I remember seeing a video of some dude stabbing people in Shanghai a decade or so ago, with a bunch of guards standing by, but not actively trying to stop him. Next thing a big foreign tourist punches the guy in the back, after which he goes down, and suddenly guards appear from all over, jumping on him and kicking him in the head and body until he's basically dead. Did they have to do it? No, the dude was down, and the knife was out of his hand. But they obviously decided he needed a good kick or 50, so all just let rip.




Fuck the shit China does not have human rights. The senior officials of the CCP are human beings, and the grassroots officials are slaves who serve these people. We ordinary citizens, if we are talking about "citizens", we are just domestic animals that they eat and strip at will.


are you here for trolling and pitchforking? this is a subreddit about shanghai specifically. circlejerking is accepted in other china-related subreddits but if this is not conducive to a long membership here.


You might be happier in r/sino.


you might have only that place left.


Happens to a black person: Everyone is crying Happens to a asian person: no one will care lmao


As an East Asian Chinese, we know that no one cares about us. We are just a show tool, used by the Western media when they need it


And they have that person mashed down in that nasty water in the drain.


You always have to wonder, is this also subtle propaganda by the CCP. I am not for one second suggesting it is but it definitely appears a kind of, "This is what happens when you mess with our system" situation ie, a warning.


They clearly didn’t hear the memo from the US


So why do some cops wear just the hospital mask while the disinfecting people have to wear full hazmat suits. Try and explain this away cee cee pee.


He's just trying to stop him from taking any more Fentanyl.


George Floyd


why everybody crussifing these cops? I'm not a CPP sympathizer but the cops do this here in America all the time too


If there is no crime, you are forced to take vaccinations, and you will be forced to lose your freedom of life and life supplies. Many people are forced to destroy the epidemic prevention because they will starve to death and die of illness. But the police are still violent, and I think it's a lot worse than the police in America




I have zero sympathy lmao