She never fit in.


I mean. Isn’t that kind of part of the whole point of her character? That she doesn’t fit in with the Gallaghers but chooses to stay with Lip anyways despite what his family is like?


True. I just felt like she was judgmental. I didn’t like when she asked if Debs would sell her truck for her family. Like sure! That is Debbie’s only way to make money. I was never a Tami fan


I just don’t think that every character needs to be likeable. The show is supposed to be kind of a dramatized version of real life. Lots of people in real life are abrasive, annoying, obnoxious, judgemental and not at all likeable. She also stays with lip through all of his shit, she bails him out when he fucks up, and she had a family that would have easily enabled her to leave him behind. They might not be the perfect fit, she might not be his most likeable love interest in the show, but she was easily the most committed to him.


I agree with you. We as fans can like who we like. I was just hoping that Mandy would have came back in Lips life. Like Mandy got all cleaned up and was on a good path in life. I was a huge fan of the earlier seasons of shameless. I also wished we got to see Fiona and Jimmy/Steve end up together. Once he got his shit together as well.


The truck she bought with her families money she stole that Fionna left behind for everyone? 🤣


yah debbie was selfish with the money. still has nothing to do with tami. if one of her siblings asked her to would’ve made more sense


The show is called shameless 🤷🏼‍♀️


Isn't that literally the plot of the show?


the worst one of all of lip's gf's imo. mostly because it entirely felt like she and lip are not compatible at all. like, i could feel the chemistry between him and his other exes but for these two i felt like they just secretly hate each other's guts.


It’s definitely not good, but if she’s the worst, I think you might be forgetting some early seasons


yeah karen was like pretty fucking bad


Is she the that fucked Frank?




partially. also the lying about the baby thing was uncool. and i liked mandy best, so i’m extra biased 😅


Mandy was the goth one that was bffs with red head brother right? Sorry it's been years since I watched.




hahaha yep. bffs with the gay one with all the problems. you should rewatch! you’ll probably enjoy it again <3


Accurate description


their relationship is a case lesson on how to settle


She's so normal compared to Karen and Mandy (the two of his exes that I think he had the mot connection with). She and him just don't mesh well compared to past characters which makes her annoying and kind of boring to watch.


Shouldn’t have been his endgame gf. They don’t click, at all and they put Lip into one of those “he’s gonna be with her bc he had a baby with her” situations again, expect the kid was actually his.


Isn’t that pretty realistic though? This happens to a lot of people.


Yeah, it is unfortunately 🤷🏽‍♀️ I just wish the character was her


Yeah. It'd be cool if they made that a plot point though


Mean and useless


She was never a fully fleshed out character. There was nothing particularly interesting about her and she had zero chemistry with Lip to the point where it was awkward to watch sometimes. I think the actress is okay but the writing did her no favors.


Lip deserved better in my opinion. There was nothing exactly wrong with Tammy but she wasn’t ready for the life that lip had. She lived her life completely differently, was a big reason for one of his relapses and got on him for not wanting to leave his family. I WISH they wrote lip with sienna being end game.


Yessss Sierra was the best gf imo. At the time Lip was toxic for her but overall I think he's a much better match than Charlie. Also I HATED how they made Lip basically simp for Sierra the whole season, and then decided that he's unsure if he cares for her because of alcohol addiction???


You cut hair, Tami.




Hate her


Mega bitch


Tami should have been a one night stand. She just doesn't fit. It feels like they were trying to hard to make her fit in with the family. She just isn't compatible.


She’s alright, just new to the whole poverty thing


It's okay, in my headcanon Lip moved on and became a world-class chef until coming back to his roots by managing his brother's restaurant in the south side of Chicago.


I love that show!!


i really liked her. she was emotionally aloof at the beginning, which i felt kept lip from having his usual commitment issues. would they have lasted if the baby was in the picture? probably not but i think them being in a couple made him push himself to be the best partner he could be. i think tami was a little mean and little out of place, but honestly matched how mean lip could sometimes be to fiona and his other siblings


Honestly yes! She was a bitch, but she pushed lip to do better for himself. At first I didn’t like her- but she grew on me.


If they didn’t have a kid together, her and Lip never would have worked out


Oh I predict in the future they break up. I can’t see them raising that kid in the same crappy neighborhood that lived in his family grow up in. That will definitely be a bone of contention as well as his addiction to staying poor-minded Southside.


I agree, but I said never would have because the ended the series together


i loved her. she’s definitely a bitch, but i think she’s what Lip needed.


Boring and bratty


It’s like they felt the need to replace Fiona. There was no need. The regular cast could carry the show and she served no purpose other than hey we need another woman now that Emmy left. Just poorly executed all around but that was the theme of the show after season 7. So I guess she fit in.


I really like their relationship because I feel like it’s accurate to a new couple who gets pregnant. While they more not have the firey passion they are choosing each other, choosing to grow together and raise their child together. I personally like tami i like her attitude and how she knows what she wants and doesn’t give a shit about anyone opinion and I think lip tends to be manipulate and takes advantage of his girlfriends


this is how i feel! i think she was exactly what Lip needed


Finally! People that get it 😅


She was the best foil to Lip. He used and threw away chicks—she was like him, a challenge. Take no shit.


I agree. I didn't always like her (still don't really), some of her words and actions use to grate me the wrong way, then I realized she's quite like Lip in that regard. Don't get it twisted, Lip is one of my favorite characters but he's still an ass. I think he needs a Tami. Someone else to call his bullshit. Smart people, really smart people, like Lip, can be very self destructive when left unchecked. Tami might not be the next member of Mensa but she's quick enough to get through to him, I think.


Awesome, called Debs on her bullshit


i liked her in the last season


Unnecessarily rude.. trying too hard to be cool ..


once I saw the lip relapse because of her. instant hate




I don’t know I didn’t like her very much. I feel like the whole show revolved around them in the end


A big C word


Exactly who I would see someone with Lips background to be with. He always felt the pressure of being the oldest brother/ man of the house/ genius so her take control attitude would have been welcomed. She also had the stable family life. But most of all, **she didn’t placate his feelings**. She set boundaries and left when she needed too. I applaud her for being *that bitch*!


She overstayed her welcome. She and Lip had no chemistry and she was just rude and boring.


Hard no.


I don’t mind her tbh. I don’t think her and Lip are a forever relationship but I think they’d be okay co-parents


annoying af they tried to make her mean in a funny way and likeable but she just came off as a bitch and trashy, if she hadn’t gotten pregnant they would literally never be together and why would they waste like an hours worth of episodes on sierra and lip if NOTHING WAS GONNA BE DONE ABT IT?? that storyline was just left with no conclusion. but i liked how committed she was to him, most of his gfs leave him after seeing his Gallagher side which I can’t blame them but I’m glad Tammy didn’t. i rlly could not decide whether she was the Fiona replacement or Debby was


She made me dislike her at the beggining, I mean she acts like she's superior to Lip. I'm not very sure if she really loved him and viceversa LOL


i really wish she would've just been a shitty fuck at a wedding. she wasn't interesting enough to become a regular, imo.


Like why is she even there


Her being with Lip is like Pineapple being on Pizza


she was so bitchy all the time


She’s not a bad character on her own, I don’t really care about her but I don’t like her and lips relationship, they had basically no compatibility and the only reason they stayed together is because of the baby


i really dont like her as a person/character at ALL. and she has no chemistry or rlly good bond w lip and they were just forced together bc of a baby and i feel like lip could do sm better and the fact they’re canon is like :/ …


No one will ever compete with Mandy.


Ugh I *hate* Tammy. Her and Lip have zero chemistry. It’s so awkward to watch.


She was a basic bitch and extremely uninteresting.


Hot but bitchy


Hated her, lip should’ve ended up with Mandy.


Hot af ngl but needs to pick a fucking mood with lip


I honestly think she was a good character since the wedding she had a good character development but with lip, unpopular opinion but I think lip and Karen was better


Lip & Karen had chemistry but don’t forget how toxic & selfish that girl was. She LIED to him about him being the father of her kid till he figured it out at birth. That’s just next level cruel.


And she drugged and [email protected] frank too lest we forget that.


One of the top 5 most uncomfortable scenes in this show.


I get that was cruel but I love their relationship and I live her character development


What character development… she got hit by a car ending in brain damage & went away to another city. They literally wrote her off in the most savage way lmao. Just like Kassidy.


Most savage ending but I’m not changing my mind I loved Karen


No matter what she always stuck with lip she gets to much hate imo


She grew on me a lot. One of the only few girlfriends that lip couldn't push around and get what he wanted out of. There we're quite a few things she did that I wasn't chill with, but by the end of the show I feel like she's genuinely the push lip needed to grow the hell up.


As someone married to an alcoholic that was dxd with ADHD as a kid, PTSD as an adult with a very avoidant/dismissive attachment style... it's a wild time around here sometimes!) with a **complicated** extended family and drama I struggle dealing with and understanding, I think Tammy's portrayal of a woman who is partnered with a person who struggles with alcohol was phenomenally realistic and that the character is a very good depiction of this scenario. I identify with Tammy so strongly at some points in the series because her behavior is so realistic, at least compared my situation. Also, we have the shared trauma of having a parent pass away during our childhood, and I can ABSOLUTELY relate more to **some of** the acting out behaviors we see her engage in while I sometimes struggle to identify with the Gallaghers' extremely adverse childhood experiences. I'm definitely less vindictive than Tammy is for sure, but I know I am a horrific monster sometimes when I get angry. Anyway, as an example, my husband just did a really stupid thing that impacts both of us and our household WITHOUT ASKING ME or even having a discussion with me beforehand: He extended an invitation to his friend whom I don't know very well (a most unwelcome surprise), and I realized that though he's tamed his drinking quite a bit he's going to continue on with this impaired judgment for some time and I can't really do anything more to help him right now than what we've been doing. So I am making moves to help myself personally and professionally, similar to Tammy initially moving without Lip (though **she was ready for him when he was ready to make a good move towards their future**. I actually posted yesterday positing Tammy is practicing "detaching with love" that is used by Al-Anon members. I couldn't ever understand what that meant when I heard it previously until I saw what seems to be possible example of that tenet of the support group in Tammy's character.


She is the WORST! Her face is weird and she’s so dumb she flushes diapers down the toilet. Also, her creepy music teacher needs to be assassinated. What a creep. And the worst offense is the way she treats Lip.


People say they had bad chemistry but wasn't that the whole point of their storyline that they hated each other but somehow ended up together? the writers fucked up but the actress did a great job.


She suits lip and is proberly his best love interest emotionally (ive not seen season 11 so if that doesnt apply thats why)


Nah I think he suited sierra and even many more and I preferred Amanda


My favorite was Mandy.


he and sierra just hurt eachother. she was a great stepping stone to Lip figuring his shit out, i think she and their relationship served their purposes


Maybe but sierra deserved better than lip


I didn't hate her but i defintiely preferred Lip with other characters, like Mandy.


Manipulating and a *unt but last season she was better


Love of my life 🥰🥰


Perfect type for me, but was a weird add


Not a fan was never a fan


The worst




Awful, wretched bitch.


she was so rude for no reason and was very annoying


she’s annoying


john and abigail vibes (rdr reference)


Can’t stand her


Worst character ever


I just login here to look this up and it was the first post which is great. They make no sense and I get the show is supposed to be a mess but her character is so unlikeable. She’s a spoil brat and needs to grow tf up like get off of daddy’s high horse and grow a pair of you wanna be with lip that lives in the ghetto


I'm still not on this season 😩


I liked her better when she was with Cam Brady


The worst.


He chose her because she’s the only one there left. His love would of been Mandy or Amanda. Everyone else…. Was just a mess. Including her. She was just an extra that he had a fling at a wedding. Then lip was with the diner girl and then the girl at the shop. He just picked her. I get the reason to leave the south but meh. He could of gone to community college and at least ended up successful in that way.


She's good for Lip. He needed a girl that didn't take no shit, so she keeps him grounded and focused. Every other girl was too submissive and forgiving of his bullshit.




She was annoying but good for Lip, she loved him & he knew it


Ohh Jabby…felt like she kept him on his toes rather all of this past gfs who worshipped the ground he walked on…for the most part.


Dumb bitch


She’s not Mandy


honestly always caused a bunch of problems for no reason whatsoever so i never really liked her


burn it


Like after the WHLOE jabby scandal in the shop I started to like her I thought she was nice and then she just started to get annoying and felt out of place but I don’t know lip has bad taste in women other than tami he’s longest relationship was with his teacher so speaks for its self


Lip cared for her She didn't care for him




I don’t understand why everyone hates her so much. Side note-does everyone saying Lip belongs with Mandy forget that she raped him?