She or V mentioned in passing the abusive man she dated as a teenager in the earlier seasons. That guy.


o i dont remember this, what did they say abt him ?


As I said, it was in passing and very quick. When Fiona was talking to V about how Mike is a good man and V mentioned the abusive bf Fiona had when she was a teenager. I don't remember honestly, it was just so fast and seasons ago where I am now


what episode?


Can't recall, around the Mike (boss) timeline


Technically wasn’t in relationship with but Mike’s brother, I forgot his name




Ford. He cheated on her. And well not a likeable guy. EDIT: technically he cheated on his wife, but still lied and hit the fact that he was married.


I mean, I guess? Ford was already married so he technically cheated on his wife *with* Fiona.


Still a cheater. And he lied to her.


I'm having trouble thinking of a partner who *didn't* lie to her. Ford wasn't even close to the worst in that category.


True but Ford wasn't a likeable guy either ways. The others were somehow still interesting.


Ford was the only one of them who actually had a lick of culture in him. Showed her all the architecture around town and expanded her horizons a bit. He just wasn't good as a relationship partner. Had they stayed business associates, he would have been a positive person for her. Jimmy-Steve-Jack was interesting in a thrill sort of way, just a pathological liar who couldn't keep his stories straight. I would have liked to see him make another return later on. There was zero interesting about Sean. That relationship went from friends to engaged in like 3 episodes (so it seemed.)


Sean cared about the Gallaghers. He understood Fiona as well. He understood the lifestyle. Only thing Sean was lying about was about him being on drugs, but Ford hid his marital status from her. And I also didn't like Ford making assumptions on her in the earlier episodes. He didn't try to understand her in a deeper level.


Yeah, Sean definitely did care about the Gallagher family (save Frank.) He still wasn't interesting at all as a person. His whole identity was being an addict and the storyline kept circling back to that. Never any real chemistry between Fiona and him. Dude literally proposed during a pre-divorce meeting while her soon-to-be ex-husband was watching on. I honestly think that Mike would have been the best long-term that she could have done. She was getting on her feet, good job, he was successful... she just screwed it up long before we could see that develop. Wouldn't have been exciting for the series though, either.


Yeah even I think Mike would have been the best for her. He was being a good influence on her too, but she had to screw up. But like you said, maybe it wouldn't have been exciting for the series.


Same for her though, she cheated on all of her boyfriends apart from Ford I think and Jimmy


Of course. I was just pointing out that men lying to her is typical. It wasn't something specific to Ford. Fiona (much like Lip) was a professional at screwing up the best opportunities thrown at her.




Technically he didn't since him and his wife were separated, they were still legally married but they're relationship was more like roommates


Plus he was full of himself and boring AF and not even that cute. The reveal about the wife just cemented it...and led to Fiona's descent to rock bottom.


Ford was so condescending towards her all the time . And Sean..well ..too boring


I think gus was more boring than Sean


Sean had many more scenes than Gus.. but still managed to be extremely dull.. on that basis 🤷‍♀️😆 also, atleast Gus sang good and entertained Fiona lol ..oh, better looking too


that is true they were both dull, I found gus singing constantly so cringe worthy of that happened to me I would be walking straight out the door


Kinda liked gus's voice 🙈 but I get what you saying


Ford and Sean


It’s between Sean and ford




That's a bingo




Sean, and it's not even close.




but sean saved carl's life. what he did there was huuuge.


In my eyes, what happened with ford was nothing but karma, remember what she did to mike and Gus. Yeah


She hasn’t met me yet


Cup boys brother


Jimmy Steve


Jimmy. He was just a toxic person in general who just wasted her time 💀


Ford and Jimmy were the worst boyfriends for her if you think about it realistically


its either Ford or robbie


Jimmy. With Gus and Mike she cheated on them so it was fair. I feel like with Sean, Fiona should’ve known he could’ve relapsed especially with all the stress of what was happening with his family. But with Jimmy he was just a flat out liar who really didn’t give a fuck about anyone but himself and was a huge dick. Also he put the family in danger with all his crime and shit and constantly tried just reappearing in Fiona’s life randomly.


sean or jimmy i cant decide so we will start with sean 1. mans tries a relationship with her after shes already married WHEN HE HAD A CHANCE WAY BEFORE 2. he hides his drug addiction from her when they are supposed to trust each other and tell each other things. i get that he didn't try to hurt her. maybe they could have made their relationship work if they just talked about it instead of leaving it to frank to tell her (to be fair he also didnt know frank knew but he still should've told her) 3. lack of chemistry 4. then he shows up later to make amends and glosses over the fact that he's married and gets clean for his ex wife. i understand why he did it but damn then jimmys a lair and a cheater and cares about nobody except himself but he was interesting so idk probably jimmy tbh


It'd have to be Sean or Jimmy. She loved both of them intensely and they both wound up breaking her


Jimmy 100%. All that shit with his wife, him not supporting her with the kids ect.. I do feel though that had she left with him the first time it could have been so good.


Jimmy. Fucked with her head


I'm still loathing that he sent a woman into the diner to pass her $100 a week (with 5 kids I mind you!) He also has the damn nerve to show up AFTER he finds out she's married! ›:(


yea, after him she looked for him in everyone she met


everybody saying jimmy and ford when its very clearly sean


Her relationship with Ford was chaotic but it was her own fault. Her relationship with Sean was a disaster but that was both their fault. So I'd say Sean.


Cant decide between Sean and Ford




Ford and Sean , can’t choose just one lol


ford and gus lol


On screen relationship is Sean. Off screen, the abusive guy she dated as a teen.


Monica. Fucked her up for life.


Gotta be jasmine. She was freaky. And plus fiona kept that so called friendship hanging as well, as if she hadn’t clocked on that Jasmines into her 😅


Jimmy and it isn’t really close






4 letters F O R D


Hated Ford, so boring and such an annoying character.