No. I wouldn’t want to receive any pictures at all, they just don’t do anything to me. If he really wanted to share x rated material with me I’d prefer a video of him masturbating but even then I would prefer one where I can see his face.


No. I don't find nudes arousing in general but sexting definitely gets me going.


No 😂


Face pic > dick pic


>Are pictures of guys dicks (or a particular guy's dick - one you're in courtship/relationship with) arousing? Yes. Very much so. But it has to be someone I'm somewhat involved with sexually. If I see it I kind of want to taste it.




Out of context, no. They don't do *anything* for me in photos, especially if it's not my husband's penis. I do like seeing and playing with his in person though. Men don't understand that a lot of us women aren't visually-driven (though some of us are), it's much more mental and having that bond and connection.


Sexting and talking is waaaayyyy better than dick pick. Guys don't know how to make decent looking photos. But If I am in the mood and if I am prepared for the cringe that Dick pick gives me. Well it can be nice once a year to recieve one 😂😂😂. But ONLY from my boyfriend if anyone else send me a pic I want to take a shower and puke my brains out.


Hey I think I can make pretty good lookin dick pics haha I know what ur talking about with other dudes lmao


Always, any kind of dick is nice to see. But my favourite pics are the ones where you don't see it yet at first, it's just a bulge or some dick cleavage, and then later he shows the whole thing. Also I like pics and vids of him touching himself in the shower or while he is sitting down for some reason. Really just anything is nice to see


As a guy, my default assumption is that they’re unwanted unless requested. But I was sexting with a girl once who asked, “why haven’t you sent your dick yet?” So I guess you never know.


Yes. If I'm not sexting or otherwise ask for it, it doesn't do anything to/ for me. But if I'm having a sexual convo with my dude, ye ye


I like getting a dick pic only when it’s hard/wet from him masturbating. Sometimes I get one with a pre-cum bead on it and that’s *chefs kiss*. BUT they’re only good when I ask for them/crave them if I’m horny. Videos will always be better for me, sound on being the best case scenario.


Not really, but it adds to my partner's enjoyment and I like the confirmation it gives that he's into what's happening (with check ins ofc)


No, not at all. Unsolicited dick pics are extremely repulsive and violating, and my partner's pic of his disembodied dick just doesn't do anything for me. Might be unpopular opinion, but no woman is as impressed with dicks as men are.


OP did specify not unsolicited But I big agree


Dunno if it’s unpopular, but it’s definitely true!


I LOVE getting them. I love looking at dick pics/gifs/vids and just a pic alone can get me in the mood because I immediately start thinking about all the things I want to do to it. I think most dicks are beautiful! I love all kinds of photos. Chubs, flaccid, raging boners, artsy shots, peeking out of boxers/clothes, mirror shots, close ups.. all of it!


User name checks out. How many have you received in the last hour I wander?


0 lol


Of course. My boyfriend always asks me before sending one and tell me he wants me to see it. It's endearing for me personally and k absolutely love it.


Guy here, but I feel like the popular preference is widely known. If the woman is already warmed up and she wants to see it, it's welcome. Asking first is always a good idea. As a guy, it's weird to us because naked women pics are always welcome. Still, these are the guidelines and they are easy to follow.


In the right context, very much


Not at all, but I can appreciate a good one! I like dick pics that look like someone put thought into it. But a penis by itself doesn't really arouse me; it's just silly looking tbh..., feels good to play with though!


I like them a lot (consensual and from a longer term partner as you said) because sometimes I forget what it looked like, and I cant help but smile at the photo since it’s a reminder of the architecture. Having such a naughty photo meant only for me is exciting too


Not sure about others so I'll speak of myself, unsolicited D* pics are more repulsive than arousing. Even with my partner, unless I request this during the course of a conversation, I'd rather not be getting those at random times. We're both over 30 though but I don't recall I ever liked them without a context.


They clearly stated consensual/unsolicited pictures.


An I clearly stated my opinion on both


They didn’t ask for both. That’s why it was clearly stated twice on what they were asking. They never asked for anyone’s opinion on unsolicited.


Sure i gave my opinion anyways :P


Solicited dick pics of my partner (with his face visible) are supremely arousing to me. But the key is solicited and of my partner. All others are meh. Unsolicited dick pics of randos are yuck.


From my current boyfriend, yes. But he takes full body nudes that contain his face, never just a photo of a penis. And he does it very rarely so it’s always a treat. I usually can’t stand dick pics


Pictures are ok but if I’m sexting I rather get a video of the guy stroking it. To me that is much more of a turn on.


In the right context, absolutely. Never unsolicited though.


Based in the comments so far, it seems like about 60% are generally against them, 30% are only into them when they're from a lover, and 10% love dicks in general 😃 Part of me wonders if this is because women may take a more holistic approach to men, and the penis is generally a very poor stand-in for a given guy, while men may be more open to distilling women down to body parts in the heat of the moment when it comes to sex? Massive oversimplification obviously, for the record I believe that men and women have roughly the same degree of complexity overall, but I would be interested in hearing if anyone agrees or disagrees?


Pic no. Video yes.


Consensually, sure. I had a fwb who jerked off on FaceTime and it was a huge turn on and added to our sexting. Regular pics would have been fine too, but we had a pre-existing relationship, so he wasn’t just randomly sending them. If both are ok with it, what’s the problem? It’s unsolicited dick pics that are the problem. Just randomly sending a girl a dick pic is not generally going to be received well.


A firm, hard NO