Giving my wife sexual assignments. Looking for suggestions.

Giving my wife sexual assignments. Looking for suggestions.


Those remote vibes might be interesting for this. Going out without a bra on could be one. Wearing a plug around... taking photos in public...


I used to do this a long time ago. Some of my favorites, wear a plug out of the house. Wear a dress hiked up while driving to show off to truckers (that might be a little extreme for you, I'm not sure.) If you're not going to be together for a day etc, have her carry a post-it note around in her panties for a bit and then write you a love note, or something dirtier. You could ask for upskirt shots in front of landmarks you both share. Though in the end this comes down to what you're both comfortable with. Whatever you do, don't let it become work for her. Keep it fun.


May be too kinky for some, but I dare you. I double dare you 😈 Have her find an everyday object that would normally not be considered sexy and insert it into herself. Take pictures. Variation: it goes up her ass. Have her be naked in bed and put clothespins on her labia, clit, nipples. When everything is on, she will cover herself with a blanket and wait for you to inspect and approve. No touching while waiting. Variation: take your time - she’s not going anywhere. Have her smack her clit with a rubber band, ten times every two hours throughout the day. Variation: increased intensity as she gets closer to finish. Short skirt, no underwear, shaved, shopping. Butt plug inserted. Variation: she needs to pick something up from the bottom shelf. Repeatedly, with strangers around. Those rubber bands are great for tits, too. Place them around her tits and have her wear them until she pleads you to have them taken off. Variation: hard nipples are also fun to tie up with rubber bands. Fill the bottom of a plastic bag with water and freeze it overnight. Use hands and/or warm water to shape it into that familiar shape and have her masturbate with it. Variation: if she quits before it melts, she has to do your bidding. Have her find a fruit or vegetable of her choose and have her insert it where fruit and vegetables normally don’t go. Variation: anal, dp. Have her wear her favorite dildo when doing something mundane or everyday-ish thing. Use underwear to hold it in place, the softer the dildo is the better it will be to wear for a long period of time. Variation: every hour it’s taken out, carefully licked/cleaned and then fucked in and out 50 times. Have her sleep with a buttplug inside her throughout the night. Variation: a vibrating one, at low speed. Have her edge herself 10 times, then use her dirtiest words to ask nicely for permission to orgasm. Variation: it may take more than one try to ask nicely enough. Have her pee herself through her clothes. Variation: it doesn’t have to come off right away even if she’s done peeing. If you try any of these, please let me know how it went 😇


Have her post a nude pic from the neck down in gonewild. Obscuring any identifying tattoos, of course. Have her record herself using a vibe and calling out your name when she climaxes, and send to you at work. Just make sure you reciprocate with at least a pic of the effect it had on you. Flirt! Tell her to dress up in her most attractive/slutty outfit, catch a guys attention somewhere, and just wink at him. Sometimes the little things are the most fun. Suction cup dildos are fun - she should ride one while blowing the other. Once again, pics or vid should be sent to you.


Shaving your junk






Wearing a sheer blouse with no bra. Short skirt with no panties. Go shopping. Bend at the waist to get something from the bottom shelf to expose ass and pussy.


Wear lingerie under a white, short dress!! Wear a butt plug!


Thanks for all the suggestions! We’re excited to keep you posted!!