KDP keyword question.... Should I AVOID using a word that is in my title also as a keyword???

The title of my book is "The Magnificent Mushroom." Most of my current keywords/phrases include "mushroom" because, well, the book is all about mushrooms. Should I be AVOIDING that though, since Amazon seems to imply that it's unhelpful to repeat title words??

Anyone have insights or experience with this at all?? Thanks, y'all!


Keywords are for searches. You book title already comes up when it's searched for. Not knowing what type of book you have, I'm going to give the blanket advice of using relevant phrases. (Foraging for mushrooms. Growing Mushrooms. How to get high off mushrooms. Idk, like i said, didnt look it up.) Repeating the title or single words just makes your book harder for people to find.


It’s not unhelpful just unnecessary and a waste of keyword space since it’s already in the title.


Perhaps I should clarify... it's not that I want to just put "mushrooms" in the keyword box. I would like to use something like: "mushroom book for kids" "mushroom gift for children" "mushroom picture book" Should I not use the word "mushroom" at all since it's in my title? Should I use the word "fungus" instead? Thanks for your help btw!