its literally the worst id rather someone tell me theyre ugly than hot


me too.. at least it would make me feel a little cringe about what i did and try to stop


Wishing all SH fetishizers a very FUCK OFF


said it in the way i actually wanted to say it !


I almost said “a very die” but thought it might get taken down.


i once had a dude dm me asking to watch me cut.. best part is he only saw my acc bc i made a post ASKING FOR HELP ON HOW TO STOP :,)


ACTUALLYSAME i didn't even make a post i just joined the sub and made a comment


YEA, so sorry that happeend


Its fine no need to apologize


the feeling i got the few times i've had my cuts called "hot" is... it made me feel dirty and disgusting edit: i'm a guy by the way. i knew it happened to the ladies but never expected it to happen to myself.


I’m a dude myself and I will say I’ve been harassed more in my life than advertised for


Probably done because they wanted you to feel better. Unsurprisingly the opposite happens :/


If there is a time and a place, it's surely not in subs where people are trying to **get better / stop doing what these kinks find arousing**. If someone wants to display their scars in a sexual context, and someone wants to see them as such, I am highly confident there is a sub.. or two just for that.


yeah like keep that shit to yourself and AWAY from recovering mentally ill people


I’ve had several men message me (I am a man also) and say how my scars compliment me and fetishizes the fuck out of it it’s so weird and depressing


I hate it a girl at my school does that


I feel like we all know someone who does




do these people actually think cuts are sexy? arent they just trying to be edgy?


i feel like most are being edgy but there are people that are into knifeplay n shit so yk


wishing all sh and mental illness fetishizers a very Fuck Off and Die


I had an ex boyfriend who fetishized my scars, it made me so uncomfortable. one of the many reasons why he's an ex


.. been low-key seeing someone who says they like all my scars and think it's hot.. but they hate how I must have felt and what i had to go through to have them.. so I don't know what to make of it.


Honestly I don’t get this at all, why do people think it’s so cute when I harm myself? It’s not bruh ppl are so weird istfg


Echo chambers. I actively discourage anyone I see selfharming from joining up communites and hell, even talking to ''like-minded'' people.


Wishing them all a very id very happily cut your voice box out


I personally enjoy getting compliments on them 🤷🏼


I've been sober from self-harm for about 2 years, and I am incredibly disturbed by even the thought that people would make sexual comments about another person's self-harm wounds. Self-harm is an addictive, detrimental coping mechanism that, at least for me, I continued to do after the first session to cope with: stress; anxiety; self-judgement/self-hatred; no self-esteem; MDD; GAD; etc. Calling someone's self-harm wounds "hot", or "cool", or "edgy", or "emo", or "sexy", or anything else in the nature, is not only incredibly disrespectful to the person's validity of their situation, but it also is just a slap in the face to all of us who have either formerly self-harmed and are sober, or those of us who still self-harm. I would go as far to say that calling someone's self-harm wounds "hot" is verbal (if not sexual) harassment, regardless of whether it's an online or face-to-face conversation, and grounds for at least a temporary ban so the person can at least reflect on their actions and change accordingly to better themselves and be more respectful of others' situations and feelings. Encouraging or egging on others to self-harm is also as bad as making sexual comments about someone's self-harm wounds. In summary, self-harm is not "hot", it's not "sexy", it's not "beautiful", it's not "poetic", it's an addictive coping mechanism, that at least in my experience was not helpful to cope with trauma or stress/anxiety. Self-harm is not to be encouraged, people should not egg on others to self-harm, as that is a horrible thing to tell someone to do. There are helplines available in many countries to assist people with PTSD, clinical depression, clinical anxiety, OCD, Bipolar Disorder, or whatever it may be. I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas, and stay strong 💪❤️, and I hope that you all are able to smile throughout this coming week ☺️. Lemme give a virtual hug to y'all 🤗🤗🫂. No matter what your ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, gender identity, etc. I'll be cheering you on to stay strong ❤️❤️❤️.




I think they're hot, which is something I can't really help. But I'd never encourage someone to sh, ever


I think some people fetishize it for their own savior complex. Ever gotten the "don't do that anymore okay" and someone touching them without consent. Like thanks dude we've been hooking up for 3 weeks, but because you say so, this lifelong problem is fixed cause the dick is just that good -_-